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Hi There, Welcome!

You might be wondering what this site is all about or maybe you’re like me who gets a bit overwhelmed when presented with a lot of information at the same time and just want to get the gist of this site at first glance. Well, here’s the low down about me, this blog and also a few posts and resources to get you started.
I’m Cassandra Ikegbune (a.k.a Cassie Daves), the founder of the Cassie Daves blog/brand and a Medical Doctor currently slaving away working at a tertiary hospital in Lagos. You can read more about me + the blog here, my life as a doctor here and stay connected with me on social media


This blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog – A fun mix of my life/experiences, style, travel and all the extra bits I find interesting (like books and poetry). But hold up! I know you’re probably wondering if I’m a narcissist because everything seems to be about “Me” Lol. I have other equally fun categories that aren’t all about me – Lagos Living, Reader Spotlight, Candid Talk and Celebrating Creativity.

I am passionate about helping others be the best version they can be especially with their blog & style, so I share brand and blogging tips, as well as style inspiration, and fashion trends.

In addition to writing this blog, I also created a comprehensive blog planner (Cassie Daves blog planner) – a tool for bloggers looking to get serious with planning their content, staying consistent & taking their blog to the next level and launched my blog review/consultation services as well to help both newbie and already established bloggers build a blog they can be proud of.

Holding up the 2016 cassie daves blog planner

Enough about me, here’s a few of my posts that has resonated well with my readers that you might love too.



Life  | Inspiration.

Branding and Blog Tips.

Travel | Lagos Living.

Style Tips|Inspiration.



Oh! And before you leave, I really want to connect more with all the wonderful people that stop here/read this blog and I’ll really love to know a bit about you too.

Please kindly use the comment box below and introduce yourself briefly. Make it a freestyle, say whatever and please don’t forget to include where you blog at (if you blog).

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