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Styling The Mom Jeans.

Hi Guys!

You may have noticed that I have a sort of schedule on the blog? I usually put up a style post, followed by two other non-style post. You didn’t notice? No? Okay. Lol

Well, I have a style post for today (obviously) and all this preamble is majorly because I’m trying to just wing this post. Lol. Sometimes, it gets hard figuring out what to accompany a style post.

But let’s get right into it!

Today’s outfit is a mix of two of my favorite things – the waist coat and mom jeans!

My waist coat love affair is no news, I even dedicated a whole post on how to style a waist coat here.
The mom jeans however is one of my fave bottoms (besides the harem pants and boyfriend jeans) that I haven’t talked about much here and that has been on my “Need list” forever now.
I finally managed to cop not one, but three when I traveled to Atlanta and that was honestly one of my happiest moments in my life. No jokes. Lol

Mom Jeans are definitely hot and in fashion! Although they aren’t exactly the most flattering pair of jeans out there, you can’t deny the cool vibes they give when properly styled.
The secret to properly rocking the mom jeans is definitely all in the styling.

Mom Jeans are back and here’s how to style it! Click to tweet.

denim mom jeans fashion trend
I decided to go the “Androgyny inspired” route in styling my mom jeans. They already give off a menswear type vibe with the baggy fit, so topping up my look with a waist coat only seemed natural.
Okay, I lie.

It didn’t exactly come natural, I was doing one of my styling sessions where I get out clothes I dreamt about (you don’t dream of outfit combinations? Ah ) or thought up and try in front of a mirror. I accidentally happened on this pairing and I was so excited about how good it all looked together.
My mum and brother had other ideas though, they were constantly mocking my jeans but I wasn’t going to let that faze me. I wore this to the nedoux sewing workshop I blogged about here.
I definitely have lots of plans to rock and rerock this jeans and can’t wait to show you all the various ways I style it!

What do you think of the mom jeans?

Love it? Hate it? Couldn’t care less?

How would you style it better?

Please shareeee and let’s connect!

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