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January Notes, Taking Stock x A Few OOTD's

Wednesday, 1 February 2017
Happy NEW MONTH Guys!

I'm writing this currently sitting in a seminar at work that hasjust refused to come to an end. My plan was to shoot some bomb head shots to accompany this post but yet again, my unit at work managed to steal most of my free time and it's now too dark to shoot anything. So, I figured to go through my phone and also share a few outfits that didn't make it to the blog to this recap post.

This past month dragged so long and felt like a blur to me. It feels like all I did was basically work, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. I started my posting in internal medicine and almost like I predicted in my post on making the move to medicine, it wasn't a walk in the park at all. I finally get to leave endocrinology and move to a new posting today and I am just so happy to be leaving in one piece. lol I'll blog more about my endocrinology posting in my next med diary post but seeing as it made up the most part of my month, it deserved a mention.

If you read my 2016 blog recap post, one thing I was happy I did content wise last year was the end of the month recaps and so this year I'm happy to be writing my first one and taking stock of my month again. 

So, here's what January looked and felt like for me. 
Making To do lists in my blog planner. That I some how always manage to keep carrying over. *sigh* . Also, financial plans and trying to figure out ways to budget and handle money better. Any advice? 

Eating : Old Country bread. It's this bakery in Luth that sells the most amazing squishy soft bread! If only the lady at the counter smiled more often.

Playing : Nathaniel Bassey's - Onise Iyanu. I honestly hardly add any new songs to my phone so I play this on repeat almost every day.

Reading : Nothing. I haven't read a book in ages. I mean, where is the time?   

Understanding : That people are different and react to things differently.  Working with people and also having to deal with various types of people from my blog planner sales, understanding that has come in super handy.

Wasting : Opportunities in promoting my blog at work. I've had a patient's relative ask me if I run a blog and then a nurse tell me to start a blog, before it hit me that I should actually be the one telling them to go check it out. It just feels weird talking about my blog at work. Do you talk about your blog at work? How do you pop it into conversations?

Knowing : That all things are working for and will work for my good at the end of the day.
Wishing : That I could really just take a break from work for a week to travel. I need a break guys! And I have major travel plans this year.

Excited : To be leaving Endocrinology! Lol! I haven't been excited for much this year, is that bad?

 : At just how deep this Diabetes thing is. I mean, I knew the complications of it from med school and all but I never had to deal close up and first hand with those complications. Believe me, It is nasty!

Wondering : Why people just wouldn't adhere to their medications and stop putting themselves at risk. Most of the patients that are on our wards got there because for some reason, they stopped taking their drugs and eating right. It can be a bit frustrating but then I guess I can say the same for myself not finishing my dose of antibiotics as soon as I start feeling better.

Hoping : I have a better time in my Ophthalmology posting. It just sucks that I'll be the only house officer there, meaning no colleague to lament over work and bond with. Lol

: My pajamas pant and a crop top.

Feeling : A slight urge to go back to Ward A3 to check on my patients and say hi to the nurses but Nah Mehn.

This past month, I had to do a lot of adulting and growing up. For one, I finally moved away from home to a place at work and I've had to take care of my own needs, make tough decisions and master my finances.
January has been as real as real can get but look who pulled through at the end of it? With the stress of work, not having much time to obsess and micro manage every part of my own business (blog planners) and having to deal with the consequences of it all, it really has been real and I'm happy to say goodbye to January. Big shout out to everyone that bought a blog planner for being super  supportive and understanding!

I had to take a break from social media for a while because I got too stressed to care less. I stopped posting frequently on my gram (although I was super active on my instastories. lol), stopped promoting my blog posts and sending out mails. At first, I was a bit worried about how that would affect the brand, people moving on to the next thing, and kept looking at other people that were posting on the gram about ten pictures a day lol but you know what? I just had to take a step back and acknowledge that my reality right now isn't the next person's reality and trying to be wonder woman and keep up with everything and everyone would only make me break down. What's that thing about self care again?

Getting back to it all has been a bit slow because my phone got stolen towards the end of January in the most shocking way which was just so sad for me. My pictures that I somehow managed to never back up and the fact that I already had most of the pictures that goes up to my instagram page arranged neatly in a folder killed my mojo even more. For an instagram lover like me, you can imagine how it's been. I hope to get back to the middle of things all this month.

On the plus side, January brought me more financial and personal freedom than before and that I am thankful for.

How did January treat you?
Was it just a trial month for you, like me or you actually made progress with some of your goals?
What are you excited about/looking forward to this month as well?
A Bit On The Outfits. 

You've probably seen a few of these looks on the blog already like the denim dress from my last post , the sweater and shorts look from my time in Ouidah and the pink off shoulder top casual look . I'm usually dressed super casual but I always try to add a stylish twist.
  • In the first look, I'm basically dressed down in a vintage print shirt and denim pants - I think my hair really jazzed up that look. What do you think?
  • For the second look, my harem pants and Iconola crop top (remember it from this post?) came out to play! I wore that during one of my work registration runs. I think harem pants are the next best thing after mom and boyfriend jeans. What is your favourite style of pants to wear? 
  • There's the school girl all dressed in red look, that I wore to work back when I was still in my chilling obstetrics and gynaecology unit. I like the way the monochrome red top just blends well with the red skirt. I've styled the skirt previously on the blog here
  • What's left? Ah yes, My mom jeans and T-shirt look to the eat drink festival last year and my vintage dress (styled previously on the blog here) that I almost sold off at the fashion bloggers yard sale
Which is your favorite look? 
What is your everyday style like. 
Let me know guys, let's get talking!
Wish you a wonderful month ahead.
Please let's connect on social media and feel free to share this post with any of the share buttons.
Thank you! 

2016 In Words || A Year In Retrospect.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

I've been stalling writing this post because it usually requires a lot of introspection which I've honestly been too tired lately to afford. But this year in review has slowly become a ritual that just has to be kept regardless, so I'm here to share a bit of my year in retrospect and how 2016 looked like for me.

But first off, check out my 2013 in words, 2014 in words and 2015 in words posts
Now let's get into it, shall we?

This year started out on a low note for me, I remember blogging about that here, but it definitely leveled out with time. 2016 was a year of major growth for me - I like to call it my first real year of this adulting thing and because it's easy to be all over the place with recaps. I've decided to break it down into subheadings to make it easier to follow.

I'm starting with this one because this was one area that reflected growth for me. I think 2016 was the year my parents finally realized that I just might be a grown up after all and let me see more of life for myself. You know how with African parents, you can never really be old enough but this year was different! I traveled to a few new places on my own (without family) and that was really so exciting for me.
I blogged all about the three trips I made this year and you can read them below :

The Grind.
Although, I didn't quite achieve all that I set out to for this year. Like that tote bag collection I talked about here or the workshops I mentioned here, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.
On the plus side, I finally took the bold step and launched my blog consultation services and came through with the 2017 blog planner as well!

Work Life.
I remember mentioning in my 2015 recap how sad I was that I didn't get a job that year. I finally did in 2016! Even though, it's been really tough living this med life, it is something that just has to happen for me to be able to move on with life and I'm super glad that it worked out for me finally this year.

Blog Life.
I plan to still do a blog recap but let me just stare here that 2016 was a good year for my blog! I got to work with some big brands, for featured in some too magazines as a blogger, for a blog award and got my first all expense paid trip too! I will go into more details in my blog recap post coming up next!

Love and Life. 
This year, I made more of an effort to grow my relationship with God and although I'm not fully there yet, I'm happy that I took some steps, because Major key! I made some surprising friendships and I also realized that even though I might have good intentions, a good heart and all that, maybe I really ain't shit when it comes to friendships and I think I've made peace with that.
I finally took the first step to learning how to sew this year, I blogged about the sewing workshop i attended here and I also learnt how to drive this year as well.
I didn't do anything drastic with my hair this year despite all my talk about wanting to colour it or go natural but hey! I got close to being a naturalista which was so cool for me as I've been wanting to see what I'll look like with a Fro. Check that out HERE

Fave Moments. 
Some of my favourite moments this year would definitely be :

One thing I tried to do this year was an end of the month recap and I'm happy I made that decision because reading back and seeing how I did each month has got me feeling some type of way - good way though.

I'll definitely look back at 2016 as one of the good years. This new year I plan to work even more on my relationship with God, start tithing regularly, finally learn this makeup game thing, finish up learning to sew, make more money and save more! Travel a bit more too and generally slay.

How about you?
How did 2016 treat you? What was your favourite moment this year and what are your hopes for the new year.

It's almost new year already so here's to wishing you all a wonderful new year filled with love and light.
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P.S - I still have two more posts from 2016 to put up so please bear with me!

Christmas Shenanigans + The Cassie Daves Blog Planner Giveaway!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

I figured something red was in order because hey! It's Christmas! Although, I've blogged about this outfit previously here and you can check it out in case you missed it. Speaking of festive red and christmas, it sure doesn't feel like Christmas over at my end. I think this year has to be the most un-chrismassy year yet and I'm not sure if to blame it on the fact that I have a demanding job that doesn't take holidays and celebrations into consideration.

I know the day is almost over but I thought to pop in quickly and share a bit of what Christmas of 2016 looked like for me and of course, share some goodies in the process too! Yes, there's going to be a blog planner giveaway!

 So Let's keep reading, yes?

I got off work this morning and spent the better part of my day trying to get my life into order - reply backlog of mails and wrap my blog planners to send off.  If you follow me on instagram and you're into instastories, you probably already know all this but here's just a glimpse of what my day looked like.

  1. Work. Work. Work - I.V drugs to be given. Patients to calm down. Nurses to pester into doing their jobs. You know the drill.
  2. Some cake munching - For the first time ever, I got a Christmas cake which was so nice and thoughtful. Spent most of my call duty thinking about eating the cake haha
  3. Blog Planner wrapping - I shared some behind the scenes of this process early this year. It's more or less the same process this year, just a more exhausted girl handling it all and this time around I decided to include a pink wrapping paper and switch up the thank you card to reflect the holiday season.

   4. Spent a little time with my boo'thang talking new year plans and evaluating our year.

My day isn't over yet but I'll be ending it with more blog planner wrapping, stressing over what to wear to work tomorrow and the fact that I still have to wake up super early again tomorrow. *sigh*

How did you spend your day? And while we are at it, which year has been your most memorable christmas ever and why?

Because it's the season of giving. I'll be giving away a blog planner (read all about my blog planners here) to two lucky people.
All you have to do is : 

Click to tweet!
- Follow @cassiedavesblogplanner on instagram- Repost the blog planner picture (with the yellow background) on instagram with the caption @cassiedavesblogplanner #cassiedavesblogplannergiveaway
- Leave a comment stating why you want to win it and your email/social media handle.
- Winner will be announced on Thursday and is open to all states.

On Turning Twenty Three x A Style Post.

Thursday, 8 December 2016
The Obligatory Birthday Post. 

So, Hi guys. 
Guess who is 23 now?!

I don't feel any different though. Is there meant to be a different feel? A sort of euphoric feeling maybe?
Nah, I still got nothing.
But hey, It really is amazing you know. This growing old thing. I remember being 16 and lying about my age because I didn't want to be so young. Good old days! Haha

But you know what? I think I'm good. 
On most days, I'm excited about my future and everything that's still yet to come so I'm good. And super thankful.
I've celebrated four (like wow!) birthdays with you all here on the blog and that's just one of the many things I have to be thankful for. Thank you all so so much for sticking around with me for this long! If you're new here, please join the fun and say Hi Over here.

Last year, I wrote a birthday wish list here and for the most part, I still want most of the things there. Just in case anyone is feeling extra and wants to show me some love.
Otherwise, you can just show me some love by sharing the blog and I've made it easy for you. You can just click to tweet! Also follow me on twitter while you're at it ey?
Ah now, to the outfit!
So, I took these pictures back when I was in Atlanta. Definitely didn't plan to do a birthday shoot like I did last year and I didn't realize these pictures were going to come in handy today till I was going through my memory card looking for any happy profile shot of myself to use for this post.

I dressed up one day, threw on my heels and nagged my cousin into helping me take these shots. I haven't worn this outfit out yet and maybe I should do that today? If only the skirt didn't fly up so much with the wind. I love skater skirts but why do I have to spend all my time worrying about it flying up and reducing my bride price?
Especially in this Nigeria of a country where people are steady judging.
I got the shoe as a birthday gift last year and immediately I got it, I knew I would be styling it with this top in the nearest future. The top is actually a peplum but I folded that part in to give the illusion of a crop top. I really love the print and how vibrant it makes the whole outfit look. I styled it with my orange skirt from this post also and that banged equally! Maybe I'll do an outfit post of that look next year.
But in the meantime, let me know your thoughts on this outfit and how you would style it differently!

P.S - I've styled the blue skirt previously here and here. Check them out! 

Oh back to birthday bants. if you're signed up to my mailing list, you would know that I got a big surprise that will definitely make this birthday weekend a memorable one for me.
If you follow me on instagram also, you would have seen when I posted about how I just wanted to create content and get paid to travel. Seemed like just bants but few weeks later, I got an all expense paid blogger trip to Abuja. Look at GOD! Definitely thankful for all wins - both big and small.
Going to Abuja courtesy of the Dunes Center Abuja tomorrow for the launch of their luxury fashion and art floor. I can't wait to share with you guys the experience and all I get up to!
It will be my first time in Abuja, I doubt I'll have much free time to go around but if you're Abuja based and happen to be around dunes at any point , say hiii!

I'm off to go change my age in my bio haha.

Lets connect!

Taking Stock || November Notes x Recap.

Thursday, 1 December 2016
Happy New Monthhh guyss!
Wow! Its december already?! Where did the year go? 2016 has to be the fastest year ever but I'm not complaining at all. Lol.

December happens to be one of my favourite months because it ushers in a new year and that feel of starting afresh that comes with it. It also happens to be my birth month and three years ago, it became my relationship anniversary month too (I did this on purpose though haha).

November was an awesome month for me, majorly because I finished my first posting ( read all about my first three months of housemanship/med life here) and went on leave from work. I was really looking forward to my leave and having some time to handle my own business fully.
I'm taking stock of the past month again so let's get right to that!
Making : Lots of phone calls to my printing person and probably frustrating him with them. I promise I don't micro manage people lol.

Eating : Pineapple. Sometime early this year, the mallams that sell fruits in a wheel barrow found a permanent spot in my area and since then, pineapple has been a regular night time chow in my house.

Playing : Travis Greene's the hill and made a way, Simi and Falz chemistry and William McDowell's my heart sings. I listen to those five songs on repeat almost every day. Travis Greene gives me so much life guyss, it's unreal!

Reading : Toke Makinwa's - On becoming. Actually done reading it but that was the last book I read, so I guess it counts. It's amazing how much people are going through, especially people we might be envying and wishing to be more like. People are out here going through crazy stuff! I'm really glad that she's finally healing and has moved on.

Knowing : That this life is not a competition but a personal journey.

Wanting : Some outfits from Moofa Designs. A Nigerian womenswear brand that I've known about for ages now but didn't really pay attention to till I modelled for them recently. I did a lookbook shoot for their recent collection that was showcased at LFDW and almost all the pieces were seriously calling my name. I really wouldn't mind owning one.
Wondering : If I should do a birthday wishlist post and If I would ever have a surprise party. Actually scratch that, I don't think I would ever have one and I've sort of accepted that already. Doesn't stop my mind from straying to it every now and then though.

Hoping : That I get posted to a good unit with non toxic superiors/people when I resume work. My friend got posted to neurosurgery (only the most stressful unit ever!) and has already started her counting down to the end right from the day she resumed. Lol!

Loving : This invitation card to a fashion/shopping event on saturday by Style hub Ng. The illustration is by Tolu Peters and although I had already seen it before on instagram, I definitely wasn't expecting a printed copy attached to my invite (actually printed at the back the main invite). It was a pleasant surprise and a really creative one.
Excited : For a blogger trip I'll be going on this month!

Marvelling : Again! At how talented Kachi Eloka is. Blogged about her on the blog here.

Wearing : Oversized print shirt, turn up denim pants and a slippers from lucy daves. Basically my everyday style like I talked about in this post. Should I do a post on my print shirt collection? It's in my drafts already sha lol
Thinking : About my train trip to Abeokuta tomorrow, itinerary and looking forward to the mini adventure. 

Opening : Emailsssssss! And feeling good doing that because they are blog planner pre-order emails. Keep them coming guys! Go check out all the pre-order details here.

Feeling : Thankful! I was reading my January recap post earlier today and feeling so thankful for the year I've had and for making it this far.

How did November go for you and How is day one of December treating you?Please leave me your thoughts, experiences/ lessons in November and what you're looking forward to this new month/festive period!
Also, let's connect! 

P.S -
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