My Experience Travelling From Lagos To Ghana By Road.

pinterest graphic of how to to go from lagos to ghana by road By now, I’m guessing it is no news that I traveled from Lagos to Ghana by road a few months back. If you follow me on Instagram, you should have seen all my posts about my stay there and if you don’t, there’s this post I did on the blog here announcing my road trip to Ghana a few hours before I began my journey.

It was my first time going to Ghana and my first time having to plan a trip with someone who was also a first timer. A lot of the people I knew that went to Ghana from Lagos did so by road and seeing as we didn’t have enough funds to go by air, going by road was the only option.

What nobody told me about going from Lagos to Ghana by road is that it is going to be a long and exhausting journey. If I had known, maybe I would have been better prepared for the journey ahead. So, that’s why I’m writing this post to properly inform someone else.

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Nigeria Passport and Yellow Card For travelling Picture of the Ghana flag on my road trip from Lagos to ghana by roadThis is going to be the first part of my Ghana travel series and in this post, I’ll basically be talking about my experience traveling from Lagos to Ghana by road, choosing a transport company and a bit of a review of the service. I’ll be doing a cost breakdown and list of places to visit a.k.a the exploring we got up to in another post.

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Choosing A Transport Company.lagos to ghana by road, picture of a tagged travelling box

My initial idea for our road trip to Ghana was to do it ourselves crossing from border to border and taking a rest for a night at each country we passed through but because money wasn’t exactly on our side, we had to go the direct route instead. Also, we both decided that we really didn’t want to have to go through the stress of crossing the border and having to do it over again at three different borders would have been too much for first timers like us.

I crossed just one border during my trip to Cotonou and I know how annoyed I was during the whole process even though we had a pro travel with us to help us prevent being scammed.

As expected, we made inquiries and ended up with two options – Chisco transport or ABC transport. We did some research on both travel companies and Chisco seemed like the best choice with fewer negative reviews (even though it was honestly like choosing between the devil and the deep dark sea)

Eventually, we decided to go with ABC transport only because Chisco didn’t have a restroom in the bus. Imagine going for such a long journey and having to mentally will your bladder not to need the rest room. I definitely wasn’t about that peeing in the bush life. Nah, miss me with that.

Because procrastination is my last name, I left booking our seats on the bus till last minute (Literally, the night before our trip). Fortunately, ABC transport has an online portal so we could book online right down to the seat number. We went with their executive express bus which is a 52 seater with AC, toilet facility and Tvs.

Cost.picture of tickets showing cost of abc transport from lagos to ghana by road

Our departure time was for 7 A.M and we left our rooms thinking we had our seats pat down and all we had to do was pay + get checked in. Wrong! Instead, we got there only to find out that booking online only reserves your seat for a very short time. Meaning that we could have been left without any travel means if the bus was filled up regardless of the fact that we booked online! Thankfully, the bus still had lots of spaces so we were able to secure other seats.

The cost for the executive express from Lagos to Accra was N15, 500 per person although we paid some extra fees. I paid an extra 400Naira or so for my “virgin passport” (First time using the passport on the road to Ghana) and Alex paid an extra 2000 Naira for her yellow card (I came with mine).

Heading Back from Accra to Lagos, we paid N17,280 individually and Alex had to pay extra for her yellow card again because appaz, the first one was just for the “to” journey and not the “fro”. So, I’ll just advise you to get your own yellow card instead.

The Journey + Service

Nigerian beauty blogger Nappyhaired in an abc transport bus from lagos to ghana

The departure time was meant to be 7 AM but we ended up leaving by close to 9 AM. Honestly, I wasn’t  so bothered by this because I was prepared for the wait and a lot of people said it could have been longer so I was happy that it was just a 2-hour wait.

What bothered me the most was the many stops we had to do on the road with no one explaining why and what was happening.  We were still in Lagos by 2 pm which was so frustrating! The bus kept stopping on the road side for long hours that I just had to go ask the driver what was happening. Apparently, our luggage was being checked by custom officials. sigh

Going from Lagos to Ghana by Road requires crossing three borders which are

  • Lagos – Cotonou Border
  • Cotonou – Togo Border
  • Togo – Ghana Border

As expected, we didn’t get to Cotonou until about 4pm but crossing that border wasn’t so much stress. There was the long wait for everything to get checked at the border but at least we didn’t have to get down and cross by foot.Sign post in togo Sign board in Togo picture taken in Togo

The Togo border was real!! We had to all get down from the bus to cross the border between Cotonou and Togo by Foot. Togo seemed like stepping into another time entirely, it was so windy and busy. For a minute there, Alex and I thought we had lost our bus. I lowkey panicked lol.

We also had to get down at the Ghana border for the immigration officials to check our bags. I mentioned that it was going to be a 12hr trip in my announcement post but it lasted almost 24hrs! We left Lagos by 9 am and didn’t get to the park in Ghana until past 12 am! This has to be the longest 24hrs of my life!

On the plus side, we were given food on the bus. Though I didn’t eat mine, I definitely didn’t see that coming so it was a pleasant surprise. And we also got biscuits and juice box to go with it. The long journey was also bearable because of the TVs, they played some really good Nigerian movies on the bus so I was kept a bit entertained.

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The road trip in itself wasn’t anything spectacular. We passed through mainly the rural areas of both countries and everywhere seemed to remind me of places in Nigeria – definitely nothing exciting.

Will I go on another road trip from Ghana to Lagos? Heck No! Okay, maybe I should be a bit easy on the No because the determining factor will be if I have flight money. haha. Also, If the journey will be broken down like I initially wanted or if we’ll be chartering a private bus for the journey, then Yes!

Have you been to Ghana? And did you go by Road? How was your experience? What transport company did you use and would you do it again?

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Author: Cassie Daves

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  • I think I’m slightly obsessed with the idea of traveling through countries by road. Sounds stressful but quite fun.
    Wish they’d make the process go smoother but unfortunately, it’s Africa -_-

  • Ooh I enjoyed reading this Cassie. I can’t believe you could have ended up with no seats even though you booked before hand, that’s crazy. I would have been really frustrated too if the bus was still in Lagos at 2 PM, haba. Glad you got there safely though, great post! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Fammmm!Alex and I were shook when we heard that. At some point, I would just sleep and wake up continuously only to find that we were still in Lagos everytime!
      Took forever! I know because during my trip to Benin – Cotonou, we got there by like 1pm and left around 10 or so

  • Can’t deal with the 24 hours road trip, i’ll just get travel sick, waiting for the cost breakdown tho, probably travelling with friends will make it more bearable.

    • Will do that soon! Need to sit down and try to remember the posts properly. I kept a note while we were there but unfortunately I can’t even remember if I wrote it on my phone that crashed or in a note book smh

  • Good post and very useful. I’m planning one myself so I know what to expect. I was hoping to know the cool places you visited in Ghana. And pls your IG handle to check your trip pictures

  • Thank you for sharing Cassie. Before reading through I sent the link to my frolleague asking if she wanted to try a vacay to Ghana by road but after reading I still would like to try it. So sorry you had to sleep and wake up every time in Lagos 🙁

  • You know I am biased about ABC, never again with them.
    My first time in Ghana went with Efex on the Hiace bus, didn’t feel the need to pee all the time. The second time was with a tour company and we used the Coaster bus. Will I go to Ghana by road again, only of the trip is broken, the straight Lagos to Accra is exhausting and the transport companies waste too much time.


  • Wow!!!! I’m quite used to this though. I travel from Akwaibom to Lagos by road sometimes when coming back to school. It takes 8-12hrs if I’m lucky. Other unlucky times the whole day.

    • I can imagine. It’s not as long as this travelling from Lagos to my hometown in anambra state but th3 difference will be knowing there aren’t too many stops and long hours spent just staying at a spot

  • ha! this sounds like pure torture sha. Hope you made up for it by having a great time though? My brother went a while ago with his friends but they hired an entire bus so I am sure it was not half as stressful. I am looking to go there or Togo before the year ends, and I will be going to with my aunt who should just get a job as border security or something haha! she has been to too many African countries by road and is a top pro. Great post

  • I’d probably do it again. We broke our trip down in Benin Republic (Grand Popo – which we loved so much) and Togo, so it wasn’t too bad. Don’t think I’ll ever go directly from Lagos to Ghana. For our return trip, we used ABC as well, which was just horrible (although I have to give them credit for good driving).

  • Nice read. Babe! I went by road but i slept in each country for a night. It was a good experience as i had the joy of meeting up with old friends. But mehn, I flew Arik back to Lagos and then on to Abuja where i live. Unlike you, i couldn’t get anyone to travel with me eventually. But i had people who came from other countries for the retreat i had organised in Ghana. Will i like to go again? Yes! Wish we can plan a trip together sometime. Christmas maybe!. Cheers

  • Agjkoyxswvjkyw I’ve been waiting for this post since you announced it lol. I have actually never been in a road trip to anywhere outside Lagos and I really hope I break that jinx! I had the opportunity to travel by road to Ghana two years ago but I was busy doing something I can’t even remember and although you’ve said it’s very stressful, I still want to go 😩😩😭! I can’t wait for the other part of the travel series

    Ps: your blog is amazeballs!

  • Oops had do this over and over again been doing since 2012 my first time was scared nd missing home but fast forward to 2013 , was eager nd excited nd would be doing it again come november. I love accra it z peaceful.

  • Thanks for sharing Cassie. Why do I feel you didn’t exhaust the experiences you had on the trip…how were the passengers on the bus? Noisy, no children, no child/adult vomiting? Sorry I just know that as fun as road trips can be, the experience can be unpleasant too from the take off point.

    It was a good read.

  • I’m so glad I came across this post. Funnily enough, my friends and I are planning to travel to Ghana by road next year. Although I have questions. Must you have a green card and all?. I’m asking because mine has expired. And I know this is embarrassing but what is a yellow card and how can I get it. Thanks

    • Hey B, yes you must have a Nigerian passport to you have to renew yours asap. A yellow card is something that shows you’ve been vaccinated and you can get it at the airport (I hear) but I got mine at the border when I travelled to Cotonou

  • Great post,
    I am planning to travel from Cameroon/Yaounde to Lagos by plane then from Lagos/Cotonou – Cotonou/Lome -Lome/Accra – Accra/Abidjan by road… then Abidjan/Dakar/Yaounde by plane…
    I should start this trip in March, I am very exited and petrified at the same time for the road journeys… so I am reading many blogs to get a feel of what it is going to be like…

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 x