Skin Care : My Dudu Osun Experience x Going Natural.

For a while now, I’ve been really looking into the whole “natural” skin care thing – you know the whole black soap, honey, oats mask and co type thing.
I actually don’t use much on my skin (I blogged about my skin care routine here) and I have a naturally healthy and problem free skin but the one thing I’ve always wanted was a well toned skin, basically for the color of my face to match the rest of my body especially my legs.

I kept hearing wonderful things about black soaps and how it has so many benefits for the skin but the one thing that stood out for me was hearing that it also helped even out skin tone, of course I was sold!
Plus I figured going natural can never hurt anyone, so I jumped on the black soap band wagon myself and my first choice was the Dudu Osun soap because it is a familiar name ( one that I used as a kid) and because it is also cost effective.

I put it up on my instagram page (follow me!) back then and got quite a lot of feedback on the soap and also got a number of people to join the bandwagon as well – My travel partner Lola mentioned how she went and got Dudu Osun after seeing my instagram post.
So, I figured its only right that I talk about my experience with the soap, do a mini review and also talk about my quest to develop a natural skin care routine.

Price and Availability.
I got the dudu osun soap for N200 from the mallam just down the street in my area. I’m sure you can find it anywhere as well.

Packaging And Size.

It comes in 150g size and in a a small box, the soap itself is wrapped in a nylon. It melts easily if exposed to water so you have to store it in a dry place after use.

My Experience.
The Good
I love that the soap lathers really well and this made it really easy to use. This might be weird to some people but I also like the smell. It isn’t any nice floral-y scent or anything, but for some weird reason I quite like it. My mum hates the smell but thankfully, it wears off almost immediately.

The Bad

I had already read from the comments on my instagram post then that it could be drying, but I figured that moisturizing properly after use would fix that.
I have a normal to dry skin so I definitely felt the effect of the dryness. My face always felt squeaky clean and dry after use. At first, I didn’t think much of it because I expected the moisturizer to cover the dryness till I noticed the skin of my palm was starting to peel.
That was the red light for me because I once experienced my face peeling when I used a too harsh product (clean and clear astringent) on my face. My palm started peeling first but I didn’t think much of it also, till one day I picked up the mirror and saw that my face was peeling too! The Horror!

I stopped using the soap immediately because of this, although I felt really sad letting it go. I recently re-purchased it and I now use it only for my body. I don’t know if its doing anything for my skin (body) though but it just makes me feel good mentally. Lol. I can’t explain this.
I hear you can also use it as shampoo, so I’ll give that a try one of these days.

Lots of people had only good things to say about this soap from it helping with their acne, dark scars and all, so this is just my own experience with it.

Have you used the Dudu Osun soap? What was your experience with it?

I’m currently using the namaste organics black soap for my face and I plan to still do a review of it. I’ve used the R and R luxury black soap once as well, but it was a really small size so I didn’t use it long enough to form an opinion.

Do you use black soaps ?
Which one do you use and can swear by?

Now, back to going natural with my skin care routine. There are so many options that it all gets confusing and I’m not exactly a DIY person – I used to be but these days I get too lazy so I want products I can just buy.
I’ve made a list down to the basics and I need suggestions on products to get please!

: I already have the dudu osun and namaste black soap for this.

: ?

: ?

: This, I can forfeit the natural thing for but if you have any suggestions, let know still please!
I used my mum’s moisturizer – Olay Regenerist luminous tone perfecting cream for a while and definitely saw great results!

Face Mask
: I’ve never actually used this but I figure it can’t hurt right?

Please share your thoughts / recommendations with me and Let’s connect!

Author: Cassie Daves

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