Skin Care : My Dudu Osun Experience x Going Natural.

For a while now, I’ve been really looking into the whole “natural” skin care thing – you know the whole black soap, honey, oats mask and co type thing.
I actually don’t use much on my skin (I blogged about my skin care routine here) and I have a naturally healthy and problem free skin but the one thing I’ve always wanted was a well toned skin, basically for the color of my face to match the rest of my body especially my legs.

I kept hearing wonderful things about black soaps and how it has so many benefits for the skin but the one thing that stood out for me was hearing that it also helped even out skin tone, of course I was sold!
Plus I figured going natural can never hurt anyone, so I jumped on the black soap band wagon myself and my first choice was the Dudu Osun soap because it is a familiar name ( one that I used as a kid) and because it is also cost effective.

I put it up on my instagram page (follow me!) back then and got quite a lot of feedback on the soap and also got a number of people to join the bandwagon as well – My travel partner Lola mentioned how she went and got Dudu Osun after seeing my instagram post.
So, I figured its only right that I talk about my experience with the soap, do a mini review and also talk about my quest to develop a natural skin care routine.

Price and Availability.
I got the dudu osun soap for N200 from the mallam just down the street in my area. I’m sure you can find it anywhere as well.

Packaging And Size.

It comes in 150g size and in a a small box, the soap itself is wrapped in a nylon. It melts easily if exposed to water so you have to store it in a dry place after use.

My Experience.
The Good
I love that the soap lathers really well and this made it really easy to use. This might be weird to some people but I also like the smell. It isn’t any nice floral-y scent or anything, but for some weird reason I quite like it. My mum hates the smell but thankfully, it wears off almost immediately.

The Bad

I had already read from the comments on my instagram post then that it could be drying, but I figured that moisturizing properly after use would fix that.
I have a normal to dry skin so I definitely felt the effect of the dryness. My face always felt squeaky clean and dry after use. At first, I didn’t think much of it because I expected the moisturizer to cover the dryness till I noticed the skin of my palm was starting to peel.
That was the red light for me because I once experienced my face peeling when I used a too harsh product (clean and clear astringent) on my face. My palm started peeling first but I didn’t think much of it also, till one day I picked up the mirror and saw that my face was peeling too! The Horror!

I stopped using the soap immediately because of this, although I felt really sad letting it go. I recently re-purchased it and I now use it only for my body. I don’t know if its doing anything for my skin (body) though but it just makes me feel good mentally. Lol. I can’t explain this.
I hear you can also use it as shampoo, so I’ll give that a try one of these days.

Lots of people had only good things to say about this soap from it helping with their acne, dark scars and all, so this is just my own experience with it.

Have you used the Dudu Osun soap? What was your experience with it?

I’m currently using the namaste organics black soap for my face and I plan to still do a review of it. I’ve used the R and R luxury black soap once as well, but it was a really small size so I didn’t use it long enough to form an opinion.

Do you use black soaps ?
Which one do you use and can swear by?

Now, back to going natural with my skin care routine. There are so many options that it all gets confusing and I’m not exactly a DIY person – I used to be but these days I get too lazy so I want products I can just buy.
I’ve made a list down to the basics and I need suggestions on products to get please!

: I already have the dudu osun and namaste black soap for this.

: ?

: ?

: This, I can forfeit the natural thing for but if you have any suggestions, let know still please!
I used my mum’s moisturizer – Olay Regenerist luminous tone perfecting cream for a while and definitely saw great results!

Face Mask
: I’ve never actually used this but I figure it can’t hurt right?

Please share your thoughts / recommendations with me and Let’s connect!

Author: Cassie Daves

  • I actually had a post planned on facial skincare! I just used DuduOsun for the first time after I got back from Nig in July. My friend said to try it. You're right, it totally lathers very well. I honestly don't know if I saw any difference, but my face felt fresher after using it. I used it for my entire body at some point, and now i've run out of the two bars I brought back with me. Maybe I'll get some more and then decide.
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  • I've never used Dudu Osun, but I know I used real, native black soap as a child – thanks to my mum. There was one soap I got at the Savvy Chic Salon Day Out last year, but I don't remember the vendor for anything.

    You can always try Bath Kandy for her different products – I currently use her Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay soap, as well as the Black Pepper and Turmeric soap. I know African Naturalistas also has a black soap now too.

    Good luck!

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  • I have a dry/sensitive skin and I used Dudu Osun for a while and I had the same reaction as you so I don't use it on my face until I got my hands on Shea Moisture's black soap and it's amazing. I've been using it for 4 months now, just 1 and I'm yet to exhaust it although it's expensive . . . #2500 but I had to sacrifice for my skin and I intend to get again hopefully😁😁 . . . Exfoliate : Eden Apricot Scrub is bae. It doesn't cost much, say #800 for the smallest. Toner – I use Natur Vital Toner (very good). I use Argan oil to moisturize overnight till I can afford Shea Moisture anti aging moisturizer and my Nubian heritage african black soap lotion in the morning *no reactions* and DIY (honey + grounded coffee and milk) as mask but I've heard good reviews about French Clay! I heard it's expensive too.

  • Nice review, Cassie. I use Dudu Osun and it works pretty well for me. I have pretty oily skin and it's really good at getting rid of the grease. There are some black soaps that aren't as drying as Dudu Osun, like the Namaste Organics that you mentioned.

    For a toner, you can try rose water. I hear it helps balance the skin. I've tried diluted apple cider vinegar but that may be too harsh for your skin.

    All the masks I used are geared towards oily skin (i.e. bentonite clay). They may be too drying for you.

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  • I tried coconut oil as a moisturizer once. It worked for my cousin but I haven't noticed anything new about my facial skin since I have come the conclusion that I do not have good facial skin. Anyways, I could recommend it because its affordable and great for dry skin.

  • At first I was part o the "au naturelle" band wagon, but I realized black soap feels good at first but then my skin & scalp start to feel & look very dry, & then usin whipped shea butter & coconut oil for moisturizer just makes me look extra greasy. So I went back to using Olay 24hr moisture. It smells amazing! I can pack so much on my skin & not feel greasy & the moisture actually lasts for 24hrs. My only issue now is getting rid of the dark's spots on my face 😔

  • Nice review on the soap Cassie. I recently just joined the natural products bandwagon and I use Dudu osun for just my body and for my face cos I feel it dries my face but I use black soap from @anikethebosschick on IG small size is about 3000. I use eden apricot scrub for face and body the big size is about 2700 then boots glycerin and rose water toner it costs like 1200 then to moisturise I use r and r shea body oil it costs 2000 and my last bottle lasted for about 6months although I alternate it with coconut oil then for my face mask I use honey and Tumeric or honey and cinnamon depending on my mood.

    • I'll check that I.G out! Although I think I'm happy with my Namaste organics so far. I've heard about the Eden scrub thing, so it's an all natural product? Nice! Any idea where I can get it? And please how long does it last? This one that it is coss small 😂

      Thanks alot! This comment was really extensive and helpful

  • Great review, i recently made my family join the dudu osun gang. Brown sugar and olive oil as well as cinnamon with honey are great exfoliating agents, plus u can prepare a batch that lasts months.dilute rose water and/or apple cider vinegar work great as toners too

  • Dudu osun is an age-long black soap that works great for all skin types after a prolonged use I guess, upto three-four months although one can begin to feel the effects within one week.
    It is ideal for even skin tone and skin blemishes but for me, it darkens my skin tone even though it lives it clean and clear so I'd definitely recommend a toner while using this and it can be used all over the body.
    One good thing about natural products is, they contain no harsh chemicals nor have side or after effects. It is recommended to use natural skin care products as opposed to others.

  • I have normal to dry skin,black soap is equally drying to me. And for now have not found the perfect soap.
    Eden Apricot Scrub works wonders for me, you check my review here
    As for the facial mask, I recently found a DIY that works well for me (Honey,Milk,Coffee and Olive oil) as Ibukun referred to, see here
    Also finding my through natural skincare, as its the only thing that works for me.

  • Hi Cassie, I tried the Dudu Osun and my face got darker, it brought out all the dark spots I didnt know I had, dried my face out, I am only just recovering, as for shea butter, that stuff brings out the acne in my body, for the longest time, I had acne on my back, I didnt realize it was coz of shea butter until I accidentally changed my cream.
    You could try the organic Namaste one and let us know how you get on lol, I have heard about it but haven't used it yet.

  • My experience with black soap initally gave me very cleansed smooth skin and then 3 days after i started to break out. Huge breakouts..nobody told me twice to find a replacement but you can give it a shot and let us know your experience. Not that you need it since your skin is perfect anyway.

  • I have never liked dudu osun. Dries up my face like crazy. Bought some local black soap last week for about #20 each and it has been awesome. Mixed in some Aloe Vera Gel, Oils, and Shea butter. Even used it as shampoo and it left my hair feeling do soft. Awesome stuff! Read about using Apple Cider vinegar as toner and my face has been better than ever. I moisturize with Shea butter to seal in the moisture. The best part about the black soap is that it has exfoliating properties so it's just a gift that keeps giving amazing gifts!

    • I was going to scream 20N! Till i saw that tou mixed in some other things. So thats probably just the base right? So its that cheap! Haaa.
      megn I can never use she's butter in my face. Tried it once and the break out was real. Let me add Apple.cider vinegar to my list.

  • I have used Dudu Osun before and i have a combination of both oily and dry skin, so it usually left my face dryyy with this funny burning sensation. Asides that, I do agree with that it makes me feel good too. You can get Rose water as a toner and it could serve as a moisturizer as well.

    • Back in school? Secondary or university? Somehow, I feel like I didn't have any skin problems or think about taking care of my skin sef back in sec school that I wouldn't know if something was good or bad for me then.

  • Have been using dudu osun since June 2015, its the best and the cheapest soap to me cause I have this very oily skin but I think there are two types or probably there's fake and original cause when I started using it, the soap was naked in its packaging box but later I bought another sealed in a nylon which I think is less effective than the former.

  • Dudu Osun has been around for decades and the good thing about it is that it works greatly for all skin types. Even though it doesn't last with me cos when the weather is very hot and i am at home, i could take my bath many times as possible. But one thing is sure about it, its good and i love how it's fragrance.

    Saw your comment on my blog and thanks for stopping by. Bookmarking your blog to both laptop and my phone right away.

  • Rose water and glycerin works well as a timer and moisturizer since glycerin on its own is the king of moisturizers. It's pretty cheap so you can try it out. Used it for a while as a body cream. Works amazing for hair too.

  • Nice review Cassie. Just joined the natural bandwagon both for my body and hair. Just started using baby oil and shea butter for my skin and shea butter for my hair. Will do a review on it sometime. Thank you so much

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