#TravelNigeria : 5 Places I Want To Visit In Nigeria This Year.

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There might be a lot of negative news surrounding the Giant of Africa – Nigeria but Nigeria is way more than the economy or it’s president. It is a beautiful country with a rich culture, lots of amazing sceneries and travel destinations.

If you had told me a couple of years back that at some point in my life, I would be yearning to travel more in my country and other African countries, I would probably have laughed out loud but look at me now. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Nigeria that I would never have found out if not for the new wave of travel bloggers so shout out to all yall for showcasing more of the beauty of Nigeria.

Last year, I made a 25 before 25 bucket list post on the blog of things I hope to have done before I turn 25 and road tripping to at least 5 states in Nigeria was part of it. So far, I’ve only visited Abuja (Blogged about my stay there here) and as you can tell, I’m doing terribly.

So, I’ve decided to put together this post of 5 places to visit in Nigeria with the hope that it will not only Ginger me to squash that goal but also inspire someone to visit Nigeria and explore more of the country.

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1. Badagry:sign showing the entrance to the Ancient wawu kingdom of badagry sign showing the original spot of the slaves spirit attenuation well in badagry, Lagos Palm trees at the Badagry beach slave point of no return

You might be wondering what Badagry is doing here since it’s a part of “Lagos” and I happen to live in Lagos but Badagry is quite far off, that it practically feels like traveling to another state. I’ve been to Badagry a couple of times as a kid dropping my siblings off at boarding house but I’ve never actually explored the place. I want to visit Badagry for the history of my people, the slave trade route, the beach, and of course – whispering palms!

2. Abeokuta:

Places to visit in Nigeria -Abeokuta scenery Places to visit in Nigeria - Olumo rock in Abeokuta Places to visit in Nigeria - Olumo rock and canopy walkway Pictures via Travelwithapen.

I want to visit Abeokuta majorly for the Olumo rock, which I never got to see as a child (Everyone else seems to have gone there during a school excursion). I hear it’s no longer as grand as it used to be but I think some things have to be experienced even if just once. Would be nice to also see the Alake’s Palace and Omo forest reserve in Abeokuta.

3. Calabar (Cross River):

places to visit in Nigeria, Obudu mountain reserve entrance Obudu mountain reserve in cross river calabar Obudu mountain reserve waterfall Pictures via diveintomauve

Calabar has been on my list forever! It started with wanting to have a feel of the Calabar carnival (as a model in one of the bands) but now I honestly don’t care much for the carnival. I want to go to Calabar for the Obudu mountain resort, the Becheve nature reserve, Oban Hill, Kwa Falls and Agbokim waterfalls.

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4. Enugu:

landscape picture of Enugu state in Nigeria
Awhum cave in EnuguPictures via artsymoments.

Enugu is literally my sister state, seeing as I’m from Awka(Anambra) but for some reason, I’ve never been there. It would be nice to mark register, visit the Awhum cave and the Ngwo pine forest. I hear life is a lot calmer there too and the hotels, cheaper and better.

5. Bauchi:

Tafawa Balewa Mausoleum in Bauchi state, Nigeria wikki warm springs in bauchi Palace in Bauchi state in NigeriaPictures via Toketemu and Explorebauchi.

I would never have thought of going to the North, with all the violence going on there but the North is such a beautiful place! I first saw pictures of Bauchi on Twitter last year and everything looked so blue and peaceful, that it just had to be added to my list. Majorly for the Yankari game reserve, Gubi Lake, Wikki Warm Springs, Tafawa Balewa’s Mausoleum and emir’s palace.

nigerian fashion blogger cassie daves walking the slave trade route in badagry

I would also love to visit other Nothern states like Kaduna and Jos and some of the waterfalls we have in the country.

Are you Pro – #TravelNigeria? What places in Nigeria have you visited asides from the state you live in and where are some of your top places to visit in Nigeria? Also, if you’ve written about any of these places on your blog, please feel free to leave us a comment and include the link to your post.

 Share your thoughts please and let’s connect! 

Author: Cassie Daves

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  • There’s so much about our country that people don’t know!! I didn’t even know some of these places existed. I’ve been wanting to travel around Nigeria and the African continent in general. So far, the list of places I’ve been to in Nigeria is incredibly short :(. Last year, over winter break I decided to start my exploring with the city I grew up in – Calabar. (You should definitely visit at least once). It was quite the experience. We visited Kwa Falls & I wrote about it here – https://samefootprints.com/2017/02/06/chasing-waterfalls/

  • Hey! A post I can relate with….. When people tell me, travelling is for “privileged” people, I always say start with your surroundings or within Nigeria. You would be surprised how many people stay in Lagos and haven’t heard of or been to Lekki Conservation Center or Badagry (I haven’t been there before tho).

    Lol, I have visited quite a number of places and I am still looking forward to visiting more places. Most recent travels sha have been to:
    – Farin Ruwa Falls (highest waterfall in Nigeria)
    – Omo Forest Reserve (camped there for the night – scariest thing I have done in my life)
    – Togo (my first African country)
    – Matsiraga Waterfalls/Nok Village (home of Nok Culture)
    – Ikogosi WarmSprings/Arinta Waterfalls/Erin Ijesha Waterfalls/Moremi Statue of Liberty (spent less about 15k during the road trip)

    Anyways, on my “to-visit” list I have the following places:
    – Yankari Game Reserve
    – Awhum Caves
    – Ngwo Pine Forest
    – Kajuru Castle

    I write all about my adventures on http://www.EatTechTravel.com 😉 🙂 🙂

  • Great post Cassie! There are so many beautiful places in Nigeria that I’m grateful for social media for allowing us see the beautiful pictures.
    I went to Badagry last Dec with @tvpadventures and it was a wonderful experience. The trip to Badagry wasn’t far as I thought it would be, I think it was 1hr 30mins but it was more when going back into Lagos because of Lagos traffic.
    I also want to visit Bauchi this year. I want to visit Yankari Game Reserve and its so beautiful (I watched this video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-wlBLXR1YU)
    Calabar would be for the carnival. I would love to be a part of a street carnival. So many places to travel to.

    Nigeria is really beautiful. I saw your tweet at the train ride to Abeokuta tomorrow. I hope you share pictures on twitter or insta.
    Have a great day


  • Great post, Cassie!
    Bauchi looks so pretty!
    I climbed Olumo Rock on Friday whoop, in iro & buba for that matter so I’m still feeling super badass. I’d love to do it again and I encourage everyone to make the trip!

  • I’ve been to some of this places but this is only fueling (not curing) my wanderlust! LOL. I hope you get to visit all of them soon. Do you have a timeline for this?

    And yep, I am so pro #TravelNigeria! I’ve been to 21 states and visiting my 22nd (Calabar) this month! Will share details of the trip on my blog (www.travelwithapen.com)

    • Lmao thanks for that low-key correction. Infact you’ve given me the beat replacement word so I’m going to go change it to “fuel” now.

      I don’t know how you do it but I want to be like you when I grow up. I think having a timeline is very key, will work on that now. Thanks for the pictures and for visiting

  • Nice list.
    But how come Idanre Hills didnt find a way in here🙅

    So… I haven’t been to any of the 5 places you have listed, but I’ve been to Ikogosi warm/cold spring Ekiti state, Erin Ijesha water falls, Osun State , Kainji Lake National park New Bussa, Niger state, Kainji Dam Niger state, Jos Hills, plateau state, Idanre Hills , Ondo state..

    OK, I think thats all. I can’t remember any more.
    Wait!! I’ve been on the Lagoon at Lagoon front behind Unilag Library. (Does that count too?)
    And though I haven’t visited the eastern part of Nigeria, I have been to about 15 states☺.
    And YES, Nigeria is beautiful.

  • Hello dear, its a nice list u have up there. I am feeling ur wanderlust. I have been to only about 10 States in Nigeria. Been to Erin Ijesha/ olumirin waterfall, idanre hill, osun Oshogbo groove, national museum Ife, ooni of ife palace, OAU zoo, national museum Ibadan, Ibadan zoo, ABUTH sculpture garden Zaria. And I still want to travel Nigeria, Africa and d world. Olumo rock Abeokuta, ikogusi spring, Kano tour, Kaduna tour, cross river tour + calabar fest, Lagos tour( I think there are lovely sites there too) on my bucket list and I will gladly add d ones from ur list. By d way, thanks for letting me day dream on ur page.

    • You’re saying “just” to 10 states? When I’m here struggling with my meager 4 lool!You should totally come to Lagos though!
      Those places you’ve listed are also some places I’ll like to visit as well

  • I’ve actually been to Enugu and Calabar! I LOVE both those places; so serene. I can’t wait to go back again. Bauchi is officially on my list! I love the new wave of traveling in Nigeria. These are such great pictures! I hope you get to visit all these cool places soon!

  • Hey, Cassie! Loved the post.
    Definitely looking forward to more travel within Nigeria.
    Last month I took the train from Abuja to Kaduna (for the first time on my first visit there) and I had an amazing time, even though I spent just a few hours on my visit.
    Loved every minute of it.
    Awesome page!

  • Lovely Post, I really need to travel more and yes, I must visit an African country this year by God’s grace (money pls answer me o)
    Been to Badagry here are links

    I have also been to Erin Ijesha in Osun State and here’s the link
    And since I was in Osun, I visited the palace and other landmarks in Abeokuta (yet to blog about it)

    I have also been to Idanre hills (ondo State) also yet to blog about it

  • Hello Cassie, Nigeria indeed is an interesting country with lots of astonishing places that i’m also yet to visit. The Obudu mountain resort is actually one the topmost places i planned on visiting anytime soon.

    P.S something about those green mountainous pictures up there reminds of a place in Taraba state called Gembu. It’s one of the coldest places in Nigeria. As in ehn, from January to December cool temperate weather all through, even to the extent that when the sun comes up you will still be feeling cold lol. I had opportunity to explore the place during my NYSC when i was posted there and it was a great and unforgettable experience.

    Anyways great post by the way keep it up!

  • Well I’ve crossed Calabar and Obudu cattle ranch off my list, still bummed that I never attended the carnival but there is always nest time. Now I’d love to visit Lagos the closest I’ve been there was in passing through the airport to Thailand. Now I’d love to go to Badagry and visit all the colonial buildings that Oc Wonder on Instagram keeps talking about. Also I can’t forget Bauchi State and Kajuru Castle in Kaduna.

    Princess Audu

  • These pictures be making me want to travel like right now…Beautiful scenery thanks for the post Cassie, Nigeria is indeed a beautiful place.
    I’ve been to Badagry slave trade; its a very interesting place I must say, quite educative and informative too and anyone who goes there definitely stops by at whispering palms ( an awesome place to relax)
    I’ve also been to Olumo rock (once tho) but the experience was worth it and then it’s history..
    I’ve always wished to go to Obudu it’s on my list too..

    Good one Cassie

  • These pictures be making me want to travel like right now…Beautiful scenery thanks for the post Cassie, Nigeria is indeed a beautiful place.
    I’ve been to Badagry slave trade; its a very interesting place I must say, quite educative and informative too and anyone who goes there definitely stops by at whispering palms ( an awesome place to relax)
    I’ve also been to Olumo rock (once tho) but the experience was worth it and then it’s history..
    I’ve always wished to go to Obudu it’s on my list too..

    Thumbs up Cassie

  • I’ve really underrated Nigeria!! I’ve only been to Bauchi (yankaree game reserve) when I was younger but this post has given me an interesting insight to our country!! Thank you for this and your blog is great by the way!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • I went to Abeokuta during Uni and it was beautiful. Gone to Whispering Palms but I haven’t explored Badagry properly.
    I’m in Calabar right now. Cross River is such a big state, I hear Obudu is 6 hours away from here. There’s Tinapa to visit here though. This is definitely enlightening , I did not know of Oban hill, Agbokim waterfalls and Kwa Falls before reading this.
    The Cave in Enugu and the pictures Bauchi look really beautiful. Definitely places to explore.
    I’ll make plans to explore CR state before my service year is done.

  • Nice write up Cassie. Growing I was more adventurous than now. Have been to Kankari game reserve which was an unforgettable experience, shere hills n jos wildlife park, farin ruwa waterfalls n dye pits in narrassawa state and most of the northern states.
    So sad that I grew up in Kaduna n never got to visit kajuru castle, hope to go back one of these days just for that. Would also love to visit Olomo rock, calabar,badagry n Irin Ijesha.