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I’m currently sitting in a hall listening to some long lecture and its just tiring because this is something I have to do everyday of this week. So I decided to use a bit of the time to pop in here with this quick style post showing you how my capsule wardrobe concept I mentioned in this post played out for me recently and how I re-rocked this pants from my last style post in a different way for a more relaxed fit.

If there’s one other thing I’m good at, it will probably be re-rocking outfits with zero shame (Shared my tips on rerocking here). I don’t mean switching up the look with a different top or bottom, I mean the whole thing.
I’ve worn this exact look a few times since I discovered that both of them together was a match made in fashion heaven and still have plans to wear it this same way in the nearest future. But I digress.

This was one of the initial outfits I put together as options for the nfbyardsale, which I ended up not wearing like I mentioned in this post. It was the perfect fit for my plans the other other weekend though and I wore it to the budding wings event I blogged about here.
I’m wearing one of my current favourite sandals from the brand Lucy Daves which I mentioned in this things I’m loving post.

Other ways I’ve styled this pants on the blog here, here, and here.

Which is your favourite look?

And what do you think about this particular outfit.

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