The Crochet Fro – My First Crochet Hairstyle.


Ahh Yes! Look who has finally joined the crochet braids gang too?

I’ve been meaning to get a big fro type hair done for the longest time (years) now, because everyone (myself inclusive) kept telling me how good I’d look with it and I also wanted the feel/look of a big natural hair without the commitment of it.

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to get crochet braids done, but couldn’t find anywhere to do it at a reasonable price ( I was hearing 5k upwards oh!).  Well, I finally did – three months after.

I didn’t do any proper research on what extension type to use, texture, or what length to get. I just knew that I didn’t want anything too expensive and my friend Tracy suggested the Noble gold kinky bulk which I bought two packs of. I still couldn’t find any salon to get it done at a decent enough price, so I dumped the braids and carried my natural hair around – because I cannot come and go and kill myself for hair.

The other day, while wondering what next to do to my hair. I decided to just try a number someone gave me for the braids and lo and behold, her price was so reasonable and affordable! I didn’t waste time in booking her for the next day.
We only used one and half packs of the extension and I thought it wouldn’t take more than 30 mins max to get don, because of the way everyone kept saying it is so fast and easy to do, but it took approximately an hour and thirty minutes which is almost like the time used to fix a weave. I also think its a bit harder and would take a longer time to take it out as well.

I hated the hair initially because it was all puffed up and looked oddly shaped – if you’re on my snapchat @cassiedaves, you would have seen me lamenting. The only reason why I didn’t take it down, was because I didn’t really understand how to loosen it and I couldn’t do it by myself.
I’m glad I didn’t because after a bit of manipulation the next day, I started feeling the hair a bit more.

The hair stylist tried to give me some tips to style the hair – something about perm rods and hot water, but I’m still so clueless about it all. 
I currently have it all done in a few big braid and I’m honestly not sure if I should have made that ‘twists’ instead.

So please guysss, leave me links to anywhere you’ve talked about this already or just tell me in the comments.
I need maintenance and styling tips.
Do I apply hair oil/cream to it? Do I Comb it out? 

Would I try the crochet braid again?
Regardless of the time factor almost being like normal weave time, I think I’d do the crochet braids again but next time with another extension – maybe a longer one with a tightly curled texture too. I should also try the proper braided type as well because I LOVE braids but I hate the amount of time it takes.

What other extensions would you recommend for me?
What do you think about the crochet braid too?
As always, leave me your thoughts please and let’s connect!

Author: Cassie Daves

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