Why I Switched From DSLR To A Mirrorless Camera || My Sony A6000 Review

Pinterest graphic For Sony A6000 review Finally! My Sony A6000 review post is here! A lot of people have requested for this post and I’ve finally managed to put my thoughts together for y’all so I really hope someone finds it helpful. But before I get into it, just a quick back story.

P.S: If you’re not really into cameras or not currently looking to get a new one, the initial techy bit may bore you a bit. Feel free to scroll to the actual review at the end!

My journey with cameras started when my Uncle gifted me his old Canon ( The Rebel XS) and since then, It’s been pure love all the way. You know, it’s funny because I never saw myself picking an interest in photography but here I am now.

I’ve had my good Ol Canon Rebel XS for the better part of my blogging life, which is four years and some, and it has served me well but I figured an upgrade was in order as I needed to be able to take better pictures and most importantly videos (The Rebel XS doesn’t shoot videos).

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I was going to just upgrade to a bigger Canon (I’ve never really liked Nikon) but with the help of my blogger boo “Modavracha” and after much research, I finally decided to ditch Canon and other DSLRs and just go for a mirrorless camera instead. You’ve probably been hearing “mirrorless camera” a lot lately, there has been a great deal of conversation around them and some even refer to them as “the future of photography.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my Sony A6000 review, talking about why I switched from Canon to Sony and try to explain to the best of my ability what a mirrorless camera is.

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Sony A6000 Review, nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves holding a Sony A6000Sony A6000 Review, up close shot of the sonyA6000 mirrorless cameraWhat Is A DSLR vs Mirrorless Camera?

In simple terms, a DSLR camera (Digital single-lens reflex camera) like the name suggests is a camera that uses a single lens reflex system. What this means is that it operates in a system that uses just a single lens which light travels through to get to a mirror that alternates to send the image to either the viewfinder (the part you look through when you’re taking a picture) or the image sensor depending on whether you click the snap button or you’re just viewing an image.

Now, the whole single lens thing isn’t actually what differentiates a DSLR from a mirrorless camera. A mirrorless camera, on the other hand, doesn’t have that mirror as part of its own optical system. This “no mirror” system is what makes it possible to have a smaller build and design. Mirrorless cameras keep the big sensors and interchangeable lenses of DSLR cameras but ditch the mirror to produce a lighter camera.

Too much English? Just check out this simple diagram here

Another implication of this mirror/no mirror thing asides from the size difference is that a mirrorless camera comes with an electronic viewfinder as opposed to the optical viewfinder of DSLRs. Because mirrorless cameras use electronic viewfinders, you can see in real time the effect that adjusting the settings will have on your pictures before you even take the picture as opposed to the dslr.

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Why I Switched To A Mirrorless Camera.

Nigerian lifestyle blogger cassie daves holding the Sony a6000 cameraNigerian blogger cassie daves holding the Sony a6000 camera

The size! Honestly, size was the main reason I even started to consider getting a mirrorless camera instead of an upgraded Canon. Imagine getting a more compact camera that will give you similar quality of pictures that the Canon would and that has some extra pluses too. I was definitely SOLD!

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I was tired of lugging my heavy ass canon around and wanted something smaller but effective so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my camera not fitting into my smaller sized bags and won’t have to deal so much with people trying to tax me when I bring out my camera on the streets of Lagos. Meh

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My Sony A6000 Review

Sony Alpha A6000 front view showing tilted LCD Screen The sony a6000 Side view showing the tilted LCD screen

The most popular mirrorless camera brands are Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and FujiFillm. I decided to go for a Sony because I hadn’t heard much about the other brands prior to my research on mirrorless cameras. Most of the people I knew that had a mirrorless camera had one from Sony, and from the little research I did I realized that the really good cameras from the other brands were way out of my budget.

My choice was between the Sony A5100, A6000 and A6300 but I immediately cut out the A6300 from my list because again, way above my budget. I decided to go for the SonyA6000 which I got from bhphotovideo  and chose the graphite colour because I was bored of black and the white would stain too easily.

I also opted out of getting the kit lens and got a 50mm lens instead. If I had to do it all over again, I’ll definitely get the kit lens as well. My cousin was coming to Nigeria from America so I just shipped it to him for free and didn’t have to pay any shipping fee.

Sony A6000 side view Sony A6000 front view Sensor size: APS-C | Resolution: 24.2MP | Viewfinder: Electronic(VF) | Monitor: 3.0-inch tilt-angle display, 921,600 dots | Maximum continuous shooting rate: 11fps | Movies: 4K | Iso sensitivity: 100-25600 | Price: $498 for just the body and $598 with kit lens inclusive | Where to buy: Bhphotovideo

Here are a few things I love about my Sony A6000:

  • Compact Size – Well, I’ve gone on and on about this already but again, yass!
  • Great image quality! – I used my Sony A6000 to take the pictures in my last style post and the edits were very basic edits with snapseed. You can check out the pictures here
  • WiFi – I love that I can easily just send my pictures to my phone and edit on the go. There’s no more waiting to get home to my laptop before I can view or use the pictures I took. It is also NFC enabled so you can transfer pictures easily this way too.
  • Inbuilt Apps: The Sony A6000 has some inbuilt apps and you can also download some apps into the camera like the remote app which helps you control the camera and snap with your phone and the photo editor which allows you apply some basic edits to your pictures while still in the camera
  • Dope Electronic viewfinder
  • Clear Image Zoom when manual focusing: When you manual focus, it zooms in and allows you achieve the sharpest focus you can.

Sony A6000 showing the application list in-camera

Picture showing the Sony A6000 and an infinix hot s connected together via Wifi
My Sony A6000 connected to my phone which I can then use to take the pictures instead of having to operate the camera itself.

What I don’t like about the Sony A6000:

  • Poor Battery Life: When compared to my canon, my sonyA6000 battery doesn’t last for long but thankfully, it charges pretty fast. It has a battery life of 300 shots.
  • Non-Tiltable LCD Screen: I hate that the LCD screen can’t tilt at all angles ( I can’t view myself when recording videos or taking a selfie. Although the inbuilt remote app helps to take self-portraits when connected to my phone as I can place the camera on a platform using my phone to view myself and snap. Cool stuff!
  • Not Touch Screen: This isn’t such a big problem for me but I just think a touch screen would be cool and it wouldn’t have taken them anything to add this feature, same way it wouldn’t have taken them anything to include a rotate-able LCD in the A6000 like they did in the A5100. Kmt!

All in all, it’s a pretty decent camera that I would recommend to anyone! I just really hate that the LCD screen can’t be tilted 360 (but the Sony A5100 has that feature) so I can’t really do on the go videos myself. Adding to this is the fact that I got a 50mm lens which is a non-zoom lens, so I’m currently looking to get the regular kit lens too.

To conclude this long post, I’ll just add that If you find a camera you like that works for you, then it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a DSLR or mirrorless.

Now, let’s sound off in the comments please! One of my new favorite question to ask is “What camera and lens do you currently use for your photography/videos so please if you own a camera, kindly help me answer this question in the comment

If you currently use a mirrorless camera, which and how’s that working for you?

Share, comment and let’s connect!


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Author: Cassie Daves

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  • I use a canon T6i and I understand how heavy carrying it about is. Please I also use the kit lens that came with it.
    Its a pretty decent camera. I hope to use it to learn and improve my photography and then make a change if I need to.
    Great post Cassie. I’ll read more about DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

    • That’s the upgrade from Rebel xs, I think. The T6i I mean. Why don’t you want to get a 50mm lens? That’s an essential lens.
      Thanks for reading Fehintola and I’m glad you found it helpful

    • I got it from bhphotovideo and I’ve linked It in the post now. Sorry I omitted it earlier, was tired after writing the post and left out a few things. All added now!
      Thanks for the compliment and nice seeing you around here again

    • 55 or 50mm? Didn’t know there’s a 55mm, but then again my understanding of lenses isn’t a 100% sha.
      Lol you should! They are pretty dope but then again, just find what works for you and your needs.

  • You always come to my rescue.. .am planning on buying a camera very soon, and this review is so helpful. Thanks Alot.please what is the price?

  • Thank you for this review! More bloggers need to do reviews because, in trying to buy a camera, I read so many reviews from photographers and techie perspectives that didn’t give me the answers I needed.

    I just got my camera last year after blogging with a Sony point and shoot cam for years. It’s a Nikon D3300, solid cam, nothing too fancy- but comparable to other entry level DSLRs from the Canon T5i and below. I had wanted the Canon T6i initially- but when the exchange rate went up by over 60%, I had to reconsider. With my D3300, I realised while travelling recently just how HEAVY it is, so I totally feel you on making the switch to a mirrorless camera.

    For now, sha, the weight is not a big problem since I do most of my photos in my house. Having wifi and inbuilt apps would be really nice too but, I don’t post photos on the go, so paying extra for the functionality didn’t make sense to me in this Buhari economy!

    P.S. What are the specs of your lens? Did you buy the A6000 with the kit lens or you bought the lens separately?

    • Just Googled the Nikon d3300 and the Sony has better specifications than it . More point to prove that Mirrorless cameras are an equal to DSLR and even better than some DSLRs.
      My lens is a 50mm lens which I got separately. If I had to do it all over again, I’ll probably get the kit lens plus the 35mm or 50mm lens.

  • I’m curently saving up for a camera and this sounds less stressful, I’m allergic to stress (LOL) so I’m definitely going to be taking lessons from you, you know how much of a pest I can be. I’m not into all these techy stuff so thank you for making this review understandable for people like me.

  • I currently use a Samsung NX1000, an older, preloved mirrorless camera I got for a steal! I love how light it is. I just need to replace the lens soon and I am good to go. There’s probably benefits that DSLRs have, but I do not think I’ll be getting one. No matter how “professional” I get.

    I really love how clean and shiny your camera looks. I wannnnt!

    • Oh yes there are definitely a few advantages but nothing too deep that I would want to exchange mine for it.
      A good lens is really everything too, sometimes just a change of lens is needed. Would google your Samsung, just to check it out.

  • I just need a small camera with WiFi, and good photo quality! And been looking to get that. SONY seems the most recommended, so I think I’ll get this or the A5100. Thanks for sharing!


  • The best draw for me with these mirrorless cameras are the smaller size and the Wi-Fi. Also, many beauty bloggers & YouTubers swear by them because of the skin-smoothing feature..
    The picture quality is great too but the A5100 seems like a gem with the 360° tilting screen.

    Anyway, i use a basic Nikon d3200 currently with no plans of upgrading anytime soon. No harm in dreaming of these babies abi?.


  • Hi! Been wanting a camera for the longest time, what with being a blogger and a makeup artist. Weird, I liked the DSLR because of the size. There’s a cool and serious look with it hanging on your neck. My mom says it looks less like a toy. (She thinks all cameras are toys. Expensive toys.) I’m sure I’ll change my mind after lugging the heavy weight around for a while.
    This one looks amazing. I want to check out the difference between this and the A5100. Because that 360• rotation of the flip screen is key!
    Thank you for the review. It really changed things.


  • I have been looking forward to this review and I’m so glad you finally put it up! You did a great work! As a new bee regarding this tech and photography thing I find all these quite interesting and I need to say, the size, image quality, In built apps and WiFi option of your new camera is something worth going for but thinking of the battery life (are there options for an external battery?). I actually wanted to get a Nikon d3300/d5300 but based on this recommendation and my pocket, I think the Sony a5100 should do me good. Thank you for the helpful post always!


  • Thanks for this article, now I’m considering an upgrade to the same camera.

    And BTW, the fact that it isn’t touch-screen should be an advantage because touch-screen cameras are liable to develop faults easier than one that isn’t.

  • Hey, thanks for this post! I have an a6000 as well but had no idea that my phone could be used as a remote. This will make taking pictures of myself sooo much easier. I hate that the screen doesn’t rotate all the way because I was hoping to use it for Youtube too. I’ve heard that this camera is actually pretty badass though, but I’m not a photography expert and still have trouble making the most of all of its features. I would love to see a blog post on how you use your camera for your blog photography. What settings do you put them at in different scenarios?


  • Now I’ll have to check out this camera even though I already made up my mind on the one I was saving to get. But then, this carrying load of a thing just resonated and I don’t like stress lol
    Your pictures look really good too and ayee Snapseed is litt! Thanks for the recommendation


  • Hi Cassie ! Excellent review. I have actually been reading up on DSLR and mirrorless cameras as I am saving up to get one. I decided to go for a Canon EOS 100D DSLR Camera. However, I think the A6000 would be a great buy – considering the compact size, wifi thingy and other cool features. What camera would you recommend for an entry-level photographer (or rather “to-be photographer”) ?

  • I use a Canon 1300D which is a decent camera and I have two zoom lens that came with it, so we can say it was a kit lens.

    I so love it that I can do anything with it, I use mostly manual mode plus I do videos with it which are quite clear and the audio is superb, not that I won’t like an upgrade, but till then, I love my DSLR.

    I follow you on IG and it’s been a blast, keep doing all you do

  • Thanks for sharing this informative post. Though I recently started blogging, I’m more interested in photography and only recently upgraded my DSLR equipment. It’s definitely a pain to carry around so I’m considering getting a mirrorless camera. What are your thoughts on the quality of the photos you take (how does it compare to that of your Canon)? Though size is an appealing factor for regular/ everyday use, is it for blogging? Are mirrorless cameras as appealing than DSLR for blogging (in your opinion)? – Oluwakemi Loriade // http://www.lorikemi.com