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Picture of Nigerian blogger at the lufasi park in Lekki Lagos NigeriaWell, long time no “Lagos Living” post! I’ve been spending more and more of my weekends at the hospital on call and so “exploring Lagos” has been out of my books for a while now. I finally got a weekend free sometime in Mid-April during my surgery rotation and decided that I was going to use the time to go somewhere new in Lagos and Lufasi Park made the cut!

Fortunately, I’m currently in a posting that has given me some weekends off but that’s a tale for my next med diary post.

Like I said, these pictures were taken sometime in April -I didn’t even realize it’s been that long till I checked the date on the pictures. I was a bit reluctant to write this post as I didn’t think I took enough pictures to make a post but my itch to put up a new Lagos living post won the battle at the end.

I’m a big fan of nature and exploring the outdoors so naturally, I’ve been to the Lekki Conservation Center three times already and have had my fill of the place. So when I heard that there was another nature park in Lagos that wasn’t LCC, I immediately added it to my “to visit” list.

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Welcome Sign board at the Lufasi park in Lekki, LagosEntrance fee ticket to the lufasi nature park in lagos The Lufasi Park (Lekki Urban Forest Animal Sanctuary Initiative) is located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, even further down than Lekki conservation center. My friend and I were determined to make the trip down there regardless of the distance. We left from Surulere and spent about an hour and some getting there (thankfully there wasn’t much traffic that day).

The entrance fee is N1000 for adults and N500 for children but the man sold us three of the children tickets for 1500 when we tried to haggle price with him (Yes, shameless!), which was confusing as we were obviously two people and didn’t need an extra one but we took it anyway. We made our way in and got a tour guide (Surprisingly, they come free of charge!) to take us around.

Children's area to play at the lufasi nature park, lekkiThere is a children’s play area with some fun activities for kids so you can bring your kids here, there’s also the Ekki forest, Lake Nora and Animal Rescue and Fern garden. I don’t know how I missed most of these places and some of the other animals. Okay, I actually know how it happened. lol. It was a very sunny day, like whoop your ass type of sunny so we got tired quickly and couldn’t go round the whole place.

So, here’s a Pro Tip – Go with a face cap/wide brimmed hat or just pick a day when it isn’t so sunny. Thank me later!

I got to see a few animals – monkeys, tortoise and another animal that I can’t remember now, but I hear there are also Horses, rabbits, ducks, and Donkeys there too. The monkeys were my highlight of the whole day, It was just amazing watching them fight over and drink the bottle of Fanta I passed to one of them.

Monkey at the lufasi park drinking a bottle of fants Monkey at the lufasi park in lekki drinking a bottle of fanta Animals at the lufasi parl tortoise at the lufasi park Tortoise in his habitat at the lufasi park in Lagos

Next up was the Ekki tree which the tour guide explained was about 100 years old, I thought that was amazing!

We walked a bit further after this and came across some old looking and hut like buildings and of course I had to pose for a picture. Apparently, Nollywood also shoots movies especially their village scenes at the lufasi park and the building was constructed as for one of the movies that were shot there.

Further down, we came across this really nice wood walkway thing surrounded by water – which I want to believe is Lake Nora. I honestly can’t remember if the tour guide told us this or if I just wasn’t listening because I was too busy taking pictures.

She also showed us the hooded vultures, although I honestly didn’t see anything and she kept pointing up and saying “that’s one right there, look!” It was just a funny situation lol

Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves standing at the entrance of an uncompleted building at the lufasi park

There really isn’t anything major to do at the Lufasi Park except explore, unlike the Lekki conservation center that has the canopy walkway as a side attraction. There are a couple of fun games and activities- I met some people playing table tennis and soccer and you can have a picnic in the grounds. There’s also a swing and a sitting area with stone benches and chairs.

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I would definitely love to go a second time just to explore Lufasi Park fully and get to see some of the other cool stuff I missed. There’s a small shop that sells drinks at the entrance but you can come with your own food and snacks.

Anyone up for a picnic at the Lufasi Park sometime soon? Let’s make it happen! I’ve never been out on a picnic and I think that it would be really nice.

Have you been to Lufasi Park? What did you think and would you visit again?

Also, which do you prefer between Lekki Conservation center and Lufasi park? It’s a hard pick for me but I think I’ll go with Lufasi Park.

Share your thoughts please and let’s connect!



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