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Celebrating Creativity : Urbanity x Le MeLange.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015
As a rule, I hardly put up look books that I'm not featured in ( the only other one I've put up is this one here ) but there's just something about young people defying the odds in going after their dreams and putting out work that just hard to ignore. Especially when said young people are people I fux with.
So celebrating creativity is a new segment on the blog where I'll give a bit more room and celebrate the creativity/hard work of some of these people.

The first feature in this new segment is actually a double dose of creativity as I decided to merge and introduce two different brands.
Let's check them out!

The first feature is the Urbanity collection by David Omigie (Daltimore) which he describes as a native danshiki inspired collection borne out of the need to create timeless pieces that can be viewed as both comfortable and stylish. The urbanity pieces shows the grandeur of an urban man and woman through androgyny pieces which are an eclectic blend of urban fashion and native culture.

I really like these danshiki's and also the styling! I like how they are a bit different from the normal ones we see everyday. I'm not sure which piece I like the most but its between the first and second one the guy in the second picture is wearing..
And maybe the third one too, oh its so hard to just pick one!
Which is your favorite? And how will you style this?

For more details on the design label,
- @daltimorecollections +2348022036481 , +2348099142073     

Le mélange is an emerging styling brand by two creative stylist Onoja
christiana and Abiolah Ahouandjinou. They decided to come up with a minimalistic, self designed and styled
shoot/campaign by incorporating African fabric into recent trends with an aim to showcase African style and
appreciate our culture from a different Perspective"

I personally think they succeeded in doing that (the african style mix thing) and I particularly love the purple dress, ankara headwrap and kicks mix, its so dope and right up my alley.
 Check out this post on how to get your head wrap game on
For more details :
I.G - @lemelangestyling

What do you think of both brands?
Happy new month! I hope this new month is good to you!
Let's connect! Follow me to keep up with my daily life and also some of the projects I have in the works!

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