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  The Cool Kid Style Guide.

If there’s one thing that gets me all excited and revved up in this fashion game is finding people with real style. People that slay effortlessly and can make even the most basic outfit look really cool! Style blogger, Grace Alex is big in my books because of this.

What I’ve come to realize though, from my own self-acclaimed “cool kid status” *side eye* and years of stalking stylish people is that you really don’t need to have a large super cool wardrobe (most of us don’t! I know I don’t ) or even be a “fashion person” to look stylish/cool.
For some people, its just in them. True! but there are ways to “fake it, till you actually make it”. Simple hacks and tiny tweaks here and there can elevate an outfit and make you look instantly cooler.

I talked a bit about this in my post on the power of the extras but in this post, I’ll be sharing four of these “style hacks”/tips that will instantly make you look more fashionable, as well as some style inspiration to go with it.

Let’s dig in.

1. Wear your jacket as a cape.

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And by this, I mean draping it loosely over your shoulders. This one is a personal fave of mine as you guys can already tell. I hear its called the “Shoulder Robing” or “Coat Slinging”. What I know for sure though, is that this is one definite way of adding an extra oomph to an outfit and is a popular one amongst the fashion crowd.

Pictures : @songofstyle, @stylebyada, @seddyleketi

2. Put a hat on it.

 Or a Turban.
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Wide brimmed hats of course take center stage here. They’ve been like the ultimate “fashion person/cool kid” accessory and for good reason! They definitely have a way of making you look super cool when worn right.

turban is another one of my faves for spicing up a look. If you’re
still in doubt, Paola Matthe of Finding Paola is a walking example of
how effortless pairing a head wrap with any basic outfit can instantly
switch things up.
hats that are slowly taking over are the Beret, fez, visors (topless
hats) and gatsby hat. Currently looking to get me some visors and a
gatsby hat!

Pictures : @findingpaola, @t2pitchy
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And my picture tutorial on how to tie a turban perfectly here

3. Layer with a shirt inside.


This is one fail proof style hack and it automatically makes anyone look stylish. Simply jazz up a sleeveless dress by wearing a long sleeved shirt under it. The good thing is that it doesn’t work for just dresses though! You can layer under sweat shirts and other tops as well, just leave the collars peeking out and buttoned to the top.


Picture : @freddieharrel

4. Sneak It In.

Finish up your look with a pair of sneakers. It never fails! The classic white sneakers especially makes everything look good and gives you instant cool vibes.


 Pictures : @muuchinto, @princessaudu

Some other style tips/hacks inlude the infamous half tuck, cuffed sleeves/rolled up jeans, mixing print, socks and shoe and of course finishing your look with a dope pair of sunnies!

Now it’s your turn! 
What do you guys think of these tips?
Do you have any extra tips to add?
Please share!!

I’m going to be putting a some of these tips into practice in my next few style posts (hopefully I find a photographer) showing you how I take a relatively boring dress and make it look more stylish.


Leave me your thoughts please
And let’s connect!
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