How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe || Capsule Wardrobe.

I remember sometime early this year when I was feeling really uninspired, wearing pretty much the same things and thinking that I just had to introduce some new clothes into my wardrobe to get it going again but then one day I decided to sort through my clothes and I found out that I actually don’t need new clothes or anything because I could still put together some really cool outfits from the ones I already have.
Simply put, I wasn’t maximizing my wardrobe well.
I really don’t have that much clothes or anything but I sure have discovered that mixing and matching and re-rocking is one way to maximize your wardrobe especially if you’re like me with a not so big closet.
Another way is the capsule wardrobe way. I came across the concept of the capsule wardrobe sometime last year and thought it was a pretty good way to not only make the most of your wardrobe, but to save yourself the stress and time of thinking up what to wear everyday and get your creative juices flowing.



It is a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear or think are essentials and can be interchanged to create various looks.
Basically keeping a mini collection of clothes that you can mix up and wear for a particular period of time


– You have to decide first of all what amount of clothes you want to work with and for how long you plan to work with the clothes you pick. Some people put together a capsule wardrobe for 3months, stick strictly to it and switch it up again for the next three months. Yours doesn’t have to last for three months though, could be a capsule for two weeks only and then you switch up after. Depends on you.

– Yes, you’ll have to finally sort through your clothes! Lol.
Sort through your closet and select clothes you think are essentials that you can mix and match to create different looks and to suit your lifestyle.
You can separate them into ‘tops, bottoms, shoes etc to make it easier
Hang the selected clothes up while you keep the rest in a separate box

– And then you figure out how you plan to pair the clothes you selected in different ways to create different looks (here’s where it helps with being creative) and wear those for the period of time you choose. You don’t get to buy new clothes or wear other clothes from the ones you didn’t select during that time. You work ‘strictly’ with what you brought out.

That’s where my problem is….
Not being able to pick from my other clothes. I doubt I’ll be able to adhere to that though! It feels like living with ‘rules’ and being restricted so In my case, I’ll be using the capsule wardrobe idea thing just as a backbone to help maximize my wardrobe because I won’t be sticking to all the rules of the game but the general concept is pretty much the same, just more flexible and more open to spontaneity.

Here’s my own process.

I already had a mental picture of the clothes I wanted to use to create the capsule I.e so I wrote them down first, also wrote the different ways I’ll mix them up.

I went through my wardrobe, selected them out and hung them up separate from the other clothes

Top : I picked my denim shirt, an orange and purple shirt, two retro print shirts, two waist coats, a black tee and my jack daniels muscle tee.

Bottom : I picked my black harem pant, a blue harem too, wine red and brown culottes, pink polka dot skirt, twenty six skirt and orange mini skirt.

In total, I was able to create more than ten different pairings using those and a whole lot more when I also incorporate other items from my other clothes plus the other pairings I already have in mind from the clothes I didn’t select!
I hardly go out anyways so this is just to help make life easy for me to decide what to wear when I have events, dates or appearances to make/go for. I have my danshiki, numerous oversize shirts and denim pants for my day to day waka and school runs. Lol

I’ll be sharing with you guys the various looks I’ll create from my selections and I hope I’ll be able to stick with it.
I hope you found this post helpful?!
What’s your take on this capsule wardrobe thing?
Ever tried/Will you try it out sometime.
Also, what way do you use to make the most out of your wardrobe?
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Author: Cassie Daves

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