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Weekend Bits || TBP Bloggers Brunch, The Ajali Party And A Yard Sale.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hi Guys
How's your week going?
Mine has been alright so far.

The other day, I was wondering when I stopped doing full events report posts like I did back then ( check out this one and this too) and switched to this weekend bits format. Then it hit me that it was when I got too lazy to walk up and down taking pictures instead of enjoying the event. This laziness of a thing ehn.

Anyways, I thought to find out if you guys actually like this weekend bits format. Please let me know , thank you!

Okay let's get into today's post.
In my head I'm saying "Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of weekend bits". Feels funny typing it out though. lol
I had a pretty eventful weekend compared to the last one here. After all my rants on being frugal after the budding wings event, I still ended up spending more than I planned to on cabs this past weekend.

I had to attend the TBP bloggers brunch event though (Rember the dee mako blogger's brunch?) because I was one of the "vip guests" and that's the thought that made me put in extra effort to be there.
The dress code for the event was "floral and that made picking an outfit a bit hard because "hard guy no dey wear floral" lol! Jokes though. My mum added to the stress by ruining the dress I picked out that morning and I had to look for last minute fix ups.

I finally made it to the really lovely venue, although I got there late and missed Noble's speech which I heard was really inspiring. Bummer. The decor was nice, everyone was looking all floraly and beautiful. It was really lovely!
I got to meet with lots of my online blogger boos (Hey Sogie, Beth, Grace etc ) and finally meet the face behind the blogger point - Maryam. Great job!

I didn't sit through the award though because I knew I wasn't winning nothing, so I can't say for sure who won what.

The only thing I didn't like about the event was how limited food was but I guess I can't complain much seeing as I didn't even have to pay an entrance fee. I left the event very hungry though and this fueled the decision to hop into Deola's car and follow them to Ajali's third anniversary party. No Shame!

Ajali is a an all-natural handmade skincare brand. This was my very first time at their store and the nice mix of fragrances that welcomed me was so pleasing to my senses. I got there to find small chops in abundance! * speaks in tongues*
I must have embarrassed myself because I took a permanent position beside the small chops table. Smh

I also finally got to meet the owner - Ify , who was so nice and soft spoken. She talked us through some of her products and I definitely have my eyes on the konjac sponge and their scrubs.

I really like what the Ajali brand is doing and how much they've grown since they launched. I still remember when sisi yemmie did an introductory post for them and now they are already celebrating three years. Congratulations Ify!
Check them out @shopajali

On Sunday, I went for the celebrity yard sale event at Zazaii, put together by Liz Awoliyi. They basically had a couple of Nigerian celebrities selling out some of their clothes and shoes, with proceeds going to charity. I think its interesting how lots of "yard sales" are popping up since the nfbyardsale.

Anyways, my friend made me go for this one but I was a bit dissapointed when I got there to find all the nice things gone. My friend who got there really early to be able to get the good things first told me that it seemed like they had people that prebooked items. I hope its not true though because that would be a shame.
I didn't see much that I wanted, so I bought just a pencil skirt my friend picked out for me from Liz Awoliyi's closet and called it a day.

I know the week is almost over but permit me to still ask - how did your weekend go?
And how is this week treating you?
Were you at the bloggers brunch or any of these other events? How did you find it?
Please share! And let's connect!

My Infinix Hot S : Unboxing And Review.

Monday, 22 August 2016
There's a new Infinix on the block!
And here's what I think about it.

Just in case you're wondering. I promise, I haven't sold my soul to infinix. Not yet anyways. Lol.

I'm just a bit intrigued about how phone brands manage to drop new phones every other day especially when we are just getting over the one they just released (please, who is with me here?). I'm also always excited to try them out, even if it means just browsing through a friend's own to find out for myself what all the hype is about.

Luckily for me this time, I didn't have to browse through a friend's own or the one on display at phone stores because the wonderful people at infinix thought to gift me the infinix hot s - which is their latest release.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter or snapchat (follow, come on!) , you would already know this. I did an unboxing video on snapchat a short while back and I got more than a few people asking for a full post.

Again I'm not a techy person, so I'll just do a visual unboxing here and also highlight what I love about this phone and how its an upgrade from the previous one here which is also pretty dope in itself.

The phone came with the basics - warranty card, manual, earphone and charger and the pin to open up the sim card slot.
I really like the packaging of the phone. I think the cream box is pretty to look at and I like that they displayed the main features of the phone on both the box and on the screen, so you can easily get a feel of what the phone contains at a glance immediately you unbox it (kind of like what I tried to do with the packaging of my blog planner here).


I like that the phone isn't heavy at all! Really light weight, which I didn't expect from merely looking at it.
Mine is the champagne gold colour and according to infinix - the body is made of full metal with slim edges to fit the hand. Yup! It sure does fit the hand.

This is one major point of upgrade from the hot 3, which I thought had great camera quality. This comes with a 13MP back camera and 8MP front camera. I noticed that even in low light conditions, the pictures still come out quite okay. It also has a wide angle selfie. Something for some weird reason, I never even noticed in my other phones but somehow noticed in this one.

I LOVE how crisp and clear the display of this phone is! I'm not even talking about camera quality here, I mean how pictures and even web pages/instagram look here. I transferred a picture to both my other phone and this phone and it looked way clearer and more appealing on my infinix. It has a 5'2inch display and resolution is Full HD (1080 x 1980 pixels).

The #InfinixHotS is the first Infinix device to have the fingerprint sensor ability which I absolutely love!
It is not only a security feature (to unlock the phone) but also comes in handy for taking selfies and answering calls by just tapping the fingerprint sensor at the back.

There's also the magic movie feature , although that honestly isn't my best feature of the phone but its a fun app to take videos with and heyy! It comes in handy to distract your small cousins with - I know mine love having fun with it.

The phone also comes with inbuilt quotes that show on the locked screen. Apparently, that's one thing most of their phones have but this is my first experience of it and I found it pretty cool.

It has a non removable battery cover, which I'm not exactly a huge fan of but I find that it works for some people so there's that. I'm also not a big fan of how the apps are arranged in a vertical position, instead of the usual horizontal fashion, but that can be easily fixed by downloading the google now (thanks to Deola) for this fix up.

It is a dual sim phone but plot twist! You have to choose between putting in a second sim or a memory card, so technically one micone micro sim and a memory card or two micro sims and no memory card.
You can use the phone as a power bank to charge up your other phones with the help of an OTG cord. It supports 4GLte, Memory size and battery life can be seen in the picture of the box up there as well.

PRICE : N45,000

All in All, I think the positives outweigh the negatives and I have been enjoying mine.

What do you guys think of the infinix brand? Does anyone have this phone?
What has been your experience with it so far?

Also, what do you look out(/what are the important factors) for when you're picking a phone to buy? I never used to check memory size and that's how I ended up with an 8GB phone that never seems to have space regardless of me not having lots of app. I know better now though!
Please share your thoughts with me and Let's connect! 

P.S : Please don't leave without sharing this post. Just click to tweet here! Or use any of the share buttons. Thank you!

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Inspiration || The Athleisure Trend.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

I haven't done a style inspiration post in a while now and I'm about to rectify that.
In case you're new around here - the style inspiration corner is where I share looks on fashion trends to serve as an inspiration on how to wear/ rock a particular trend.
My very first post in this segment was on the mixed prints trend here and it was a hit. Since then, I've blogged on Ponchos/capes, the socks/shoe trend, bandana neck scarf and styling the kimono trend (just to mention a few)

This time around, the trend that I'm loving right now is the athleisure trend. Which is basically wearing "athletic wears" outside the gym/court and as "fashion". I'm talking anything from joggers, track suits, leggings, sweats to yoga clothes to even tennis wear and of course sneakers!
Athleisure isn't an excuse to look sloppy though. It is about spicing up the traditional sport wear and making it look stylish.

This trend appeals to the inner tom boy and androgyny lover in me, but it can easily be a miss so I thought to share a few style inspiration.
My first and actual love affair with this trend started before I knew it was going to become a big trend, and like my growing love for face caps, it started with my friend Tracy showing up in a slightly oversized joggers on our trip to the salon.
I vowed to get myself one too because she looked all shades of effortless cool and laid back! Which is really all I'm about and here for.
I'm not particularly a fan of wearing tights/leggings out, but kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid seem to have this one on lock down and they make it look so good! Still, I think I'll be sticking to the joggers end of the athleisure spectrum. Thank you!

I'm a bit skeptical about if it will pick on here because Nigerians are generally stylish people and you would hardly find people walking around in their gym clothes - except its on the lekki ikoyi bridge.

What do you think?
I'll love to hear(read) from you!
What are your thoughts on gym clothes  making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes.
Would you rock this trend ?
Share and Let's connect!

P.S - For more style inspiration posts, check here.

Photo credits : justthedesign. nadiaaboulhsonvogue.

Outfit || My Re - Rocking Tales.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I'm currently sitting in a hall listening to some long lecture and its just tiring because this is something I have to do everyday of this week. So I decided to use a bit of the time to pop in here with this quick style post showing you how my capsule wardrobe concept I mentioned in this post played out for me recently and how I re-rocked this pants from my last style post in a different way for a more relaxed fit.
If there's one other thing I'm good at, it will probably be re-rocking outfits with zero shame (Shared my tips on rerocking here). I don't mean switching up the look with a different top or bottom, I mean the whole thing.
I've worn this exact look a few times since I discovered that both of them together was a match made in fashion heaven and still have plans to wear it this same way in the nearest future. But I digress.

This was one of the initial outfits I put together as options for the nfbyardsale, which I ended up not wearing like I mentioned in this post. It was the perfect fit for my plans the other other weekend though and I wore it to the budding wings event I blogged about here.
I'm wearing one of my current favourite sandals from the brand Lucy Daves which I mentioned in this things I'm loving post.

Other ways I've styled this pants on the blog here, here, and here.

Which is your favourite look?

And what do you think about this particular outfit.

Please let me know

Also, let's connect!

Blogging || 4 Extra Reasons Your Blog's Traffic Might Be Stagnant.

Saturday, 13 August 2016
Hi Guys,

I already blogged about a few ways you might be inhibiting your blog's progress here, so I thought to add a few extra things that might make your blog's traffic seem static.
I know that traffic is one thing most bloggers obsess over and are constantly looking for ways to grow and increase theirs. Though, I'd advise to not get so focused on just traffic or use it as a meter to judge your blog's progress. I know that it also wouldn't hurt to have yours grow.

There are lots of tips/posts on how to increase your traffic from guest blogging for big sites to hosting giveaways but I'll be sharing a few reasons yours just might seem stagnant.

Let's dig in.

1. You're not promoting it enough. 

I get it. Really, I do. You feel like constantly sharing your posts might make you a bother to people online, so you don't do it. Or you really don't have the time to consistently push out your posts. I, myself know how stressful that can be.

Thing is, promoting your content is something you can't avoid and it isn't just a one-time thing either. Especially, if you want to see that stats counter keep going higher and higher.
Sharing your new posts just once with a title that says go check out my new post isn't enough. You have to constantly re-share your posts at different times and with different click bait enticing unique titles for each time.

Social media is very important in growing a blog, so figure out which ones work for you and constantly promote your posts (in a nonspammy way). I know that Pinterest is really good for building traffic, although I'm still getting my footing in that.
You can also use tools like Buffer and HootSuite to schedule  and simplify your sharing process.

By the way, I'm on twitter and facebook. Please follow me!

Asides from social media, don't be shy to mention your blog to people and tell your friends and family to share your posts as well!

2. You're an island of your own on the blogosphere.

Just like in life, in the blogosphere too - you definitely will need people.
Networking is very important and some people are way too skilled at this (kacheetee this is your sub).
You will need to network with other bloggers by showing them blog love, commenting on their blogs, following on other social media and interacting with them, collaborating with bloggers, guest post for them etc
You can even go a step further to send short emails to people simply stating that you love their blog. Most often than not, it will be reciprocated and you not only get people to visit your blog but you grow your tribe too.
3. Your blog doesn't encourage shares and easy accessibility.

Your blog might be hard to navigate or doesn't make it easy for people to share your posts. I talked about how important a clean and responsive blog design is in this post.
I was reading a blog recently and I loved the post so much and wanted to share but couldn't find any share buttons! Please don't be like this, you can easily incorporate share buttons to your site with sumome.

Another thing is showing your full content on your home page instead of utilizing the read more option. You'd think this is something really simple but you'll be surprised that a couple of bloggers still show their full content in their home page.
Of course, if people can read the full post at a glance, why bother still clicking on it?

One other thing to check out  (though this doesn't fall under your blog design ) if you have an RSS feed is if your new post mail updates send the full posts to your subscriber's inboxes. Meaning that they also don't need to click on any link to go to your blog, since they get to view the full thing in their mail.

4. You're invisible in search engines.

Now I'm not a guru on SEO but there are a couple of easy things to do to boost your blog's presence on search engines.
One really big mistake that I used to make if you read my earlier posts is using just anything for my post title and post URL. I used to write titles like "the girl with the golden bicycle" lol! This doesn't do much for you on search engines.
Even if you want your title to be that way, you can control the URL by editing it in your post settings (choose the custom permalink option) to something more descriptive before you put out the post.

For more simple SEO tips for your blog, check out this post by Louisa.

The important thing as always will be having good content with good visuals as well, on your blog. Because trying so hard and utilizing every trick to bring people to your site, only for them to meet an uninteresting blog would only be a waste of your time and theirs.

You also might just have a high expectation and expect your traffic and everything to grow quickly especially if you're just starting out. There are a few exceptions but the majority of people (myself inclusive) have had to grow our blogs over time.
I hope someone finds this post helpful.
If you have any other helpful tips, please feel free to contribute in the comments!
Click to tweet / share this post/ pin my graphics, please!
Also, let's connect!

P.S - If you'll like me to check out your blog and do a review of your site. You can now get your blog reviewed! Full details HERE
If you would love to dive even deeper with me and take your blog to the next level. You can book a blog consultation with me HERE.

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Weekend Bits || The Budding Wings Event + Notes On Living In Purpose.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Hey Guys!
I'm back with another weekend bits post. 

On saturday, I attended the budding wings event put together by some of my faves - Kunmi Oni, Ibukun Akinnawo and Ibukun Awosika.
I knew I had to be there immediately I got the mail from Kunmi, saying she was hosting an event because like I already mentioned in this post - #WCE!
I almost let laziness stop me from going that day, but I was glad I didn't because I learnt a lot from the event.
Living in purpose isn't just about making money and being famous or successful, its really about living according to God's will.Click to tweet!
Kunmi talked on living in purpose and it was really insightful. She came prepared with worksheets, that we had to fill during the event. The work sheet was really key and asked a lot of deep questions to help us evaluate our lives, understand and find our purpose as well.
She made us understand that the fact that everything is going so well in our lives currently isn't a benchmark for evaluating if we are really walking in purpose, and that living in purpose isn't just about making money and being famous or successful, its really about living according to God's will and also making sure that whatever we do gives glory to God.
There were also talks on time management and saving/personal finance by Ibukun Akinnawo and Ibukun Awosika respectively. Ibukun Akinnawo is the founder of IPA - A virtual personal assistance platform, while Ibukun Awosika is the founder of design label fiberrose

I had my blog planner handy to do some jottings and even made savings and time management plans for myself and my blog during the event.

Some of the things I took note of for myself was that :
- Saving with a goal makes it harder for you to dip into your savings. I realized that I actually have lots of things I would love to buy and should save for, but I don't really save for them per se. I just save because I like to know that I have some extra cash in the bank.
I made a list of those things and I'm now actively working on them. If I was saving with goals in mind, I would have gotten a new camera by now. Smh
I also decided to make a separate account that I won't spend out of to actively save for these things.

- I need to develop a better morning routine. I usually wake up and go straight to my phone to read mails, pray when I remember to (working on this though) and hop out of bed. I'm now trying to manage my time better and create a system that helps me do this well.

My introvert self reared its ugly head again during the event, just when I was beginning to think that I had made massive progress in that area. It was a good event regardless, just the right size for me. Lol and I hope they put together another one soon.

My events hopping life is slowing down because like I mentioned in my last weekend bits post, getting around to these events can be a bit costly and then you go to just look around and go back home. Not like I actually go to lots of events, but its reducing a lot more now.
So on Sunday, I just went to church - that's a picture of Daystar Christian Centre's healing stream (choir) and later went to see the movie suicide squad that everyone has been giving bad reviews. It actually wasn't all that had!
I really wanted to go the zinkata store launch I mentioned in this post, but I'm choosing what to spend on and cab fee up and down Lagos isn't the wisest choice.
I also got my package from infinix and Its the new infinix hot S. I haven't played around with it or even opened it up because I want to do an unboxing video first and I've been trying to decide what platform to use - instastories or snapchat.
What do you guys think?

Also, what did you get up to this past weekend?

Is there anything else you'll like to add on either living/walking in purpose or tips for saving and financial prudence from your personal view.
 Please share! I'm always open to your opinions and learning from you all too.

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