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The blog planner is soooooo comprehensive, I can’t think of anything Cassie missed out. If you plan to take your blogging to the next level then this is one item you need to invest in. Don’t just buy it and let it lie fallow by your bedside. Fill it in!!!! Go through the daily blog checklist and check out the list of useful blog apps. If you ever get stuck on what to write about there are blog topic ideas for you to choose from. Great Job Cassie, Thanks for creating this revolutionary product.

           – Tuke Morgan | @Tukemorgan


The Cassie Daves Blog Planner is a fantastic idea. Truthfully I was a bit worried about what the quality would be like, but it exceeded my expectations!
This planner is for you if you want to take your blog to the next level. Without even opening it yet, my creative juices have been churning like crazy. I fully expect to harness my ideas and organize them better while using this planner.
And make sure to check out the March Quote, because BERRY

Berry Dakara | @BerryDakara


 This planner is a great buy for blog owners. The pages are already planned out for you and they are not just plain pages, but each planned with dates and headings to keep your blog thoughts simple and in check. It also helps eliminate procrastination and helps you evaluate your blog/social media growth and progress.
I will rate this book a 10 – a first time effort and every details taken into consideration

Grace Alex | @t2pitchy


I Love my planner! The design, content, quotes, every dang thing! This planner even reminds you of stuff you might have even forgotten and i think it’s a must have for every blogger.

Jacinta | @jacintaamune


Planning february posts & goals with my Planner. The 50 blog post ideas at the end gave me inspiration and I came up with topics twice as fast. Love it!

Ijenna | @unservile_fashionist


Your planner has helped me do just that (stick to my goals). I am able to put everything in one place and know what I am working towards every month.

– Lotanna | @Thepin_


Thank you for a smooth transaction! Excellent communication, packaging and delivery. I totally love the planner and I’ll definitely use it for a giveaway soon. You’re definitely a contact I’m keeping. 

– Anu | @thelordslady


The Cassiedaves blog planner is great. It has cleared the scales from my eyes regarding certain things about blogging. The blog tools and apps were  pleasant discoveries for me. The monthly blog quotes were well selected and really inspiring. I’m on the road to a much improved and planned out blog with this planner. Kudos Cassie!

 – Lisa | @ezegbulisa.  

It’s so funny how I’ve never thought about my blog goals before I got this journal! It literally gives you no space to slack off because it has all the details covered. I’m convinced that only a blogger like Cassie would have been able to properly cater to the needs of other bloggers in this way. I love the planner and I wonder now how I’ve gone so long without one!

 – Bella | @thebrowniegram.

Before I got my blog planner, I had a journal for my write-ups and
blog post ideas. Sometimes I use my iPad to take notes when my journal
is far away. But now, with my blog planner, I get to write my goals for
the month, review of the past month, photo shoots, to-do lists and daily
checklist. I also get free blog topic ideas for when I run out of
things to post (which happens quite often) and useful blog tools and

It’s simply amazing! I love how organised the blog planner is. It’s
aimed at keeping you and your blog in check, like a disciplinarian in
form of a book. If you’re ready to take your blog seriously, you
should get one.

Grace || @Graysbibi.

The blog planner is an indispensable tool, very
comprehensive and fully loaded with the technical know-hows! Especially
for rookies like me. I’ve come to find blogging more interesting with
this tool. I must confess, it’s invaluable.

Lois || @ebonymedics.


 Soon as I got the planner and started practicing most of
what I’m learning from #mattieologie and filling my blog planner
accordingly, my first pay after three years of blogging paid off. The
blog planner is very helpful, easy to use, the quotes, the way the tasks
and to do lists is structurally arranged, the quality and everything about it is awesome. If you want a well planned out blogging year, you should get one.
Uju || @divauju


The blog planner is a very valuable for everyone who wants to take their blogging to the next level. The blog topic ideas is just what I need to keep me going, especially with my busy schedule.

Kene || @kenekingsley


I can say with full confidence
that it is definitely helping me get more organized. Once I write
something down, it’s just there staring back at me and I have to get it
done. Using the planner has also helped me realize how much fun it is to
check out other blogs and share content. I’m loving every bit of it and
have actually considered getting one to giveawa
y for the second
quarter. I know I haven’t used it very long, but your planner has definitely improved my blogging life

Coco || @_thcxcx


The Blog planner is a brilliant idea and is something I would recommend for all bloggers  (newbies especially)… It is a great resource especially for diarizing, organising and proper planning of your blog related itinerary.  Flipping through it, it’s obvious a lot of thought and love was put into creating it…
– Sunshine || @itsmrshine
What I love most about the #cassiedavesbloggplanner is the creativity
behind it. To create a demand and profer a solution to it is very
admirable, and that inspires the words that flow on it. I love the
topics suggested at the end and the quotes that welcome you to each
month. I almost always look forward to them. The planner has helped a
great deal, with my journey to be a more consistent and organized
blogger. Getting a blog planner is one decision I don’t regret. Money
spent wisely indeed. 
– Ursula || @ursulasebastine

For me the planner isn’t just for bloggers, a vlogger can find it
useful too. It just helps with organisation and effective planning and I
find it really nice that you added topic ideas and also the bit where
we get to track our stats at the end of every month. The blog planner is
something I don’t regret buying”

                                                                                                               – Muna|| +Munastic Muoneke 
Firstly, I want to really commend you for your great work, it is
obviously only a brand like “Cassiedaves” that can cater for the needs
of other bloggers so much.
Talking more in details about the planner, it generally made me more
organized by planning ahead and having all my information in the planner
(instead of having them all scattered in my notepad,jotter etc). The Goal section is amazing as it keeps me focused. The monthly quote, perfect! just my type of way to start a new month.The quality and presentation is good
Lastly the planner has made my blog post very consistent.

                 ||TWITTER || INSTAGRAM

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