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Beauty || Getting Wigged With Nappyhairedwigs x New Signature Look.

Thursday, 23 February 2017
Anyone else having a dejavu moment right now? You're probably wondering if I went and did the same hair style as my very first crochet fro all over again. Obsessed much?
Well, No and Yes!
I'll explain.
I loved having a fro so much, as you all could probably tell from how I rocked the life out of my first Fro hair and with all the amazing compliments I got from everyone (except the elderly nurses at work who thought I looked like a riff raff), I seriously considered making that style my signature look.

I've always known that I'll look good as a naturalista - Yagazie or Nikki Anyasi's level though, with all that kinky hair flying around and looking too cool for school. 
So yes, I went and got a similar hair do but this time, I went for a wig from a brand I love Nappy Haired.

Wigs are all the rave now, with so many wig brands popping up at every bend of the road but I've been so reluctant to join the party.

My earliest recollections of wigs was the story my mum told me of how my brother was so much of a terror as a child that he went round pulling people's hair to drag off their wigs. Lol! Coupled with the many stories I hear of people trying to alight a bus and somehow forgetting their wig in a jagged edge, it just made the whole concept of wigs look like an easy way to embarrass myself. Like, literally asking for it.

Lately though, I've had a rethink because what better way to maintain my badassary whenever I want to? I just get to pop that bad boy on my head whenever and instantly get transformed to alter ego Daves - Nappy Haired Cool Kid.

I'm wearing a wig from Nappyhaired like I stated earlier. They make gorgeous wigs but I'm all about their crochet wigs, so when she had me make a choice - that was the first thing that came to mind.
I know this looks really similar to my very first crochet fro but here's where they differ. 

  • This is definitely softer! What you all probably didn't know was that after a while, the other hair kinked up and started looking like a sister to dreads. Haha. I didn't mind that look either though but I know this won't be switching up on me anytime soon.
  • This also has a different cut, while the other one was a side pattern. This sits right in the centre and let's me have that hair falling over the face, semi fringe thing I've always wanted - so winning!
I probably wouldn't be a wig wearer everyday because I've found that I just might be slightly tender headed and anything that sits around my head like a band eventually gives me headache but for now I'm loving this wig and looking forward to rocking it as much as my tender head will let me. 
What about you? 
Wig lover, Wig obsessed, Wig-saywhat?
Have any funny wig story to share, would definitely love to read that! 
Also, what do you think about making this look my signature look? 
Sharreeeee and let's connect! 

Pic : @tukemorgan

P. S - Check Nappyhaired out on Instagram. They are also offering a 10% discount off this Afro wig Lola to all the people in the cassiedaves ministry so use the code Cassie007 (because bad
They also host wig making workshops, just incase you're interested in learning how to make your own wigs. 

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Style || Monochrome Basics.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

There's nothing that makes me happier than my weekends lately. My opthalmology posting has been good to me in the weekends department because for once, I actually get to do little to no work on weekends and can focus on writing posts, getting on top of my emails and figuring out how I'm going to do this being successful thing. Lol.

My wardrobe is currently filled with more of work outfits and when the weekend rolls around, I get stuck and just can't for the life of me think of what to wear. Med life induced style rut *sigh*
My go to lately when I can't figure out what to wear has been this polka dot free flowing crop top. It works so well paired with a million and one things that I wonder why it took me so long to fall in love with it. I paired it with my black pants from this post on baring skin and finished up the look with white flats. I think there's just something about white shoes that adds extra spice to a look.
What do you think?
This outfit isn't exactly a recent one. I wore this during my stay at the Dunes centre in Abuja. I decided to go for a casual and comfortable feel (as per normal) on that day, because at the dunes I had to be dressy on more than a few occasions and this look was the one outfit that made me feel a little bit more like myself again.

Pairing oversized on oversized and disregarding the normal rules of proportions might not be everyone's cup of tea but I find that the whole boxy silhouette thing works just fine for me. Another thing that I love is my monochrome, you might have already guessed from the official cover design of the Cassie Daves blog planner. Lol 
We all know that you can't go wrong with all black looks but black and white is just one of those pairings that equally werks. 
Do you agree?  
Do you have a go to outfit or style formula for when you're stuck in a rut? Please share and let's connect.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead too! 

P. S - Check out how I styled the top previously in this post
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2017 Blog Planner Flash Sales For Vals Day x New Orders.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day!!

How are you spending your day?
As for me, I'm currently about to go into the theatre for a surgery. Yeahh, I'm having a swell valentine's day. But that's not why we are here - at least not totally.

Valentine's Day is all about receiving and giving I've and in the spirit of that - I've decided to give 15% off the Cassie Daves Blog Planner lasting today only (well yesterday and today - this is why you should follow our page on instagram @cassiedavesblogplanner so you get updated on deals and giveaways). Use the code csplanner15 at check out to today only to get 15percent off!

We currently have just seven planners left and only in the monochrome and pink polka dots cover design. Don't say Cassie never did nothing for you 😂😕. 
Just getting to know about the Cassie daves blog planner? Full details here! Be warned though - your blog life is about to get way more organized and better with it!
Psst! Want a customized planner with your name on it?
I'm also now taking new pre-orders! It's never to late to start taking your blog more seriously. It's like Aunty Betty of Genevieve Magazine said "whenever you wake up is your morning". Don't get it? 

A lot of people weren't too happy that they didn't get to have their names on their planner, so if you would prefer to have yours customized with your name. You can pre-order Now! Pre-order lasts from now till Sunday the 19th. You also get 10% off when you Pre-Order, which means you will be getting the planner for N4500 instead of the original N5000

Lagos Living || Lekki Arts & Crafts Market Finds.

Sunday, 12 February 2017
Hey Guys!
How did your weekend go?

I finally got around to going to the lekki arts and crafts market this weekend!. I've been meaning to visit the market for ages now and when I got my first free weekend in a while, I immediately knew that I had to use it to tick something fun off my to do list. I initially planned to go to badagry or visit the erin ijesha waterfalls but my friend discouraged me siting the marathon as a bad timing to plan a road trip. So the next option was to look for somewhere close by to head to and the lekki arts and crafts market made the cut. I'm a big fan of anything artsy and I've read nice things about the place also.

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The arts and crafts market is basically the same as the jakande market in Lekki. I've been there a few times to buy foodstuff and I didn't realize it was going to be in the same place. I kept asking my friend if he was sure we were at the right place because somehow, I had pictured a market dedicated to the arts and crafts alone probably with a "welcome to the lekki arts market" sign at the entrance. Lol

We had to navigate through the market to get to the arts and crafts section proper. Regardless of the boring exterior, the market was really nice and super organized with a wide range of picks from bags, african inspired accessories, paintings, crafts,  sculptures, wood carvings, to furnitures. The list is endless!
I didn't get to go round the whole market because I was really sweaty and my friend was getting hungry and wanted to leave but here are a few of my finds and things that caught my eyes at the market.

Bags and Accessories.
There were lots and lots of bags - ankara/animal skin bucket bags, backpacks, totes  but I'm not a big fan of ankara bags so the animal skin type were the ones that spoke the most to me. I especially loved the bags in the first picture and wanted to get that but when I got back to the shop after going round to check out other options, the seller had gone to pray and we couldn't wait :(  I also really wanted to get the cowrie necklace because the one I got sometime last year disappeared before I even got to wear it but the seller wasn't speaking my price language, coupled with my friend that kept bugging me.

Clothes & Fabrics. 
Majorly ankara and african inspired clothing. We checked out only one store but I saw a couple of pretty ankara shift dresses that I wouldn't have minded owning. They also had Ankara fabrics for sales too. 

I was super impressed by the market and it made me realize just how gifted people are. I didn't take pictures of any of the art works/shops because I wasn't interested in buying any (till when I have my own house lol)
I tried doing a live instavideo but that was a fail because I couldn't look around, shop and be useful to myself while holding a camera and reading messages at the same time. How do yall vloggers do it?!

What I Got. 
Things are a bit pricey though but with good bargaining, you might be able to get a good price.
I ended up buying a hand bag for 3000Naira (I probably should have tried bargaining more), wallet for 1500Naira, ankara earrings for N500 and my friend got me the pants for 2000N (a price I didn't agree on but he liked it too much to let it go) 

I actually would love to go to this market again because I have a particular picture concept I want to take there lol plus now that I know that I need to bargain well, I would love to try that out and get a few things more too. 

So if anyone plans to go and needs a plus one, I'm your girl! 

Have you been to the lekki arts market before? 
What was your experience like? 
Share and let's connect guys! 

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Outfit || Mixed Prints And Colour Pop

Wednesday, 8 February 2017
If there are two things I wouldn't have ever thought I'd end up doing, it'd be wearing lots of bright colors (at once!) and wearing a mix of different prints in one outfit.I just wasn't that type of person - I loved my black and less extravagant colors, thank you! plus I couldn't just see how wearing stripes on polka dots didn't equate to total madness.
All that has since changed though. I saw the light at the end of the fashion tunnel (thankfully), my personal style evolved with time and of course, I became more open minded as well.
Right now? Bring on the prints! Although, I wouldn't say I'm 100percent team bright colors because I still stay within safe limits but I definitely rock prints well now. Evidence? Check out this look, this and this.

The mixed prints trend isn't a new one, has pretty much had it's time in the spotlight and is currently in hibernation. I myself have over flogged it on the blog - I blogged all about mixing prints like a pro in this post and did a couple of mixed prints outfits myself which you can peep here. 

For this look/post, the intent isn't exactly to dwell on the mixed prints trend, but I like how both prints worked well together to add that extra oomph to the ensemble.
What do you think?
These pictures were taken by Blogger boo Bella early last year at the Art Cafe  - I talked about meeting up with her and shooting a look together in this post, but somehow we just never got around to putting up that post. The theme back then was "retro" and although it might not look like typical 90's but think jellies, vintage blazer, choker and bright prints.
I started out with a semi - casual look - the shirt unbuttoned at the neck, choker necklace paired with my pink polka dot skirt (styled previously here, and here). I decided to take it up a notch by throwing on this vintage floral print jacket, sunshades and topping it with my white leather jellies from this post.
Let me know your thoughts on the look!
It's pretty late right now and I'm exhausted from my day but I just had to get this post up at least before heading to bed. So, now that's said and done. Please feel free to show some love by using the share buttons below and leaving me those comments below! hehe
Also, let's connect

Inspiration || Four Fashion Trends I'm Currently Into.

Saturday, 4 February 2017
I'm not one for trends - I think that what really matters in fashion isn't what's in vogue but what suits your style, but there are some trends that are so in tune with my aesthetics and tickle my fashion sensibilities in the right way that I just have to jump on the bandwagon or at least give it a try. The off shoulder trend was one of such trends and I sure did hop on that bandwagon - even did a  three ways to style the trend post here.

Lately, there are a few trends that I'm loving. I haven't hopped on any yet but I know that I would have if I weren't such a lazy shopper. For now, I'm taking pleasure in digging up style inspiration and more ways to werk the trends when I eventually get to trying them out. I thought to share a few of these trends I'm currently loving and some style inspiration in the process.

1. The Fishnet Trend.
Photo credit: fashionizersthe cocopolitanallure.

I already talked about my sheer pop socks and leggings obsession way back then. Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped wearing them because they still look good when properly styled. My focus isn't on sheer pop socks today, but on a similar but slightly different fashion item - the fishnets stockings.
I love how Mary of the Cocopolitan styled hers on her blog and ever since then, this trend has been popping up a lot on my Instagram feed. I particularly like it worn underneath ripped denim and in a peek a boo manner showing just a bit of net at the ankle.

2. Exaggerated | Statement Sleeves.

This trend is probably so last year but I love it! Bell sleeves and all that extra drama is one sure way to jazz up an outfit.

3. Pajamas Trend.

When I first realized that this was a thing, it made me happy because fashion for me is about trying new things confidently and not exactly about being "safe". I'm yet to try this out because like I said I've been too lazy to go shop PJ's but this is one trend, I would definitely love to play around with - even if just once.

4. Low Heeled Block Heels
Photo credit : whowhatwearpublicdesireacupofjo.

The goody two shoes. The block heels is like the mom jeans of heels or at least that's how I see it. I didn't get enough pictures of the particular block heels trend I'm loving but it's more of the first two pictures above than the last one. This trend popped up last year and I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it. I'll admit that it isn't exactly the prettiest of shoes and even borders towards awkward looking but it is different and gives off this "fashion personality" vibes that I dig. I guess all I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind owning a pair.

How about you?
What do you think of the block heel shoes and the other trends

What's trends are you currently loving and which would you never be caught dead in?

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