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Taking Stock || November Notes x Recap.

Thursday, 1 December 2016
Happy New Monthhh guyss!
Wow! Its december already?! Where did the year go? 2016 has to be the fastest year ever but I'm not complaining at all. Lol.

December happens to be one of my favourite months because it ushers in a new year and that feel of starting afresh that comes with it. It also happens to be my birth month and three years ago, it became my relationship anniversary month too (I did this on purpose though haha).

November was an awesome month for me, majorly because I finished my first posting ( read all about my first three months of housemanship/med life here) and went on leave from work. I was really looking forward to my leave and having some time to handle my own business fully.
I'm taking stock of the past month again so let's get right to that!
Making : Lots of phone calls to my printing person and probably frustrating him with them. I promise I don't micro manage people lol.

Eating : Pineapple. Sometime early this year, the mallams that sell fruits in a wheel barrow found a permanent spot in my area and since then, pineapple has been a regular night time chow in my house.

Playing : Travis Greene's the hill and made a way, Simi and Falz chemistry and William McDowell's my heart sings. I listen to those five songs on repeat almost every day. Travis Greene gives me so much life guyss, it's unreal!

Reading : Toke Makinwa's - On becoming. Actually done reading it but that was the last book I read, so I guess it counts. It's amazing how much people are going through, especially people we might be envying and wishing to be more like. People are out here going through crazy stuff! I'm really glad that she's finally healing and has moved on.

Knowing : That this life is not a competition but a personal journey.

Wanting : Some outfits from Moofa Designs. A Nigerian womenswear brand that I've known about for ages now but didn't really pay attention to till I modelled for them recently. I did a lookbook shoot for their recent collection that was showcased at LFDW and almost all the pieces were seriously calling my name. I really wouldn't mind owning one.
Wondering : If I should do a birthday wishlist post and If I would ever have a surprise party. Actually scratch that, I don't think I would ever have one and I've sort of accepted that already. Doesn't stop my mind from straying to it every now and then though.

Hoping : That I get posted to a good unit with non toxic superiors/people when I resume work. My friend got posted to neurosurgery (only the most stressful unit ever!) and has already started her counting down to the end right from the day she resumed. Lol!

Loving : This invitation card to a fashion/shopping event on saturday by Style hub Ng. The illustration is by Tolu Peters and although I had already seen it before on instagram, I definitely wasn't expecting a printed copy attached to my invite (actually printed at the back the main invite). It was a pleasant surprise and a really creative one.
Excited : For a blogger trip I'll be going on this month!

Marvelling : Again! At how talented Kachi Eloka is. Blogged about her on the blog here.

Wearing : Oversized print shirt, turn up denim pants and a slippers from lucy daves. Basically my everyday style like I talked about in this post. Should I do a post on my print shirt collection? It's in my drafts already sha lol
Thinking : About my train trip to Abeokuta tomorrow, itinerary and looking forward to the mini adventure. 

Opening : Emailsssssss! And feeling good doing that because they are blog planner pre-order emails. Keep them coming guys! Go check out all the pre-order details here.

Feeling : Thankful! I was reading my January recap post earlier today and feeling so thankful for the year I've had and for making it this far.

How did November go for you and How is day one of December treating you?Please leave me your thoughts, experiences/ lessons in November and what you're looking forward to this new month/festive period!
Also, let's connect! 

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Taking Stock || October Notes

Friday, 4 November 2016
Happy NEW MONTH !!!!!!!

Ahmaaagashhhh. I'm super excited about this new month! Because I get to round up three months of my housemanship and hop onto the next posting. *insert the electric slide*
I've really and truly enjoyed my time in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (my first posting) but I'm more about moving forward and getting this whole one year done and over with ASAP.
I officially end my first month on the 19th and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that between now and then, I won't have any extensions or query at work. So far, its been a smooth glide and I want to keep it that way. Lol

So, October ended on a high note for me because I got to have the last few days in october freee! For the first time since I started living the med life proper, I had my whole weekend free and got to keep my LFDW custom.

I talked about being a bit bored of the whole taking stock thing in my last recap post, but more than a few people said they were fine with it so I guess it will stay for a little while longer.
It has also been an easy way out for me as I've been sitting here trying to figure out another way to make this post happen. Lol
In the spirit of switching things up a bit though, thought to amp up the way I answer the questions and also share a few goals for this month.
Making : The 2017 Blog planner!! I know that I've been saying this for quite a while now but finally its almost here!
If you made a purchase the last time, please help me make it even better this time by filling this little survey I put together. I'll really love to get your opinion and feedback HERE

Eating : Jollof Rice. Seems to be the only thing I eat these days. Rice - day in, day out. 

Reading : Nothing in particular. I tire of books so easily these days and it is so weird. I never have the ginger nor patience to read through to the end.
Or maybe It's just that I haven't found a book that excites me in that way.   

Realizing : How naive I actually am to the things of this world. Lol. Not to sound self righteous or judgmental or anything, because I'm really not. It's just that I guess I didn't realize how much sex people are having out there, especially teenagers. It came as a shock to me and especially seeing lots of them come in with complications of abortions. On most days, I really wish it can be made legal so they can be properly educated/have safe abortions.

Wasting : Opportunities in showing y'all that read my blog how much I really appreciate you. Whenever I happen to meet a blog reader outside - at work/events, I somehow manage to tense up and never quite express all the joy I'm feeling at that point.

Knowing : That I need to work on my spiritual life. This past month was definitely amongst the lowest since I decided to take my relationship with God more seriously. I want to blame it all on work and constantly being too tired but in all honestly, if I can make time to blog even when I'm tired, I can definitely make time to read my bible too. *sigh*

Wishing : To hit 1million views before the new year. I have a little way to go before I get there but things around here have been a bit slow this past month. Guyys, Y U no click the links more??!!  (Who remembers the "Y u no" jokes ?) But seriously though!
If you love any post on here, please feel free to share and show some love!
Knowing : That I might eventually need to get a virtual/real assistant and maybe hire someone to help handle my pinterest account. It's getting pretty busy around here!

Needing : To network more with people in my field. There's so much learning to be done and I know this. I've had eye opening conversations with some of my blogger boos recently and it is just too key to growth!

Wondering : Why I'm currently breaking out. I've always had flawless skin and only break out when mother nature comes calling but I've been breaking out for a while now and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Wondering if my new skincare routine might have something to do with it. 

Creating : Structured plans to effectively reach some of my goals. 

Hoping : I have twin girls in the future Lol. I know its still so far off but I've been dreaming of having twins for quite a while now. Blame it on my patient at work that's pregnant with twin girls and the cute twins currently making rounds on social media (twitter).

Wearing : More of scrubs and "proper clothes" because I have a corporate dress code at work. Fortunately, I'm currently in a unit that isn't entirely strict with this so I've been able to get away with wearing sandals (instead of shoes) to work. Still trying to keep in tune with my style by including my waist coats and print shirts in my work wear.

Feeling - I dealt quite a bit with the whole comparison thing this past month and had a few negative vibes that left me feeling like a horrible person. Fortunately, I've grown to a stage where I can quickly recognize these emotions and try to curb them immediately/pray. In the past, I used to be pretty hard on myself whenever I have these negative vibes or start feeling some type of way towards someone. I'll sit and convince myself that I'm truly a horrible person but I realize how natural these things can be sometimes. It's just dwelling/acting on these feelings and letting it consume you that becomes a problem.

Sometimes, I fail to realize just how far I've come and I feel like I'm not doing enough. So, my mantra for november (really, my all time mantra) is "Trust your process".

What's yours?

This month, I plan to stay on top of my emails and messages. That's one thing I struggle a lot with. I also plan to start tithing - this is something I've never done and only just realized the importance of.

As always, Please leave me your thoughts, experiences/ lessons in October and what you're looking forward to this new month!

Quick Outfit Details.

This was a casual outfit I wore to the movies a few weekends ago. I'm not exactly a huge fan of pink but the mix of these colours worked so perfectly that I wish I took better pictures with my camera but I guess these pictures I took with my Infinix Hot S did an alright job.

I'm wearing the same top I wore in this post paired with my pink denim pants I styled in this post.

What do you think of this outfit?
Also, let's connect! 

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Taking Stock || September Notes.

Saturday, 1 October 2016
Happy New Month Guys!

I really wanted to switch up this monthly update post and ditch the taking stock format because I think it is getting over-flogged but one of my fave blog readers Bimpe (check out her blog here) convinced me not to, saying its the one thing she looks forward to reading every month.
Although, I still feel the whole over-flogged thing but I hope some of you at least enjoy reading this as much as she does.
Making : Mental notes to get out my final year notes and start reading afresh. One year plus of brain inactivity in regards to medical stuff definitely left its mark on me.

Eating : Pizza. Domino's barbecue beef pizza. To think there was a point in my life where I hated pizza. I got convinced to try it out again one day and I haven't looked back since (I still prefer shawarma to it). I'm not a huge fan of pepperonni though, so I stay clear of that.

Drinking : Lots of Sodas! Way more than I've had this past year. There's just something about being at work that just makes me want to constantly have a drink. Some sugar to boost my energy. I should definitely make a more conscious effort to reduce the amount of Sodas I take.

Feeling : Low. Just like the weather. Not sure what exactly it is but I've been feeling some type of way today. Like just staying in bed and not getting anything done. I had to force myself to sit up and get this post written because if I don't do it, who will?

Reading : The smart money woman book by Arese. It was on my lust list for too long and I finally decided to just get it for myself. Invest in myself and stuff. Lol. So far, so good! I've already learnt a few things from the superficial reading I did.

Wanting : To be less awkward in expressing emotions and a bit more of a social butterfly.

Realizing : That I'm more of a thinker and the one with ideas and innovations, than a motivator or "gingerer". Partnering with someone just like me for any project will be a suicide mission.

Wasting : Time. Always, time.
Knowing : That I need to do better and be better to/for the people that love me.

Creating : Space for more positivity.

Wishing : For perfect eyesight. Getting really tired of this four eyes life and not having good vision 😢

Enjoying : The jollof rice I buy at work almost every other day. It's like they've jazzed me with that rice :')

Loving : A few of my colleagues at work. They make the work a bit easier with their sunny disposition.

Wondering : When I'll be able to find time to make my hair and if to just go back to the cut life. Also, what to do with my hair once I loosen it seeing as I'm trying to transition and my hair not being relaxed wouldn't be easy to tame at all. Please if you have an affordable braids person that also does home service, hook me up!

Hoping : That everything works out just fine.

Wearing : Dashiki and boxer shorts. :|
This month brought with it some really great opportunities for me. Although, because of work I wasn't able to close a few of them, it was really thrilling and such a great feeling opening up my emails to find these awesome invites/collaboration and speaking opportunities staring at me. I just feel like the best is still yet to come and I'm here for all of it!

I can't really say for sure what I spent this month doing with regards to some of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. There are still lots of things yet to be done that I have been sitting on for a while now and this new work life isn't making it any easier.
As you all already know, this was my first month of doctoring and so far, so good! I did some toughening up and I was stressed/sleep deprived way more than I've been these past months as well. I still intend to do the whole housejob chronicles post series, but for now you can follow my journey on instagram with the hashtag #cassiedaveshousejobchronicles.

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Oh and Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians! I know the situation in our country isn't anything worth celebrating honestly but I hope you had a wonderful day regardless?
Wishing you all the best this new month!

Please leave me your thoughts,
experiences/ lessons in September and what you're looking forward to this new month.
Also, let me know what you think about the taking stock format.
And let's connect!


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Taking Stock || August Notes x A Style Post.

Thursday, 1 September 2016
Yooooo! Happy New Month Guys!

Oh wow! I see December around the corner already. In my last recap post, I said I wasn't sure if I like the speed at which this year is going and it needs to calm down but yess, zoom off 2016! Zoom Off. Lol

I'm taking stock for this past month again but before I get into it, I just want to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! for all the well wishes in my last post. I haven't been able to reply all of the comments just yet but I definitely will. Thank you!!

Making : 2017 Blog plannerssssss! Spicing things up a bit more for you guys! If you will love to offer your opinions/make suggestions for this new one, be on the pre-order list plus get a special discount for the planner, sign up here.

Eating : And making breakfast a priority, unlike the previous month because I need all the energy I can get to keep myself going during the day.

Drinking : Nothing fancy. Just water. Meh

Reading : This 110 slides CPR note because I failed (by their standards lol) my MCQ and have to retake it . Bleh. I passed the practical though before you people think I'm not a smarty pant. Lol 

Update : I passed my retake!

Wanting : Lots of goodiessss! I've been having cravings for sweet things recently. Not a good thing, for someone who just had an RCT  (root canal therapy) done on a tooth. Unfortunately, not even that can break the love I have for chocolates.

Playing : Intentional by Travis Greene. This song gets me in my feels and reminds me that God has got me regardless of how hazy things might look.

Wasting : Lots of time in getting all the things I need to get done, doneee! Like my tote bags! And the one million other projects I have in mind. *sigh*

Creating : More contents in advance for the blog. Just in case, I get too busy. 

Wishing : I didn't have to constantly explain my love language to a particular someone and that they can just get it once and for all!

Enjoying : The bits of free time I've had this week. And Telemundo!

Loving : Myself more every day.

Wondering : What to wear to work  and also how I'm going to have to rush home and back after my call (basically means I'll be working from Thur to Friday and back to work by 8am again) , seeing as I didn't get accommodation in my work place.

Hoping : For a wahala free house job year and that I get accommodation in Luth.  Also, hoping to find someone to help me take blog (outfit) pictures :(

WorkingOn my mindset to prepare for the road ahead and on myself too.

Wearing : One of my old woman skirts and a camisole. Caught my siblings laughing at me and saying I look like a weirdo character from one of the telemundo movies we watch. :|

Feeling : Thankful always.

This August was a good month for me! I finalllyyyy got a job and started my housemansip at last. I got to also flex my services and work with some people on blog reviews and consultations which felt really good!.

Remember my prayer in my last recap post? It came to pass this month and I was actually surprised that God would answer something like that! Real G! Lol. I wouldn't type it out here again, but you can go and check out what the prayer was here.

                          "Read JanuaryFebruary March NotesApril recapMay notesJune recap and July  here

Again, Happy new month!
Wishing you all the best this new month

Please leave me your thoughts,

experiences/ lessons in August and what you're
looking forward to this new month.

Quick Outfit Details.

I was looking for pictures to include in this post and decided on these once because my indecisiveness was starting to kick in and I would have stayed there forever trying to pick which to use. Figured I might as well make it double as a style post anyways, so yeah!
This is a laid back outfit I put together one weekend in July to go visit my friend. I've had this dungarees for a while now and it's funny how I don't bring it out as often as I used to back when I first got it.
Isn't that the way life is though? One minute you're obsessed with something and the next, it has taken a backseat. Lol

Regardless, it will always be one of my faves and I've styled it previously here and here.
I went for a casual look, this time, around, pairing it with my iconola top from this post and my lucy daves sandals.

What do you guys think of this look?

Feel free to share this post with the share buttons please and Also, let's connect!

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