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New In : The Fashion & Beauty Edit x Haute Signatures Giveaway.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Hi Guys!

So, this is a way overdue post as you might notice. You would most likely have already seen most of these things either on instagram or the blog but heyy there's a giveaway attached to this post, so I figured why not?!

I've never done a haul post because I hardly ever have "hauls" lol. I know I might look like I do a lot of "shopping and buying" but I don't. I hardly go shopping and If there's one thing I actually spend my money on its more of food and transportation than fashion.

The power of accessories in making an outfit can never be overstated and sunshades/glasses are one key component of this. I realized this a bit late but its always better late than never right?. I'm currently on a mission to own as many pairs of glasses as I can, so when I got the opportunity to have my pick from online glasses store - haute.signature I was pretty excited!
After much deliberation because I just couldn't decide from their awesome stock, I decided to go with these four. Two sunshades of course and two regular frames to turn into my prescription glasses in the nearest future. I still need me some round shaped oversized white frames though!
Are you a sunshades hoarder like me?
What's your favourite type/shape of frames to wear?

Although I love heels, I'm all for flats and especially flats with a masculine feel. My main aim was to get some really cool brouges but I couldn't find any.
These shoes definitely made up for the brogues and got me so excited when I was buying them but unfortunately, its been a struggle fitting into the black and white flats but I'm not giving up on them yet.
I've been looking for white court shoes forever and finding this pair equally made me really happy. Got these at a store (forgotten the name) when I travelled to ATL.
I need more heels though! Even if I hardly wear them out lol.
Are you more of a flats or heels person?

If there's one thing I hardly remember to buy its handbags. I basically recycle the same ones over again and carry around a tote bag when I can't be bothered but when I have fancy events to attend, I start to regret not putting much thought into this department. Smh. 
I've been wanting a backpack forever, so I was really excited to find this and at only 2dollars (yup! A thrift find! Same as all the bags though)
The brown one was just the perfect size for toting around my everyday work items - clinical coat, theatre wear and shoe etc. and I just couldn't say no to the red mini vintage bag, because I mean, look at that beauty!

Beauty Edit.
So my only recent beauty buy has been this Namaste Organics black soap that I mentioned in my last skincare post. which I still intend to review separately. 

Because I know the struggles of finding nice frames for my fellow four eyed people, I decided to giveaway this red frames to someone with a refractory error to convert to prescription frames (if they so desire)
And the blues sunshades also (open to everyone)
- Follow @haute.signatures on instagram.
- Follow @cassie_daves on Twitter.
- Like my Facebook page here
- Let me know which of the frames you want to win. Feel free to leave a reason why, though not compulsory.
- Click to tweet!
- Winner will be announced on the 6th

Back to the haul, are you a shopperholic?
What did you splurge on recently?
Please share this post with the share buttons and let me know your thoughts on this post too, not just the giveaway lool! For real!
P.S : 
- Use glasses? Then you can relate with this post on life as a four eyed girl!
- Need some style inspiration? Check out my latest style crush - Cacsmy Brutus.
- Wondering what this Athleisure Trend that's all the rave now is about? I've got you covered!
5 Tips On Living a Creative Life.
A Chic Way To Style Shorts.

The Big Magic : On Living Creatively.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016
 The Big Magic.

I used to feel like a fraud whenever I heard people refer to me as a "creative" because I didn't feel like just being able to put together cool outfits made me one.
I felt like the real creatives were those in the arts - the artists, sculptors, designers and co. But over time, I've come to realize that I don't necessarily have to be in the arts to be a creative and I owe some part of that realization to reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book - the big magic.

I first heard of Elizabeth Gilbert from all the buzz her first book - Eat, Pray, Love received but I didn't become a fan of hers till I read this book.
I'm not a big fan of motivational type and self help books because I find most of them a bore and often repetitive. My first thought of the big magic was that it was going to be yet another "self help/motivational" type of book but boy was I wrong!

The Big Magic is a well written book laced with personal experiences that talks about the creative process and encourages us to live a creative life. Every single time I read it, I get a fresh dose of inspiration and gingered to just do better and be better!

I honestly haven't completed the whole book (almost done though!) because I wanted to take my time and soak in all the lessons, so this isn't exactly a book review. I just loved the book so much and thought to share a few quotes and tips that I picked out on living creatively from it.
I've been meaning to do this post for so long now and finallyyy its up! Lol

Let's dig in.

1. Courage is an integral part of creative living.

We all have hidden treasures within us but it is one thing to have them and another to actually utilize them and bring them forth. Being a creative is having the courage to go on the hunt to uncover those hidden treasures and continually bring them forth. That's one thing that separates an ordinary life from a creative one.
If there's one thing I've seen a lot especially in the medical field is that a lot of "doctors" basically stick with medicine because they don't know anything or think there's anything else they can do or are good at. Whenever, I think of that I am so glad for my modelling and blogging journey, because it helped me dig within, figure out my passions and also find some courage to share them. I'm still discovering more aspects to myself but I'm definitely trying to utilize them.

2. Make space for fear but don't let it take over.

Creativity often involves you taking risks and having fears is only natural/expected, but you have to be willing to tell your fear to take a sit at the corner.
Creative living is living a life driven more strongly by curiosity than fear.

3. Keep your eyes open. Listen, follow your curiousity. Ideas are constantly trying to get our attention. Let them know you're available.

Liz likens ideas to energetic life forms that spend time searching for available and willing human partners. They pay us a visit and try to get our attention but most often, we are too consumed by own own dramas, laziness, anxieties, insecurities to be receptive to inspiration and we say no.

4.  You don't need anybody's permission to live a creative life.

You don't need anyone's permission to make stuff. Do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions and compulsions. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.

5. Forget about perfect.

There's no time for perfect. Perfect is the enemy of the realistic, the possible and the fun. Too many people still seem to believe that they are not allowed toput themselves forward at all, until both they and their work are perfect.
At some point, you really just have to finish your work and release it as is - if only so that you can go on to make other things.

6. Stay Curious.

Curiousity is what keeps you working steadily, while hotter emotions may come and go.  Following that scavenger hunt of curiousity can lead you to amazing, unexpected places. It may eventually even lead you to your passion.

7. You Might Fail.

Whatever you do, try not to dwell too long on your failures. You don’t need to conduct autopsies on your disasters. Own your disappointment, acknowledge it for what it is and move on.

There are a lot more gems in the book but I'll stop here.
How would you define creativity?
Have you read the big magic?

If you've read the book, what are some of your favourite quotes from the book?
Also, what do you think of this post?
Please sharee and let's connect!

Blog Love || 5 New Fave Blogs To Read.

Friday, 7 October 2016
Hiiii Guys!

I'm back again with yet another post sharing a few blogs I'm loving lately.
"Yet another" because I've had a previous blog love post and if you haven't already read that, you can check it out here!

In case you're wondering if this is going to be a new segment here, I honestly can't say for sure myself. But one thing I know is that when I see people putting out good content that makes my heart sing for joy, I always want to show them love and celebrate them.
Check out my five new fave blogs to read! Click to tweet.
Let's dig in!

1. Amarachi || Chapterone

Travel Blog.

I'm not sure how I stumbled on this blog but it was love at first sight! My wanderlust has been on a high since my trip to Cotonou, and I've been looking for ways to explore more places in Nigeria, so I was really happy when I found this travel blog. I love how stuffed and helpful her content is.
She's living my dream travel life, it helps that she also has dope photography skills too!

2. Dhvani || Ramblings and Snaps
Fashion and Lifestyle Blog.

Let me just start with her hair, I love her mane! But that's not why we are here. I stumbled on Dhvani's blog from instagram and I fell in love first with how crisp and clean everything looked. The photography is super awesome and the content/writing style was really relatable. Her style is equally as crisp and clean as her blog and her shoe collection gives me life!

3. Anthonia || DiveIntoMauve.
Fashion Blog.

Anthonia's style is the major reason I love her blog. She has a great sense of style  and she's constantly reinventing and giving a new dimension to ankara fashion for me. Major slayage!

4. Uyen || Dear LateComer.
Fashion Blog.

This fashion blog was a random bloglovin find (Are you following me on bloglovin though? Why not? Follow me Here!) but I've been hooked ever since! I LOVE LOVE her style! If you're looking for style inspiration, you will definitely find some here.

5. Zainab || Official Shona
Lifestyle Blog.

Zainab's blog is a mix of fashion, photography and lifestyle. The photography in her second post was actually what caught my eyes because it was done so creatively and it spoke to the inner creative in me.

And there we go! The five blogs I'm loving lately.
As always, I am forever on the look out for new blogs to read and obsess over, both nigerian and non nigerian blogs so please leave me those linkssssssss!
Is there any new blog you're currently loving? 
Share please!
And Let's Connect!

P.S : In case you missed these!

Oh, You're A Blogger? An Open Letter To Everyone Asking What I Do.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Over the last couple of days, I've had to answer the "so, what else do you do" question on more than a few occasions at work.
I always get hesitant when asked and I'm never quite sure if to bother explaining that I am a blogger. Of course, that's me just trying to state what I do in simple terms because saying I'm a creative entrepreneur and content creator might be a bit complicated.

The few conversations I've had haven't been motivating to want to bother giving a reply to that question. I've found that most people just immediately think that I must be into the "linda ikeji" type of blogging - news/gossip and when I delve further to explain that I am in fact a fashion and lifestyle blogger, they just seem lost and then proceed to belittle it.

A colleague's reply to my answer, after forcing my blog url out of me and checking it out was that "people must be really jobless to just sit down and read this and oh! So you just sit and write about yourself.
Another suggested some topics for me to write about and they were mostly political news. Lol

A good number of people have the same view of bloggers and blogging here in Nigeria. Right from my colleagues at work, to even my own family (both extended and nuclear)

My Aunt just recently asked me what I was going to specialize in and when I said I wasn't sure, she proceeded to give me a speech on how she's sure its that blogging thing that is still in my head. She made it sound like child's play, like a waste of time.
Also, the other morning I was trying to send out an email to my subscribers while also preparing for work and my dad looked and me and went "you know this computer thing you do" has to stop now that you have a job.

I can give a million and one instances where people have belittled what I do but it all still balls down to the same thing. They don't quite get what "this blogging thing" is all about and how much of a big deal it is.

So here's just an open note to anyone wondering what in the world I mean when I say that I'm a blogger.
  • No, I don't mean that I write about news and gossip. There happens to be other niches asides from that. I write about my personal style/ life journey, fashion tips and blogging advice too.
  • Yes I write about what I wear and my life, amongst other things but it is way more than that. Even if it weren't more than that, just doing this has made me able to work with lots of big brands and more yet to come.
  • No, I'm not just joking around on the internet and wasting time. I'm making meaningful connections and creating a name for myself in the process too.
  • Yes, I make money off my blog and No, I'm not as rich as Linda Ikeji yet.

And because I try to pick out lessons from every thing, this has shown me where I'm also at fault and taught me that I definitely need to ditch the generic way of introducing what I do, and get a more solid and concise elevator pitch.
Although, I honestly don't get offended (I'm more unbothered) when people don't understand what I do, it is important to actually educate them better. This is one of the reasons that I'm really excited about the new style mania magazine which has a focus on bloggers from different niche and the importance of blogging industry in Nigeria.

If you own a blog, that you happen to take seriously. Do you get similar responses from people when you tell them that you blog? What's your elevator pitch?
How do you explain "this blogging thing" you do to people?
Please shareeee!
And let's connect

P.S - I talked a bit about ways blogging has impacted on my life positively in this post
- And if you're a blogger , you should totally check out these 15 things every blogger can relate to here. I feel like I should add people misunderstanding what you do to that list.
- Also check out my blogging tips If you're looking to start your blog.

P.P.S - Please feel free to share this post using the share buttons.

Diary Of An Insomniac.

Friday, 8 July 2016

I never thought I'd actually use that word to refer to myself anytime soon. "Insomniac"

My sleep pattern for the better part of my life has been fairly regular and predictable. I'm almost always able to initiate sleep when I want to and I almost always wake up somewhere around 2- 3 a.m , to mop around for a bit, before dozing off again and finally waking up somewhere around 6am.
But that hasn't been the case recently. This past week has been "hellish" for me because sleep has eluded me and I can't figure out why. This lack of sleep wouldn't be so terrible if I didn't have to also deal with the heat and mosquitoes that just doesn't seem to go away no matter how many times we spray the house with insecticide.

These days, I spend my nights all wrapped up like a mummy to keep the mosquito bites away, while sweating, tossing/turning and praying for morning to relieve me of my misery.

If the sleepless nights were just the case, maybe I would be thankful but no! My mind decides to work overtime too and I start thinking of the million and one things I try to suppress during the day - one of which is my current and seemingly unending jobless state.
How I really don't know what direction to go with my life right now - if to quit medicine and all the heart ache that has come with it since I graduated or just keep keeping the faith while starting my job applications all over again.


A few other things that cross my mind around this time also includes :

  • My blog - of course my blog!
  • My uncompleted goals for the year.
  • Suicide. Though just fleeting and in a cowardly way - to escape the stress/heartaches of adulting and trying to make something of myself.  (I think I need to add that I'm not depressed or anything and it's more of just a quick thought. In a "shebi if I die now, all this stress will end" type way)
  • How much I really need to develop a relationship with God. 
  • Starting preparations for next year's blog planners.
  • How much I'd really like to be married right about now. If only to be able to have someone to be next to right now, ya know.

Currently? I'm thinking of whether to actually make this a post or just send it out to my email subscribers. I like to send out little personal musings to them (whether or not they care to know haha).

Its 5am now and I've officially been up all night for the fourth day in a row.
I'm hoping this insomnia is just a phase that would clear out soon and I'd be back to my regular and normal sleep routine again.

I really hope! But for now, maybe I should try to get some work done. And oh yes! Send a mail to my subscribers.

Does anyone else find it hard initiating sleep at night? What would you recommend/ what helps you sleep when you can't?
Please share! And let's connect.

I blogged about my graduation here , subsequent job hunt here and dealing with joblessness here
Also for more of my random musings, click here! 

Blog Survey Recap

Friday, 27 May 2016
Hey guys!

So I'm taking a cue from berry in putting up a post about my survey results. Though I wouldn't be sharing the exact results, I decided to do this majorly because I had a couple of people ask some questions and I'll like to reply them with this.

First off, I'll just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that took the survey. Thank you! And I totally appreciate you.

Doing the survey was my way of finding out what works and what doesn't and of course, it is always super important to get feedback from the people you're putting out stuff for.

Here's what I learnt from the survey.

- I have more female than male readers (obviously) but a few guys read my blog. Thank You!

- Majority of my readers are in their twenties, with just a small percentage in their teens and thirties.

- Apparently most of the people that read my blog have been here for around a year. Makes me wonder where everyone from two/three years ago went to. Y'all come back to me please! I miss you! :(

- A great percentage found my blog via instagram - which I thought was strange. I guess I underestimated the power of instagram, I honestly didn't think people actually clicked links on there.
P.S - I'm on twitter too and on facebook. Let's totally connect! Its less of pictures and more of what's on my mind.

- People prefer my style posts, life posts, blogging tips, weekend bits and style inspiration post the most.

- They also want to see more of blogging tips, poetry, lagos living, candid talk and life posts. I hear ya, I hear ya! I'll work on that.

To the few people that said they will read anything I blog about, you are the real MVP! And you can have all my money! (When I make it)

- Most people get new post updates via my email list (Subscribe here yo!) and instagram. Feels good to know you all are opening my mails tbh.

Now to the bit where I answer your questions. I asked if there's anything you want me to blog about and I got a few requests.

- To the person that specially requested I do a post on how to blog when you don't have a camera. I already did that HERE.

- To the person that asked me to do a post on how to get your motivation to blog back after a while, your girl already got that covered in this here post.

- To the person that thinks I need to create categories on the menu page. Its actually right there, when you click the menu and also I have the label icons so you can click on any label and read posts related to that. Hope this is helpful?

- To the person that left me that awesome supportive comment, I just want to say thank you so much for that! Thank you! You will find good husband/wife and not the type that will disgrace you on social media! Amen!

I also took notes of the areas most people said they needed help with and I'm currently putting together something that will be helpful to yall!

That's it guys!

I'm going on a trip - if you're signed up to my mailing list, this wouldn't be news to you. Typing this while waiting to weigh my luggage. Wish me a safe trip!

Oh and Happy Children's day!!!


Getting Inked || Henna Tales.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Henna or Laali as most people call it is majorly used by the hausas and muslims for beautification of their body and also sometimes as a part of their marriage celebrations.
I've always thought it a really lovely thing but I never had an interest in getting one done on myself because of how elaborate most of the designs are. That was till I saw the creative, minimal and out of the box way Bubu of IamIsigo utilized hers to make a fashion statement at the last Lagos fashion and design week.
You know that moment when you see something and wonder why in the world you never thought about it? Yess! (Happened to me also with the bandana neck scarf trend I talked about here)
I wonder if she got the inspiration from somewhere else or if the idea just popped into her head. Either ways, I thought it was absolutely genius and I just wanted to get inked myself.

I set out to find a henna place to fulfill my fantasies but I couldn't find anywhere (or maybe I didn't put in so much effort) - I found someone on twitter who said 5k or so and there's also thehennaplace on Instagram but I didn't want to bother asking because I know how these Island people behave with their prices, and so I let it go for a while.

When my friend Banke proposed the idea of we both having a 'Henna date' to me again recently, I decided to actively search for somewhere to get it done and that was how I came across a facebook page which led me to my new henna artist Dami.
We called her up and a date was set - She did a great job but the only downside was having to go way further than we originally anticipated from the address she gave us.
Luckily she does home calls (which we found out about later), and I'll share her details/pricing at the end of the post.

I didn't really think about what exactly I wanted done before heading there. I just knew that I wanted something minimal with a lot of straight lines and that I wanted it on my neck, wrist/fingers and ankle.
I was basically making up the designs there and then so I messed up the ones on my right hand - I think it looks like a child's play. Lol
The one on my ankle is Arabic for love.

My advice will be for you to have a clear picture of what you want because once you're inked, it can't be erased again till it eventually wears off by itself a few days - a week later.

I've been getting quite a lot of stares and people have decided to use it as a conversation starter ( Its no longer  'wow you're tall' *sigh* ).
I think its a really good way to live out your tattoo fantasies without having to commit to it being permanent.

I did a little digging/study and found out that Henna is actually the name of the plant where the dye is gotten from as well as the art of temporary body staining using the dye. The dye can also be used for the hair as well.
I can foresee it becoming a fashion trend soon. Lol. That's if it isn't already.

What do you think about henna?
Ever done it before? Do you plan to do it anytime soon or in the future?
What sort of design do you have in mind?
Share your thoughts with me pleasee and let's connect!

P.S - 
The henna lady's contact :
DAMI || 08092288057 || 29 Ejire street, off  Itire, Surulere. I paid 1k for everything.

P.P.S - 

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