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Weekend Bits || An Andrea Iyamah, Dr Strange x GTBFashion Weekend

Monday, 14 November 2016
Hey Guys!
Long time ey?

Totally unlike me to just drop out of the blog without giving a heads up but I'll be honest here, I got tired and needed to just take a step back from this space/blogging and stop worrying so much about everything.
If I stopped blogging today, everyone would move on and so it didn't make sense for me to keep compromising my mental health for it.

But that's by the way now!

So, I'm back with a weekend bits post. It has been forever since I had a weekend bits post up here and I blame it on med life and having a job that isn't just 9 - 5, but on most days 8am - 8am and also includes working weekends.
Fortunately for me, I've been riding on a streak of luck lately ( let's just say my work call roaster finally became fair) and I've had a few weekends free to baby girl around and events hop like before. Lol

The Andrea Iyamah event was last weekend but I decided to merge it with this weekend's bits.
I became a huge fan of the Andrea Iyamah brand after seeing her collection at LFDW, so when I got the invite for this event, I knew that I was going to be there.
The event was held at Temple Muse, one place that I've been meaning to visit just so I can take a picture with their plain white walls and I finally achieved that. Haha.
I went with my friend Banke and although we got there almost two hours late, the event still hadn't started and didn't start till almost 1hr 30 minutes after we got there.
Nigerians and never keeping to time right?
She showcased her SS17 swimwear collection and let me just say that when I finally decide to start wearing swim suits, I'm definitely making my first one an Andrea Iyamah piece.
This weekend however, I didn't plan to do much but ended up doing just that. Lol.
I planned to re-rock one pants for the weekend so I left home on saturday with just an overnight bag packed with an extra shirt for church. I didn't leave home with my camera too because I didn't think I would need it, hence the not so stellar quality pictures.
On saturday, I attended a one year old birthday party of a family friend (which was actually my main itinerary for the weekend) and afterwards went to see the Movie "Dr Strange'.
I think it is a must see and I'll recommend it to anyone. I didn't get bored for one second! My friend had reservations because of the "occultic/wizadry" theme to it but its not like I plan to start studying the dark world lol.
Sunday was meant to be my chill day, to rest and recuperate before the new week and all its demands, but I won an impromptu giveaway from Tuke Morgan to Ronke Raji's beauty and photography workshop. Thank you Tuke!!!
The workshop was put together by the blogger point - I blogged about their first event here.
I honestly didn't learn much as regards the makeup aspect and I'm beginning to feel like I'm just ineducable when it comes to makeup. *sigh* or maybe I just need a real practical session where I'm also practising at the same time as being taught.
It was a nice workshop though and I got to realize the amount of editing that goes into some of the instagram pictures we see. I was amazed! Lol.  There are apps for just about everything - to increase and even reduce your forehead. Ah mehn.
Meeting Ronke was great too!
She is so down to earth and has such an amazing personality that made the workshop even more fun.
Attending the GTBank Fashion weekend wasn't in my plans at all and I didn't make any preparations for it but somehow I found myself there on sunday after leaving the workshop. Lol
I'm glad I went though because I had a wonderful time there and was super super impressed by the whole event.
It was way more than just a fashion show, it was like a mini fashion festival. GTBank definitely did not come out to play at all! Everything was so perfect and there was no nigerian time at all (compared to LFDW), All the shows started and ended on time.
One notable thing though, was that the usual fashion crowd and segregation wasn't the same here and that was refreshing to see.
The event was also a free one and because of that, it was quite packed! I couldn't make it into the runway show proper because it was filled up *sigh*

The whole fashion week lately has been making me miss being a model and just maybe, next year I'll switch back to doing that again part time.

Hlw did your weekend go?
And how is this new week treating you?
Were you at the GTBank fashion weekend or any of these other events? 
Seen Dr Strange? How did you find it?
Please share! And let's connect!

My First Sewing Experience

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hey Guyssss!
Guess what?
I sewed something!

Although, I wouldn't exactly call this my first sewing experience because I made some pretty awesome aprons during home economics class, back in secondary school.

Learning to sew has been on my bucket list forever now, which in itself is pretty shameful because my mum does a neat job.
Now you might be wondering why I haven't learnt since I have a mum that sews but I wanted the real deal, learning from someone who made a living from sewing and who would be patient enough to deal with my slow pace. That, plus plain ol' laziness.

My sister recently signed up to learn under a tailor and she has been tensioning everyone at home with the lovely outfits she is already making and that has inspired me even more to learn. So when the opportunity for me to finally get some practical lessons presented itself in the form of a sewing workshop put together by Blogger and sewista Nedoux, I had to jump at it!
I mentioned that I was going to attend the workshop in this post and a couple of people asked me to do a recap post so if you did, this is for you!
I got to the venue a teeny bit late and immediately fell in love with the location. It was perfect! Unfortunately, the rain decided to ruin my chances of taking pictures there.

Nedoux put together for everyone a bag of the basic sewing tools we were going to be needing and even though that was to be expected, I still thought it was really nice.

We started off with the theory bit, sewing terminologies and a bit of gists here and there. Although I enjoyed the light banter, I was itching to get into the real work and couldn't wait to get started proper.
We were majorly going to be learning to sew a pleated full skirt and a few other basic styles. When we eventually got into the main work though, it didn't take too long for me to get tired. Lool. Mainly because we had to hand sew the skirt, but it was a pretty fulfilling moment.
Time wasn't really on our side, so we all couldn't fully complete our skirts but we definitely got the basic knowledge and framework down.
Another thing I was really impressed with was the food! We got a food menu and made our orders at the beginning of the workshop. It wasn't the usual food I was expecting, instead we got a robust menu and I had my fave - shawarma!
All in all, I had a pretty productive time and we all got a detailed picture tutorial of the workshop after the event.

I still plan to learn proper with a tailor after my housemanship though, because I can't wait to be stunting hard like my sister currently is and making most of my clothes myself.

I haven't found an affordable tailor to learn under though! So if you have suggestions, I definitely wouldn't mind at all.

Also, do you know how to sew?
If yes, how/where did you learn?
As always, leave me your thoughts please and let's connect!

Weekend Bits || TBP Bloggers Brunch, The Ajali Party And A Yard Sale.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hi Guys
How's your week going?
Mine has been alright so far.

The other day, I was wondering when I stopped doing full events report posts like I did back then ( check out this one and this too) and switched to this weekend bits format. Then it hit me that it was when I got too lazy to walk up and down taking pictures instead of enjoying the event. This laziness of a thing ehn.

Anyways, I thought to find out if you guys actually like this weekend bits format. Please let me know , thank you!

Okay let's get into today's post.
In my head I'm saying "Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of weekend bits". Feels funny typing it out though. lol
I had a pretty eventful weekend compared to the last one here. After all my rants on being frugal after the budding wings event, I still ended up spending more than I planned to on cabs this past weekend.

I had to attend the TBP bloggers brunch event though (Rember the dee mako blogger's brunch?) because I was one of the "vip guests" and that's the thought that made me put in extra effort to be there.
The dress code for the event was "floral and that made picking an outfit a bit hard because "hard guy no dey wear floral" lol! Jokes though. My mum added to the stress by ruining the dress I picked out that morning and I had to look for last minute fix ups.

I finally made it to the really lovely venue, although I got there late and missed Noble's speech which I heard was really inspiring. Bummer. The decor was nice, everyone was looking all floraly and beautiful. It was really lovely!
I got to meet with lots of my online blogger boos (Hey Sogie, Beth, Grace etc ) and finally meet the face behind the blogger point - Maryam. Great job!

I didn't sit through the award though because I knew I wasn't winning nothing, so I can't say for sure who won what.

The only thing I didn't like about the event was how limited food was but I guess I can't complain much seeing as I didn't even have to pay an entrance fee. I left the event very hungry though and this fueled the decision to hop into Deola's car and follow them to Ajali's third anniversary party. No Shame!

Ajali is a an all-natural handmade skincare brand. This was my very first time at their store and the nice mix of fragrances that welcomed me was so pleasing to my senses. I got there to find small chops in abundance! * speaks in tongues*
I must have embarrassed myself because I took a permanent position beside the small chops table. Smh

I also finally got to meet the owner - Ify , who was so nice and soft spoken. She talked us through some of her products and I definitely have my eyes on the konjac sponge and their scrubs.

I really like what the Ajali brand is doing and how much they've grown since they launched. I still remember when sisi yemmie did an introductory post for them and now they are already celebrating three years. Congratulations Ify!
Check them out @shopajali

On Sunday, I went for the celebrity yard sale event at Zazaii, put together by Liz Awoliyi. They basically had a couple of Nigerian celebrities selling out some of their clothes and shoes, with proceeds going to charity. I think its interesting how lots of "yard sales" are popping up since the nfbyardsale.

Anyways, my friend made me go for this one but I was a bit dissapointed when I got there to find all the nice things gone. My friend who got there really early to be able to get the good things first told me that it seemed like they had people that prebooked items. I hope its not true though because that would be a shame.
I didn't see much that I wanted, so I bought just a pencil skirt my friend picked out for me from Liz Awoliyi's closet and called it a day.

I know the week is almost over but permit me to still ask - how did your weekend go?
And how is this week treating you?
Were you at the bloggers brunch or any of these other events? How did you find it?
Please share! And let's connect!

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