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Five Things I'm Loving Lately x My Blog Award.

Monday, 16 May 2016

This post has been in my drafts for a while now and I figured its about time I put it up, seeing as I haven't done a "five things lately" post in a while.

Let's dig in!

- Lucy.Daves Sandals.
If you follow me on instagram (go follow me! @cassiedaves), you might already be tired of seeing me wearing this. Its my new favorite sandals and I just love love how it adds some spice to my outfits (styled it in this post here).

I know some people have been wondering because of the 'Daves" in the name, so here's your answer - No, its not my brand. Its owned by my sister. I've had to listen to her go on and on about this for some years now, so I was delighted to see her actually push on and bring her vision to life.
It was love at first sight for me with this one and I bought it immediately she brought home the first batch.
I placed my order for two others and I can't wait to start rocking them too.
Check out the brand on instagram @lucy.daves
 A few others.

- Customized Phone Case.
I recently got a new phone and I've been hunting for a unique phone case for it. I put it out on instagram (shameless begging) and the good people over at @Chyder5printshop were kind enough to offer to make me one. I never miss an opportunity to sell my blog, so I decided to use my blog logo with the url. I wanted it placed horizontally but I can live with this. My dad loves the case so much and it has also been a good conversation starter too.

- Zaron Liquid Eyeliner.
See, this eyeliner is Bae! My winged liner game is quite weak and because of that, I stay clear of eyeliners and just stick to eye pencils cos its easier for me to handle.
When my eye pencil finished, I just had to use the next available thing which was this zaron eyeliner I found in my sister's make up purse.
I was a bit skeptical but I'm glad I gave it a try. The application is so easy, I love it! Now I regret giving mine away in my christmas giveaway *sigh*
I'm also loving the kajal in the picture too! I used to use it way back then and I'm not sure why I stoppped. I use it to line under my eyes and it applies really well too.

- Rococo Off Shoulder Top.
This isn't even a sponsored post or anything, I just love the top so much.
I got it from @rococothebrand as a "gift" *coughs* and honestly, I don't know if they saw me lamenting on twitter about how I just needed to hop on this off shoulder gang trend but this was one package I was really excited about when I unboxed it.
I wore it for my guardian feature here and I plan to do a three ways to style post featuring it soon.

- Cat Eye Glasses.
I've always wanted a cat eye frame for my prescription glasses but finding one was so hard. I finally found this one in the market and snatched it sharply but I'm a low-key way so the seller wouldn't know how much I wanted it and increase the price. Lol
I love how it makes me look a bit sophisticated in a stylish way (just peep this post here to see what I mean) and I intend to use this one for my prescription glasses soon as I stop being lazy to go to the optician.

Related : 5 things that are too real to people that use glasses.

Oh and My Very First Blog Award!
Remember I mentioned that I got my very first blog award last month, in this post? I also promised to dedicate a post to it, but I think this works also. I finally got the award sometime last week and I was so excited to finally hold it in my hands! It now sits front and center in my sitting room.

So thank youuuuu to everyone of you that read this blog and to the @xperienceomaje team for thinking me worthy of this award!

What are some of the things that have your heart lately? 
Please share! and let's connect!

P.S : 
It just came to my notice that mailchimp is sending some of my mails to the spam folder of recipients. Please if you're signed up to my blog and you haven't been receiving mails from me, can you kindly check your spam folder please? I'm working on rectifying it soon but I'll really appreciate if you can check your spam and mark it as "not spam" Thank you!

P.P.S : 

5 New Blogs To Read || Current Faves .

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I've had this post idea sitting in my former blog book (I just tried searching for where I wrote it down and couldn't find it, thank God those days are over now that I have a proper blog for quite a while now. With the blogosphere steadily enlarging and more new blogs popping up everyday, I thought to show some love and share just a few of my current favorite new blogs.

1. Pamela || HeelsandAbout.
 If you've been around from way back when my blog was also a newbie, then you might probably remember my friend Pamela from this post and this one. I'm not featuring her because she's my friend though, but because I firsthand saw the dedication and research she put into starting the blog even though she might have been a pest with all her questions on starting the blog.
She blogs about life, style and fashion bits. She's also a fashion design student, so expect a lot of sewing DIY's.

2. Kachi || Kacheetee.
 Way before I got into this style blogger business, my first love was for personal blogs and I still love to read those type of blogs. There's just something beautiful about reading the thoughts of other people and seeing how their mind works.
Kachi blogs about life, love and Law (she's a lawyer).

3. Nicole || TheNicoleCode.
I'm not exactly a beauty person but there's just something about the way Nicole Chikwe writes. It makes you feel connected to her in a way I really can't explain but I love love her blog!
She blogs about beauty - makeup, skin and hair care.

4. Denike || DemureDenike.
Denike Is another fashion blogger that I love! Her style gives me life and is way up my alley.

5. Sharon || SharonOjong
I wouldn't really call Sharon a new blogger because she's been in the game way back when but she recently relaunched her personal blog and it looks so goooood!! From her dope style to the really great pictures, I'm definitely loving it

Now, Your turn!
I know there are a ton of new dope blogs but these are the few ones that came to my head as I was writing this post, so please leave me a comment with some new blogs you've discovered lately.
Also feel free to leave your links below if you're a new blogger (or just a blogger) too so we can all show you some love! It wouldn't hurt if you added a little bit of introduction as well.

Meanwhile, unrelated but how's the new week treating you?
I've had an alright one, I guess. Planned to shoot outfits for the blog yesterday but that didn't quite work out and that's why there's no style post up yet. *the struggle*
Who can relate?

As always, Let's connect!

Five Things I'm Loving Lately.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Just a few things I'm loving lately.

- Gbemisoke Shoes.
Red court shoes have always been somewhere at the top of my wishlist so I was really excited to receive this pair of gbemisoke shoes courtesy of kaymu. I love that Gbemisoke is doing it for the big feet girls like me and also that its a home grown brand. Unboxing these shoes was a delight! Though It was a bit tight (#tallgirlproblems) but nothing I can't solve by oiling up my feet a bit.
I haven't worn it out yet but this festive season might just be the right opportunity to add a touch of red.

- Maybelline Powder.
This is my first 'brown powder' ever so I can't really do a proper review or anything but I know that I love it!
I got this at the maybelline stand during fashion week for free - I'm not sure why but they were giving out samples and also helping match the shade.
My sisters and I like to call it a magic powder because though they said its a perfect shade for me, it also blends perfectly with both my sisters complexion bearing in mind that one (the sis here) is lighter than me and the other (the sis here) is darker than me. I'm not sure how this works but I love the smooth finish of the powder. Really nice.

- Bvlgari Goldea.
Remember the Dolce & Gabbana launch event I attended the other time and blogged about in my weekend bits post here? Well, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Bvlgari goldea for no reason at all. No PR stunt (at least that I know of)
I'm not sure I mentioned how nice their brand manager is in that post but thank you Vienne for sending me this perfume because its my absolute favorite scent this year!
It has this rich/expensive scent (if you know what I mean. Lol ) and I love that it lasts the whole day!
My sister stole some the other day, she got home at night and I still smelt it on her. Smh

- Daltimore Bag.
David of Daltimore collections is one
creative mind! I'm in love with his fashion style and lately his designs as well. I reviewed his first collection on the blog here and no sooner than that was out, he delved into hand made denim totes and draw string bags
I got this as a birthday gift and here's me saying goodbye to proper handbags for a while. Thanks David!
He's a part of the vendors at Socialiga so you can go cop something for yourself.

- Zaron Matte Lipstick.
I got this in my goodie bag from the lagos bloggers brunch.
After hurriedly looking through my bag when I got home, I knew that this was going to be the most used item in there, if not the only one.
I'm not quite sure if its wine red or just a deep purple but its a welcome relieve this harmattan season from my beyond beauty wine red lipstick which I love as well but is so hard to get off your lips once applied. This zaron lipstick cleans off well and applies well too.
And that's it for this episode of "five things I'm loving lately". Lol
You can read some of my previous faves here.  Oh and if you're wondering about my pretty neat flatlay up there , I shared a flatlay tip in this post.

What are some of the things that have your heart lately? 
Please share!


Previously :

Five Things I'm Loving Lately x Jumia Haul

Tuesday, 8 September 2015
Long time no 'Things I'm loving lately' post right? Well, that's about to change!

I never do these 'haul/new in' posts because I don't really shop online and hardly have a haul.. Weird right?
I might come off as someone who has orders delivered to her doorstep every other day but nope! I hardly shop, I haven't bought new clothes in like a year now. I just try to make the most out of my wardrobe, re rock and transition!

Although this isn't exactly a typical haul/new in post but it just happens that some of the things I'm currently loving also include things I got recently with my jumia shopping voucher.

I've been wanting one forever and they are a bit hard to find here in Nigeria, (everything is a bit hard to find here actually lol ) and there's the fact that when I do find, I hardly find one in my size (tall girl problems yall!) So when I came across this white leather one on jumia, I knew I had to buy it and I already have so many looks planned for it so this is me apologizing in advance. That's how you know its real. You can shop it here

 - Beyond Beauty Wine Red Dark Lippie.
Remember my beyond beauty purple matte lipstick that I reviewed  here? Well, the wine red is also equally amazing and such a cheap buy.
I'm a sucker for red lipsticks but dark lips also has my heart and ever since this post where I got lots of people saying 'You should seriously keep using this shade of lipstick, you look so good in it'. Well, you complimented and I listened!
Although you can find this in the market at #400, I bought this from jumia here

-Cateye Glasses.
Another thing I've been wanting forever is cateye frames for my prescription glasses, of course.
I'm sure everyone already knows that I'm short sighted (I mean I wrote a post on some of the problems that come with that here one time). I've used different shapes of frames but not the cat eye and its been on my to get list. Snapped up this one from jumia at a price of 2000naira. My last round eye ones gifted to me by Desola Mako recently broke :( and this came in right on time! Can't wait to take it off to the optician to get it ready for my everyday use. Woohoo!
Shop here

- Hand Beads.
I loveeee hand beads and african inspired accessories!!
Way back then my wrist was never complete without a party of hand beads and I'm slowly getting back into that vibe. I've been wearing these out a lot lately and I love how they just go with almost every outfit I wear especially the red ones (which are my favorite).
Just found this old post where I was wearing my hand beads arm party as a proof of my love, for you guys. see here

- Eve By Emisara Neck Chain.
Another thing I was heavily into back then was neck chains. I'm talking those long ones that hang off your neck like this oval accents green one I got from the lovely people at emisara accessories. I just love how the stones sparkle in light. You can check them out here and on Instagram @emisara2014

On the side though - I'm loving this red journal I stole from my mum. Isn't it just too pretty? Remember that time I attempted journalling?

What are some of the things that have your heart lately?
Please share!

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Five Things I'm Loving Lately

Monday, 2 February 2015
Hey Guys,
Happy new month!
I know I've been away for a long time (one week seemed like forever to me) but the way my network connection was set up, I literally was stuck and couldn't do anything.
But hey, I'm back now!

This post should have gone up a long time ago but what better way to start the new month than sharing some of the things I'm loving lately right?
So here goes, 

1. Brand - DapMod 
Because I'm trying to be as cool as Aimee Song and rock glasses in almost every post (joke) but when I found this brand on instagram, I fell in love immediately. So when I was asked to pick whichever i wanted, I was excited. For an indecisive person like me, telling me to pick from all those felt like torture but I finally ended up picking the blue reflector lens. Kind of wishing I got cat-eye frames though because they have some really cool ones they put up recently. Too late :(
I just started growing my eyewear collection and these two make a pretty cool addition.
You can check them out on Instagram and Facebook : @dapmod

2. Beauty Product - Purple Lipstick
I'm a red lipstick type of girl any day but I've only recently started trying new colours
This lipstick is just great. My friend used it on me and there was no going back! I just had to have it too.
That's what I used in this post.
Its so rich and absolutely perfect, only problem you might have with it is that it lasts all day and maybe till the next.
Oh and nope, its not a brand name. You can find it in the market and I got mine for #300. It also comes in different shades.

3. Fashion Accessory - Choker
Picture Credit - Mide Coker.
This choker necklace that has been making its round since the better part of December 2014 has my heart. Now I kind of regret not saving some of mine way back then (someone shoulda told me fashion trends recycles).
It gives off this punk rock'ish feel that I just love! I don't have one yet but I'm hoping to get my hands on some real soon.

4. Customized Journal
 You know its real when they get you a customized journal to write down your blogging ideas with your name and url for your blog anniversary (even though you practically put it out there that its what you want. Haha)
This is my new "cool thing", its just so pretty and it doesn't hurt to see my name whenever I pick it up :')

5. Blog - Traffic Lights, Writing Breaks.
The name is a mouthful though *phew* but I honestly don't mind because the content touches a place in my heart that I haven't fed for a while - My love for good short stories and poems.
The blog is run by three friends and I guarantee that if you love creative writing , you'll love the site.
Check it out here

What are some of the things that have your heart lately?
Please share!

P.S - Let's keep in touch , Instagram : @cassiedaves

Cassandra Ikegbune

Five Things I'm Loving Lately (02)

Monday, 1 September 2014
Hey guys!
I hope you all had a good weekend? This post was supposed to go up yesterday but Life happened. Remember when I said I was going to start sharing 'things I'm loving lately' every now and then? Well, this is the second post on my five things lately category . You can check out the first one 'here
Please forgive the poor picture quality.

I found this brand that makes pretty FULL skater skirts from fun prints on instagram and I put an emphasis on full because I don't want another marilyn monroe moment , thank you! I'm tired of having to hold down my skirts on windy days so I take the material and fullness into consideration. I particularly like the top left and bottom middle one, the print is too delicious. I received a brown&black striped skirt from them and i hope to wear it soon. The tailoring was superb, i was definitely impressed. You can check them out on instagram @twentysixskirt or send enquiries : 

I couldn't have asked for a better pair as group members tbh! Nothing shows compatibility more in 'med school groups" than when you all are vibrating around the same frequency. I think I'm riding on a stroke of good luck that I pray never ends but the doctors in my surgery posting units so far have been real chilled or maybe its the strike? (I hope i didnt just jinx it. Lol)

This house of tara lipstick that I still intend to do a review on later on has been Bae to me lately.

Because life is a lot better in slouchy clothes. I'm not 100 percent sure that's what the top is called but google seems to kind of agree with me. This is my new favourite top and I've sworn to fill my closet with more tops like this. It actually isn't a crop top though #DontJudgeMe. Lol

I love male scents! I know this one says "woman" but i'll get to that part of the story soon. I got the Hugo Boss Red (Male) from a friend last year and I loved it so much that when my uncle asked me what I wanted, it was the first thing that came to my head (okay maybe not the first thing or second thing either, white converse and new camera lens took that position). I forgot to specify so he got me the female version of the hugo boss red and I still love it!! Hugo boss can do no wrong in my eyes! Boss Orange (also for men) is another one of my faves
So what have you been loving lately?
Happy new month guys.
Cassandra Ikegbune

Five Things I'm Loving Lately

Sunday, 8 June 2014
Picture source : mealsandmovesblog
Inspired by stylevitae five things this week and an insane urge to put up a post, I've decided to do a "five things i'm loving lately" post (i might even make it a regular every sunday).

1. Harem Pants : I pulled out my abandoned black harem pants recently after I saw yagazie emezi in hers and I was immediately reminded of the comfort of the harem pants. Safe to say I've been wearing it a lot these past few weeks and can't wait to share some of the looks with you, in fact I'm wearing it right now as I type this. Lol
Yagazie Emezi
2. DIY Love Notes Card : Ignore the name it can
be used for any type of informal note. I made that during my convalescing period as i couldnt   get out to buy cards for the bae who was travelling for 2weeks and i wanted to give him two weeks worth of hand written notes to open for each day he was away. I've used it to leave notes for my sister too and its just fun for me. Lol . Let me know if you'll like a full tutorial of this. 

3. Order To Lagos : I hardly shop online with stores not based in Nigeria because i've heard too many bad stories about misplaced orders and what not that i don't even want to risk it at all and it sucks because asos has so many nice  and affordable shoes that i wouldn't mind having in my closet so when i heard about order to lagos recently, i was like aha! Maybe this would be my saving grace. They help you buy anything you'd like from any online store in the US and deliver to your doorstep. You can find out more info on ""
4. Neutrogena oil free facial wash & St. Ives daily hydrating body lotion : You remember how i was going on about how my face has been taken over by acne in this post?! Well, i finally decided to take some of yall's advice and build a skin care regime. All my life, i haven't used anything special on my face, not even body lotion so i was really sceptical about using anything on my face now. I waited for a while for the acne to go on its own but mba! My friend dami advised me to get the neutogena oil free cleanser and i've been using it for like a week now and i can already see improvements!! Haa! My face feels smoother and softer. I made my mum and sister touch my face (with clean hands of course) to feel the softness and i just couldnt stop going on about I bought the body lotion after i read a review on Ibukun's blog apparently its essential to moisturize after cleansing to replenish the moisture or something -_-. Slowly, i"ll work up the courage to get a facial scrub, mask and toner to build a complete skin care regime

5. Chocolate Royale's Chocolate cake : I'm not exactly sure if this cake has a special name but
i'm sure of what it does to my taste bud. The first time i got it from a friend on my birthday in december and i've had it two times again recently. It tastes soooo good but its increasing my waist line or is that just due to lack of exercise? *sigh* Chocolate royal makes real good chocolate cakes!

What things tickled your fancy this week
Cassandra Ikegbune

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