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Street Style || Stripes x Slides.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015
Hey y'all!
I bet you didn't know I had a street style section on the blog right? Well, I do!
If you've been here from the get go, you would have seen some, but its not too late though and you can check the previous street style posts here

Today's street style feature is this lovely lady I met at cafe neo during the bialere exhibition. I remember watching her walk in and thinking 'oh I love how chilled but stylish she looks' so I asked if I could take some shots of her for my blog and she agreed.
Onoja Tiana
What I do- 
Engineering student/fashion stylist
What inspired my outfit choice -
I have always been about incorporating African pieces into recent trends and also wanted a simple yet trendy look. So, I wore a boot cut jeans and hat for a trendy look, leather cross strap slide for a simple look and paired it with African inspired accessories
What I'm wearing -
Jeans - Levi's
Shirt- H&m
Accessories - Lekki African market
Hat - Asos
Wristwatch- Michael kors
Slides- selfmade(I made it)😉
Contact her if you want one
Connect with her on Instagram: @tianablacx

I think every girl should have a monochrome striped shirt. It always looks so good and is also a perfect base for a mixed print outfit (I styled mine here)
What do you think of her style? How's your week going?!

Pictures : @kachi.e

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Recent Posts : 

Street Style || Mente De Moda

Monday, 7 April 2014
On Sunday i attended the Mente de Moda event. Its a bi-monthly fashion and art exhibition/mini market event. That was my first time of attending it although its been going on for a while, I actually went because my friend Fola of RetroReligion was showcasing her stuff and i also figured it will be a good environment to spot stylish people and network. I'm all for street style, so of course i was all over the place taking pictures of people till my camera decided to fail me and i had to leave.
Laila Rahman
This is my friend Tracy that i'm steady mentioning in some of posts, she accompanied me to the event. I put her through a lot of stress but then what are friends for?
Fola of Retro religion
Ian Audifferen
I took down names of all of them but i lost it. So unprofessional! I'm sorry guys, i wasn't just taking down your names for just asking sake. Forgive me.
If you ever thought vintage was going with the year 2013, think again. It was like everyone got a note to wear something retro, everywhere i looked i could easily spot someone in a vintage piece or a stand selling vintage pieces. It was too refreshing to see!! I also wore a vintage piece to the event but you'll get to see that in my next post so please stick around :D
The last picture is my personal favorite! Her name is Aisha and i think she's pretty dope. Just look at that shirt!! It was virtually impossible to ignore it. Guysss! You see why i'm team anything vintage?

In other news, my camera is quarter to give up the ghost which sucks major. This is me apologizing in advance for any poor picture quality.

Here's to hoping the rest of your week goes on hitch free

Cassandra Ikegbune

LFDW || Model / Street Style

Sunday, 27 October 2013
I tried to make use of my camera, you know take some quick Model and street style shots and for the most part they were quite obliging.  
Without too much long thing, zee Pictures!
Kwen Akomaye! Remember him from my STYLE STEAL post?. He doesnt look so happy in this picture but lets blame it on the sun and him having to squint and all. I love the All black with little pops of brown look and i love the bag, its my type of bag. Is that weird for a girl? Mehh. 
 Uju Nwobodoh. I have Mad Love and respect for this model. She's like my all time favourite and can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the whole laid back look, i'm a sneaker head so the white sneaks definitely won me over. Oh she also won the LFDW Model of the year award. Yaay

 Toyin Oyeneye! Another one of my favourite male models, my boothang! Look at that Face!! i love his vintage print shirt (as expected right?)

Makida Moka!! Look at her shoesss!! I'm not a big fan of the colour Pink but mahn her shoes got me for sure

 Kimmie Adams. I love his distressed jeans and sandals.

 Ian Audifferen. Yeah he actually was really on the phone when i took this picture, it wasnt part of the His Shirt was giving me so much life and his cap too! i'm definitely on the hunt for one of those

I loved her tee and chain . She was so nice and sweet to me, thats extra cool points for her.

 Mag, Tayo, Fola and Mide coker

 Kachy of

 Claudia, Angel, Damiete, Stephania

 I just had to take her picture! Look at the creativity in her get up! People like this just make me happy, i later found out she was one of the LFDW young designer finalist. 

Lagos Fashion and Design week has been all the buzz in Lagos of recent and now its finally over. I had an amazing time!! I'll still put up my outfit for Day 3 and 4 up pretty soon but in case you missed it, you can check out my Day 2 look HERE

Cassandra Ikegbune

Street Style || Bisola

Thursday, 29 August 2013
Bisola is one model whose style i always notice during castings -the few times we've been at a casting together. She doesn't just go with the normal "model flow" - Tank and Jeans and its quite refreshing to see. A while ago i stumbled on some of her shoot pictures which she styled herself and i was pleasantly surprised. Girl's got a good sense of style for sure!
I met her at a casting yesterday and as expected she wasn't wearing the "usual tank and jeans", she walked in looking real fly in this blue jumpsuit and i just had to take her pictures.

This girl loves the camera so much! kai but then she's a model so its expected. lol. It was fun "shooting" her.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Street Style || Jessica Edionwele

Thursday, 15 August 2013
I really do not know if this classifies as street style but oh well! 
I have met Jessica a couple of times during fittings and shows for Nigerian Designer Mai Atafo where she is 
currently interning and one thing that always strikes me every time I see her is how simple yet really chic and unique her style is.
We met again today at a mini shoot for a mutual friend where I happened to be the photographer (Did i hear you say photographer? I know right! haha that's another story entirely though) and I once again fell in love with her style. She turned up in a green chiffon top and this really pretty pink skater skirt. (Did i mention how simple yet really chic her style is? Yah). Oh and a turban! You all know how much of a sucker i am for a well tied turban, it gives me so much life!

She is currently working on her own line of Luxury hand bags and shoes and i sincerely can't wait to see all she has to unleash
You rock Jess!!

Cassandra Ikegbune

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