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Review || Hello Food NG.

Thursday, 30 April 2015
I bet you guys don't know this but if there's anything I love more than you all that steady visit my blog, its food!
I actually sit in class sometimes daydreaming of what I'll like to eat when I get home.
Some days, I really want to get something (mostly KFC and shawarma tbh) but because my laziness kind of overrules my love for food, I just stay there thinking of a way to get it without moving an inch and finally end up not getting anything. So when I heard of hello food, an online food hub that saves you the stress by acting as a middle man between you and your favorite restaurants, I had to check it out!
I was so happy to see my favorite shawarma joint (Southern Delicacies) around my area listed in their restaurants so I ordered shawarma.

Here are a few things I like about Hello Food.

- The site is really easy to navigate. All you have to do is enter your location, select what you want and follow the instructions. I made my order within minutes.

- They have a variety of food options and restaurants - both for local food, chinese and fast food lovers.

- Their customer service is quite good. Once I placed my order, I got a text, call and an email immediately to confirm and a promise that they have told Southern Delicacies in no uncertain terms that I'm a busy, hungry, VIP customer and I'll get my food really quick (The exact words they
Let me tell you why that's important to me. I have a hate-love relationship with southern delicacy because even though their shawarma is goood, they take tooo long to deliver and I have to keep calling to ask how far.
Guess what? They delivered within the thirty minutes hello food promised me! Lool. Smh

- They don't add any extra costs to the food. i.e you'll get it for the same price you would if you had gone to the place yourself.

I'm sure I'll be using them again. I just pray I don't finish my money on fast food because tbh my laziness to go get food saved me a lot of money. Lol
Have you ever tried Hello food?

Oh and just for fun plus since we're talking about food, what's your favourite food?

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*This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are mine.

House Of Tara - Jemila

Saturday, 6 September 2014
Sometime early this year, I won some House of Tara products from a giveaway ( there is nothing like free stuff to be honest #dontjudgeme). I got a lipstick, silver eyeshadow, blush, lipstain and lip pencil (which isn't in the picture because it suddenly developed legs and dissapeared) .
I'm not really a make up person so the blush is still untouched, I use the eye shadow once in a while to line my inner eye but the lipstick is all I'm about in this post! I listed this lipstick as one of my current favourite things
Its one of the House Of Tara matte range lipsticks and this one is called 'Jemila'. It is a gorgeous red lipstick and people keep asking me if its ruby
You know what they say : "You're never fully dressed without a red lipstick" . Okay nobody says that but you get my point.
APPLICATION : This lipstick is easy to apply, goes on smoothly and lasts for a long time.
PRICE : 1400 - 1500 Naira
WHERE TO BUY : House of Tara outlets (there is one in the surulere mall), Jumia.

I saw a couple of others in the matte lip range on Dinma's blog and the Tejuosho is another lipstick that is giving me so much life! I definitely need to get it.

Have you tried any of the House of Tara matte lipsticks? Which was your favourite?

Cassandra Ikegbune

T.I Nathan || The Aesthetic Man

Sunday, 22 December 2013
I'm always going on about my friend Tayo and for this fact i expect you guys to be slightly if not fully acquainted with him by now. If you aren't, he's the dude in this "post" and this one too.
Remember when I told you he has a menswear line? No? Okay, you might have to re read some of those posts. ;)
He does and I can proudly call him " a rising star". Soon, he'll be a big deal and all. Just watch and see. He released his first collection sometime early this year which I'm pleased to report was well received by the fashion community here in gidi Lagos as he has dressed IK Osakioduwa, Sarz, Skales, Wole Ojo et al and you can check it out here.
He just released his second collection themed "The Aesthetic Man" and even though I'm still lusting over some of the print shirts in his previous collection *side eye*, i think I've found new stuffs to lust over!

I really like the playful and casual nature of the collection and i'm not just saying this because he's my friend. Nope.

If you like what you are seeing, you can get at him at

Whatchyu feel?

P.S - I have another give away coming up soon! :D :D

Cassandra Ikegbune
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013
I would have loved to tell you all about the amazing birthday weekend I had and put up a picture of my equally amazing cake. But no! Today's post is about something entirely different 
My package from Fashpa arrived just yesterday and I've been beyond excited. Mostly because I don't really have many dressy dresses in my closet but i'm working on changing that and the dress i got from them is a perfect start. I got this sinful dress which now that I think about it would have been perfect as a birthday outfit (but then I never do all that birthday senrenre stuff)

What's Fashpa?
Fashpa is a recently established online fashion store here in Nigeria which stocks the latest trends in clothing items, shoes, accessories and beauty products, all for different occasions. Their items range from international brands such as Zara, Topshop and Asos to local designers and boutiques.

Every month, they create a lookbook to update customers on the latest trends and for the month of December they have created a lookbook called 'LUSH GAL' which is themed with bold prints of leopard skin, Aztec prints and polka dots, bold colours and statement jewelry that can help you transition from great day to night looks

Check out the lookbook below and start shopping!! (Trust me, their stuffs are pretty affordable. I would know, i can be ijebu when it comes to shopping :| )

No! I'm not showing you the dress i got from them just yet. Not even a sneak peak, but i really can't wait to rock it (I'll be looking like one hotstuff in it B-))

Oh and their delivery was fassttttttt! Like I literally had to jump out of bed, use a mouth wash, throw on a gown and rush down so I wouldn't keep the dude waiting. I mean I just confirmed my order barely an hour before the package arrived.  I was super impressed and the packaging was really nice plus i got a complimentary sunshades.
Check them out. 

Psssssssst : Delivery is absolutely free 

Cassandra Ikegbune
*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are entirely mine

Fashion Shortlisted Review || OOTD

Friday, 11 October 2013
I'm a sucker for turbans and head wraps, and that means i'm always buying and acquiring new scarves. So when I got contacted by the good people from fashion shortlisted to do a scarf review, of course I accepted.

Fashion Shortlisted is an online web-store that exclusively sells custom-made digitally printed designer silk scarves. I got to choose the design I wanted and also how I wanted it customized . There were so many amazing prints to pick from that my brain froze (that's what happens when I have a variety of equally awesome things to pick from) so i had my friend make the choice for me.
My scarf came some days later (which was quite impressive) in this really cute package, I would have taken a picture of it if my mum didn't decide to tear it open.
I was really satisfied with the scarf design and material quality. Oh and it had my name customized on it ^_^

My only problem is that the scarf was really big, so i was a bit confused on how i was going to use it at first but i finally got some ideas..
Shalla  Shout out to my muslim sisters, isnt this just perfect? :D
Of course i just had to use it as a turban too, what were you expecting?
This was my outfit for today to school. Well, i later took off the turban and changed to brown sandals and my brown bag

I'm totally in love with my scarf , isn't it just so pretty?
You can check out the other amazing designs and get yours from and don't forget you can also have it customized with whatever name you want :))

Cassandra Ikegbune

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