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Oh, You're A Blogger? An Open Letter To Everyone Asking What I Do.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Over the last couple of days, I've had to answer the "so, what else do you do" question on more than a few occasions at work.
I always get hesitant when asked and I'm never quite sure if to bother explaining that I am a blogger. Of course, that's me just trying to state what I do in simple terms because saying I'm a creative entrepreneur and content creator might be a bit complicated.

The few conversations I've had haven't been motivating to want to bother giving a reply to that question. I've found that most people just immediately think that I must be into the "linda ikeji" type of blogging - news/gossip and when I delve further to explain that I am in fact a fashion and lifestyle blogger, they just seem lost and then proceed to belittle it.

A colleague's reply to my answer, after forcing my blog url out of me and checking it out was that "people must be really jobless to just sit down and read this and oh! So you just sit and write about yourself.
Another suggested some topics for me to write about and they were mostly political news. Lol

A good number of people have the same view of bloggers and blogging here in Nigeria. Right from my colleagues at work, to even my own family (both extended and nuclear)

My Aunt just recently asked me what I was going to specialize in and when I said I wasn't sure, she proceeded to give me a speech on how she's sure its that blogging thing that is still in my head. She made it sound like child's play, like a waste of time.
Also, the other morning I was trying to send out an email to my subscribers while also preparing for work and my dad looked and me and went "you know this computer thing you do" has to stop now that you have a job.

I can give a million and one instances where people have belittled what I do but it all still balls down to the same thing. They don't quite get what "this blogging thing" is all about and how much of a big deal it is.

So here's just an open note to anyone wondering what in the world I mean when I say that I'm a blogger.
  • No, I don't mean that I write about news and gossip. There happens to be other niches asides from that. I write about my personal style/ life journey, fashion tips and blogging advice too.
  • Yes I write about what I wear and my life, amongst other things but it is way more than that. Even if it weren't more than that, just doing this has made me able to work with lots of big brands and more yet to come.
  • No, I'm not just joking around on the internet and wasting time. I'm making meaningful connections and creating a name for myself in the process too.
  • Yes, I make money off my blog and No, I'm not as rich as Linda Ikeji yet.

And because I try to pick out lessons from every thing, this has shown me where I'm also at fault and taught me that I definitely need to ditch the generic way of introducing what I do, and get a more solid and concise elevator pitch.
Although, I honestly don't get offended (I'm more unbothered) when people don't understand what I do, it is important to actually educate them better. This is one of the reasons that I'm really excited about the new style mania magazine which has a focus on bloggers from different niche and the importance of blogging industry in Nigeria.

If you own a blog, that you happen to take seriously. Do you get similar responses from people when you tell them that you blog? What's your elevator pitch?
How do you explain "this blogging thing" you do to people?
Please shareeee!
And let's connect

P.S - I talked a bit about ways blogging has impacted on my life positively in this post
- And if you're a blogger , you should totally check out these 15 things every blogger can relate to here. I feel like I should add people misunderstanding what you do to that list.
- Also check out my blogging tips If you're looking to start your blog.

P.P.S - Please feel free to share this post using the share buttons.

Diary Of An Insomniac.

Friday, 8 July 2016

I never thought I'd actually use that word to refer to myself anytime soon. "Insomniac"

My sleep pattern for the better part of my life has been fairly regular and predictable. I'm almost always able to initiate sleep when I want to and I almost always wake up somewhere around 2- 3 a.m , to mop around for a bit, before dozing off again and finally waking up somewhere around 6am.
But that hasn't been the case recently. This past week has been "hellish" for me because sleep has eluded me and I can't figure out why. This lack of sleep wouldn't be so terrible if I didn't have to also deal with the heat and mosquitoes that just doesn't seem to go away no matter how many times we spray the house with insecticide.

These days, I spend my nights all wrapped up like a mummy to keep the mosquito bites away, while sweating, tossing/turning and praying for morning to relieve me of my misery.

If the sleepless nights were just the case, maybe I would be thankful but no! My mind decides to work overtime too and I start thinking of the million and one things I try to suppress during the day - one of which is my current and seemingly unending jobless state.
How I really don't know what direction to go with my life right now - if to quit medicine and all the heart ache that has come with it since I graduated or just keep keeping the faith while starting my job applications all over again.


A few other things that cross my mind around this time also includes :

  • My blog - of course my blog!
  • My uncompleted goals for the year.
  • Suicide. Though just fleeting and in a cowardly way - to escape the stress/heartaches of adulting and trying to make something of myself.  (I think I need to add that I'm not depressed or anything and it's more of just a quick thought. In a "shebi if I die now, all this stress will end" type way)
  • How much I really need to develop a relationship with God. 
  • Starting preparations for next year's blog planners.
  • How much I'd really like to be married right about now. If only to be able to have someone to be next to right now, ya know.

Currently? I'm thinking of whether to actually make this a post or just send it out to my email subscribers. I like to send out little personal musings to them (whether or not they care to know haha).

Its 5am now and I've officially been up all night for the fourth day in a row.
I'm hoping this insomnia is just a phase that would clear out soon and I'd be back to my regular and normal sleep routine again.

I really hope! But for now, maybe I should try to get some work done. And oh yes! Send a mail to my subscribers.

Does anyone else find it hard initiating sleep at night? What would you recommend/ what helps you sleep when you can't?
Please share! And let's connect.

I blogged about my graduation here , subsequent job hunt here and dealing with joblessness here
Also for more of my random musings, click here! 

3 Life Lessons From Creating The Cassie Daves Blog Planner.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Early this year, I launched the Cassie Daves blog planner. If you don't know about it already, here's your lastma cap you can read up on all the deets here.

Creating the blog planner was a big step for me and just watching it take off has been the best part of my year so far. It didn't come without its own hassles though, there were lots of tiresome planning and moments where I didn't think it would work out.

The process of drafting, creating and
launching the planner was a learning experience and like I did with my catwalk class here, I thought to also share a few lessons I learned from creating the blog planner.

N.B : I'll be including some of my favorite flat lay pictures of the planner from some of the lovely people that made a purchase. Please tag me in your flat lay pictures and check out this post if you're not sure what a flat lay is or you're still trying to get a hang of it.

1. Trust your gut instinct/crazy ideas and be persistent.
Pic : @berrydakara
I wouldn't really classify the blog planner as a "crazy idea" per se because its been done before but I was unsure of how the reception will be here. When the idea/inspiration came to me, I thought that it was a good one but you know how with time, you start to doubt and wonder if it will actually work? That happened. Coupled with the various hassles that kept popping up, I almost gave up on it but thankfully I'm not one to give up on my ideas so easily.
Just in case you're currently facing some uncertainties in completing a project you have in mind. Remember to try your best to keep the dream alive and not give up so easily.

2. Learn to protect your mind and sift out the negativity.
Pic : @ilamosi_
I had someone I told about the idea who wasn't too sold on it and didn't think it would work out, but thankfully I've grown to a level where I can listen to negativity and just smile but not truly take their words to heart. Not everyone has gotten to that level, so separate yourself from negative people that try to tell you can’t do what you set out to do.
I think there's something about trying and knowing that you gave it your best shot, even if it doesn't work out at the end.

I've also learnt that some people aren't being negative because they are 'haters' or bad people, they might just actually see things that way.
So while I wouldn't say to do away with everyone, I'll say that you should know who and who to approach with your ideas.
One person I always like to bounce my ideas off is Kachi, because she never fails to give me positive vibes. Also thankful for Mary, Berry, Wumi and Dara - my graphics guy for the vote of confidence. Thank you!

3. Dream Big.
Pic : @t2pitchy 
This one is something I'm constantly working on and trying to be better at.
When I initially started putting together the planner, I kept telling myself that if only twenty people buy, I'll be good. Haha but thankfully God didn't listen to my small way of thinking and the results so far have been amazing! Everything worked out beyond my expectations.
We sometimes attract what we get because of our mindset. I'm trying to attract bigger things in my life by dreaming bigger.

I found this quote by Steve Jobs last night and also thought to include it :
“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know whatyou truly want to become"

Pic : @larissa0
I'm sharing this as much for myself, as for anyone else out there who might be needing an extra push to go after their dreams.
I'm currently working on a new project and trying to transition into a new phase and I found myself battling with some doubts and wondering if it would all work out well, so I just had to write these down as a sort of reminder to myself. If it helps anyone else, that will be an added bonus.

P.S : Please follow the blog planner page on instagram : @cassiedavesblogplanner
You can also read some of the reviews from other bloggers HERE , follow the conversation with the #cassiedavesblogplanner and get a look into the behind the scene process HERE

P.P.S : You can cop yours HERE , or just send me a mail :

P.P.P.S : Berry is giving away a planner on her blog! Go check it out here for a chance to win

Are there any lessons or quotes you've learnt lately as regards to 'doing' and going after your dreams? Please share!
Also let's connect :

25 Things Before 25.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

For some reason, I woke up with this post title in my head the other day. It might be because I've been thinking quite a bit about my life recently and how its not as full of adventures as I'd have loved it to be. Living with parents who can be a bit strict with time has been limiting but I'm hoping to find ways around this.

Turning twenty two last year, it hit me how quickly time flies and how the lost time really can't be recovered once gone. Its like John Green said "One day, you're 17 and you're planning for someday. And then quietly without you ever knowing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life"
So I decided to put together a little ’25
before 25’ list with a few goals for the next three years. I'm not the best at keeping to 'bucket lists' and sometimes I sort of just let life happen to me but these seem somewhat achievable, so I’ll try to be intentional about keeping them and hopefully this post will act as a propellant as well.

Let's Dig In.

1. Go on a road trip and visit at least five other Nigerian states : I'm looking at Bauchi, Calabar, Jos, Ibadan and Abuja. This wanderlust I have needs to be fed, starting with my own country.
Update : Visited Abuja here

2. Visit another African country : Hello Tanzania (zanzibarrrr)!

3. Finally own/wear a bikini : I know this has to happen eventually.
Update : Does a bikini top count? Done did that here!

4. Volunteer.
This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Just volunteer for a worthy cause and be a part of making something happen.

5. Get to a point where I'm comfortable with public speaking :
You all already know my struggle from this post.

6. Attend more music concerts / comedy shows. : Can you believe I haven't attended any ever? It should be pretty fun to see some of my favourite artistes perform live.

7. Join the FitFam Life. : I'm so unfit and I keep procrastinating this.

8. Donate to charity. : Celebrate either vals day or my birthday at a charity.

9. Learn to swim.

10. Finally have my make up on fleek. : Because its 2016 and it seems I'm the only girl who doesn't know how to draw her brows. Lol. I've been seriously considering doing the zaron 'personal makeup' training thing just so I can be able to fix myself up a bit when I have some events to attend.

11. Live on my own. : or just away from my parents. : If I plan to achieve any of these, this one is really key. Lol

12. Get a tattoo : An inconspicous one though, someplace I alone can see it. I might end up chickening out of this one but its something I've always wanted.

13. Up my cooking game. : Learn to cook a "wide" variety of meals.

14. Earning passive income from selling my services.

15. Build the Cassie Daves Brand to a point where I can earn a living from it a.k.a Have my own thriving brand

16. Finish writing at least one of my books.

17. Have an account balance that doesn't make me want to cry whenever I check it.

18. Improve on my photography and get myself a new camera.

19. Be more adventurous.

20. Improve my knowledge of geography. : I literally don't know anything about countries and places.

21. Have a small tribe of female friends.
Well, I can't force this one but I'm hoping it happens

22. Learn graphic design and how to code.

23. Actually celebrate my birthday.
I've never really had a proper celebration and I think it will be nice to have a few friends together and basically have a good time.

24. Take a dance class. : Majorly for the fun of it. I've always loved dancing and dance movies. At some point, I even wanted to be a dancer but right now I suck. It would be fun to take some dance classes - I'm not sure on what type of dance yet though

25. Be a better christian. : This one doesn't even need to be done before 25, I need to seriously work on this one asap. I always start reading my bible but end up slacking. 
Tips anyone?

Making this list turned out to be not as hard as I expected. I was going to add 'get married' but though sometimes I think I want to get married right now, other times I'm not so sure if I want to do that without experiencing some things as a single lady first. Let's see how it goes though.

All in all, I really just want to keep growing, broadening my scope, exploring my creative side and finding ways to make myself a better person.

*I'm wearing a cape jumpsuit from the brand "VR by Mobos" and I took these pictures behind the scenes at their campaign shoot which I modelled in. Out of all the outfits I wore, this was by far my favourite and I really wish I could leave with it *sigh*.

Anyways, now back to you!

Do you have a bucket list?
I’d love to hear a few things that are on your bucket list! What do you hope to accomplish by your next birthday milestone?
And let's connect.
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P.S : I'm giving away some natural hair products in my instagram! Go check it out for an opportunity to win : @cassiedaves 

4 Tips For Getting Out Of A Creative Funk.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Hey guys!
How did the easter break treat you?
Mine was really good but unfortunately I didn't actually document it and I don't have so much pictures to make a weekend bits post. Would you still like me to put it up?

You may have noticed that I've not been so present on the blog this past week, I've been feeling a bit out of touch/uninspired recently.

We hardly talk about the behind the scenes of the work - be it blogging, or just being a creative. The frustration and challenges that comes with it all sometimes.
For me, it ebbs and flows. I have periods where I'm on a roll and then the low periods where I feel stuck, uninspired and generally tired from having to continually put out work.

Some of the things I'm constantly learning from these periods and I hope to encourage you with if you ever feel stuck are

- Embrace the process : I also wonder why it can't all be smooth sailing all through but I've realized that the chaos, challenges/frustration are all part of the process. Embrace it while doing the work it takes to keep moving forward.

- Don't wait around for inspiration or for it to feel easy : I always try to keep it moving regardless and that's how this post came up (which I should have put up earlier but couldn't for the life of me figure out a title for it). 

- No one is going to do the work for you : At the end of the day it still boils down to you getting things done because it is your life and no one will do the work for you. This is one thing that gets me going too - knowing that if I don't get out of it and move, I'll probably still remain in the same position.

- Lastly, don't give up : You won't reach your goal if you just drop out of it all. You can take it slow and steady if need be but giving up shouldn't be an option.

Do you ever have periods like this?
How do you get through it?

Don't wait around for inspiration or for it to get easy. Embrace the process while doing the work it takes to keep moving forward. Click to tweet!
I shared this look on instagram (@cassiedaves) and asked if I should put it up on the blog also. I probably wouldn't ordinarily have put this up otherwise but I got some positive replies.
Its an easy casual style that I tried to update a bit by throwing on the denim jacket. I wore this one fine sunday to accompany my friend to run some errands. I wasn't even going to get out of the car so I don't know why I took the jacket with me but its like they say 'its always better to come prepared'. I not only ended up getting out of the car but we eventually went to see a movie where I bumped into a reader. *If you're reading this, hiiii again!*

The green heels was a last minute decision -just for the pictures. I'm wearing my sister's gbemisoke shoes from our TBCConnect event.

What do you think of this look and how will you style it better?
Please leave me your thoughts and let's connect!

Pictures : skynotfancy

P.S -
- I'm having a giveaway in case you missed it! Get details here
- Stuck in a blog rut? Here's how to get your blogging mojo back
Wedding Bants
Ten Tips to perfect your flat lay.
-Outfit || Turban Tales.

February Notes x A Blog Theme Giveaway.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Can you already tell that this monthly notes is becoming a thing? (Read my January notes here) The Giveaway is happening at the end of this post, so lets ease into it slowly.

February brought with it a mixture of both good and some "bleh" moments but definitely more of good. One area I experienced major disappointment in this month was on the job front (housemanship) but the year so far has been incredibly good to me and I can only be thankful for that.

Through it all, I learnt to be grateful for and fully present in the moment. To focus more on my own journey and keep the faith while I'm at it. Doing that and making space for more gratitude in my life this month gave me some peace even when faced with the uncertainty that life sometimes presents.

I'm glancing at my blog planner's (Have you ordered yours?) february goal page as I'm typing this and I wouldn't say I did as well in this area compared to last month, but I did manage to get somethings done.

For one, I finally got a new blog theme and decided to stop waiting on the unreliable person that was meant to help me with it. If you're signed up to my mail list, then you'll know how much changing my theme has been weighing on my mind (sign up here, lets get talking!)
I also did two blogger collaborations - this vals day style guide and another with the super cool Bella that's yet to be put out.
I planned to launch my blog workshop/coaching services and a few other projects but that dragged a bit, so lets stay woke for this March!

I'd say february was a month of getting out of my comfort zone more and doing things afraid but doing them regardless - I gave a small talk to a group of awesome ladies at their monthly meet up and went on Spice TV's spice most. Slowly but surely unlocking my inner chatter box

All in all, it was a good month. I feel like it happened too quickly though and was over before I could close and open my eyes.
Does anyone else feel this way?
I hope that february was a good month for you?  What did your month look like? Also, what do you think of the blog's new look?
Let me know!

P.s - This is my old theme but for some long story reasons, I couldn't take a new picture.

Because I know how much getting this new blog theme has already brightened up march for me a bit, I thought to giveaway a similar blog theme (actually the same but without some of the tweaking I requested for when I bought it) to some other blogger who has been looking to switch things up and fall in love with their blog again.
Its a blogger theme though, only for people on blogspot.

The Giveaway Rules :
- Just Click To Tweet!
- Subscribe to my blog here
- Follow me on imstagram & repost the picture above on Instagram with the hashtag #cassiedavesblogthemegiveaway and mention me in your caption @cassiedaves.
- Winner will be announced in my weekend post.
- I'll only need you to leave me your blog link so I can check it out (After you leave me your thoughts on this post. Lol) I don't want my comments for this post to be turned into a giveaway details comment so I'll contact you via your social handle or subscription email if you win and there's no need to leave me your details.

Decided to also include a quick outfit post into this, sharing this look from a weekend in 2015 (Peep my 2015 in style here). Let me know what you think about the look and of course -

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Happy Valentine's Day || What Does Love Mean To You?

Sunday, 14 February 2016

"I would like to say I've felt love before but something that consumed you and left you a broken porcelain figurecouldn't possibly be called love." - Cassie Daves

Three years ago today, if I were asked what love means to me, I'd probably quote a line from a Colbie Caillat song "...every time I see your bubbly face, I get the tingles in a silly place." But I learnt a lot of things last year on love and I keep learning more everyday.
I've come to realize that love is so much more than some euphoric feeling. It's amazing how it can take just one person to change your whole perspective on something as complex as love.

Right now, if I'm asked the same question, I would smile and tell them not of how perfectly your hands fit in mine but of the gentle way you encourage and push me to be better.

Love is the little things you do - Love is the patient and kind way with which you handle me - the space you give me to express myself fully and wholly.

Love is the way you put me before anything else - the selfless way you treat everyone around you.

Love is how easily you forgive and seek only the good in others.

Love? Love is the unrelenting way you hold on to "us", ever ready to choose peace instead.

Thank you Mr. A for loving me so unconditionally and so completely. For teaching me what true love is, the Christ-like love and for inspiring me to want to know more and more of this your God.

Happy Valentine's day guys!

I'd really love to know your definition of love. What does Love mean to you?

please share!

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Still in the spirit of valentine, here are some love themed posts from the blog archives 

January Notes x Five Happy Things.

Monday, 1 February 2016

January started on a low note but with me determined to choose happiness regardless. I cried, hugged myself, prayed but I chose happiness at the end of it all. Its been onwards and upwards since then.
My blog planners which were one major point of stress and depression for me in the final week of 2015 and the first week of 2016 finally kicked off.
I had so many moments that I felt like giving up on it all - I questioned if it was truly God that put the idea in my heart but if there's one moment in my life where I admired my spirit of tenacity, it was this January. Regardless, I was determined to see it through and count my losses if that was what it came to but let it not be said that I didn't attempt to achieve the dream.

Though I figured I was going to get a job finally in January, its still not here but I'm not as bothered as before. God keeps proving himself faithful.

This January, I re- learnt not to place so much importance on money. I was majorly without cash for the last quarter of 2015 and that made me super frugal and a bit scared to give.
I'm realizing that giving isn't actually losing, its gaining.
I realized that every time I spent worrying over getting "even broker" when I wanted to give or do something for someone that required spending, was me showing how less faith I had in God providing for me ( Matt.6:25-34 )
I'm definitely a work in progress and it all comes from fully acknowledging my shortcomings.

January looked a little like this :

-  Lots of deep thinking, multiple open tabs/notes and furious scribbles.
- Delivery runs
- Less and less of telemundo seeing as all my favorite shows chose january to come to an end. :(
- Trying hard to stop procrastinating work and keeping negative thoughts at bay by re-affirming positive things.

And it ended with a relaxed perfect weekend.

I have another project lined up for the new month and I can't wait to share that when its all ready.
I wish us all a blessed new month with lots of positive vibes and all the extra good good.

I hope that January was a good month for you?  What did your January look like?

And because sometimes we get so focused on the negatives and forget those little happy moments, here are five things that made me happy in January.

- Getting lots of positive reviews on my blog planner : My heart melts everytime someone sends me a great feedback on how helpful a tool it is and I just sit there repeating how thankful I am.
You can read more details on the blog planner and get yours here and view some of the reviews with the #cassiedavesblogplanner on Instagram.

  - Finding closure and reconnecting with an old friend. Even if its for the last time, seeing as said friend is relocating - It was definitely a nice time.

- Shower sessions listening to and singing aloud to Chris Brown's She ain't you on replay. I rediscovered my love for that song one cold january morning and I haven't stopped playing it since.

- Elizabeth Gilbert's facebook page - because that woman spurts so much wisdom and I just love her for it!

- Taking part in my friend's surprise party and watching her surrounded by all that love was just beautiful. It showed me again how important family is in building you up and now I can't wait to have mine and just show them so much love.

What are some things that made you happy in january?

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