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Behind The Scenes x My Mania Magazine Feature.

Friday, 23 September 2016
Style Mania Magazine September Edition Ode To Bloggers Flatlay Picture
An Ode To Bloggers.

Hey guyss!
I got featured on yet another magazine as a blogger again and not a model. To think that at a point in my life, I was really dreading the moment I was going to have to finally take out the title "model" from my name but the switch has been so easy! And it helps that I still get to be on magazines regardless.
My first proper feature as a blogger was on Guardian life with some of the best Nigerian bloggers out there! I blogged about the experience here.
This time around, I was featured alongside male fashion blogger Akin Faminu (check out our dapper style collaboration post) for an editorial spread for Style Mania.
The theme of this edition was centred around blogging/bloggers in Nigeria and also featured other bloggers like Noble Igwe and Ez of BeautyinLagos)

I love documenting the behind the scenes of my shoots, something I started as a model sharing my model diary with you guys. So of course, I also have some behind the scene pictures to share from this mania shoot.
A rack of clothes behind the scene of cassie daves mania magazine shoot.
Godson Ukaegbu and Akin Faminu With Cassie Daves At Style Mania Office In Anthony Village
Cassie Daves Crochet Fro Hair Half Face Picture
Cassie Daves At Photo Shoot With Makeup On
We had the shoot the day before I had to leave on my road trip to Cotonou, which was going to be a bit stressful because I know how long these things can take but I was excited for it all. I got there early and took some pictures before/after my make up at the mania office before we had to leave for the shoot location.
Polaroid Pictures On Grass And White Shoes
The shoot location was at the MKO Abiola garden at Alausa. It was really funny because we didn't have anywhere to change lol but we found a way around it, even though it was quite awkward.
My first look was this peplum top and skirt mix. I can't recall the designer but If you buy the magazine, you can find all the details there. The shoot was also done with a polaroid camera, I'm not sure why though but that was the creative direction.
My second and third looks were my favourite! Unfortunately, I didn't get a full picture of the green dress and the polaroid pictures didn't do a good job in getting the outfits but it is by Designer Gozel Green. Same goes for the red dress, which was easily my fave! I think red is my colour, as evidenced by this dress and the red jumpsuit in this post.
Who else loves my lipstick in the picture up there? That makeup was my favourite!
There was quite a bit of hassle because we (and I mean the mania mag team) had to settle the touts around before we could shoot and even after that, we got back to our cars after the shoot to find the tires all deflated because they wanted to get more money from us. It was annoying and really saddening but I was just glad it didn't escalate into something else and we still managed to have a productive day regardless.
I also contributed to this edition as well, asides from the editorial. Like I said this edition was an ode to bloggers and I love that the blogging industry here is currently on a rise and bloggers are being celebrated/ recognized more. Unfortunately, more than a few people still don't understand the whole concept of blogging or what being a blogger means as I talked about in my previous post on the different reactions I've gotten from people here.
I got a couple of bloggers to explain the movement and importance of bloggers to those who haven’t gotten with the program.
To read what they had to say and see the full feature, just get a copy of the magazine for yourself!

Do you already have a copy?
What do you think of it?
Let me know your thoughts please 
And let's connect!

P.S - I've worked with Mania Magazine as a model and you can check out that shoot Here.
- Want details on my hair? I blogged all about my crochet fro here.

P.P.S - If you want to join the blogging gang or take your already existing blog to the next level, hit me up and let's work together! I'm currently taking on a few people for my blog consultations. Read full details here.

Model Diary || Mai Atafo's "Stay with me" video.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Model Diary || April by Kunbi x Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (For LFDW).

Thursday, 26 November 2015
If you follow me on instagram (@cassiedaves), you might already know that I walked for Designer April by Kunbi and Lanre Da Silva Ajayi at the recently concluded Lagos fashion and design week.

It wasn't in the plans though.
Prior to and in anticipation of fashion week, while my fellow models were awaiting the release of the casting date, I was mentally preparing my outfits to attend the show as a guest.
I had no plans of walking the runway at all so I didn't bother going for the model casting.

My friend Temitayo Nathan ( You might remember him from this post, this post and this post) who has become this hotshot designer was the first to call me up to walk as an extra model for his show, then designer Nuraaniya (I worked with her previously here) called me up as well but somehow it didn't pull through.

When designer Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi called me up, I was a bit excited as I thought I was going to be doing it with my friend Tracy but then Tracy couldn't make it and I lost all ginger and almost cancelled also but I already gave my word so I just had to keep with it.

I'm glad I didn't cancel though.

I think I fell in love again with the runway and I remembered all the reasons I loved being a runway model - that feel of walking down the runway, of strutting your stuff. Amazing!
It was my first time working with Kunbi but she was so warm and receptive from the get go - no airs around her considering the fact that she is one of Nigeria's top designers. It didn't take me long to convert to #TeamAprilbyKunbi now.

Walking Lanre Da silva's show wasn't in the plans as well. The dress didn't quite fit well on the model initially meant to wear it because her shoulders weren't broad enough and guess whose shoulders came to the rescue?

I really enjoyed walking in her dress though. Hers was the final show for the night and by then the initial jitters had worn off and i was basically just having fun on the runway.
I heard some people call my name while I was walking and it was a struggle not to smile. Haha

After the show ended, I had a rethink and decided that maybe I should try to get back into the vibe of things.
Its been some weeks now and I'm slowly reverting to my old ways - the music meets runway audition is on saturday and I'm not sure I'm going for that.
Hope you all are having a great week?


In other modelling un-related gist, I've been thinking of starting a "weekly journal" segment here. I miss writing a personal blog and I've been wondering if to open another one or just incorporate that into this, that's how the weekly journal idea came up.
What do you guys think?

There's currently an ongoing sales over at Jeffery Coen, I recently did a style post featuring one of their tees here and now you can cop yours at 40% off. 

Catwalk Classes Recap x Lessons I Learnt From Hosting It.

Sunday, 18 October 2015
By now, I'm guessing its no news that I recently put together a catwalk class.
I blogged about it and the inspiration behind it all here and if you're signed to my mail list, you probably got a bit more of the low down.(Sign up here)

It didn't all seem real till I put out that first post on social media and I knew I just had to see it through.
Thinking about it and planning it though, it honestly didn't seem like it would be so hard to pull off but I knew I was going to have to step up my organizational and creative skills if I had to make it work.

I picked out the dates, created a passable flyer design with canva (that I didn't end up using) and scoured the lagos streets for a suitable venue.
This bit drained me out because I couldn't find anywhere I liked that could accommodate my budget but I eventually settled on a venue hoping that when people started signing up, I'd be able to foot the bills.
It didn't all work out as I imagined but fast forward a month after and I'm glad to say that I pulled through regardless. It was also a learning experience for me as I learnt a few life lessons along the way and I'll be sharing them in this post

1. Always Believe In Yourself.
We humans place one of the biggest constraints on ourselves with our mindset. I knew I could do this because I've done my own share of runway shows but there was still some fear of 'what if I'm not a good teacher and they don't learn'? But I eventually had to shake off the self doubts and remind myself with affirmations.

Its like the quote I shared on my instagram recently that says : You can do more than you think, You are more than you think"

2. Start Where You Are, Do It Afraid.
I was waiting for everything to be a 100 percent before putting the word out plus also the fear of how it would be received held me back from putting it out, but my friend Laiza adviced me to just start proper, put it out while still trying to perfect the other things.
If I didn't do that, I doubt I would have ever done the workshop because the search for venue was too real and the only thing that made me keep going was the fact that I had already put it out there.
Sometimes it’s better to jump in with both feet and shore up the details as you go. Although this depends on the nature of what you're planning to do.

3. Its okay to ask for help.
I'm the sort of person who just hates to be a bother to anyone and I feel funny about requesting for support so I try to do the best I can do and avoid asking people to help/for favors.
I delayed asking for reposts because of this but when I eventually did, I got so much positive replies. Of course, there were some people who still didn't give me face but at least the positive replies outnumbered the negatives.
I also eventually got help with my graphic design, thanks to Bella Alubo (someone I haven't even met in person!!) who introduced me to her graphic design friend @onaziogaba
And some of my friends came through for me on the first day and I was able to secure a cheaper venue because I asked my friend to help me with bargaining.
I honestly wouldn't have been able to pull it all off without all the help I received from everyone when I eventually decided to ask for it.

4 . Things don't always work out as planned.

And how you choose to respond when
things just don’t go as planned is
important. You can choose to remain stuck there and wallow or move on and try to find a solution.

I thought it would all go well but it didn't at all! I almost cancelled it at some point but my boyfriend just wouldn't let me do that.
I had to be calm through it and try to move on quickly to the next decision/damage control.

5. Always have a Strategy/ Plan to how you'll achieve your goals. 
Its not enough to just put it out and rely on the universe to do the work. Even though I had a sort of plan, I agree that it wasn't a properly detailed one and I kept on thinking that I just needed ten people so I didn't need to do any deep advertising for that. Wrong! I'm sure I didn't reach my full target audience because of that assumption .
If I had to do it all over again, I'll make a proper plan for both promoting it, branding it and all.

6. Celebrate the small victories.
Even though I didn't exactly reach my goals : ended up with less than the number of students I wanted and little profit, I still gave myself a pat in the back after the last day.
It was an awesome experience and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching 'my girls' and watching their progress.

Do I plan to have another edition? Maybe, I just might!
Follow the journey on Instagram @cassiedavescatwalkclasses

Are you putting together any project, event, business? Hopefully one or two of these lessons I learned can help you out.
If you've done something similar also, please share some of the lessons you learned as well.

Have a good week guys!

Cassie Daves Catwalk Classes.

Thursday, 3 September 2015
If you follow me on my social media pages, you must have seen this floating around.
So, I'm having catwalk classes come september, its a little something I'm putting together to sort of give back and also because even though I've adjusted to the fact that I might not get on another runway soon, its still something that thrills me ( I'm always wearing heels and catwalking around the house when I'm home alone. I'm not a weirdo, I promise )

I realized that there was a need for this after my 'so you want to be a model' post where I got some emails asking if I knew of anywhere they could learn to catwalk without joining an agency proper.
It hit me again how there really isn't any place that teach you how to catwalk here in Nigeria , except you're looking to join an agency or you learn from watching fashion TV ( I have a couple of friends that learnt this way).
I, myself learnt from one of Nigeria's finest back then - Mr Andy Ogbechie and that was in 2011, I'm not so sure if he does that anymore. ( I shared some of my modelling moments/memories from back then in this throwback post recently)

You might have also seen a video of me strutting my stuff if you follow me on my Facebook and Instagram.

It is for aspiring/upcoming models and basically anyone interested in learning the art and only ten spaces available because I'm not trying to bite off more than I can chew.
Just leave me a comment with your email address if this is something that interests you and I'll send you all the details. 
Also feel free to repost and share with your friends, thank you!

I also want to use this opportunity to say a big fat thank you to everyone that has retweeted, reposted, etc. Thank you so much!!!!
Also to the graphics guy that designed this flyer, he's too awesome. I didn't even really have to describe what I wanted and he put it all together. If you have any graphics need, you can get in touch with him on his Instagram @onaziogaba

P.S - I still can't believe I'm seeing this through! Weewu.
I guess this is a sort of call to action for anyone out there too, having doubts . It's like my friend Laiza ( who has an awesome blog said 'Your talents and gifts aren't for you alone, its for the world and serves a higher purpose' and 'your mind is really all you need, change your mindset and see it through"

P.P.S - Have you seen my previous post? 

Model Diary : The Throw-Back Edition.

Thursday, 27 August 2015
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I'm completely sold on that.
Its the forgotten pictures that you find one day while randomly going through your laptop that makes up the real memories, as you remember with a smile on your face all the emotions you were feeling at that particular time the picture was taken.
Its a beautiful thing really, to be reminded of days past in unexpected little ways.

I just came across a set of pictures from way back when. Pictures taken with my small red blackberry pearl and it took me down memory lane to back when modeling was too live for me and there was nothing I enjoyed more than the thrill of walking down that runway. That is, after the initial jitters wore off.
I sometimes wish I started this blog back then so I could have a more rich modeling experience to share with you all in my model diary segments (because most of my best experiences happened then plus it was still all so new and I had lots of stories to share).
From catwalk classes to hitting the runway proper for the first time, attending my first ever modelling competition screening (nnsm and almost getting into the finalists but corruption).
Here's a little throwback from the good ole modelling days because its Thursday and just the right day for a throwback, yes? Yes!
(Forgive the poor quality images, most were taken with a blackberry pearl so you can imagine)

First Show.
I was legit shaking before I walked on stage and I can only imagine how awkward I looked. It was a show organized by Genevieve magazine for the governor's wife or so. The photographer ( Hakeem Saalam) only gave me the pictures to serve as a reminder. Lol

First Shoot.
This one was for the face of sleek competition Ad/flyers and I almost missed out on it because I was worried sick about how I'll perform but I finally gave in and I was just glad the pictures came out nice.

First Shoot For A Magazine.
Even though they ended up not using the pictures (I was sad sha) but it was meant to be for Genevieve magazine's wedding issue. 
First Shoot For An Ad Campaign.
For lagos style week ad campaign. Also my first 'sort of fashion week' experience which aside from the struggle show and pay was fun because first time rooming with models who were too cool. I'm wearing orange culture in this picture.

Just some other pictures from various shows. Its so sad that i did'nt document it all well and have lost lots of other pictures but I definitely had a great time back then. Although, these days I'm not too revved up about it all like I was back then. Meh

I already talked about how I got into modeling in this post (and how you can too) If you want to be a model or you know someone that you think just has to be one, I'm working on something that might just give you the extra edge you need especially in this Nigeria of ours where there are really no set laws. *fingers crossed*

So how's that for a throwback ey?

P.S - I know I'm making it sound really exciting but its also work, the pay is shitty, designers don't dash out clothes and models aren't exactly treated with respect most times.

P.P.S - Long time no outfit post right? Next post is going to be one, I promise


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