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December Feels x Birthday Wish-list.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December has always been a special month - Christmas and all the festivity is one I always look forward to.
Not like I ever have a particularly fascinating one but all that excitement and happiness in the air is definitely contagious.
December as a child always brought with it the anticipation of heading back to my home town, to that circus that is my extended family and all the fun that came with it.
It also signals the beginning of a new year for me as my birthday is on the 8th. Yup, I'm a december baby through and through.

Last year, I didn't ask for much except blog shout outs and some people thought it was weird. Haha
Let's just say I'm a bit too used to not receiving gifts but I've decided to try this birthday wishlist thing again - for the fun of it and because hey! Its another blog post in the bag right?

So here goes : If you love me and want to get me something, let me make it a bit easy for you.

I'm all feels lowkey, so I'm all for gifts that comes from the heart and I'm forever touched by personalized gifts that shows a lot of thought went into it.

That said, i really want a 50mm Camera Lens and wouldn't mind a new camera and laptop because mine can't record videos and I'm tired of blogging with my phone sha *sucks*
- A tripod to make picture taking easier as well.

Books too : especially novels by african authors, poetry books by Nayirah Waheed, Alex Elle, Warsan shire and co and others (Seeking Love, finding overalls by Leandra Medine, Girl Boss. Etc)

I also won't say no to cake and a good time.


One Word - SHOES!
I've never really had a closet full of shoes but this year, I tried to upgrade a bit and got myself a few pairs but you truly can never have enough shoes. I know I don't.
New shoes makes me happy in a manner only food can - Whether sandals (Helloo Grace Alex Sandals)and ballet flats (which I should get more of because doctor work), brogues/male inspired shoes, kicks, or heels, I'm always like Yasssss!
P.S - I'm a size 42/43 *cries in big feet*

It goes without saying that clothes and accessories ( sunshades, hats, necklaces and rings) will always be a Yes - Yes!

I'm not exactly a beauty fanatic but I never say no to a good beauty enhancer even if its to hoard to a time when I'll finally learn to use it.
Vane Polish was one of the sponsors of our meet/greet event and I got to finally experience it upfront.
Ever since then, I've been wanting one (or two) of my own and I especially love the pretty pastel colours.

I'm a huge fan of lipsticks especially matte lipsticks. Bright reds, dark purples/vamp lips, kylie's shade of nude (abi is it brown?).
House of Tara matte range is a cheaper alternative to Mac (which I wouldn't mind though. Lol)

I'm a bit of a lastma with this, though I knew of the launch of the sleek skincare lightening and exfoilating range, I only just stumbled on some reviews recently and I'm thinking maybe its what my skin needs. That and sunscreen for sure.
I'm a shade darker now and I'm not sure if I'm still team light skinned or now darkskinned. *sigh*

Perfumes are another thing that I absolutely love.

        Oh and of course, money! Hehe


I hope yours is off to a great start?
Any fellow December baby here?
What's on your wishlist this christmas?

P.S - Don't forget to invite me to your turn ups this Christmas ohh. Any place where two or more are gathered with jollof rice and small chops, I'm down!

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Accessories Lust From The Lagos Fashion Design Week.

Sunday, 1 November 2015
Happy new month guys!
Feels like I've been away for a long while and I apologize for my absence.
The Lagos fashion and design week finally came to an end yesterday and amidst all the chaos and running around, I wasn't able to really write posts and make updates.
If you follow me on instagram though, you might have seen some pictures (go follow me @cassiedaves!)

I attended three out of the four days and didn't really bring my camera out to take pictures till the last day.
I didn't want to go the normal route and blog about 'street style pictures' or 'runway reports' from fashion week because frankly every fashion website out there is already carrying all of that and I'll only be repeating the same pictures and news.
So I'm sharing some accessories that caught my eyes and I'm lusting after from the last day of fashion week!
I couldn't get more pictures as I would have loved because my camera lens got foggy from the A/C and ruined the other pictures.
I really lovee all the shoes - imagine having all these shoes in my closet. *sigh*
I also love that necklace pendant, its so unique and a great conversation starter. I was shamelessly asking the owner to dash it to me before he heads back to his country. Lol

Most of these accessories belong to some of the models I saw faffing around - models are legit the coolest kids around. I should know, I'm also one ^_^
I didn't cast for the show but I was called in as an extra model for designer April By Kunbi and ended up walking two shows. I hope to get pictures and blog about that in my model diary segment soon.

This year's fashion week was definitely better than last year's own but it wasn't as fun for me - more to do with the company I had (or lack of) than by the actual show though.
All in All, it was a great experience and
Hopefully, we get to slay next year again!

Were you at fashion week? How was your experience?!
Which of these accessories do you love the most?


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Lust List || Chez Jumelle

Friday, 18 April 2014
You know how sometimes you find something good  and you are literally bursting to let the whole world know about that thing because it gives you so much joy and makes you feel so good? That's how I feel about my bae and this online vintage accessories store, Chez Jumelle. Although some things are meant to remain low key no matter how good they are (e.g relationships), Chez Jumelle isn't one of those things.
What am i going on about?

Chez jumelle is an online vintage accessories store and they stock everything from earrings to brooches, sunglasses, neck pieces, and scarfs. All vintage!
I must confess, the main thing that tickles my fancy are their earrings! You may have noticed that I'm not really into accessories but I take my earring game seriously and over the years i've transitioned from the "big dangle/loop earrings" loving girl to finding delight in even the smallest button earring. Before they contacted me, i knew i just had to blog about them so it was actually a double delight. I decided to put together a lust list! (Seriously, I'm lusting on almost all their earrings)
I'm not exactly a brooch person but I wouldn't mind this pretty little thing, if only for the sake of owning it and I've been lusting after these beaded round sunglasses ever since they made an appearance last year.
I'm really about this Chez jumelle life!

You can check them out on
Twitter: @chez_jumelle
Instagram: @Chez Jumelle
Facebook: Chezjumellevintage

Oh and its their (chez jumelle is owned by twin sisters ) birthday today! Happy Birthday Guys!

Cassandra Ikegbune

 *This is a sponsored post but all opinions are entirely mine

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