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Beauty || Getting Wigged With Nappyhairedwigs x New Signature Look.

Thursday, 23 February 2017
Anyone else having a dejavu moment right now? You're probably wondering if I went and did the same hair style as my very first crochet fro all over again. Obsessed much?
Well, No and Yes!
I'll explain.
I loved having a fro so much, as you all could probably tell from how I rocked the life out of my first Fro hair and with all the amazing compliments I got from everyone (except the elderly nurses at work who thought I looked like a riff raff), I seriously considered making that style my signature look.

I've always known that I'll look good as a naturalista - Yagazie or Nikki Anyasi's level though, with all that kinky hair flying around and looking too cool for school. 
So yes, I went and got a similar hair do but this time, I went for a wig from a brand I love Nappy Haired.

Wigs are all the rave now, with so many wig brands popping up at every bend of the road but I've been so reluctant to join the party.

My earliest recollections of wigs was the story my mum told me of how my brother was so much of a terror as a child that he went round pulling people's hair to drag off their wigs. Lol! Coupled with the many stories I hear of people trying to alight a bus and somehow forgetting their wig in a jagged edge, it just made the whole concept of wigs look like an easy way to embarrass myself. Like, literally asking for it.

Lately though, I've had a rethink because what better way to maintain my badassary whenever I want to? I just get to pop that bad boy on my head whenever and instantly get transformed to alter ego Daves - Nappy Haired Cool Kid.

I'm wearing a wig from Nappyhaired like I stated earlier. They make gorgeous wigs but I'm all about their crochet wigs, so when she had me make a choice - that was the first thing that came to mind.
I know this looks really similar to my very first crochet fro but here's where they differ. 

  • This is definitely softer! What you all probably didn't know was that after a while, the other hair kinked up and started looking like a sister to dreads. Haha. I didn't mind that look either though but I know this won't be switching up on me anytime soon.
  • This also has a different cut, while the other one was a side pattern. This sits right in the centre and let's me have that hair falling over the face, semi fringe thing I've always wanted - so winning!
I probably wouldn't be a wig wearer everyday because I've found that I just might be slightly tender headed and anything that sits around my head like a band eventually gives me headache but for now I'm loving this wig and looking forward to rocking it as much as my tender head will let me. 
What about you? 
Wig lover, Wig obsessed, Wig-saywhat?
Have any funny wig story to share, would definitely love to read that! 
Also, what do you think about making this look my signature look? 
Sharreeeee and let's connect! 

Pic : @tukemorgan

P. S - Check Nappyhaired out on Instagram. They are also offering a 10% discount off this Afro wig Lola to all the people in the cassiedaves ministry so use the code Cassie007 (because bad
They also host wig making workshops, just incase you're interested in learning how to make your own wigs. 

P.P.S - Check out how having a Fro elevated some of my casual outfits in these posts

Skin Care || The Albimazing Beauty Box.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016
There's been an awful lot of beauty reviews and skin care talk on the blog lately right? Well, let's just say that I'm becoming increasingly interested in getting my glo on. Lol

I talked about how I've been looking to develop a natural skin care routine in this post, so I was really excited when the Albimazing network reached out to me to try out their beauty box. Not only because theirs is a natural and organic skincare subscription box but also because if there's one beauty retail trend (if I can call it that) I've been wanting to try out, it is beauty boxes.

For those who aren't sure what a beauty box is all about, it is basically a subscription type service where you pay monthly and get a box of handpicked beauty products delivered to you. I love the element of surprise that comes with it, like a sort of gift to yourself and also the fact that I don't get to spend as much money as I would have if I buy the individual products myself.

Enough chit chat though, let me Introduce yall to this amazing beauty box!
The Albimazing beauty box is thebrainhild of fellow lifestyle blogger, Coco Anetor-Sokei, and I just have to comment first off on the branding and packaging. I'm a sucker for branding and this gets major points from me for presentation. The box itself is a really lovely colourful box that is just so pretty to look at and I plan to use it as a makeshift jewellery box soon. It came with an extra leaflet listing/expantiating more on the box and products which I thought was really nice.

For the maiden box, the theme was "the vitamin c box" focusing on organic products that work to enhance your glow and gently erase the sun's damage.  If you remember from this post, that is the one thing I'm actually searching for with skincare products.

The box comes with five different products - the Ajali konjac face sponge, the L'avyanna skin naturals vitamin C daily exfoliating face wash, mint organic care foot scrub, whipped shea butter by shea butter roots and Moringa oil.
My favorite and the best surprise for me was the Ajali konjac sponge because it has been on my wish list since I attended Ajali's anniversary party and I was just so happy to see it lying there. Will do a review on the products in another post.
I think subscription boxes in general are a great idea! It was really fun unboxing this and going through the products. I hear there are also food subscription boxes but I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet. Lol. So for now, I'll be sticking to beauty boxes and I can't wait to see what the next theme for the Albimazing box would be.

For the cost and other details, there are three plans you can subscribe to: The monthly Plan where you get to pay N10,000 every month, the Bi-Monthly Plan for N17,000 every two months and Quarterly Plan for N24,000 every three months
For more info and to subscribe, check it out Here

I also received another beauty box from Youtopia beauty but theirs isn't a subscription box, I just got sent a box of some products they retail as a Christmas gift.
What do you guys think of subscription boxes? Ever subscribed to any and which was it?
Share your thoughts please and let's connect! 

Skin Care || Namaste Organics Black Soap Review

Saturday, 10 December 2016
Hey Guys.
I promised to do a review of the namaste organics black soap in my last beauty post where I talked about going natural with my skin care routine and I'm here right now to keep my promise. 

Quick update before I get into this : I finally switched back to my previous skincare cleansing routine and that means I'm back to my neutrogena oil free face wash. 
I know, I know. After all my talk about going natural right? Well, I'll explain why I made the switch back below so keep reading.

After my whole experience with the dudu osun black soap (read here), I was seriously on the lookout for another black soap to try. I got more than a few recommendations on instagram to try out the namaste organics brand and two of them came from people I know personally so I was sold. 

I checked out the brand's website and found out that they have different types of black soap with different ingredients to satisfy different needs.
I decided to go for their Exfoliating 100% african black soap body wash with lemon oil, majorly because of the natural brightening/toning property. I already talked about how that's what I'm really after - something to even out my skin tone and bring forth my glow.

I bought the 400g size and it came in a small brown draw-string sack like bag with a small tub of dry face polish as an extra. I honestly didn't understand the face polish, probably because I had never seen that type of face scrub before and had to google it first. Lol. Used it just once and abandoned it. The 400g size costs 3500Naira although there are other sizes price ranging from 1500 - 5000Naira. I got mine precisely on the 18th of August and it lasted through till December, despite the fact that my mum took like a quarter of it. Although, I used it only for my face so that might have added to it lasting so long.
I fell in love with the soap after my first use. I loved that it didn't give me that extra dry feel I got with the dudu osun which meant that it was just perfect for me. I also loved that it lathered easily (not as much as dudu osun though), so I could manage it very well. Lol

Now, did it tone my skin (why I actually got it)? Honestly, I can't say for sure because while my friend kept asking me why I looked brighter, a few other people said they didn't notice much. I think it did though even if the effect wasn't that much.
After a few weeks, I noticed that my face was getting oily! I was worried because I have a dry - normal type skin so I did not understand why my nose and forehead was becoming an oil factory and since the soap was the only new change I had made, I concluded it had to be because of it.

I think there's something about "oils" that doesn't just agree with my skin. I remember my first breakout was because I applied shea butter to my face, so I usually stay clear of oils and go for oil free products. Not sure why It didn't click in my head that the Namaste black soap contained lots of oil (lemon oil, coconut oil, Palm kernel oil)

I'll admit that I'm honestly not so sure about this oil business so I'll need y'all to educate me please.
Can using products with lots of oil make your skin type change to oily? Is it even impossible to not have any of these oils in a soap? 
Because I know lots of people talk about how awesome coconut oil, tea tree oil and co are to their skin and also I heard about "oil cleansing" which is basically using a mix of oils to "wash" your face.
So, what do you guys think?
Also have you ever used the namaste organi or any Namaste organics product? Which was it and what was your experience?

Also, let's connect! 

Skin Care : My Dudu Osun Experience x Going Natural.

Sunday, 9 October 2016
For a while now, I've been really looking into the whole "natural" skin care thing - you know the whole black soap, honey, oats mask and co type thing.
I actually don't use much on my skin (I blogged about my skin care routine here) and I have a naturally healthy and problem free skin but the one thing I've always wanted was a well toned skin, basically for the color of my face to match the rest of my body especially my legs.

I kept hearing wonderful things about black soaps and how it has so many benefits for the skin but the one thing that stood out for me was hearing that it also helped even out skin tone, of course I was sold!
Plus I figured going natural can never hurt anyone, so I jumped on the black soap band wagon myself and my first choice was the Dudu Osun soap because it is a familiar name ( one that I used as a kid) and because it is also cost effective.
I put it up on my instagram page (follow me!) back then and got quite a lot of feedback on the soap and also got a number of people to join the bandwagon as well - My travel partner Lola mentioned how she went and got Dudu Osun after seeing my instagram post.
So, I figured its only right that I talk about my experience with the soap, do a mini review and also talk about my quest to develop a natural skin care routine.

Price and Availability.
I got the dudu osun soap for N200 from the mallam just down the street in my area. I'm sure you can find it anywhere as well.

Packaging And Size.
It comes in 150g size and in a a small box, the soap itself is wrapped in a nylon. It melts easily if exposed to water so you have to store it in a dry place after use.

My Experience. 
The Good
I love that the soap lathers really well and this made it really easy to use. This might be weird to some people but I also like the smell. It isn't any nice floral-y scent or anything, but for some weird reason I quite like it. My mum hates the smell but thankfully, it wears off almost immediately.

The Bad
I had already read from the comments on my instagram post then that it could be drying, but I figured that moisturizing properly after use would fix that.
I have a normal to dry skin so I definitely felt the effect of the dryness. My face always felt squeaky clean and dry after use. At first, I didn't think much of it because I expected the moisturizer to cover the dryness till I noticed the skin of my palm was starting to peel.
That was the red light for me because I once experienced my face peeling when I used a too harsh product (clean and clear astringent) on my face. My palm started peeling first but I didn't think much of it also, till one day I picked up the mirror and saw that my face was peeling too! The Horror!

I stopped using the soap immediately because of this, although I felt really sad letting it go. I recently re-purchased it and I now use it only for my body. I don't know if its doing anything for my skin (body) though but it just makes me feel good mentally. Lol. I can't explain this.
I hear you can also use it as shampoo, so I'll give that a try one of these days.

Lots of people had only good things to say about this soap from it helping with their acne, dark scars and all, so this is just my own experience with it.

Have you used the Dudu Osun soap? What was your experience with it?

I'm currently using the namaste organics black soap for my face and I plan to still do a review of it. I've used the R and R luxury black soap once as well, but it was a really small size so I didn't use it long enough to form an opinion.
Do you use black soaps ?
Which one do you use and can swear by?

Now, back to going natural with my skin care routine. There are so many options that it all gets confusing and I'm not exactly a DIY person - I used to be but these days I get too lazy so I want products I can just buy.
I've made a list down to the basics and I need suggestions on products to get please!

Cleanse : I already have the dudu osun and namaste black soap for this.
Exfoliate : ?
Tone : ?
Moisturize : This, I can forfeit the natural thing for but if you have any suggestions, let know still please!
I used my mum's moisturizer - Olay Regenerist luminous tone perfecting cream for a while and definitely saw great results!
Face Mask : I've never actually used this but I figure it can't hurt right?

Please share your thoughts / recommendations with me and Let's connect!

Beauty || The One Makeup Item I Can't Do Without.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Its amazing how inspiration comes to you in the most random ways. The inspiration for this post came to me yesterday morning while I was rush-prepping for work like I almost always do, and trying to decide between rushing back into the bedroom to do a slight face fix up or just head straight for the door.

Now, I'm not a beauty expert and when it comes to makeup, its basically just touch and go for me. I'm mostly always bare faced and un-bothered. But if there's one thing I hardly go without, its my eyeliner.

I came to this realization yesterday, because as you guessed, I decided to head back into the room, pull out my "makeup bag" and then proceeded to spend even more time trying to decide if to just let the eyeliner go for today and be totally and completely plain faced. The eyeliner won.
This mini obsession with having to draw a "cat-eye" every morning started back in my early university days from an insecurity.
I always hated my eyes - I thought that they were droopy and made me look sleepy and tired. So when I discovered the power of black lined eyes and how it somehow managed to make me look a bit more "awake", I was hooked!

In case you're wondering, no this isn't a sponsored post and not an advertisement for the eyeliner. I picked up this eyeliner off a road seller. Its not a name brand and its definitely not the best out there, so I need recommendations!
What's your favourite eyeliner? Eye pencil, liquid, khol, gel or powder?

I did a mini review on the zaron liquid liner here, which is definitely one of my faves and the only other one I've used anyways.
You would think that with all this my cat eye makeup game would be on fleek, but I barely have a pass in even that. Lol!

I know there are so many colours of eyeliners but I've been afraid to deviate from black. If you use any other colour and can swear by the effect it has on your eyes, please sharreeeee.

On this note, I think re-introductions are in order. So guys! My name is Cassie Daves and I'm slightly obsessed with black eye liners.

What about you?
What is the one makeup item in your collection that you literally can not do without?

Can you imagine wearing only one makeup product for the rest of your life?
Shareeee, let me know your thoughts and keep the recommendations coming in please!

P.S -
I don't hate my eyes so much anymore but I won't say it's one of my best features either. On some days, I'm still tempted to hide them behind my glasses like I used to do but I've definitely accepted them.

P.P.S -
Inspiration - 5 ways to wear your favourite sneakers.

The Crochet Fro - My First Crochet Hairstyle.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ahh Yes! Look who has finally joined the crochet braids gang too?

I've been meaning to get a big fro type hair done for the longest time (years) now, because everyone (myself inclusive) kept telling me how good I'd look with it and I also wanted the feel/look of a big natural hair without the commitment of it.

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to get crochet braids done, but couldn't find anywhere to do it at a reasonable price ( I was hearing 5k upwards oh!).  Well, I finally did - three months after.

I didn't do any proper research on what extension type to use, texture, or what length to get. I just knew that I didn't want anything too expensive and my friend Tracy suggested the Noble gold kinky bulk which I bought two packs of. I still couldn't find any salon to get it done at a decent enough price, so I dumped the braids and carried my natural hair around - because I cannot come and go and kill myself for hair.

The other day, while wondering what next to do to my hair. I decided to just try a number someone gave me for the braids and lo and behold, her price was so reasonable and affordable! I didn't waste time in booking her for the next day.
We only used one and half packs of the extension and I thought it wouldn't take more than 30 mins max to get don, because of the way everyone kept saying it is so fast and easy to do, but it took approximately an hour and thirty minutes which is almost like the time used to fix a weave. I also think its a bit harder and would take a longer time to take it out as well.

I hated the hair initially because it was all puffed up and looked oddly shaped - if you're on my snapchat @cassiedaves, you would have seen me lamenting. The only reason why I didn't take it down, was because I didn't really understand how to loosen it and I couldn't do it by myself.
I'm glad I didn't because after a bit of manipulation the next day, I started feeling the hair a bit more.

The hair stylist tried to give me some tips to style the hair - something about perm rods and hot water, but I'm still so clueless about it all. 
I currently have it all done in a few big braid and I'm honestly not sure if I should have made that 'twists' instead.

So please guysss, leave me links to anywhere you've talked about this already or just tell me in the comments.
I need maintenance and styling tips.
Do I apply hair oil/cream to it? Do I Comb it out? 

Would I try the crochet braid again?
Regardless of the time factor almost being like normal weave time, I think I'd do the crochet braids again but next time with another extension - maybe a longer one with a tightly curled texture too. I should also try the proper braided type as well because I LOVE braids but I hate the amount of time it takes.

What other extensions would you recommend for me?
What do you think about the crochet braid too?
As always, leave me your thoughts please and let's connect!

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