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Happy Feet || The Lucy.Daves Giveaway

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Long time, no giveaway!
Well, that's about to change.
I'm collaborating with a sister brand (Lucy.Daves footwear) that's dear to me today to give away some pretty foot wears. I've featured the Lucy.Daves brand previously on the blog here and it has popped up in a couple of my style posts like this, this and this one.

I know that more than a few of you have been wondering if I own the Lucy.Daves brand because of the similarity in our names- Wonder no more! When I said "sister brand", I meant it literally. Go figure! hehe
I'll be giving out four of the Lucy.daves slippers in some of my favourite designs to four people. Just scroll a little further down to see how to win one for yourself.

Size 37.
Size 39.
Size 40.
Size 41.
  • - Repost the first picture on instagram with the caption @lucy.daves #lucydavesgiveaway, more details on
  • - Tag four friends in your comment to come participate.
  • - Leave a comment stating which you'll like to win with your contact details - email and instagram/twitter handle

And that's all!
Winner will be announced after a week.

Christmas Shenanigans + The Cassie Daves Blog Planner Giveaway!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

I figured something red was in order because hey! It's Christmas! Although, I've blogged about this outfit previously here and you can check it out in case you missed it. Speaking of festive red and christmas, it sure doesn't feel like Christmas over at my end. I think this year has to be the most un-chrismassy year yet and I'm not sure if to blame it on the fact that I have a demanding job that doesn't take holidays and celebrations into consideration.

I know the day is almost over but I thought to pop in quickly and share a bit of what Christmas of 2016 looked like for me and of course, share some goodies in the process too! Yes, there's going to be a blog planner giveaway!

 So Let's keep reading, yes?

I got off work this morning and spent the better part of my day trying to get my life into order - reply backlog of mails and wrap my blog planners to send off.  If you follow me on instagram and you're into instastories, you probably already know all this but here's just a glimpse of what my day looked like.

  1. Work. Work. Work - I.V drugs to be given. Patients to calm down. Nurses to pester into doing their jobs. You know the drill.
  2. Some cake munching - For the first time ever, I got a Christmas cake which was so nice and thoughtful. Spent most of my call duty thinking about eating the cake haha
  3. Blog Planner wrapping - I shared some behind the scenes of this process early this year. It's more or less the same process this year, just a more exhausted girl handling it all and this time around I decided to include a pink wrapping paper and switch up the thank you card to reflect the holiday season.

   4. Spent a little time with my boo'thang talking new year plans and evaluating our year.

My day isn't over yet but I'll be ending it with more blog planner wrapping, stressing over what to wear to work tomorrow and the fact that I still have to wake up super early again tomorrow. *sigh*

How did you spend your day? And while we are at it, which year has been your most memorable christmas ever and why?

Because it's the season of giving. I'll be giving away a blog planner (read all about my blog planners here) to two lucky people.
All you have to do is : 

Click to tweet!
- Follow @cassiedavesblogplanner on instagram- Repost the blog planner picture (with the yellow background) on instagram with the caption @cassiedavesblogplanner #cassiedavesblogplannergiveaway
- Leave a comment stating why you want to win it and your email/social media handle.
- Winner will be announced on Thursday and is open to all states.

February Notes x A Blog Theme Giveaway.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Can you already tell that this monthly notes is becoming a thing? (Read my January notes here) The Giveaway is happening at the end of this post, so lets ease into it slowly.

February brought with it a mixture of both good and some "bleh" moments but definitely more of good. One area I experienced major disappointment in this month was on the job front (housemanship) but the year so far has been incredibly good to me and I can only be thankful for that.

Through it all, I learnt to be grateful for and fully present in the moment. To focus more on my own journey and keep the faith while I'm at it. Doing that and making space for more gratitude in my life this month gave me some peace even when faced with the uncertainty that life sometimes presents.

I'm glancing at my blog planner's (Have you ordered yours?) february goal page as I'm typing this and I wouldn't say I did as well in this area compared to last month, but I did manage to get somethings done.

For one, I finally got a new blog theme and decided to stop waiting on the unreliable person that was meant to help me with it. If you're signed up to my mail list, then you'll know how much changing my theme has been weighing on my mind (sign up here, lets get talking!)
I also did two blogger collaborations - this vals day style guide and another with the super cool Bella that's yet to be put out.
I planned to launch my blog workshop/coaching services and a few other projects but that dragged a bit, so lets stay woke for this March!

I'd say february was a month of getting out of my comfort zone more and doing things afraid but doing them regardless - I gave a small talk to a group of awesome ladies at their monthly meet up and went on Spice TV's spice most. Slowly but surely unlocking my inner chatter box

All in all, it was a good month. I feel like it happened too quickly though and was over before I could close and open my eyes.
Does anyone else feel this way?
I hope that february was a good month for you?  What did your month look like? Also, what do you think of the blog's new look?
Let me know!

P.s - This is my old theme but for some long story reasons, I couldn't take a new picture.

Because I know how much getting this new blog theme has already brightened up march for me a bit, I thought to giveaway a similar blog theme (actually the same but without some of the tweaking I requested for when I bought it) to some other blogger who has been looking to switch things up and fall in love with their blog again.
Its a blogger theme though, only for people on blogspot.

The Giveaway Rules :
- Just Click To Tweet!
- Subscribe to my blog here
- Follow me on imstagram & repost the picture above on Instagram with the hashtag #cassiedavesblogthemegiveaway and mention me in your caption @cassiedaves.
- Winner will be announced in my weekend post.
- I'll only need you to leave me your blog link so I can check it out (After you leave me your thoughts on this post. Lol) I don't want my comments for this post to be turned into a giveaway details comment so I'll contact you via your social handle or subscription email if you win and there's no need to leave me your details.

Decided to also include a quick outfit post into this, sharing this look from a weekend in 2015 (Peep my 2015 in style here). Let me know what you think about the look and of course -

                 ||TWITTER || INSTAGRAM

A Christmas Giveaway.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Last year, I had planned to have a christmas giveaway but didn't pull through so I'm really glad to be able to have one this year. Although I initially intended to do it on my birthday, its better late than never right?
This december has also been a good one for me in terms of receiving gifts and for once, I had gifts all wrapped and tied up pretty. Yes and Amen to partners that try their best to make you feel special.

To say thanks to you amazing people for sticking by me throughout the year, I partnered with four brands to put together this little christmas giveaway.

I'll be giving out three packages to three people and because I value the love my male readers show me - no matter how few they might be, I also have a little something for the guys.

So yes! That's three winners : two girls and a guy.

If you pick package one, you get the chance to win this pretty print shirt, earrings, silver mirror sunglasses and two brooches, all from the good people at chez jumelle.

If you pick package two, You'll have the chance to win this bright pink fuzzy clutch bag from , a box of rings from odditiesng, this zaron felt eyeliner and a retro print shirt from vintage muse.

If you pick package three, I'm assuming you're a guy or you're a girl who wants to win something for her male friend. Either ways, you get the chance to win a retro shirt from vintage muse, a tie, two brooches and a pair of sunnies all from chez jumelle.


- Simply follow the brands on their instagram page

You don't have to follow me but hey my instagram feed is pretty cool, you might as well join the family while you're at it : @cassiedaves. ^_^

- Repost any of the pictures above on instagram with the caption @cassiedaves #cassiedaveschristmasgiveaway, more details on

- Or share on twitter ( also to increase your chances)
I've made it easier for you! Just Click here to tweet

- Leave a comment stating which package you'll like to win with your contact details.

- Giveaway ends in one week and is open to only people in Lagos ( Sorry guys, I don't understand shipping procedures :( )

P.S - For Additional entries, you can also subscribe to my blog herefor regular updates and inside gists.  :D

Recently :

Giveaway || Nuraniya

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
So I've been having what seems to be the most stressful week in my medical school life - Yeah, finals.
Currently suffering from avolition as I type this and I still have a shit load of work to read. Let me not even get into that and be quick with this so I can go and think of my life again.

Anyways, this giveaway was actually meant to go up last weekend but poor planning and all that. Sorry guys.
Remember in this post where I shared some snippets from a recent shoot? Well, I'm giving away one of the dresses from that shoot!
Don't worry, I'll share more pictures and model bants as usual once I'm done with exams.

- All you have to do is repost the picture above on your Instagram or Facebook or twitter (if you don't have an Instagram account) with the caption @cassiedaves #CassieDavesGiveaway, more details on
- Leave a comment on this post with your email address /twitter/ Instagram handle
-  Giveaway lasts for two weeks and winner will be announced then.

The dress is from @nuraniyastudios ||

P.S - I have more giveaway coming when I'm done with my exams too ^_^
          I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone *in drake's voice*

Cassandra Ikegbune

Giveaway || Fashion Ma Peau

Tuesday, 13 January 2015
Hey Guys!
How are we doing?
Today I have a little something something for my loyal blog readers!
I actually meant to do this giveaway in December but better late than never right? and its even better because now I have two things to giveaway so read on to find out what and the rules to win! :D

First up is this vintage shirt. 
Don't you just love the vibrant colours? I do! and that's what attracted me to it. 
Its new and haven't been worn by me (well, except for shooting it for this post though)

This next one is for all my fashion lovers in the house and people interested in working in the fashion industry.
I'll be giving away a ticket to the fashion innovation series which is a networking event put together by "Fashion ma peau" for people who want to learn more about fashion careers. and how to break into the industry.
This is the maiden edition and there will be discussions relating to fashion retail, fashion editor/blogger/running a fashion website and styling and image consulting.Some of the speakers include:
Isoken Ogiemwonyi, creative director Obsidian and co-ceo l'espace and LPM
Ify Onyido, creative director and stylist, Iola creative
Toyin Jolapamo, personal shopper and blogger, The soho sister .
Adedeji Bidemi, creative director and stylist, styled by be studios.
Funmi Ishola, fashion editor, city people media.
Ifeanyi Nwune, fashion director and stylist.
Styljunki, leading online fashion directory.

Date: 24th January , 2015.
Time: 10am
You can find out more info and register at

Now, The Rules!
Don't worry, nothing major.
Just follow @projectfmp on twitter and follow @cassiedaves on instagram and/ @cassie_daves on twitter.
Leave a  comment below with your name, handles, emails and state which one of the two you want to win. 
Giveaway closes on the 20th and the winners will be announced then.
 Feel free to share this giveaway with your friends!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Giveaway || Rand And Pluto

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

  Hey Guys!
So the lovely people from Rand And Pluto decided to host a giveaway for my awesome readers. This time, not just one but three people will be winning 

They are giving away the three items above (minus the sheer top in the second picture) and the sizes available are S (8), M(10) and L (12).

Rules for the giveaway-
1. Follow me on Instagram @cassiedaves
2. Follow me on Twitter @cassie_daves
3. Follow the Brand on Instagram and like their Facebook page : @Randandpluto
4. Leave a comment with your handles and state which item you'd like to win and where you'd wear it if you won the giveaway.

The giveaway is only open to people living in Lagos and the winners will be picked at random and announced after a week
Good luck guys!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Giveaway : T.I Nathan

Tuesday, 15 July 2014
Hey guys!!
I have something nice for my lovely readers today!
But first off, remember this giveaway post? Check out how the winner Mide Coker styled the dress. I love it!
Go to for more pictures!

Now on to the matter.
Today I'm collaborating with T.I nathan on this doromegasupergiveaway (I'm sorry this is the first and last time ever I'm using that doro line, I promise :( ).

Bragging Rights NotFamz  : Remember my friend T.I Nathan?. I talked about his brand here and here.  His group #TeamElan emerged winners in the fayrouz l'original contest recently!! ^_^

He has decided to giveaway this combo of Black sleeveless tunic with gold zipper details, Black pants and Cobalt blue jacket from his last collection to one lucky winner!
And the white sandals to another lucky winner (guys only)

I know what you're thinking that its just for guys right? but no, its actually a unisex outfit so this giveaway is open to both males and females. You know androgyny is the new cool right? but don't worry about it been your size, the winner gets it made to his/her size! 

So what are the rules?

- Follow @officialTINathan and @Cassiedaves on Instagram

- Repost the picture on Instagram with the Caption @cassiedaves @officialtinathan giveaway, details on

- If you don't have instagram, not to worry. You can repost it on twitter with the same caption

- Leave a comment with your name, email and instagram/twitter handle.

- Giveaway ends in one week and is open to only people in lagos.

- The winner will be picked via random sampling method by Nathan.

*For additional entries, you can also like my facebook page ,  follow me via
BlogLovin and subscribe to my posts

Goodluck Guys!
Cassandra Ikegbune

Giveaway Winner X Celebrating A Milestone

Saturday, 4 January 2014
I know I've gone on and on about this on my twitter, instagram and co but of course I have to bring it on here.
Soooooo guysss!! I finally reached(and passed) 100,000 page views!! Its a big deal to me! Do you know what that means? That approximately 100,000 people have viewed this little blog of mine. Wow! Once again, thank you so much guys for all the RT's, comments, follows!! I'm soooo grateful! 

I got a cake! ^_^
Now to the giveaway!! 
But first off, i just want to say thanks to y'all that participated So as usual, i used a random number generator to pick out a random number and that was after giving everyone that participated a number according to their comments .
And the winner is "Mide Coker"
Congrats Bebe! I'll email you asap to find out delivery details and i hope it suits you and you love it.

I've been sitting back and just having a good time reading up all the posts on my bloglovin and gfc feed and also hunting up new blogs to follow but i cant wait to get back on my "blogging grind", Outfit Post et Al. 
Thanks for sticking around guys!
Oh and Guyssss! Keep it coming! I've loved the response so far and i love reading about you : Introduce Yourself

Casandra Ikegbune

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The Giveaway II

Thursday, 26 December 2013
Hey Guys!
Happy Boxing Day! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. I'm meant to have done this giveaway a long time ago (my birthday period) but we can as well just call it a "Christmas giveaway"
I'm giving away this "Mai Atafo" Ankara and Lace Shift Dress.
The rules are really simple. You just have to follow my blog either via bloglovin, google friend connect or subscribe via email and leave a comment with your name and email. I'll give each person a number according to the comments and i'll pick out one number at random. The giveaway closes in one week and is open only to people in Lagos
 Follow Via :

For additional entry, you can also follow me on twitter @cassie_daves and Instagram @Cassiedaves :D

Please share the link with your friends and enemies alike. Help spread the word ^_^
Thank you

Cassandra Ikegbune

Giveaway Winner!!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

 Finalllyyyyy! I get to announce who won my giveaway! Yaaayyyyy!! But first off, i just want to say thanks to all yall that participated and for the amazing feedback i got! Medase! Gracias! Thank you!

So, i used a random number generator as suggested by Ibukun to pick out a random number and that was after giving everyone that participated a number according to their comments . Yup! i think it was pretty fair 

And the winner of my shirt is.................
*Drum roll*  lol

Abike Dalley!!!

Congrats! your shirt shall be packaged and delivered to you first thing tomorrow, I hope you love it as much as i did! ;D

Cassandra Ikegbune

The Gi-ve-aw-ay

Tuesday, 3 September 2013
Hey guys,
This is not an outfit post, i just want to give a big shout out to you! Yes You and anyone else out there who has taken even a minute out of their time to go through my blog, share the link, leave a comment, even to those who have sent me email's, and those who have come up to me in person. I just want to say thank you guys. I love y'all like i love popcorn and M&M's and that's real love right there. ^_^

I've decided to do my very first give away to show my appreciation! I'm giving away this monochrome vintage shirt. I went searching for the perfect vintage print shirt to give away and i was almost about to give up when i spotted this monochrome shirt hanging right there staring at me like "Cassandra here i am" .lol.
Ignore my ugly ass hanger -__-
The rules are really simple. You just have to follow my blog either via bloglovin, google friend connect or subscribe via email and leave a comment with your name and email. I'll give each person a number according to the comments and i'll pick out one number at random. The give away closes in two weeks and is open only to people in Lagos
 Follow Via :

For additional entry, you can also follow me on twitter @cassie_daves :D
and if you are having problems with any of the links, just view it in web version you should see the "subscribe via email" at the bottom of the page

Please share the link with your friends and enemies alike. Help spread the word ^_^
Thank you

Oh and you know how i always listen to suggestions from you guys yeah? So i added some coloured pictures to my last post as was suggested. Check it out HERE  :D
“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough” 
― Oprah Winfrey
“Gratitude doesn't change the scenery.  It merely washes clean the glass you look through so you can clearly see the colors.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich 
Cassandra Ikegbune

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