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2017 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Now Available || The One Tool You Need To Have Your Best Blogging Year Ever.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016
It's okay to have big goals for your blog/site, but do you have the right tools to help you achieve them?
Finally, the one tool you need to stay organized, create more strategic content and blog better this new year!

You often find yourself scribbling everywhere, writing on your phone’s notepad––which can get tiring, and leaving your blog without posting for months!

You know you want to build a successful blog but you find yourself at a loss for content ideas and maintaining consistency.

You want to delve into the blogging world and you plan to put your best foot forward from the start.

You have trouble with promoting your content on social media and getting your audience to connect with your blog post

This is for you.

Fact: Blogging consistently can be tiring and a lot of work, especially if you also work at a 9-5 job.

We all know that successful blogging requires a steady dose of inspiration, and careful planning to stay organized especially if you already have school or a day job taking most of your time.
And if you are a creative like me with multiple interests and demanding schedules, you need a framework for consistency. Otherwise, your blog will suffer from no attention.

I get it. I relate. I used to be all over the place with my endless scribbles and to do lists too.

This was until a year ago when I looked at my blog notebook/diaries and realized that I kept writing the same things over and over! I also had difficulties finding where I wrote some things…my mind was a hot mess!Urgh!! 
Although the diaries helped me way better than not having anything at all, they still weren’t helping me stay 100 percent organized or reach my goals. So, I decided to do something about it and created the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, because smart bloggers don’t just brainstorm. They organize! 

The feedback and reception  from the 2016 planner was super awesome! I've been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to improve on the new edition and I'm happy to finally share the 2017 edition with you and announce that The Planner is officially available!

The 2017 blog planner comes in three different colors equipped with new features and everything you need to help you plan better, stay organized, come up with content ideas easily and ultimately blog better!
With the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, I was able to:
  • Cut through the schedule noise and
  • get focused on my goals.
  • Build a montly editorial calender that has helped me stay consistent and organized
  • Evaluate my blog goals, blog and social media growth monthly so I see what's working and what's not.

And it’s not just me. These content creators/bloggers experienced better blogging with the 2016 Cassie Daves Blog Planner! Listen to what they have to say:

The blog planner is soooooo comprehensive, I can't think of anything Cassie missed out. If you plan to take your blogging to the next level then this is one item you need to invest in. Don't just buy it and let it lie fallow by your bedside. Fill it in!!!! Go through the daily blog checklist and check out the list of useful blog apps. If you ever get stuck on what to write about there are blog topic ideas for you to choose from. Great Job Cassie, Thanks for creating this revolutionary product.           - Tuke Morgan | @Tukemorgan

I Love my planner! The design, content, quotes, every dang thing! This planner even reminds you of stuff you might have even forgotten and i think it’s a must have for every blogger.- Jacinta | @jacintaamune

The blog planner is an indispensable tool, very comprehensive and fully loaded with the technical know-hows! Especially for rookies like me. I've come to find blogging more interesting with this tool. I must confess, it's invaluable.- Lois || @ebonymedics. 

I can say with full confidence that it is definitely helping me get more organized. Once I write something down, it's just there staring back at me and I have to get it done. Using the planner has also helped me realize how much fun it is to check out other blogs and share content. I'm loving every bit of it and have actually considered getting one to giveaway for the second quarter. I know I haven't used it very long, but your planner has definitely improved my blogging life.- Coco || @ _thecxcx

Before I got my blog planner, I had a journal for my write-ups and blog post ideas. Sometimes I use my iPad to take notes when my journal is far away. But now, with my blog planner, I get to write my goals for the month, review of the past month, photo shoots, to-do lists and daily checklist. I also get free blog topic ideas for when I run out of things to post (which happens quite often) and useful blog tools and apps.
It’s simply amazing! I love how organised the blog planner is. It’s aimed at keeping you and your blog in check, like a disciplinarian in form of a book. If you’re ready to take your blog seriously, you should get one.
- Grace || @Graysbibi.

Features/Here's what you'll find inside the 2017 planner.
  • 2017/2018 Calender
  • Blog manifesto sheet
  • Monthly Quotes ( By some of your favourite bloggers!)
  • Monthly Post ideas/ note pages
  • 12 Monthly Content planner/ blog post calender
  • Monthly guest post and collaboration
  • pages.
  • Monthly blog goals and end of month goal reviews pages
  • Monthly finance/budget overview page*
  • Daily To Do list pages and check boxes
  • Daily Blog checklist
  • Social Media posting schedule* (To effectively share and promote your blog content)
  • Monthly looks to shoot pages ( hello fashion bloggers! )
  • 99 Blog post ideas*
  • Some useful blog tools and apps page
  • Important blog dates page
  • Brands partnership pages
  • Blog love/roll page.
  • Important links page

When you get the Cassie Daves Blog Planner today, you’ll get the keys to :
  • Map out the who, why and how of your blog so you create content that resonates with your readers.
  • Record your scattered thoughts so that you don’t ever have to suffer from writer’s block.
  • Eliminate procrastination and evaluate your blog/social media growth monthly.
  • Simplify your content marketing so you never have to slave over where to share your blog posts.
  • Pages with headings planned out for you so that you can focus on churning out great post ideas.
This 258 pages planner has been carefully put together to help you stay organized, be more productive, keep track of the important things and of course blog better.
It's hardcover, – to withstand wear & tear during your hustle, comes in a minimalist black & white cover design for a classy touch, and just the right size for your bags and slings.

Finally, It’s Your Turn to stay on top of your blogging game! Whether you're a newbie blogger or you've been blogging for a while, this is for you.

 And you know what? It is 100% safe. There are no side effects with the Cassie Daves Blog Planner. The only side effects are better content, increased blog traffic, and many peaceful nights…knowing that you have a system in place.

Here's another awesome thing about purchasing a planner for your blog - just being able to look back into it years from now and see all your blog plans/growth well laid out.

It’s Decision Time!

Ready to stay organized, blog better, and grow your social media?
Ready to get strategic about your blog and content?

You can now order the 2017 Blog Planner!


  • The Planner costs 5000 Naira | 15$
  • Orders will ship out from Dec 19th
  • When you pre-order, you can get a customized planner with your name written below on the front cover of the planner. ( Pre Order No Longer Available)
  • I'm working on making it easily accessible around the world but if you're not based in Nigeria, we can find ways to get it to you at an extra delivery cost!

Just click the Order button image above (Click the sides not middle of the button image if it keeps going to a Pinterest page) but if you prefer to do it manually, just email me :, let me know what color you want, location and what you want written in front.

P.S - It is available only in the perfect binding format (not spiral bound)

 Feel free to share with your Blogger friends please.
For Bloggers & Content Creators : The one tool you need to kick off your best blogging year ever!Click to tweet!

When Life Gives You Lemons. . .

Tuesday, 6 October 2015
Make Lemonade.
Isn't that how the saying goes?

And I think that's what I've been trying to do - Make Lemonade with these Lemons that have been thrown my way. This joblessness.
Keeping my mind and hands busy while waiting to finally get a job and resume duty as a Doctor officially.

Although, I haven't let myself be majorly bothered about it except for the times when I realize that I could really do with a steady income, but just the other day, some of my fellow classmates who had a minor delay with results graduated and though I was extremely happy to celebrate with them as their joy was too palpable to not be infectious, I was also aware of the fact that most of them already had jobs waiting for them to just resume and it weighed down on me a bit.

Med School is slowly beginning to feel like a life time ago and I can't say I relate perfectly with some of the Doctor jokes and bants my classmates who have started work share on their PMs on a regular.
Though I'm still honestly unsure of a lot of things like if I really want to start work - lazy bum that I am and what will happen with my blog when I finally do, I know it has to happen anyways regardless and I guess I also sort of  just want to experience this 'being a doctor' thing too.

I've unconsciously been trying to live off my classmates who already got a job - get a feel of this doctor life with its extra added responsibilities but it seems like every 'how is work' going question is met with a not so detailed reply so I've stopped trying.
I'm not sure what direction the future holds for me right now.
But I guess
For now though, I'll just keep trying to make more lemonade and trusting that the plans God has for me are to give me a future.

I hope you do the same when Life gives you lemons.
Currently facing any and want to share? I'm definitely all ears. :)
Jeremiah 17:7-8  “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.  It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.  It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”
Read about my graduation here and subsequent job hunt here.
Also for more posts from my med school journey, click here!

UPDATE! I Finally got a job! Blogged about it here

Wish you all a great week ahead!

Outfit || Prints And Bold Hues.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Starting off this post with some silly pictures of me which I think really reflects who I am - Easy going, fun, never entirely put together/taking life too serious, slightly awkward and somewhat comical.
Of course, there's the reclusive side of me also - The side that wants to just stay in bed and be left alone and finds expressing emotions all so difficult but its all part of the package and everyday I'm learning to love the parts of me that nobody claps for.
Learning, growing and becoming everyday.
This year has been really eye opening, I've learnt so many lessons - one of which is maximizing the little you have and not letting it be a barrier/excuse for not doing what you want.
If I tell you that for the most part, I blog with just my phone. I don't have a laptop and I can't make/do lots of the changes I'll like to make to this site but I still try to keep the blog going with the little I have regardless.

Do you know how much you can do with that "little wardrobe/I don't have much clothes complain" of yours?
Unconsciously, but I just noticed that somehow the theme of this year especially with outfit posts is really just me maximizing my wardrobe and therefore remixing/ rocking outfits in different ways.
The other day, I started out trying on a denim dress I bought and ended up with three cohesive looks put together with the dress being the center of it all.
Oh, I'm just too dope guys! (You guys don't tell me that enough so please let me flatter myself abeg)
This is yet another look from my "capsule wardrobe" project. I've worn this skirt previously here and also styled the shirt in this post as well.
I wore this to church on Sunday but with my shirt all buttoned up and my nude heels instead (which I still took off and exchanged for my green sandals).
At this point, let me just add that I think I need new (6ft&above gang) friends to go to church with. I hardly wear heels to church because I make my friends look like dwarfs when I do and I genuinely just realize how awkward it must be for them, seeing as they are guys. Lol

My sister bought both this shirt and skirt for me when she travelled to ATL and she just keeps looking at me like Dang, had I known! But what can I say?
If you ain't got this style thing , you just ain't got it, forget having all the clothes in the world. :p

What do you guys think?
How would you style this look differently?

Pictures by @Jerrie_Rotimi

Recently :

A Lil Skin Love : My Super Simple Skincare Routine For Beginners.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
I've never been one for skin care products - my good old trusty sponge and bathing soap worked just fine, thank you. I never even bothered with cream and I was always the first to pipe up when asked about how I took care of my skin with 'oh nothing", a proud grin across my face.
Thankfully, I was blessed with great skin so I never had to worry about anything and using "chemicals" on my face as my sisters still mockingly call it. All that changed when out of the blues one day, I started breaking out with these tiny rashes (I blogged about it then here).

I did the 'just give it time thing' but it was taking too long to clear so I decided to ask people and got lots of suggestions of things to try that was really scary for me.
A makeup artist during this shoot suggested I start using a cleanser instead of my soap and sponge and maybe try to develop a skin care routine.
I was a bit hesitant because I wasn't used to applying anything to my face and honestly didn't want to get used to/have to depend on products but I finally caved in, did some googling on the basic skin care routine plus some of the suggestions I got and settled with the products I currently use. The rashes went and I noticed a slight improvement in my skin too.

Recently my cleanser finished and I didn't replace it but went back to my normal soap method just to see if there'll really be much of a difference and I "think" I noticed that my face was getting rougher.

All that long story up there is my way of saying that giving your skin a little love by developing a skin care routine can help improve your already good skin (if you're like me with naturally good skin). It also doesn't have to be anything complicated.

I'll be sharing my super simple skin care routine which is really just the four basics of a skincare routine for beginners looking for a few pointers because I had to do a lot of googling to learn the essentials of a skin care routine.
                           Let's dig in..

- Exfoilate.
Exfoilating helps remove dead skin and unclog your pores. I use the St ives face scrub (costs 700Naira) two-three times a week. I normally exfoilate before cleansing but I've been seeing online that you should cleanse first although I'll probably still stick with my way. Which do you do first ?

- Cleanse.
I stopped using my normal bathing soap for my face and replaced it with the neutrogena oil free facial wash (1700Naira) which I use to wash my face daily during my morning and night bath but there's an acne wash if you're acne prone.

- Tone.
Image via
Toning helps remove last traces of make up and cleanser left behind after
cleansing, tighten skin, prepare skin for the absorption of serums and creams, reduce the appearance of pores, and restore your skin's PH
I'm not so regular with this, mine finished a while ago and I'm yet to replace it but I use the clean and clear deep cleansing toner (Can't remember the cost, help? But its not up to 2k) after cleansing.

- Moisturize.
To hydrate your skin!
I use this really regular St Ives daily hydrating moisturizer but there are lots of options according to your skin type and extra jara ingredients (e.g SPF ).
I used to steal my mum's Olay which is just amazing but too expensive for me so St Ives for me now.


Thats about it! The four basic steps and the products I use.
What's your skin care routine like? What products do your swear by?
What do you think about developing a skin care routine especially if you already have perfect skin? 

I'll like to read your thoughts, my people!

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe || Capsule Wardrobe.

Saturday, 9 May 2015
I remember sometime early this year when I was feeling really uninspired, wearing pretty much the same things and thinking that I just had to introduce some new clothes into my wardrobe to get it going again but then one day I decided to sort through my clothes and I found out that I actually don't need new clothes or anything because I could still put together some really cool outfits from the ones I already have.
Simply put, I wasn't maximizing my wardrobe well.
I really don't have that much clothes or anything but I sure have discovered that mixing and matching and re-rocking is one way to maximize your wardrobe especially if you're like me with a not so big closet.
Another way is the capsule wardrobe way. I came across the concept of the capsule wardrobe sometime last year and thought it was a pretty good way to not only make the most of your wardrobe, but to save yourself the stress and time of thinking up what to wear everyday and get your creative juices flowing.

It is a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear or think are essentials and can be interchanged to create various looks.
Basically keeping a mini collection of clothes that you can mix up and wear for a particular period of time

- You have to decide first of all what amount of clothes you want to work with and for how long you plan to work with the clothes you pick. Some people put together a capsule wardrobe for 3months, stick strictly to it and switch it up again for the next three months. Yours doesn't have to last for three months though, could be a capsule for two weeks only and then you switch up after. Depends on you.

- Yes, you'll have to finally sort through your clothes! Lol.
Sort through your closet and select clothes you think are essentials that you can mix and match to create different looks and to suit your lifestyle.
You can separate them into 'tops, bottoms, shoes etc to make it easier
Hang the selected clothes up while you keep the rest in a separate box

- And then you figure out how you plan to pair the clothes you selected in different ways to create different looks (here's where it helps with being creative) and wear those for the period of time you choose. You don't get to buy new clothes or wear other clothes from the ones you didn't select during that time. You work 'strictly' with what you brought out.

That's where my problem is....
Not being able to pick from my other clothes. I doubt I'll be able to adhere to that though! It feels like living with 'rules' and being restricted so In my case, I'll be using the capsule wardrobe idea thing just as a backbone to help maximize my wardrobe because I won't be sticking to all the rules of the game but the general concept is pretty much the same, just more flexible and more open to spontaneity.

Here's my own process.
I already had a mental picture of the clothes I wanted to use to create the capsule I.e so I wrote them down first, also wrote the different ways I'll mix them up.
I went through my wardrobe, selected them out and hung them up separate from the other clothes
Top : I picked my denim shirt, an orange and purple shirt, two retro print shirts, two waist coats, a black tee and my jack daniels muscle tee.
Bottom : I picked my black harem pant, a blue harem too, wine red and brown culottes, pink polka dot skirt, twenty six skirt and orange mini skirt.

In total, I was able to create more than ten different pairings using those and a whole lot more when I also incorporate other items from my other clothes plus the other pairings I already have in mind from the clothes I didn't select!
I hardly go out anyways so this is just to help make life easy for me to decide what to wear when I have events, dates or appearances to make/go for. I have my danshiki, numerous oversize shirts and denim pants for my day to day waka and school runs. Lol

I'll be sharing with you guys the various looks I'll create from my selections and I hope I'll be able to stick with it.

I hope you found this post helpful?!
What's your take on this capsule wardrobe thing? 
Ever tried/Will you try it out sometime.
Also, what way do you use to make the most out of your wardrobe?

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Cassie Daves Guide To: Starting Your Own Blog.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015
Because I keep getting emails from people asking about how to get started with their blogging adventure, I thought to finally put out a post sharing some tips and advice from starting mine and my own little experience thus far.
Lets dig in.
Covering The Basics.
So you've decided that you want to be a blogger? But not so fast yet, first of all you have to cover the basics before delving any further.
What are these basics?
- Defining your niche, Target audience and Purpose : This basically means figuring out what it is you want to write about, who your content is aimed at and what you hope to achieve with blog.
When I first started, I honestly didn't have a set plan for what I was going to use this space for although I knew I was going to definitely write about my life and style but I've learnt that knowing what your focus is and having some direction in the beginning usually helps to guide you along the way.
I finally defined my niche and purpose along the way : This is a fashion and lifestyle blog and I write with a hope to inspire, encourage and motivate people by sharing bits and pieces of my Style and fashion journey, struggles, life lessons and also build community and connect with likeminded people
Picking Out A Name.
Now that you've finally covered the basics and you know what topics your blog will be centred on and all. Picking out a name is the next step. I also got stuck at this stage and at first this blog was "beneathmybeautiful" before i finally changed it to "cassiedaves" but here are a few tips for figuring out a name 
- Make sure it doesn't already exist
- Maybe a name people already identify you with?
- Something that goes with what your blog is about?
- You want something that shouldn't be so hard to recall. ( I thought cassie Daves was pretty easy but people still keep mixing the daves up with davies. Uggh)

Choosing A Blogging Platform.
Source :
If i had to choose all over again, I'll probably go with wordpress. Not just because their commenting system is easy but there are really dope themes there and a lot more you can do but the downside to wordpress is that its a bit techy and if you're like me who doesn't really have time to read How-To books (My uncle actually gave me a book on wordpress to read and it wasn't exactly a small book) and scour the internet for help then maybe blogger might just be for you. 
Although I had the option of moving over to wordpress when i was trying to set up my domain, I decided to stick with my blogger mostly because of the chance of loosing all my blogger stats with the move and also i think blogger is way easier for me to maneuver.
Finally, it all balls down to personal choice but i think you should figure that out to avoid the stress of moving later on and possibly loosing your stats.
Also if you plan to build a brand off your blog, I think getting a custom domain name straight up might be best ( a .com rather than a " or but you can as well start out hosted and convert later

Blogger Starter Pack.
Source :
Really all you need is your head to think up content, a blog planner ( Get yours here)for ideas and computer / phone. But a camera or just a badass photographer who can help you out might come in handy especially if you're planning to start a fashion blog.
I wrote a post on my blogging process and also shared some of my blogging tools and you can read that here

Blog Design.
This is very important as your blog design is the first thing people will see and a cluttered one can put people off. I prefer more minimalistic themes but it all depends on your choice as long as you keep it clean. 
There are lots of wordpress themes but unfortunately with blogger, its a bit limited although there are some nice free blogger themes like the soraya theme and iksandi theme but you can always buy blog themes on etsy.

Start Creating Content.
Focus on creating awesome, engaging and original content. Say No to plagiarism! and if you do post another blogger's stuff, please link back to them.

A Few Extra Advice.
- It may or may not kick off real quick so don't get dissapointed if after the comments aren't rolling in. Focus on yourcontent, 
- Network Network Network!! That is one important way to get your blog out there so visit other blogs, leave meaningful comments, and join in on the fun.
- Consistency is key.
- Don't forget to set up your bloglovin and GFC and get a good header image (the cassandra ikegbune fashion life style you can see up there)

I really hope this is helpful and if you finally start up one please leave me your links . 
You know I gatchyu always!!

If you prefer to be guided through the process of starting your blog, instead of doing it all alone and making mistakes that might cost you time. I can help you with that.
Click Here for more details

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