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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Newbie Guide - What To Expect.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Except you're living under a stone, you probably know that its fashion week season in Nigeria. If you don't, get out of that rock right now! And I mean, right now!!

The Lagos Fashion and Design Week is the most anticipated fashion event in Lagos and its finally here again.I've been attending fashion week since 2013 and its one event I always look forward to every year.
My first LFDW experience was pretty fun! Although, I was a newbie unsure of my left from right, but I was with the right people and was eager to take it all in.

I know quite a number of people might be attending fashion week (LfDW)  for the very first time, so I thought to make it all easier for them by sharing a few things to know and expect.

1. Location. Location!
Lagos Fashion and Design Week runs from Oct 26 through to Oct 29, and the official central hub for LFDW is at Federal palace in Victoria Island.
You will find a couple of tents (backstage tent, retail/shopping tent etc) at the venue and the main event actually takes place in one of the tents which will be open when they are ready for the show.
The runway show is meant to start by 6pm daily but there are almost always delays so the tent might not get opened till 7 or later.
So, what will you be doing till then? Hanging around, of course! That's when everyone meets everyone, pose for the paps, give interviews and basically just take in the scene.
So your best bet is to get there somewhere around 5pm so you don't miss this bit - its an integral part of the fashion week experience!
There's also going to be some shopping of outfits off the runway and this will happen from 11am to 6pm everyday. To check out the full schedule of the event, and see other side events that will happen on the grounds, check HERE

2. It Might Not Be All Fun.
Not to discourage you or anything but I feel its important to let you know this bit. If you happen to go alone and you aren't quite the social butterfly, It's easy to feel a bit lost.
You might think that you'll get there and immediately meet people to do the event with but you'll find that everyone is basically all over the place too.
Last year, I went with people who were majorly interested in getting pap'd (posing for pictures) and I lost them in the haze of things. Thankfully, I hooked up with other bloggers at the event (another reason why blogger boos are important) and had people to be with till the show started.
How to avoid this? Well, go with someone! Or try to get involved in things. See someone's style you love? Go say hi!
You can also check out the retail stands while you wait for the doors to the runway shows to be open.

2. Have flats somewhere in your bag!
Except you're one of those female superheroes who can stand on heels for hours and feel no discomfort. Because like I said, there will be some standing around before the doors to the show opens! In case you were expecting to just get there and get right into the main event.

3. The Paparazzi.

Don't be surprised if you keep getting pulled to have your pictures taken or give a quick interview. There are usually lots of press, just In case you're asked who you're wearing and you're feeling shy to say it's baffs from the market. Take this as a heads up now. Loool!

4. The Politics Of Seating.
When the doors finally gets open, the next thing is getting good seats which can be a pain. Because of course, front row seats are reserved. But here's a tip - be confident and go sit where you want. Most times, nobody will disturb you and you win.
To be on the safe side though, if you're not a fan of being asked to get up midway into the event, just sit on the second row and to the extreme end so you don't get blocked by people's heads.

5. Fashion Week Swag Bags.

Expecting goodie bags?
Just get it off your mind now! You might find a magazine on your seat though.

6. Don't Come Hungry.

There usually isn't anything to eat (or drink), so don't come with an empty tummy because if you get hungry, you're on your own. Luckily though, its in V.I and you can always branch toany restaurant. Although, that's extra cab fare if you're like me that don't have a car.
Also, don't come with empty phone/camera batteries!  Of course, you know why right?

Fashion week is a great opportunity to make good connections because lots of those fashion people you've meaning to work with or meet would definitely be around. Don't be shy to say hi or just introduce yourself. Come handy with your business cards (bloggers, listen! ) and elevator pitch.

All in All, I think it is definitely worth experiencing. For me, being surrounded by so much fashion and street style makes me sooooooooo happyyyy. I can't explain it! I'm always reminded of how much I love fashion whenever I'm at fashion week.

Another thing I always look forward to is definitely seeing some of my model friends and designer buddies slay the runway! I've particularly been looking forward to seeing what T.I Nathan and Fruche has for us this year and I'm pretty bummed I won't be able to make their show because of work but I'll be joining in on the whole fun from friday, so I look forward to seeing some of you!

Ever been to LFDW? What's your favourite part of it all?
Newbie? What's your reason for wanting to attend fashion week this time and what are your expectations?
Did you find this post helpful? I hope you did because I typed this all while sitting at a seminar at work. Lol
Please share this post with the share buttons and let me know your thoughts!
P.S : 
- Wondering how to network at the event? I've got you covered HERE.

- Need some style inspiration? Check out this street style guide for fashion week HERE

- Also check out all my fashion week posts/outfits/experience up to date HERE.

Inspiration || 4 Hacks To Instantly Look More Stylish.

Saturday, 10 September 2016
  The Cool Kid Style Guide.

If there's one thing that gets me all excited and revved up in this fashion game is finding people with real style. People that slay effortlessly and can make even the most basic outfit look really cool! Style blogger, Grace Alex is big in my books because of this.

What I've come to realize though, from my own self-acclaimed "cool kid status" *side eye* and years of stalking stylish people is that you really don't need to have a large super cool wardrobe (most of us don't! I know I don't ) or even be a "fashion person" to look stylish/cool.
For some people, its just in them. True! but there are ways to "fake it, till you actually make it". Simple hacks and tiny tweaks here and there can elevate an outfit and make you look instantly cooler.

I talked a bit about this in my post on the power of the extras but in this post, I'll be sharing four of these "style hacks"/tips that will instantly make you look more fashionable, as well as some style inspiration to go with it.

Let's dig in.

1. Wear your jacket as a cape.

Read full post of Look One, Two & Three

And by this, I mean draping it loosely over your shoulders. This one is a personal fave of mine as you guys can already tell. I hear its called the "Shoulder Robing" or "Coat Slinging". What I know for sure though, is that this is one definite way of adding an extra oomph to an outfit and is a popular one amongst the fashion crowd.
Pictures : @songofstyle, @stylebyada, @seddyleketi

2. Put a hat on it.

 Or a Turban.
Read full post of Look One & Two
Wide brimmed hats of course take center stage here. They've been like the ultimate "fashion person/cool kid" accessory and for good reason! They definitely have a way of making you look super cool when worn right.
A turban is another one of my faves for spicing up a look. If you're still in doubt, Paola Matthe of Finding Paola is a walking example of how effortless pairing a head wrap with any basic outfit can instantly switch things up. 
Other hats that are slowly taking over are the Beret, fez, visors (topless hats) and gatsby hat. Currently looking to get me some visors and a gatsby hat!

Pictures : @findingpaola, @t2pitchy
Read my style inspiration post on the beret and fez hat.
And my picture tutorial on how to tie a turban perfectly here

3. Layer with a shirt inside.

This is one fail proof style hack and it automatically makes anyone look stylish. Simply jazz up a sleeveless dress by wearing a long sleeved shirt under it. The good thing is that it doesn't work for just dresses though! You can layer under sweat shirts and other tops as well, just leave the collars peeking out and buttoned to the top.

Picture : @freddieharrel

4. Sneak It In.
Finish up your look with a pair of sneakers. It never fails! The classic white sneakers especially makes everything look good and gives you instant cool vibes.

 Pictures : @muuchinto, @princessaudu

Some other style tips/hacks inlude the infamous half tuck, cuffed sleeves/rolled up jeans, mixing print, socks and shoe and of course finishing your look with a dope pair of sunnies!
Now it's your turn! 
What do you guys think of these tips?
Do you have any extra tips to add?
Please share!!
I'm going to be putting a some of these tips into practice in my next few style posts (hopefully I find a photographer) showing you how I take a relatively boring dress and make it look more stylish.

Leave me your thoughts please
And let's connect!

P.S -

My Personal Style Journey x How To Figure Out Your Style.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

If there's one other thing I get constant emails on asides from the usual "blog questions" (check out my blog tips segment here), its on fashion/style tips from people who are still a bit confused about their style, figuring it out and  just dressing better in general.

I've been meaning to address this for a while now so this post is long overdue. I mentioned in this post - on the power of the extras in making an outfit, that I was going to blog about how to figure out your personal style.

I thought to not only finally address that but to also chip in a bit about my style journey as well and some lessons/tips to guide you towards finding yours.

Let's dig in. 

For me, figuring out this whole fashion thing and my own personal style was a gradual process. Looking back at my my very early years, up until Secondary School, I didn't really have a sense of style. My mum did ninety percent of my shopping for me, and in retrospect, I couldn't really be bothered, no jokes.

Fast forward to my university days which were my 'more formative years' when it came to figuring out my style. This was because I had almost full control over what went into my wardrobe.
During my first year, I basically wore cargo shorts a lot, I also had this floral monochrome dress I wore a lot.
Currently? I wouldn't wear either of them.
From my second year to about my third year in the university, my style went through some more changes, but one thing that was a constant was that I was always more in tune with "street style type" outfits, than "prim and proper/classy" ones.

The end of 2012/2013 (around the time I started style blogging - see my first ever style post here!) was when I really started coming into my own regarding my personal style. It was my crazy vintage year, when I really fell in love with the bright retro shirts and big pleated skirt. It's a love that still hasn't left me. Since then, I've kept on fine tuning my style - I like to say its an evolving process but I definitely have a full understanding of what I like and works for me now.

Here's what I know from my own style journey about finding your style.

- It's okay if you still haven't figured out your style by now. 

Like I said, I only really started understanding mine about three years ago. So it's never too late to start the journey to figuring yours out. Also your style might evolve and change over time and that's okay too.
Not sure about this style thing? Check out these six tips to help you define your personal style! Click to tweet!
- At the very least, you have to know yourself. 

I can't stress this enough because having a "personal style" is basically dressing to reflect yourself. You will have to at least know what your preferences are. For instance, are you a more laid back person? Or do you have a more bubbly out-there personality? These things all play a role in determining your style.

- You will need to seek Inspiration.  

There are lots of different style types - vintage, classic, preppy, bohemian, androgynous etc
To figure out which one you fall under, you might have to do a bit of research (this should be fun :)).

Now there's pinterest, tumblr, lots of instagram fashionistas, fashion bloggers and even the good ole fashion magazines at your fingertips. There's basically style inspiration everywhere on the internet.
Think about it for a second. Who are some of your style icons? Or people whose style you just love? Write down a list of some of these people and try to figure out what they have in common.
Also, you should ask yourself 'what do I want my clothes to say about me?'. I want mine to say that I'm interesting, creative, authentic and possibly artsy too.

I used to be all over fashion blogs back then and though I was never crazy about foreign magazines, I would always wait for the sunday copy of Thisday style to pore over it. Over time, I realized that I was more in tune with people with eccentric styles.
Attending my first ever fashion week - Arise Fashion Week, opened me up to a whole lot of style inspiration also. Till this day, I still screen munch people whose style I love to try out later on.

- You will have to do some experimenting. 

Because that's how you'll eventually figure out what works for you and what doesn't. I would never have imagined wearing conflicting prints before but right now I'm about that life, and I would never have known if I didn't try it out. Also play dress up and experiment with some of the style inspirations from the people you've listed.

- Know Your Body. 

I rarely wear fitted tees with fitted bottoms. Although I used to back in my first year in university, but I've seen the light and now I know that it just doesn't work for my body frame. I'm a 'model type chick' (yes that's what I've decided to call my body frame) and as such, I don't have much booty or boobies so wearing something fitted both at the top and bottom would just make me look straight.

- Be Confident. 

And don't apologize for your style. I actually found myself struggling with this at some point and I blogged about that here.
I've found that people would always have an opinion on what you wear. Till date, my mum still goes on about how she doesn't understand the way I dress and how I need to wear more dresses and be more "chic".
I always try to remember that I dress for me and that feeling comfortable in my own skin and outfit is more important than any opinion anyone else has.
Like I said in this post, also remember that its not just an outfit but an attitude! Most times its not just about what you wear but also how you carry yourself in what you wear.

"Check out my 20132014 and 2015, style journey 

If you're yet to figure out your style, I hope this post is helpful to you.
If you've undergone that journey already, how would you describe your style? Any other tips would definitely be welcome!
Please shareee, lets get talking and also, lets connect.

Little Black Dress || Day - Night (Two)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
In case you'll like to pin this post to your Pinterest board. Oh go ahead, you know you want to.
 Oh yes, still on this improvised little black dress of mine, but this time without my friend Tracy.
I realized halfway through reading the comments that some of yall thought the first picture in the previous post was the night look. Although, it actually works quite well as a night look but I had something else in mind.
This look is a more dressy look, suitable for date night, corporate dinners, and wherever you deem fit.

In the first post, I shared tips on spicing up your little black dress for a cool casual look .
Those tips still work for transitioning to an evening look.
All I simply did was switch up my outer garment - opting instead for a structured blazer, throw on heels and change my neckpiece.
I was carrying a black clutch but I honestly forgot to include it in my pictures. Lol
I wore this to a bloggers dinner put together by hello food, a while ago.

What do you think about this look?
How would you style it differently?

So if you have a little black dress, I'm guessing you already know what to wear for date night on Friday/ your office dinner and on Saturday to that store launch your friend invited you over for?

- In case you're looking for something extra glam for your night out, this post on making your basics work for night time might give you some extra ideas

          ||TWITTER || INSTAGRAM 

How To : Get Your Head Wrap Game On

Thursday, 4 June 2015
I've probably been promising to do a head wrap tutorial forever but honestly the main reason why I haven't done it was because at first, I didn't have a photographer and then later on I realized that I'm not so good with it myself. I have to try it a couple of times before I get the perfect one.
My friend Tarila, who helped me take these pictures showed me the step where I've been getting it wrong and now I'm reaaaddyyyy! And of course it had to come after my last post where I also wore a headwrap, although not the same style as in this tutorial.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory so I'll let them do most of the talking
Let's dig in!



One end has to be way shorter than the other.

Tuck in the shorter end first behind your ear.

Still tucking in as in previous step

Take the other end round your head

Still taking it round

Still taking it round here too

Same as above.

STEP 10.
Tuck the remaining bit into the front or wherever it ends.

STEP 11.
Adjust here and there for a perfect finish

And Taadah!

This was the complete look, which I wore to school to do my clearance and see a friend.
I really hope this was helpful.
If you need any clarifications, please leave me a comment! Let me know what you think of the look as well.

Here's a simple tutorial to get your head wrap/turban game on!

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