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Weekend Bits || TBP Bloggers Brunch, The Ajali Party And A Yard Sale.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hi Guys
How's your week going?
Mine has been alright so far.

The other day, I was wondering when I stopped doing full events report posts like I did back then ( check out this one and this too) and switched to this weekend bits format. Then it hit me that it was when I got too lazy to walk up and down taking pictures instead of enjoying the event. This laziness of a thing ehn.

Anyways, I thought to find out if you guys actually like this weekend bits format. Please let me know , thank you!

Okay let's get into today's post.
In my head I'm saying "Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of weekend bits". Feels funny typing it out though. lol
I had a pretty eventful weekend compared to the last one here. After all my rants on being frugal after the budding wings event, I still ended up spending more than I planned to on cabs this past weekend.

I had to attend the TBP bloggers brunch event though (Rember the dee mako blogger's brunch?) because I was one of the "vip guests" and that's the thought that made me put in extra effort to be there.
The dress code for the event was "floral and that made picking an outfit a bit hard because "hard guy no dey wear floral" lol! Jokes though. My mum added to the stress by ruining the dress I picked out that morning and I had to look for last minute fix ups.

I finally made it to the really lovely venue, although I got there late and missed Noble's speech which I heard was really inspiring. Bummer. The decor was nice, everyone was looking all floraly and beautiful. It was really lovely!
I got to meet with lots of my online blogger boos (Hey Sogie, Beth, Grace etc ) and finally meet the face behind the blogger point - Maryam. Great job!

I didn't sit through the award though because I knew I wasn't winning nothing, so I can't say for sure who won what.

The only thing I didn't like about the event was how limited food was but I guess I can't complain much seeing as I didn't even have to pay an entrance fee. I left the event very hungry though and this fueled the decision to hop into Deola's car and follow them to Ajali's third anniversary party. No Shame!

Ajali is a an all-natural handmade skincare brand. This was my very first time at their store and the nice mix of fragrances that welcomed me was so pleasing to my senses. I got there to find small chops in abundance! * speaks in tongues*
I must have embarrassed myself because I took a permanent position beside the small chops table. Smh

I also finally got to meet the owner - Ify , who was so nice and soft spoken. She talked us through some of her products and I definitely have my eyes on the konjac sponge and their scrubs.

I really like what the Ajali brand is doing and how much they've grown since they launched. I still remember when sisi yemmie did an introductory post for them and now they are already celebrating three years. Congratulations Ify!
Check them out @shopajali

On Sunday, I went for the celebrity yard sale event at Zazaii, put together by Liz Awoliyi. They basically had a couple of Nigerian celebrities selling out some of their clothes and shoes, with proceeds going to charity. I think its interesting how lots of "yard sales" are popping up since the nfbyardsale.

Anyways, my friend made me go for this one but I was a bit dissapointed when I got there to find all the nice things gone. My friend who got there really early to be able to get the good things first told me that it seemed like they had people that prebooked items. I hope its not true though because that would be a shame.
I didn't see much that I wanted, so I bought just a pencil skirt my friend picked out for me from Liz Awoliyi's closet and called it a day.

I know the week is almost over but permit me to still ask - how did your weekend go?
And how is this week treating you?
Were you at the bloggers brunch or any of these other events? How did you find it?
Please share! And let's connect!

Weekend Bits || The Budding Wings Event + Notes On Living In Purpose.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Hey Guys!
I'm back with another weekend bits post. 

On saturday, I attended the budding wings event put together by some of my faves - Kunmi Oni, Ibukun Akinnawo and Ibukun Awosika.
I knew I had to be there immediately I got the mail from Kunmi, saying she was hosting an event because like I already mentioned in this post - #WCE!
I almost let laziness stop me from going that day, but I was glad I didn't because I learnt a lot from the event.
Living in purpose isn't just about making money and being famous or successful, its really about living according to God's will.Click to tweet!
Kunmi talked on living in purpose and it was really insightful. She came prepared with worksheets, that we had to fill during the event. The work sheet was really key and asked a lot of deep questions to help us evaluate our lives, understand and find our purpose as well.
She made us understand that the fact that everything is going so well in our lives currently isn't a benchmark for evaluating if we are really walking in purpose, and that living in purpose isn't just about making money and being famous or successful, its really about living according to God's will and also making sure that whatever we do gives glory to God.
There were also talks on time management and saving/personal finance by Ibukun Akinnawo and Ibukun Awosika respectively. Ibukun Akinnawo is the founder of IPA - A virtual personal assistance platform, while Ibukun Awosika is the founder of design label fiberrose

I had my blog planner handy to do some jottings and even made savings and time management plans for myself and my blog during the event.

Some of the things I took note of for myself was that :
- Saving with a goal makes it harder for you to dip into your savings. I realized that I actually have lots of things I would love to buy and should save for, but I don't really save for them per se. I just save because I like to know that I have some extra cash in the bank.
I made a list of those things and I'm now actively working on them. If I was saving with goals in mind, I would have gotten a new camera by now. Smh
I also decided to make a separate account that I won't spend out of to actively save for these things.

- I need to develop a better morning routine. I usually wake up and go straight to my phone to read mails, pray when I remember to (working on this though) and hop out of bed. I'm now trying to manage my time better and create a system that helps me do this well.

My introvert self reared its ugly head again during the event, just when I was beginning to think that I had made massive progress in that area. It was a good event regardless, just the right size for me. Lol and I hope they put together another one soon.

My events hopping life is slowing down because like I mentioned in my last weekend bits post, getting around to these events can be a bit costly and then you go to just look around and go back home. Not like I actually go to lots of events, but its reducing a lot more now.
So on Sunday, I just went to church - that's a picture of Daystar Christian Centre's healing stream (choir) and later went to see the movie suicide squad that everyone has been giving bad reviews. It actually wasn't all that had!
I really wanted to go the zinkata store launch I mentioned in this post, but I'm choosing what to spend on and cab fee up and down Lagos isn't the wisest choice.
I also got my package from infinix and Its the new infinix hot S. I haven't played around with it or even opened it up because I want to do an unboxing video first and I've been trying to decide what platform to use - instastories or snapchat.
What do you guys think?

Also, what did you get up to this past weekend?

Is there anything else you'll like to add on either living/walking in purpose or tips for saving and financial prudence from your personal view.
 Please share! I'm always open to your opinions and learning from you all too.

Weekend Bits || The NFBYard Sale.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016
Shop. Bid. Network.

The NFBYardsale that I kept going on and on about finally happened this past sunday and I just cleared my schedule for the day because I knew it was going to be my main focus. I even had people help me decide on my outfit on instagram (@cassiedaves). Lol

Most of you might not know this, but that was actually the second edition of the yard sale. The first edition happened two years ago (quick shout out to anyone that was at the first one - you're the real MVP!) and being at this one, I was so impressed by the obvious growth! It goes to show that if something doesn't work at first, you might just need to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize.

The yard sale was held at the Ethnic heritage centre, which was where I also had my meet n greet event last year ( Read what went down at the meet n greet Here). I was particularly interested in seeing what the arrangement was going to be like and it was quite impressing to see how they managed and made the best of the space to fit all the vendors. There was also some food vendors around, good music and a sketch artist.

I didn't initially plan to sell anything, because I was too lazy to sort through my closet and I knew that I didn't have so much to sell. I finally decided to clean out my closet two days before the main event, which meant that I had to go with the option of "consigning" my things. I logged my bag to the venue and just left It to the care of my "consignee".
I honestly didn't sell much, but that's because of my own negligence and poor planning (didn't come with any hangers to hang up my clothes. Smh) I'm thinking of opening a "shop my closet" page on this blog to sell the remaining items. What do you guys think?

Pictures : Tunde Mason and @ Ordinaryandart
It was a pretty fun event though! Majorly because I reconnected with a few people I hadn't seen in a while (like my friend Ismail who shot this post and this post), also got to meet a few blog readers ( helloo ilamosi, senayafrances) and I went home with an "awuuf" - a dope skirt (the  skirt being held in the picture above) from the auction which Mrs Adesuwa (Publisher of TW Magazine - I've shot for them once HERE) bought for me.

Oh! A bit on that auction.
Remember I mentioned in this post that I was going to be hosting the auction at the yardsale? And was feeling a bit iffy about it all ? Well, I eventually just stilled my mind because what's the worst that can happen?
I didn't get to actually host it anymore after all my apprehension because my "co-auctioneers" had so much fun doing it and might have forgotten themselves in the process. Lol!
I didn't take any offense though, and didn't mind the help at all. Except that I had to stand there awkwardly doing nothing, not sure if to just leave or go away. I eventually went to sit down.
The Auction was basically a way to give back to the community as the proceeds from it was to raise funds for the expansion of an NGO - the iroto school of catering in Ogun state. The items that were auctioned were majorly "designer pieces" donated by some of our media and TV personalities.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one and I'm sure it would be bigger and better. I think it is a great initiative to help find new homes for your old clothes.
I'm a cloth hugger, so I basically just keep piling mine up - whether I wear them or not. I keep thinking that I might need to wear it one day and it will be sad if I don't have it when that day comes. Lol. Of course the day never comes but I keep thinking. Smh. It felt good cleaning out my wardrobe and letting go of some of my clothes. Though, I just couldn't bring myself to let go of my vintage shirts. Lol!

Were you at the yard sale? What was your experience like? 
And while we are on it. I'm curious, what do you do with your clothes that you no longer wear but are in a good enough state? Do you pass them on to your siblings, throw them away or give to charity?
I'll really love to know.
Please share! And let's connect.

Weekend Bits || Desiree Iyama Launch, Genevieve Summer Party x Art.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You guyyssssssssss!
Long time, no weekend bits post!
Blame it on my ATL trip and the funk I was in when I got back but I finally went back to the lagos "event hopping" lifestyle the other-other weekend (really late post) and realized again, how much it actually is a waste of money for me going to some of these events because it's basically just people standing around in circles. But I guess networking has it gains right? Even if I don't actually do any networking. 
Anyways! It didn't get to me much because I met Deola of omogemura at the first event I went to and hopped into her car to get around with her (Saved on cab fare. haha)  

My first event for the day was fellow Fashion Blogger, Desiree of  Desiree Iyama design label launch at meidei. There was so much buzz about it and I  just had to go show support. I think it's amazing and really inspiring seeing young people follow their dreams and start something they are proud of. 
I went with my friend Banke and we both didn't take any pictures of the event at all (or the next event either). We basically didn't take any pictures at all. *sigh* Thankfully, Desiree sent me these ones.

I LOVE her bag collection! They are so lovely and I really wouldn't mind owning one soon. Her pieces were nice as well and reasonably priced. You can check them out at
I got to see Bella again, and I spied a couple of other bloggers who were doing low key *side eye* or maybe they are just introverted like me *side eye again*

We went to the Genevieve summer party next at the Fahrenheit loft. I was really hyped about this one because I missed out on the last year's edition (I complained bitterly about it in this post) and I heard it was really fun. Well, this one wasn't or maybe I'm just not cut out for this life. Lol.
The DJ was soo good though! I think it was Dj Sose, playing jamz after jamz after jamz! I met Beauty of fashionistabybuiti at the event and she was so nice!
I finally rounded up the day at art gallery Re.Le (I did a "sort of' review of the gallery here) for an exhibition of drawings by "Austin Uzor".
I appreciate art but honestly, I think it can be a bit of a bore going to art galleries, because you basically go through the place in a few minutes. Asides from looking at how talented some people just are, one other reason I like going to art galleries is because of the space itself - the white walls and general aesthetic. It usually makes for a good cool kid type shot! (Picture above) hehe

So quick question guys!
What type of events do you like attending?
Art exhibitions, poetry/book readings, store launches?
If you're in Lagos and get up and about, what do you honestly think about most Lagos fashion events?
As always, leave me your thoughts please and let's connect!

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