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How To Take Your Little Black/White Dress From Day - Night || Cassie Daves x Tracy Braimah.

Saturday, 27 June 2015
Okay, Okay...
Maybe I may have made a slight oops there because I'm not exactly wearing a dress but a skirt and a camisole, that can easily pass for a little black (skater) dress regardless.

You're probably wondering about my post title : its a bit obvious right?
My friend, Tracy (You might remember her from various posts) and I will be sharing how to take your little black/white dress from day to night but not all in this post.
For this post, we'll be focusing majorly on using your dress as a base and transitioning to a day look that can be worn on a weekend to one of the many artsy/fashion events that Lagos offers, or anywhere else you deem fit.

Meanwhile, notice how wearing the dress alone with heels already works as a night look? A LBD/LWD is definitely a wardrobe essential.
So how to take your little black/white dress to a day look?
Its really all about the extras!

- Throw on an outer garment : I'm wearing a kimono over mine ( same kimono worn in this post) while Tracy opted for a denim Jacket instead. Both options works well and sends off a relaxed and comfy vibe.

- Pick out suitable shoes : Of course heels won't be appropriate but if that's what you wear on a regular, then by all means werk it. I'm wearing heeled brogues anyways but when I eventually do wear this out, I'll probably wear it with black flats. I decided to 'sock it up' to spice things up a bit. Tracy is wearing white all stars.

- Accessorize appropriately! : Big chunky neckpieces work better for a glammed up look but since we're talking day and casual, we both opted for simple neckpieces. I'm wearing a simple gold chain while Tracy is wearing a black choker.

How do you spice up your plain black/white dress to a casual day look?
Any other quick tips on what to do?
I'll love to hear your thoughts!

P.S - (I shared some other black dress styling tips in this post and this one too)
Planned to wear this out to some art exhibitions today but plans changed and I'll most likely be staying indoors.
In my next style post, I'll be sharing the par two of this : switching up to an evening/night look, so subscribe below to get notifications.
What are you up to this weekend?

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Outfit || Twice As Dapper x Akin Faminu.

Saturday, 13 June 2015
Hey guys!
Today I'm collaborating with fashion blogger Akin Faminu to give you guys a double dose of style.
A reader commented on one of my posts that she would love to see me do something with Akin so I took it up and decided to make it happen!
It was a long haul though, what with we both having exams at different times, the struggle to find a photographer, a fitting location and find a theme too.
We finally settled on a 'dapper look' and seeing as I'm already a big fan of male clothing and androgyny, I knew it was something I could pull off
Whenever I hear the word 'dapper', I immediately picture a bespectacled 'man' in a three piece looking all sophisticated, stylish and elitist.
Now you're probably wondering if a girl can also be referred to as 'dapper' right?
Notice how I typed the word 'man' in bold letters? because that's who I also used to think the word 'dapper' can only be associated with but except you've been living under a rock, you'll know that women have and will keep dabbling in men’s fashion.
That's where the whole androgyny concept comes in but this time loose fitting jeans (boyfriend jeans) wouldn't count as dapper.
The dapper look is clean, stylish and smart so we are talking females in tailored pants, structured blazers and male fashion accessories like ties/bowties, hats, suspenders, brogues and oxfords.

What does a dapper lady even look like? Allow me to further school you.
This was what I wore to my graduation, (minus the hat).
Everyone kept telling me how it was only fitting that I wear a dress, as its a 'graduation tradition' for females.
I tried though, I actually went looking for a dress to buy but trust me and my last minute plans to go the day before the graduation day and not find anything. That's when I got the bright idea to wear my black pants with a white shirt and to spice it up a bit by adding this suspenders I got from my friend shaenk because as long as I look corporate and appropriate, I'm sure I'll be fine.

This shoot was also last minute, the photographer we initially planned to shoot with dissapointed but thank God for photographer Blawz for coming through for me on such short notice.

What do you guys think of this look?
Convinced now that the word dapper can also be used to describe females?

Head on over to Akin Faminu's blog here to see more of his style and get a different perspective to this 'dapper style'

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Outfit || Grey + Yellow

Wednesday, 3 September 2014
The initial plan for this look was to complete the outfit with white sneakers. This plan was made late last year (I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks up outfits and write them down for when the odds are in your favour right? ) but its 2014 and Cassandra still hasn't found white sneakers but no no, i didn't come to sob so i'll spare you my sad story. I figured its high time i stopped waiting for the odds to be in my favour so i wore it to church on sunday with this newly acquired shoes.
You would think i'll be an expert with heels me being a model and what-not but i really dont get along well with the damn thing thats why i'm always in flats. That and of course my height ^_^ but i cant deny heels always adds a little extra oomph to an outfit.
These pictures were taken by my friend Tayo that i really should stop featuring on my blog but oh whatever
Yellow and Grey for the win though! 
And not everytime look rugged sometimes Cassandra wear heels and look like a girl :') 
What do you guys think?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Cassie Daves x Tracie Lee || Double Dose

Monday, 2 June 2014
Wondering about the post title?
I named it that because my friend Tracy featured in today's post and with us its double everything. Not so much double the fun because we are both dead ass girls (i know she'll say i should speak for myself alone. lol ) but of course double dose of style. I have lots of stylish friends and its just so interesting how we all have our distinct styles.
Tracy is my roll dawg, we met way back during our modelling hussle and ever since we've been there for each other through the highs and lows of modelling. She and i are alike in so many ways from our conservative lifestyle to our physical features (both tall,slim and light skinned) but when it comes to our style the difference is clear. While I'm more tomboyish, tracy is all girly girl and what not although once in a while she forays into the androgyny territory (the other day my girl legit wore sneakers out and I'm like whatttt! Nice! ) but it can never be hardcore. Lol.
We are both suckers for vintage clothing though!
Funny how in my last post, i said i was thankful
for health and barely a day after i came diwn with typhoid. I'm way better now and still thankful. I didn't think i was going to be able to make my fittings on saturday due to my ill health but after a call from the designer Tracy and I dragged ourselves up and basically had to rush out. The fact that we didnt have much time to sort through our clothes had a lot in determining our outfit choice that day.
This outfit has become a sort of uniform for me
lately. Lol. My "oh i don't know what to wear right now and i'm going to a new place where nobody has seen me in this outfit" uniform.
Yes! i plead guilty to being a repeat offender :(
So when i had to rush out of my house that hot saturday, guess which outfit made the cut?
Its not only easy to throw on but the comfort is out of this world.
Like i said earlier, our outfit choice was determined mostly by the fact that we were in a hurry. According to Tracy, she was looking for something simple she could just wear and head out. The hat was because she didn't have
time to comb her hair properly and she used
that particular bag because it was matchy-matchy with the hat.
I have my eyes on that hat though! Now i know a red hat is also an essential. Really pretty.
What do you guys think?
Happy new month guys! Congrats on getting through half of the year

Cassandra Ikegbune

sunday best II T.I NATHAN x cassie daves

Sunday, 13 October 2013
Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a trendy nigga
I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow)
Asap's "Fashion Killa" has been in my head for the last couple of days(i didn't like it at first but i must admit its quite catchy), but that's not why I started with a line off the song. It just happens to describe this entire post very well.
My friend  Tayo is a trendy nigga and I'm the fashion killa. He-he. But for-real that's the way i felt today. I went to church with him and not to sound proud or narcissistic or anything, we sure got lots of stares. It could have been more because we were two gangly tall and skinny individuals (he's 6ft4 and I'm 6'1 plus i was wearing heels) than because of our "dressing" but i'm free to believe what i want to right? :D

I really didn't plan on taking outfit pictures today because my outfit was one of my "oh, just throw it on and get going already" outfit but somehow i ended up taking pictures. Same skirt worn HERE

Oh yeah, Tayo is the same dude in my RED REBEL post. He's my trendy nigga ^_^ and He also has his own design label called "T.I NATHAN" check it out guys. :*
I am totally and completely in love with his shoes!!! too Fab!.
Church was good, my weekend has also been good and although i have my psychiatry exams next week , im actually eager to get into the new week ^_^

Hope yall also had a good weekend?

Cassandra Ikegbune

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