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Three Days In The 'Buj - The Dunes Experience.

Saturday, 17 December 2016
Have I said thank you to you guys lately? Thank you so much for all the love on my birthday and the support in my last postI appreciate you!

P.S - Picture overload in this post.

So, It is no news that I was in Abuja over the weekend for the dunes experience. I talked about it in my last post here and If you follow me on instagram, you must have been fed with all my updates on insta stories. Haha.

I got back to Lagos last weekend and I was really not ready to face real life after the great weekend I had at the Dunes center in Abuja. Why do all good things have to come to an end? *sigh*
I was selected amongst a few other notable fashion personalities (Fashion writers - Nikki Anyansi of StyleVitae, Oge Agu of Kamdora, Favour Olugu of TW Magazine, and Godson Ukaegbu of Genevieve Magazine,  Stylists -JekwuTheStylist, Zed Eye and Jane Michael Ekanem, Photographer - Kola Oshalusi, Blogger - Akin Faminu and OAP - Kaylah Oniwo) to experience the launch of the luxury floor at the Dunes center in Abuja. We were to spend three days lodged at one of the best places in Abuja - The Dunes Apartment and I was really excited for it all.

Here's a break down of all we got up to during the three days we spent exploring the dunes center and my highlights.

Day One.
I set out on Friday morning and met up with the rest of the crew at the airport.
We arrived in Abuja in the afternoon, got loaded up into the bus and headed to the Dunes Center. That journey was my first glimpse of Abuja and I was really amazed at how free the roads were! We got to the Dunes centre in record time and I was so happy to see that it met and exceeded all my expectations! I mean, I had high expectations already but somehow they managed to exceed it. The building itself was quite massive (I got lost a few times lol) and the apartments were real ly impressive.
We had a welcome package waiting for us in our rooms and part of its content was a scroll. The scrolls were definitely one of the best parts of my #theduneexperience because I'm a sucker for the little details, branding and extra personal touches (like I tried to show you all with my blog planner packaging). Everything was so well thought out and it was obvious from the start.
Quick background : The Dunes Center is a one stop shopping arena in Maitama (Abuja), comprising of the Dunes apartments, the Dunes restaurant/ Cafe and the shopping arena where you can find just about everything! You can also shop your favourite luxury/designer brands, Art, and Nigerian fashion at the mall.
After we all got settled in, we went down to the cafe to have lunch and generally familiarize ourselves with the centre. Can you tell that I have a serious case of green fever(envy) for Nikki's hair? Legit hair goals right there!
The highlight of day one was the masquerade ball later that night. We all for masks and got to dress up to dinner.
I wore an Ejiro Amost Tafiri skirt with a lace crop top for the ball and it was such a fun night watching everyone let loose was particularly interesting. Lol. Trust someone over here didn't exactly let loose. Haha

I also got surprised! I remember saying I wouldn't mind being surprised for my birthday in this post even if I didn't think it would ever happen. I was so sure that it was never going to happen and even kept disagreeing with people in my comments that it would never happen. Little did I know that the crew had a surprise planned for me. I was so shocked when the song suddenly changed to a birthday song, a cake appeared and everyone started singing along! Best birthday yet!

Day Two
Day two was the D - Day. The actual day of the fashion show and launch of the nigerian floor (stocking Nigerian fashion brands) which was the main thing we went there to witness. But before the actual event, we were taken on a tour of their luxury floor. I wish I had taken more pictures from that tour because I need to share all the beautiful shoes and bags! It was just so much beauty in one place. 

Day two was my day to switch back to my comfort zone and I wore a polka dot crop top and black highwaisted pants. Full style post coming soon!
The fashion show and launch of the Nigerian floor was the highlight of Day two for me. I finally decided to have my face beaten and coupled with the lovely dress I got from an amazing Abuja based designer Maxine Arthurs, I was ready to have a good time. Full outfit post in my next post!

The show was one of the most organized and creative one I've been too in a long while. The set up and sitting arrangements were done in a different and out of the box way to help us engage more with the crafts and products on display.
We ended the day with dinner at the famous Dunes restaurant.

Day Three.
On day three, we had a treasure hunt and said our goodbyes to the dunes center and Abuja. The treasure hunt was fun but I was sad because I didn't win anything lool! Even with all the expo I got with the riddle on twitter. *sigh*Akin won a Roberto Cavalli gold wallpaper that I was seriously lusting over!
I wore a loose fitting denim overall which might just appear in another style post soon and got to meet up with blogger Grace Alex and Modavracha before we headed to the airport.

Christmas definitely came early for me this year. It was a memorable experience as I got to make good connections and I also had a wonderful time while at it.
Another thing I've been going on about is how I want to visit Abuja and I'm glad I can tick that off my bucket list finally. Although, I didn't do much exploring so I have plans to visit again.

Pic : @kolaoshalusi

If you're in Abuja, you should totally check out the Dunes center. For more information, check their site.

 Let's connect!

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My Infinix Hot S : Unboxing And Review.

Monday, 22 August 2016
The infinix hot s finger print phone
There's a new Infinix on the block!
And here's what I think about it.

Just in case you're wondering. I promise, I haven't sold my soul to infinix. Not yet anyways. Lol.

I'm just a bit intrigued about how phone brands manage to drop new phones every other day especially when we are just getting over the one they just released (please, who is with me here?). I'm also always excited to try them out, even if it means just browsing through a friend's own to find out for myself what all the hype is about.

Luckily for me this time, I didn't have to browse through a friend's own or the one on display at phone stores because the wonderful people at infinix thought to gift me the infinix hot s - which is their latest release.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter or snapchat (follow, come on!) , you would already know this. I did an unboxing video on snapchat a short while back and I got more than a few people asking for a full post.

Again I'm not a techy person, so I'll just do a visual unboxing here and also highlight what I love about this phone and how its an upgrade from the previous one here which is also pretty dope in itself.

Infinix Hot S packaging and phone case
The infinix hot s battery packaging
The phone came with the basics - warranty card, manual, earphone and charger and the pin to open up the sim card slot.
I really like the packaging of the phone. I think the cream box is pretty to look at and I like that they displayed the main features of the phone on both the box and on the screen, so you can easily get a feel of what the phone contains at a glance immediately you unbox it (kind of like what I tried to do with the packaging of my blog planner here).

The infinix hot s camera quality

I like that the phone isn't heavy at all! Really light weight, which I didn't expect from merely looking at it.
Mine is the champagne gold colour and according to infinix - the body is made of full metal with slim edges to fit the hand. Yup! It sure does fit the hand.

The infinix hot s camera and picture quality
The infinix hots picture quality
This is one major point of upgrade from the hot 3, which I thought had great camera quality. This comes with a 13MP back camera and 8MP front camera. I noticed that even in low light conditions, the pictures still come out quite okay. It also has a wide angle selfie. Something for some weird reason, I never even noticed in my other phones but somehow noticed in this one.

The infinix hot s display quality
I LOVE how crisp and clear the display of this phone is! I'm not even talking about camera quality here, I mean how pictures and even web pages/instagram look here. I transferred a picture to both my other phone and this phone and it looked way clearer and more appealing on my infinix. It has a 5'2inch display and resolution is Full HD (1080 x 1980 pixels).

Finger print sensor for selfie on infinix hot s
The #InfinixHotS is the first Infinix device to have the fingerprint sensor ability which I absolutely love!
It is not only a security feature (to unlock the phone) but also comes in handy for taking selfies and answering calls by just tapping the fingerprint sensor at the back.

The infinix hot s features otg core octa quad
There's also the magic movie feature , although that honestly isn't my best feature of the phone but its a fun app to take videos with and heyy! It comes in handy to distract your small cousins with - I know mine love having fun with it.

The phone also comes with inbuilt quotes that show on the locked screen. Apparently, that's one thing most of their phones have but this is my first experience of it and I found it pretty cool.

It has a non removable battery cover, which I'm not exactly a huge fan of but I find that it works for some people so there's that. I'm also not a big fan of how the apps are arranged in a vertical position, instead of the usual horizontal fashion, but that can be easily fixed by downloading the google now (thanks to Deola) for this fix up.

It is a dual sim phone but plot twist! You have to choose between putting in a second sim or a memory card, so technically one micone micro sim and a memory card or two micro sims and no memory card.
You can use the phone as a power bank to charge up your other phones with the help of an OTG cord. It supports 4GLte, Memory size and battery life can be seen in the picture of the box up there as well.

PRICE : N45,000

All in All, I think the positives outweigh the negatives and I have been enjoying mine.

What do you guys think of the infinix brand? Does anyone have this phone?
What has been your experience with it so far?

Also, what do you look out(/what are the important factors) for when you're picking a phone to buy? I never used to check memory size and that's how I ended up with an 8GB phone that never seems to have space regardless of me not having lots of app. I know better now though!
Please share your thoughts with me and Let's connect! 

P.S : Please don't leave without sharing this post. Just click to tweet here! Or use any of the share buttons. Thank you!

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