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The "Cassie Daves" blog started as a way to document my life and evolving personal style but it has become a bit more than that. It isn't just a fashion and style blog anymore.
Here, I share more than my outfits. I share bits and pieces of my life and lessons I've learnt on this life journey.
I have a soft spot for those still in the process of figuring life and love out and dealing with the many issues that come with it so I try to also write and share inspiring pieces and poetry
I also share some behind the scenes of my life as a model and a medical student 
I have a blogging 101 section for Bloggers trying to find their way around where I share some helpful tips and posts on blogging.

Where To Start?

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Cassandra Ikegbune
5 comments on "About Blog"
  1. Hey girl, I'm loving your blog, very inspiring, and your tall girl problems post is so darn funny!
    Hello from Ghana :)

    1. Hey Cara! Thank you so so much for reading and leaving me this really nice comment. Much love :*

  2. Nice blog Cassie!
    I would love an interview with your for my project on fashion blogs..

  3. Enter your comment...thank God I found you..I love writing poems and am trying to set up a do I attract people to it

  4. Enter your


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