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Thank you for taking the time out to reach out to me and for visiting my Blog.
I am open to Blog sponsorship, Advertising and collaborations with Lifestyle/ Fashion brands and business owners that fit my Blog Aesthetic.
This blog is steadily gathering followers with readers coming mostly from the UK, Nigeria, the US, South Africa, Kenya, France and Russia

The different options for advertising on this blog includes 
  • Sponsored Posts :
                      Which could either be written by me or by You( but subject to changes by me)
  • Buy an Ad Space in my side bar: 
                      Available Sizes
                      Size 300x250
                      Size 250x150

  • Social Media Mentions : This involves mentioning the brand on my social media platforms

If you have something more specialized in mind, I'd also love to hear from you. If a post has a PR collaboration, it will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post

I accept products to be reviewed and featured on my blog but i will only write about products that i like, fit my aesthetic and would recommend to my readers. All words and opinion will be mine regardless ! Again, any products i get to be reviewed will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post.

I'm also open to reviews of brands that provide lifestyle services that will be beneficial to my readers (not necessarily limited to fashion brands)

Reviews of Places - Including galleries, hubs, retail outlets, cool spaces offering a different experience. If  you'll like me to come over, have a feel and possibly do a feature on my blog, hit me up.

If you are specifically interested in having me feature your product, brand or service in a giveaway for my readers, please also feel free to send me an email and tell me what you have in mind. I like being able to give out neat stuff  to the awesome people who read and comment on this blog.

Email : for further discussion and to view my rates and media kit. 
If you also just want to say a friendly hello, feel free to email me or tweet me @cassie_daves

Brands I've worked with

Cassandra Ikegbune

16 comments on "Collaborate ."
  1. Hey,

    Beautiful blog you've got here.

    I particularly love this post "Oh, what it'll feel like to be free"

    Just thought to mention.


  2. Cassie,

    cassie daves! Thats like "dave the builder"! Bulldog looking guy, quite thick in the head with cross-eyes!

    Try something that follows your soul or I presume the pics are of you? If so, you don't look like any dave that I know! Laugh!


    Anthony-Janneh Fashions-

  3. I love this blog and the photos ! What camera do you use?

  4. Hi Karen, Thanks alot! I use a canon Rebel XS

  5. Hi Cassandra , you have a nice blog.

  6. hi cassandra..i like your blog style..what platform do you use? is it blogger or wordpress?

  7. That's great. Might have a look at :)

  8. hi cassie, your post on hans and rene actually made me go there and from time to time i read your posts. i love you style of writing and it inspired me to start up mine too. it would be an honor if you could do a piece for my blog on fashion. thanks.... please say Yes

  9. Lovely blog you've got. I look forward to learning a thing or two from you.

  10. Hello amore okay?

    I loved blog

    I really enjoyed your blog, comes to know mine.
    Beijão and success

    Esmalte & cia

  11. love everything about you, nice blog.

  12. Hello Cassie,

    Really lovely blog you have got here. Look forward to getting more Posts to read and learn from.
    Thumbs up.

  13. I admire your style and your lifestyle cassie , i look forward to meeting with someday

  14. Hi Cassie, you have a nice blog. It is actually very difficult to stop reading through. Keep it up


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