5 Apps To Enhance And Take Your Instastories To The Next level

On The New Wave Of Curated Instastories.

I still remember when Instagram launched Instastories. I remember because I was beyond myself with excitement. Finally, a replacement for snapchat! Which I loved but couldn’t stand the effect it had on my data and consequently my pocket.

Insta-stories was/is my comfort zone. I loved it from the get-go. Although I’ll admit that I didn’t get the hang of it immediately, but as soon as I did, it became my go-to means of sharing the behind the scenes of my life with my social media family. Snapchat be damned.

At first, it was all fun and games. A little chit-chat here and there, some daily snapshots and of course, blog post updates. All just randomly put out without much thought to it. Then one day I woke up and realized that this Instastory game had switched up on me.

People (especially bloggers) were no longer creating random stories using just the inbuilt instastory features. I was seeing animated texts, blurred images, colorful backgrounds, all well thought out and curated. Bottom line, the game done switched up on me!

I was a bit unsure of it at first. I felt they were taking the fun out of instastory by making it all curated. It reminded me of how fun and stress-free Instagram was before the whole aesthetics and curated feed became a thing. I rebelled against it, sticking to my inbuilt instastory features and random way of sharing.

But with time, I came to actually love how professional some of these stories looked and of course, I joined in the bandwagon myself. Although, making sure not to over-do it and have the right mix of curated and random.

But enough backstory, I know a couple of people also want to join in on this bandwagon and are wondering what apps some of their favorite influencers are using. Well, I did all the work so you don’t have to.

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Everyone knows photo grid. Or I assume everyone does. It is that mainstream photo editing app that you probably have on your phone but hardly use, except to create random quotes for Instagram.

When I realized just how valuable photo grid is when it comes to creating beautiful Instastories, I never looked at it the same anymore. It is my favorite of all five apps I’m sharing today because it is super easy to use and has multiple features. The only downside of photo grid is that it doesn’t have the animated text feature.

I use photo grid to create solid backgrounds (both for videos and pictures)  for a cleaner appearance, add fancy texts and stickers, layer images together in a scrapbook format, create collages and even slideshows.

I’m sure there are so many other features I’m yet to explore in this app but it is a must download!

2. Canva.

I don’t use Canva as often as the rest but I can’t deny its usefulness. Especially, if you’ll rather create a template with your brand colors for your stories. Canva provides a variety of instastory templates that you can edit and use.

I majorly just use Canva to create for blog post updates to share on my Instastory.

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3. Adobe Spark.

Unlike Canva and Photogrid, Adobe spark comes with the option of animating your text and even your pictures. And like Canva, it also comes with a variety of templates you can choose from to edit into your own.

I don’t use this as often as I use photo grid but it’s a pretty decent app for when I want to animate my text.

4. Hype Type

Hype type is another App that gives you the option of animating text. It is actually all about animated text and has a variety of font/ animation options so you can share your image in style.

One thing that’s different about this app though, is that it has an inbuilt camera so you don’t have to snap/record your image outside the app and import it before adding your text.

5. InShot.

Inshot is my second favorite app for creating my instastories after photo grid. It has most of the functions that photo grid has with the added benefit of being a proper video editor. So, I use this when I want the solid background for a video but still want some extras like the ability to fast forward/play the video in fast motion, merge another video to it or add effects/filters, voice-overs and background music to the video.

Inshot also has some pretty cool font/text options as well but unfortunately, doesn’t do animated texts.

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What do you guys think of the curated instastory trend? Are you a fan of it? Have you/Will you jump on this bandwagon? What other apps do you use to create your instastories? Please share and let’s connect!


P.S – I have to shout out to Grace Alex, Uchaychay and Ellen Ukpi for letting me in on some of these apps


Author: Cassie Daves

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