Lagos Living || The Perfect Beach Day Escape At Tarkwa Bay.

Bloger Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay beach in lagos Blogger Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay beach Blogger Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay lagosA Beach Getaway – Re-exploring Tarkwa Bay.

The only memory I have of my first visit to the Tarkwa Bay beach in Lagos is getting stuck on the water on our way back from the beach. We had run into some engine trouble and I was scared shitless.

Although my second visit was remarkably better, I didn’t get to explore Tarkwa Bay then as much as I did during my third visit this past weekend. I guess It’s like they say – “The third time’s the charm”.

Of course, I wrote all about my second visit to Tarkwa Bay here and the original idea was to update that post with these new pictures but I put it out on Insta-story and a couple of people suggested a new post instead.

Blogger Oyin at Tarkwa bay beach Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay beach Blogger Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay Fashion Blogger Cassie Daves at Tarkwa bay beachHeading to Tarkwa Bay was a very last minute decision. I had been thinking of having myself a “Beach day” for some time now, after being properly tensioned by my Insta-fam. So when my friend and blogger Boo Oyin sent me a message asking if I was interested in heading to Tarkwa Bay, the answer was a solid yes.

There’s just something about being at the beach that quietens the voices in my head. For me, it’s usually less about the water or “having fun” but more about the calmness that comes with just laying on the beach unplugged from it all, enjoying the sounds of the waves and a good book.

This time around though, I didn’t come for the calmness but ready to explore/walk the length of Tarkwa Bay and of course, I came for the blogger cassie daves at tarkwa bay lifestyle blogger cassie daves at tarkwa bay lagos Cassie daves at tarkwa bay lagosArmed with a box of doughnuts, some meat pie, and drinks, we got on a boat at the Mekwe Jetty (paid N750 per person) near Bonny Camp and made our way to Tarkwa bay, a 15 mins ride away.

After paying the entrance fee of N200, haggling prices for our chairs and tent (which we eventually merged with a family we met and paid just N1000), and munching on some doughnuts. We set out to take in the scenery and happened on a few friends of Oyin and this lovely low swing set which for some reason, I had missed on my first two visits.

tarkwa bayTarkwa bay definitely makes my list of top places to visit in Lagos. Housing a variety of interesting characters like the rasta guitar playing men and fun activities like beach volleyball, I dare say it’s one of my fave public beaches in Lagos.

I hear there’s also a guest house on the beach for people who would rather just stay over at the beach.

The Tarkwa Bay Beach in Lagos easily makes the list of my top places to visit in Lagos. Here's Why! Click To Tweet

Whilst the idea of a bikini-clad me splashing around in the shallow end of the beach is a picture that dances around in my head every time, I’m yet to work up the courage to slip on a bikini and show skin. So my choice of clothing for this beach day out was this free-flowing H&M dress styled previously on the blog here.

I had an absolutely amazing time on the beach and if I had my way, I would have spent even more time. I still had a few picture concepts I wanted to try out but our boat guy came around to take us back. I definitely plan to visit sometime soon to finally have that calm lazy beach day complete with a book.

Now over to you, how do you unwind and what are your favorite beaches in Lagos?

Please share your thoughts in the comments and let’s connect!


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