Style Inspiration – The Fanny Pack Style Trend!

Fanny pack style trend Pinterest graphicCan we talk about the fanny pack style trend for a minute?!

I’ve been meaning to blog about the fanny pack style trend since it started making waves and cemented itself into the fashion crowd late last year, but somehow kept pushing it down my list.

I’m currently packing for NYSC camp and spotted the fanny pack I bought for camp, which like you guessed, inspired my decision to not put off this post anymore. It’s really been a long time coming!

My fanny pack is literally the one thing that I was excited to buy during my shopping for camp essentials, and little wonder why. It has been on my “style radar” for a while now and this was the perfect excuse to finally purchase one for myself, albeit for a different and non-fashionable reason.

That's Right! The Fanny Pack Is Making A Stylish Come Back And I'm Here For All Of It! Click To Tweetfanny pack style trend kendal jenner supreme fanny pack style trend fanny pack style fashion weekI also just realized that I haven’t done a “style inspiration” post since my last one in 2016, where I talked about the athleisure trend. It’s definitely about time I fixed that.

In case you’re new around here – the style inspiration corner is where I share looks from the web on fashion trends to serve as an inspiration on how to wear/ rock a particular trend.

My very first post in this segment was on the mixed prints trend here. Since then, I’ve blogged on Ponchos/capes, the socks + shoe trendbandana neck scarf and styling the kimono trend(just to mention a few)

The fanny pack style trend, like the beret trend, is yet another reminder that with fashion, you truly can “never say never”. I definitely never saw it becoming a thing again, but I must say that I’m glad it did.

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fanny pack style kendall jenner fanny pack how to wear fanny pack style trend 2018Fanny pack style trend If you ask me, I think the fanny pack gives off uber cool vibes and is the perfect “hands free” purse, if you’re one of those people who like to be as minimal as possible when it comes to bags.

Think of them as making a style statement with the added benefit of easy access to your things and of course, less stress. I’m definitely sold!

I also like the fun twist of styling it carried across your shoulder, rather than the conventional way of carrying it around your waist.

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What do you guys think of this trend and have you/would you be jumping on the bandwagon? Also, which of the two ways is your favorite way to rock the fanny pack style trend – around the waist or across the shoulder?

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