My 2017 In Style, Blog Year Recap + A Few Goals For 2018

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Hey, guyssssss! Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know! It’s already the fourth (wow though!) and I’m just casually strolling in here with my 2017 recap like we aren’t neck deep into the new year already. Forgive me.

The thing is, I actually started to write my recap post on the last day of 2017 but it was looking too gloomy so I decided to just leave it and try again when I was in a better mental space.

If I’m being honest, the last few weeks of 2017 broke me but not to worry, I’m not about to be a moany Martha in this post because I realize just how important focusing on the positives instead is.

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Although I considered just letting the year end without a recap post, I’m not about to break a ritual. I also wasn’t sure how to start this post or if to make my recaps separate as I usually do, so I decided to just make it a mix of my year in words, style + blog recap.

Anyways, enough of the chatter. Here’s my 2017 recap, year in style and blog year recap!

Travel.Cassie daves in Accra Ghana

I did quite a bit of Johnny walking this year as compared to other years. For one, I finally went to Ghana!! Even though it’s not Zanzibar or Morocco and I basically spent a total of 48hrs plus some, it was one of my highlights of the year 2017. Being in a different country with a new friend exploring all by ourselves was a thrill for me.Cassie daves travel diaryI also did a bit of exploring Nigeria. Well, not as much as I wanted but way better than I’ve ever done. There was the Erin Ijesha trip that I’ve been dying to make, then I finally explored Abeokuta + climbed up the olumo rock and went on the legendary slave route walk in Badagry. I’m yet to blog about the last two but if you’ll like me to, please let me know in the comments.

I really wanted to end the year with a trip to cross river with a group of creatives but life and a surgery happened.

Life:Nigerian blogger Cassie daves 2017 recap in style

Speaking of life, this year I got a news that’s meant to affect life as I know it/planned it out to be. But I’ve decided to put my hope in God hence the “meant to” in that statement because I know I’m going to have testimonies to share in the future.

I never thought I’ll have to go under the knife in this life but your girl did just that this year. It was definitely an experience that I surprisingly processed so fast.

There was the fear at first but thanks to God and my Igbo girl genes, everything went well and I was able to get back to moving around pretty quickly.
Cassie Daves 2017 outfitsOne of my highlights for this year was definitely getting to walk the runway again! I took part in the GTBank fashion weekend and I’ll put it out here that it was one of the best “weekends” I had in 2017. Being around and reconnecting with some of my old model friends was quite refreshing, even more than the actual thrill of walking down the runway.

I also rounded up my housemanship year, managed to go back to the “find the loml” stage and make zero progress with starting a savings plan, tithing, learning to swim/makeup or launching that tote line. Did someone say epic fail?!

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Blog:2017 in style cassie daves blog 3 (2)

The year 2017 wasn’t exactly the best year for the blog. Although if I’m looking on the bright side, it actually wasn’t a bad one either.

I learned a lot about actually creating good content that converts, buffing up my SEO and added a content upgrade to my blog! I also did a major collaboration with GTBank which was huge for me.
2017 was the year I finally took a major blog break (I’m talking months off the blog) but with it came a big rebrand and move to WordPress! And somehow in the midst of all that too, I managed to reconnect back to blogging for the love of it and not just for the page-views.

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I also bought a new camera and moved over from the DSLR to mirrorless life, which really upped my image quality, started a half-baked youtube channel (check it out here!), grew my mailing list (subscribe here!), didn’t get that intern (regardless of countless entries. smh), nor launch any course/workshop.

I managed to put together and launch the 2018 Blog Planner and win myself a pretty neat blog award though!
cassie-daves-blog-awardContent-wise, I didn’t do a whole lot of “features” (other than this 15 questions with Jennifer Oseh and Elevator Pitch guest post by Laiza King) or blogger collabs although there was this dope DIY with DIY queen Torera.

Reader spotlight didn’t make an appearance this year, neither did candid talk or celebrating creativity. Which looking back now, sucks major. But I must admit that I really stepped up my co ntent creating game in 2017 and it can only get better from there.

Style:Nigerian style blogger Cassie daves 2017 favorite outfitsNigerian style blogger Cassie daves 2017 style recap

This year (read as 2017), there were way fewer outfit posts compared to the previous years and I can’t really say there was any particular change in my personal style. I switched to the fro life which really jazzed up a lot of my looks.

Some of my favorite looks from 2017 are definitely this casual Ankara shift dress look, styling the denim mini skirt, vintage vibing at Jaekel house and denim lookbook for fashion week.

Which looks were your favorite?

Please share in the comments!

Goals For 2018?Nigerian style blogger Cassie daves 2017 favorite outfits

Well, I’m actually just out here trying to finish work/complete my outstanding projects (basically a carryover from the ones I listed here). I really don’t have any new year resolutions but I hope to get back my social media momentum, create a serious dent in my 25 before 25 list because I turn 25 this December and make more money/explore more of the world.

I had/ still have some anxiety for 2018 because last year, I saw firsthand how easily things can switch up in the twinkle of an eye. There’s also the uncertainty of the future and career path moving forward. so one of my major goals/plan for 2018 is honestly to focus more on Jesus because I know that He always sorts out his Children no matter what.

Also to try to procrastinate less, take my finances/savings seriously and reply my emails+ messages on time. So help me God.

 Fav Posts From 2017?

Why, thanks for asking! These are just a few of my favorite posts from this year. I figured to share these for some of you that might just be stumbling on this here blog and may have missed these dope posts.






At this point, I just want to say a big thank you to every one of you that stuck with me, read my posts, shared, left comments, took part in my giveaways etc. I love you all, thank you so much!

Let’s continue in love this year too maybe? If you love this post, please kindly share and leave me a comment below and if you Love this blog, please feel free to share with your online family by clicking to tweet!

Happy new year once again!

Leave me your year recap post links in the comment and if you have a word for 2018, share with me in the comments!

Love and Light.


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  • Happy New Year Cassie! I pray that 2018 is an amazing year for you in every way possible. Glad you’re doing great after your surgery, that must have been a bit scary. And with regards to worrying about the future and your career path, God’s got you as you rightly said. And yes please, post about the other trips, You know we love your travel diaries! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Happy new year Cassie dear, i wish you the very best as the new year begins, pray you are able to increase your walk with Jesus like you stated in your post because he is basically all we need. Hopefully at the end of 2018 you can proudly tick all your goals and projects as completed. And hey i love your skincare routine blogs and Travel diary.

  • Lol. You said “neck-deep” like we were in June but I totally get that. I still try to peep at all the ugliness I felt happened in 2017 and some of it that’s the major reason for some present uncertainty in my life. It was so exhausting so I turned things around, went meditating and I decided to remember the great things that had happened and also, the best things that could happen. My eyes were closed but I caught myself smiling because I was so grateful and thrilled to have been privileged in this lifetime to be the one or one of those who had such experiences (doesn’t matter if it was mundane; as long as it was greeeeeat!)I’m really surprised the wonder that works-so yes! to another year of attacking negative vibes that arise.
    I’m not sure if anyone can objectively assess YOUR year in review well enough to say, “Oh! Don’t beat yourself up. You did tremendously well.” Or, “Boy! Did you fall hand, Cassie.” No one can properly say because to quite an extent, you’re the person closest to best understanding your passion, potentials, and how much you can do.
    I’ll just say, you stayed human and we experienced God help you do so much. You inspired a lot of people and we’re glad to see that even if we couldn’t reward you with amazing thiiiiiings, God blessed you with wonderful moments you still hold dear. Life is progressive and we are def. not aware of all the times,seasons, turns, but as long as we keep dreaming and rising to work, we’re moving on so, cheeeeeeeeeeers! and thanks for an incredible 2017 and 2018!

  • Happy New year Cassie🎉 be honest 2017 ending was really weird and rough for me too,but we thank God.I’m also glad you’re doing great after the surgery.😁. One of my best looks on you this year is the Ankara print dress and the white shirt with the wig Lola (which by the way I’m Still hoping to win on your giveaway🙏)Cheers to New beginnings 🍻

  • Awww happy new year Cassie! I feel like I haven’t dropped a comment in a million years! You did create a lot of content this year oo…*round of applauseeee* Unlike someone I know *rolls eyes*
    Cheers to a more memorable 2018!!!!!

  • Happy New Year, Cassie. I’m going to keep saying it till I’ve had enough.. I mean the year is still new right? You put in good work last year both on here and your planner from the reviews I’ve seen thus far. Proud of you.

    I hope to gain better knowledge on this whole SEO and the rest tech part of blogging. Wishing you the best this year!

  • Happy new year cassie! Yeah, 2017 was the year I got to meet you at the masterclass blogging I attended at ikoyi. 2017 wasn’t so bad cause I got go finally start following up my passion for blogging. My blog is and I’ll really like you to check it out, tell me how I’m doing, areas I need to improve on and all. I’m getting your blog planner as soon as I’m done with my exams and back in Lagos! And yeah, I’ll like you to do a review on your visit to Abeokuta cause I know you have a way of making the boring look interesting and exciting lol. Cheers to a better year and greater achievements!! I love you!