On Turning Twenty Four

Blogger Cassie Daves in vintage shirt and mom shorts Blogger Cassie Daves in vintage shirt and mom shorts

Not the fanciest set of pictures to usher myself into a new year and age. I know, I know. Truth is, I don’t exactly feel fancy right now. Neither do I feel any special sort of way or any of those fuzzy feelings that come with birthdays.
Rather I feel numb and a certain sort of calmness that I can only explain as me getting a bit more comfortable with the silence.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, I feel thankful for another year but I can’t quite get myself to be excited about it. Maybe because there’s really not much to be excited about. Same Ol’. Same Ol’.

Nonetheless, there has always been the obligatory birthday post on this blog so in keeping with the tradition, I thought to break the silence and share a few thoughts that went through my head on the 8th of December (my actual birthday)

I’m currently situated in my favorite chair editing pictures hoping they come out right, vaguely aware of the fact that today is, in fact, my birthday and I turn twenty-four. A whole twenty-four!

Growing up, twenty-four to me meant a family of my own and an incredible glow up but I guess we never truly know what awaits us ahead.

Either way here’s to a new year for me. To living life one day at a time, to my twenty-fourth year being more awesome than the one before it and to more love, light, and meaningful friendships.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes over on social media! As usual, the one thing I always ask you guys on this day as a gift to me is that you kindly click to tweet and share the blog.

P.S – The pictures didn’t come out right and you’re viewing them right now because for some reason I quite like them.

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  • I can totally relate, my birthday is less than a month to go (January 7) and I’m not even ecstaticabout it, I mean I just feel like I don’t even have anything to show for my 25 years on earth upon that I’ve had the worst crisis pain ever in just 2 weeks that I haven’t had in years, like what’s this life but some where amidst it all, I’m trying so hard to stay thankful, that I’m alive is enough reason to be thankful and I won’t stop trying to activate the positive attitude I’ve had all year!
    We’gonna be alright boo! 😘😘

  • Me, I like the pictures o.

    Happy Birthday (in arrears), Cassie! Many more fulfilling years laced with good health, God’s favor His mercies and all the other thing you wish yourself.
    Birthdays signify that it’s another time to reflect

  • Hey Beautiful, Happy Birthday in arrears. I wish you an amazing year ahead filled with God’s blessings, favour and many more. I can totally relate with how you felt, I’m usually in an introspective mood on my birthdays. The pictures look very chilled by the way; loving your outfit from head to toe.

  • Happy Birthday, Cassie! It’s a little sad to read that you feel numb and “not fancy,” but I understand the feeling because I felt the same about my 25th birthday a few weeks ago. In retrospect, it was partly a mental blockage I had to force myself to move past. As I read some of your blog posts, I get that this is a somewhat uncomfortable time in your life – especially professionally – and the uncertainty might be starting to take some kind of toll on you emotionally and mentally. While I understand this to – if you don’t mind me sharing my two cents – I encourage you to try to remember that God is in control, there is no right/wrong way to do life, and enjoy the fact that you’ve been blessed with 365 more days to have wonderful experiences and create wonderful memories (and blogging content :)). Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling new year! — Loriade // http://www.lorikemi.com

  • Errrrm, I love the picture toooooo! Seems like you’re not alone with the birthday feels but well, you’re climbing up to that place where your birthdays are just fabulous and completely more remarkable-your every day actually; not just birthdays. For story sake, I think the only birthday I ever looked forward to was my 10th since it was the 2nd birthday in my life my mum promised to celebrate. Quite unfortunately, I spent that day sick and in the theatre. I’ll rather just let the day slide, do some acts of service, bake for others to eat, and beat myself up for not being where I felt I should have been. I’m learning to take it easy jare. Life isn’t always completely on my terms and that’s ok-sometimes.