10 Lessons On Love And Marriage From Nigerian Web Series – “This Is It”

This is it nigerian series pinterest graphicsIf you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me being dramatic and embarrassing my family name over Nigerian web series – This is it a few weeks back. I can explain the drama, I promise.

But first, let me backtrack into how I sold my soul and got sucked into the e-life of young and clueless newlyweds – Tomide and Dede Wanda.

I had been seeing tweets and bits of this web series “this is it” flying around my timeline but dismissed it as just another hyped series because you know we Nigerians like to hype things. But I decided to give this is it a try one evening and never looked back. I was drawn in by how real they were and how deeply they loved each other. It was so evident to see!

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This is it ended a few weeks ago and I was beyond myself with happy-sad tears. Happy because of course, the ending was so sweet and mushy. Sad because my favorite e-couple were leaving my screen forever *sobs*. I announced between all the emotions going through my chest that I was going to write about some of the lessons I learned from the web series but later decided against it because I’m sure you guys wouldn’t fancy reading a post punctuated by words like “gosh and tears” at every interval.

So when my friend and colleague, Dr. Funmi Akinde also tweeted something similar, I took a swift dive into her DMs to ask that she shares her lessons with us on my blog instead and she obliged!

Over To Funmi..

this it it nigerian series season 1 imageI stumbled across the web-series ‘This is it’ a couple of weeks back and binge-watched the first season and most of the second season. I really had watched it out of sheer boredom and was not looking to learn any lessons.

This series actually turned out to be more than just a web series, it legit turned into prayer session. I literally would start speaking Tomide’s traits into my future husband with each episode. A really serious something.

Anyways, this post isn’t to gosh over them but to share a few lessons I learned about marriage from watching this series.

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  1. No matter how long you dated your partner, marriage is a whole different ballgame. Having to live with and constantly share your space with someone exposes you to a new side of them; be ready to learn and adjust to this side. (The entire season 1. Lol.)
  2. A man who loves you would not have you wondering or guessing. My sister, you would know!!! It would be obvious and palpable. Plain as day. (Every damned episode)
  3. Marry your friend. It makes everything easier. (Every episode again)
  4. We need to learn to be sensitive to the things your partner says and even the things they are not ‘saying’ but ‘showing’. (S1 Ep 6)
  5. Marry a praying partner. Life is too stressful to be the only one lifting your home up in prayer and intercession. (S2 Ep 2)

this it it nigerian series

  • 6. Nothing is too small or little to tell your partner about. Especially when it comes to your dreams and ambitions. In other words, communication truly is everything in a relationship. (S2 Ep 1)
  • 7. Never ignore the way a man treats his family especially his mother. (S1 Ep 6, ep 9)
  • 8. Men would be men with their egos. That he doesn’t tell you doesn’t mean he’s not struggling with one or two things. Ask but do not nag. (S1 ep9)
  • 9. It’s okay to compromise in a relationship. Not saying give up your dreams for your partner, but it’s alright to let them be the sun while you’re a star. (S1 Ep 9,10)
  • 10. Your married friend is not deliberately avoiding or ignoring you because you’re still single. You just have to respect the first that his/her partner takes priority now. (S1ep1

Side note: I can’t be the only one who cried when the series ended.

Side side note: Blogging and content creating is not beans! Shout out Cassie, you’re doing well.this is it nigerian series

Thank You, Funmi,  for obliging me and for this lovely post! Now Over to you guys, Did you also binge watch This is it? If yes, what did you think of the series and did you learn anything from it? As for me, it made me decide not to settle in love because marriage is a forever thing and I want to be happy in mine. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! If you’re also one of those who watched it and thought “Meh”, why didn’t you like it? Too unrealistic? 

Please Let me know your thoughts in the comments, share and let’s connect!





Author: Cassie Daves

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  • I LOVE that show.

    I cried at the end and I loved the extra part of putting real life couples to talk on their experience.

    ‘It’s okay to compromise in a relationship. Not saying give up your dreams for your partner, but it’s alright to let them be the sun while you’re a star.’ This stood out for me because it is too true, besides, the sun and the star shine brightly, just at different times.

  • Faaaammm!!! Yaaaay!!! Go Funmi & Cassie Daves. Well done guys I binge watched this series and it was so amazing! Pls they should come back and do more stories. It is so amazing. And i think it is important to have mentors marriages.

  • I did not want it to end. Like I legit crushed on them so much, it was heartbreaking. I totally agree with everything Funmi stated.
    One thing I learned is that there are totally good sides in a marriage, my parents marriage teaches me that everyday but I just felt they were old, seeing it in a young couple like Tomide & Dede made it all better because I have a phobia for co-existing with someone on a long term basis. Secondly, yes to being each other’s best friends because if he don’t got you like that then what are y’all even doing? This Is It made me look forward to marriage while keeping an open mind that shit will go wrong but staying loyal and praying hard will make it work, love is never enough so all the supporting parties need to be on fleek if it’s gonna work. (Is this long or its just me? 😆)
    P.S. I have a crush on Nick Mutuma as long as I can ignore his K-leg 😩

  • I’m so glad you put up this post Cassie and well done Funmi, I agree with everything you said. I really loved this show and just like you Cassie, it’s just made me become more determined not to settle. The ending made me sad but I love how they featured real-life couples, so sweet! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Don’t even let me start! I love This is It! The lessons shared, so apt! The series made me look at love in a whole new light. I’m just going to stop here. I can see myself already writing a blogpost in the comment section.

    Tonye 🙌🏽( TheBlackWriter)

  • I loooooooooved This is It!
    Started it from S1E4 or so and got hooked till the end.

    Love like Dede & Tomiwa’s look like such a great blessings to have but it’s quite rare IRL unfortunately.

    The real life couples that were interviewed in the end added a brilliant touch to such a sweet series.

    This is such a nice post Cassie & Funmi, and yes to all the lessons shared.


  • The way I rushed here after seeing the snippet on t2pitchy’s story ehn. I knew about it from your story. After being heartbroken on SGIT, I searched for it and became hooked. Girl!!!!! It was everything. It was not the cliche ‘mother-in-law’ drama. Very beautiful something. I cried! They were so beautiful and real. I was on Nick’s socials after seeing it. Honestly, I watch it every time now. One thing that stood out all through was ‘MARRY YOUR BEST FRIEND’ Period! Thank you for sharing on your story.

  • I don’t think it’s unrealistic, cos somewhere in my normal mind, I believe there are actually men like tomide out there! And yes! Definitely no settling for me!

  • First time commenter!

    I binge watched it and I was struck anew at how lucky I am to have a partner with nearly all Tomide’s positive traits. I was so in love with them. I loved the letters to each other because they mirror letters my partner and I have written to each other. The interview with real life couples was so amazing.

    May I suggest an edit? Muenda not Wanda.