A Day Of DIY With DIYDose – A Super Easy Tassel Earrings DIY.

pinterest graphic for tassel earrings diy trendAfter the success of my first DIY day out with Makeup artist and skincare enthusiast Laila Cadne where we whipped together some natural skincare goodness (check that out here!), I decided to give it another try again. This time with DIY blogger and YouTuber -Torera of DIYdose.

DIY projects are so much fun, especially when done with someone else. If you’re a lazy DIY’er like me, linking up with other people is definitely the way to go.

The plan was simple – spend a fun day with Torera putting together cute tassel earrings DIYs and generally getting to know each other. If I’m being honest, I’m always a bit iffy about meeting new people because I can be a bit shy and awkward about these things but Torera was an absolute darling and it felt like I had known her for way longer.

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Why The Tassel Earrings Trend?

My love affair with earrings went from me being into big statement earrings, hoops, drop earrings and all the works to all of a sudden being more into minimal type earrings. But statement earrings have truly had a moment this year with the tassel earrings trend taking center stage. And little wonder why – they are chic, easy to make yourself and do well to add that little “extra” to your look.

So of course, I took an interest in the tassel earrings trend after seeing it dangling on the ears of some of the fashionable ladies I follow on the web and couldn’t wait to have one for myself. Well, not only did I get to own one at the end of my DIY day out with Torera but I also got to steal some DIY knowledge as well!

There are numerous styles of the tassel earrings in rotation but we decided to go for the multi-layered type because FAVE!

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But enough of the chitchat! I tried to take notes for you guys although they might not be super detailed but should be easy to follow. However, Torera has a video up and I’ll leave the link at the end of the post.

What You’ll Need.tassel earrings trend diy - embroidery threads earring hook and ruler tassel earrings trend diy - hooks

– Embroidery Threads.
– Scissors.
– Earring Hooks.
– Needle.
– Cardboard strip.
– Ruler.


  1. Decide on the length you want each of the tassel layer to be using the ruler and cut out a strip of cardboard (or any slightly thick paper) of that length.
  2. Take the thread of your choice and wrap around the cardboard continuously till you feel the thickness is right for your needs.
  3. Whilst your thread is still in a loop around the cardboard, cut another strip of the embroidery thread and tie it in a double knot at one end of the loop you’ve made. Cut off the other end of the loop
  4. Cut another strip of thread and knot it slightly toward the top to make it into a tassel. Tie off the ends together and cut off the excess as close to the tassel as possible
  5. Trim the ends of your tassels so they are equal and cut off any excess strings hanging out. There you have it! Your first tassel! Repeat step 1 – 5 to make the remaining tassels.

tassel earrings trend diy - embroidery thread loop embroidery thread tassel earrings trend diy - embroidery thread loop tassel earrings trend diy - embroidery thread loop Tassels for tassel earrings diy

  • 6. To join the tassels together – arrange them in the order you want. Thread your needle, knot at the end and pass it through the middle of the tassels starting from the bottom tassel till your needle comes out at the top of the first tassel
  • 7. Pass the thread through the side of the tassel just to make a loop where you can attach the earring hook, knot it off tightly and connect your hook! There you go! You just made your first tassel earrings!

multilayered tassel earrings trend cassie daves wearing the tassel statement earringsNow over to you! Are you more of a statement earring or minimalist type person? What do you think of the tassel earrings trend and will you be trying out this tassel earring DIY? I think it will make a nice Christmas gift for your girls if you’re on a budget but still want to get into the season of giving. What do you think?

If you’ll rather watch a video of this tutorial, Torera has that up on her YouTube channel and you can click this right here to go watch that, or just watch it right below! Don’t forget to check out her channel, she has the most helpful and budget-friendly DIYs!

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