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My Arami essentials skincare Review has been long coming. I know I said I was done with Nigerian natural skincare brands/products on my Instastory after realizing that most of these brands just mix toxic things together in the name of “natural skin care” but the Arami Essentials brand is one Nigerian natural skincare brand that a lot of people have recommended to me lately as trustworthy.

In my last skincare post where I asked people to leave me their holy grail SkinCare products, I got more than a few “I swear by Arami essentials” comments, so of course, you know ya girl just had to give Arami a try. Natural skincare whore that I am.

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My first impression of Arami Essentials from checking them out on Instagram was a good one. Their branding was minimalist and aesthetically pleasing, which made me really eager to try out the products.

Arami Essentials create both skin and hair care products but I really just wanted to try out their onyx body polish (black soap) and glow (face) scrub because I’m more of a skincare than hair care person obvs but they were out of the face scrub so I settled for the body and hair food and glow oil in addition to the body polish.

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Arami Essentials Onyx Body Polish.Arami essentials onyx body polisharami essentials black soap ingredientsarami essentials black soap

Packaging: The packaging for all three products is pretty similar coming in a clear 250ml tub which seals well and makes for easy access. I also like that the tub is very lightweight. For some reason, I had assumed that it might be a bit heavy from the pictures I saw online so I was pleasantly surprised.

Feel: The onyx body polish is definitely my most used product of all three, as expected. I love me some black soap so I’m always eager to try that out first. I love that the Arami essentials black soap contains two of my natural skincare faves – honey and lemon! It also has that pasty feel (before you work it into a lather though) that I don’t quite like but It lathers very well!

Although it’s for both face and body use, the alaroro in me has/will keep using it for just my face. Nobody has told me that my skin is popping like I consistently got told when I used skinsational(which I can’t vouch for the Genuity of their products btw) but I noticed that the dark spots my monthly pimples leave have been clearing a bit faster than usual so issawin!

Price: N2800

Arami Essentials Body And Hair Food.Arami essentials body and hair food Arami essentials body and hair food ingredients Arami essentials body and hair food content

Packaging:  This also comes in the same 250ml clear tub.

Feel: Oh I love the smell of this product! It’s one of the first things that hit me when I opened it up. Although it’s a largely shea based product, it doesn’t have the usual scent of shea butter.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Shea butter (weird?) but I’ve been using this pretty frequently as it moisturizes my skin very well especially during this harmattan period. Also, a plus that it leaves my skin smelling quite nice too. I plan to start using this on my hair too.

Price: N2600

Arami Essentials Glow Oil + Giveaway.Arami glow oil

I really wish I had some opinions on this product but I’ve never been a fan of using oils on my face and I don’t think I’ll start now but hey, It smells DIVINE! And I’ve read only positive things about the glow oil and that’s why I’m giving it away to someone who might make better use of it!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’m currently doing a daily giveaway and this Arami glow oil is what’s up for grabs for today. I decided to switch up the rules for this win.


Have you used any of the arami essentials products? Let me know your thoughts if you have and let’s connect!


P.S – Go check them out – Instagram | Shop


Author: Cassie Daves

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  • My only holy grail skin care regime is the Apricot scrub and this glow oil would be a lovely add to my regime so I can glow like Cassie…lol😍
    Name:Aneeta jackson

  • Hmmm,I just make sure I wash off my make up before bed and I’m about to hop on Ajali’s soufflé for my hair and body. Thanks for putting Aramis out here cause I’ll def try the products out and I hope I win this (fingers crossed).
    Ig : @ms_adebowale

  • Hi, good morning doctor Cassie, I really really need this oil, about a year ago I went for service in kogi I don’t know what I ate or drank that leads to a massive break out all over my body, both face, laps, hands(I can send pictures) have used virtually everything I know, chemicals, natural herbs. I got tired and left it all then the body started drying up. The one on the face turned to Acne, big and horrible ones, I lost my glow, confidence, I feel inferior, I didn’t like going out anymore…since then have been battling with that until I got baking soda that dried most of them up, now am suffering with Dark spots, black heads and I need my glow back, gradually am accepting who I am now with all these acne but I want to GLOW also. Let me try out the oil please. I really really need this.
    Thank you
    Happy new year in adavance.

  • Hi Cassie, I’ve read a lot about Arami skincare brand and from reviews,i think they are really good..my skincare routine is pretty much basic,i just cleanse, moisturize.. I exfoliate,tone and apply mask only on the weekends(that is when I remember)..2018 is my year regarding doing more about my skin, no more procrastinating!
    My instagram handle is @ipepplez
    Email is jennybubbles4real@gmail.com

  • I dnt exactly keep to a skincare routine or have particular products which I stick to’ sometimes my body oil just does it 😂😂😂😂😂 my mum even calls me Mallam because I hardly use anything on my skin 😂😂😂😂😂🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽but why not start from somewhere with the Arami glow oil, a girls gotta glow up that black skin in 2018.

    IG: @jumii_ee
    Ademola Jumoke

  • I don’t really have any skincare routine but it’s certainly part of my to-do list for 2018(the glow oil can be a great start for a girl. Lol). I have stylishly been waiting for this giveaway (cause somewhere in my mind I just had a feeling that you’d be doing aramiessential giveaway) so I intentionally didn’t enter any other giveaway. I was tempted to try the Lucy Dave’s slippers giveaway but I resisted! Lol. But I told my sister @justbyelisa to enter into the competition so just incase she wins we can be sharing the slippers. Lol. What I like about this article is that you wrote the price. It’d certainly help a girl plan her budget for next year. BTW I really like your blog. It’s very…….i dunno “you” Like it exudes your personality (not like I know you but your blog kinda has that feel). I sha like it. This comment turned out to be an epistle. Lol

  • Hi Cassie.
    I really love the colorful and creative content of your blog content.
    For my daily routine I take a bath with my homemade black soap, wash my face with a cloth and baby soap. I oil my face day and night with my special rose oil blend. On my body I use my body cream I whipped up from scratch.

    For Weekends, I do my Full body scrub with a dry brush or an oil based scrub. I do my camwood face mask to brighten my face. I really have dry skin and love natural products. I would love to win this oil to pamper my dry skin or even learn to make an oil blend under Arami’s tutelage.

    Thanks love

  • Hi Cassie, I’ve read a lot about Arami skincare brand and from reviews,i think they are really good..my skincare routine is pretty much basic,i just cleanse, moisturize.. I exfoliate,tone and apply mask only on the weekends(that is when I remember)..2018 is my year regarding doing more about my skin, no more procrastination!
    My instagram handle is @ipepplez
    Email is jennybubbles4real@gmail.com

  • My daily skincare rountine is. Cleanse, tone , serum and moisturize. I try to exfoliate atleast twice a week , i apply mask as often as i need especially if i wear makeup almost everyday( Activated charcoal mask helps to detox which is great). Vitamin C serum is also a daily must for me you should try Radha beauty , which i follow with an spf 30 sunscreen moisturizer ( Sleekstudio).

  • Awww. I’m not on twitter😢 but anyways I usually just clean my face with a cleanser in the morning, apply nixoderm at night and use a charcoal face mask twice a week. I’ve never used any arami product but I definitely will one of these days.

  • I use coconut oil for virtually everything relating to my hair and skincare regime. I’ve also read quite a lot of amazing testimonials about Arami essential products on Instagram. I look forward to adding the glow oil to my hair/skincare regime. Season greetings Cassie!

    Email :priscaekenimoh@gmail.com

  • I only just recently discovered this Arami Product and I have been hearing good reviews about it. I would definitely love to try my hands on their products. Another thing that attracted me to their product is their price point it’s is quite affordable to be honest because I was thinking it would be one of those skin care products that the price is just so out of your budget but I’m glad it’s not.
    Usually my skin care routine consists of exfoliating my skin twice a week with my clean and clear morning burst then I also have my DIY turmeric face mask I use in order to brighten up my skin and remove black spots on my face and I moisturize my skin using essential oils. Would love to try my hands on this product. Thank you for your honest review
    Name : Yehmah
    Instagram : Yeh_mah

  • I have been into natural skincare for a while now but I haven’t gotten the chance to use any brand products and I love the Arami essential aesthetics too(I follow them on instagram). It’ll be really nice to win this, maybe it’ll kick-start me into using brand products.

  • My very basic skincare routine is using St. Ives facial scrub on the days I use makeup and some other random days and I use a sheabutter,honey and coconut oil mixture as a moisturizer but I plan on doing better in 2018. Email is synthair.cymba@gmail.com/instagram:@adaug0…

  • Cassie Daves! It’s been a long time coming. I have been crushing on arami essentials products for a while and I actually need it because I had an allergic reaction that has scarred my skin and I need to glow up as soon as possible but I can’t even afford skincare products right now. Please just bless my new year with this!. Thanks a lot

  • I have started paying close attention to my skin most especially my face and I noticed it does well will oils than cream or lotion. I’ll definitely love to have this. Been crushing on their brand for ages! @thingsandher busayomiomotosho10@gmail com

  • My skincare routine is pretty basic. I bathe with Dettol soap and moisturizer with Clarins Moisturizer. I’m trying to get much more serious with my skincare routine in the new year so I’m really hoping I can win this,plus I’ve had my eyes on this product for the longest time.

    New subbie here and I love you already, Cassie. Thanks.
    Instagram: that_yoruba.gal
    Email address: laniyi.sola@gmail.com

  • I use desirenaturalluxury rose face toner every morning . Nothing serious because i have a sensitive skin. I wanted to get the Arami kit but then this girl was/is broke. I really wish i could win it thought. Start 2018 with a popping skin.lol

  • Hey cassie,I think it’s a good thing that your giving someone the opportunity to try out the arami oil and I really hope I win this. p.s loving everything on your blog and Insta-stories plus I admire the fact that you could combine both fields of what you love (medicine) and also the other thing you love (blogging).thanks
    Nuella65@gmail.com/ m.m.m_a.r.h

  • I recently just started a skin care routine and it’s been amazing. I start by cleansing my face with wipes and African black soap, next I tone with Glycerin & Rose water or ACV.
    After I moisturize with my Oriflame Pure Skin Mattifying Lotion or Shea Butter and then I’m set.
    I’ll love to add the glow oil to my skin care routine as I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about the Arami Essentials brand.
    Fingers crossed pọn this one.

  • My skin care routine is very basic probably because I have very sensitive skin and just can’t use anything . I use the clean and clear essentials foaming facial cleanser and the Clean and Clear essentials deep cleansing astringent. I don’t use a moisturiser because I haven’t found what works for me. I haven’t used any moisturiser in 12 months and have read so many good reviews on The Arami Glow oil. Hence I feel this might be my go to moisturiser.

  • Hey Cassie 🙋
    I don’t really have a skin care routine I follow strictly. I’ve been angry with my skin cos I react to almost everything, and I get these scars that came from no where. I try to use Shea butter and coconut oil on my body and face. Although I only do that when I remember (🙈bad habit) and my skin really needs caring.
    I also recently got this apple cider vinegar that I’ve been hearing so much about, for my face. So 2018 is me taking care of myself right. So help me God 🙌
    I’d like a glow oil 😁
    IG @_pepple_

  • The struggle to find the perfection combination of skincare products is real. I’ve also tried quite a number of natural skincare products that my skin keeps rejecting coupled with the fact that I have an acne-prone skin. I’ve come across a lot of great reviews on Arami Essentials and I was equally tempted, except that I have to wait till 8th of January for them to start dispatching orders. Although, I didn’t order for the Glow Oil simply because I overlooked it but with your review bringing it to my notice, I’d love to win this giveaway and have my hands on it during this waiting period. Lol. I loved your review by the way, very honest. You’re doing an amazing job.

    IG: jasmine_jolie | olagunjujasmine@gmail.com

  • My skincare routine is just the basic fuvevsteps: cleansing, exfoliating, masks, toning and moisturizing. I don’t really have a good moisturizer rn but I’ve heard so much about arami too and I’m sure it’ll be great, I’m totally in love already and I’d love to have this glow oil. IG; beverly.x

  • The first day I discovered the Arami beauty brand on Instagram, I was so excited. I’m all about natural products. From my hair and even to the food and juice I take. So I added it to my bucket list for 2017,buy from Arami. I have an amazing way of forgetting things but I didn’t forget Arami. But my order was too late and cant be processed until January.
    My Skincare routine is so simple.
    • I weekly scrub my face with honey + lime + sugar.
    I used to use Apricot body scrub but I switched to this DIY Version of face scrub a long while ago.
    And sometimes, I use turmeric paste to scrub my face and then use honey + sugar after which I pat my face dry and oil it with my Hemani avocado oil to lock in the moisture.
    • I bathe with a natural body wash that contains
    THE BLACK SOAP + OILS + VIT E OIL that I bought from magplus on Instagram. Also a natural beauty product brand
    • I use Shea butter as my body cream and God,shea butter is not overrated. It’s as good as described.
    And I would love to say that your blog is so inspiring I think I’m addicted. I basically go to google and press cassiedaves.com everyday to read posts I have even read before . Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.

  • With skin care,i keep it as simple as possible and I’ll like the glow oil………the reviews are amazing and I’m switching up my routine this new year….the oil Is a good place to start.
    ♡Black soap+facial brush
    ♡Queen Helen mask (once a week)
    ♡Almond oil.

  • Hey there, my skincare routine consists of using a honey and sugar body scrub by oriflame and then after pat drying, moisturizing my face with a tea tree lotion by… you guessed right; Oriflame. I also use a tea tree skin clearing lotion from the body shop(I think) and this has a mattifying effect so my face doesn’t end up too oily. There’s a lot of tea tree cause of the ever persistent problem known as acne. I have never tried using oils on my face but unlike you, I definitely would like to try it. 😊
    My Ig account is @nikesalami_ in case you’d like to y’know glow up my 2018…

  • Loved this review, and the photos are delicious! Man, Arami, Matte Apothecary are just some of the brands which have me crying and waiting to glow up in all areas especially financially, because their products just sound so wantable! I have always struggled to have a skincare routine, but then just like I suddenly developed knowledge for creating a cohesive IG feed with a theme, I feel its time to get a grip. So right now, my routine involves baby wipes, rose water, oils (carrot & vitamin c), black soap and the occassional exfoliation either using Anike herbal solution’s coconut scrub or the Beauty Formulas Cucumber and Avocado Facial Scrub. Either way, I’ll figure it out eventually! I’d really like this glow oil, because it’s the only thing I want out of all their products – I realised that oils are best for my body especially my skin which is extremely dry and has suffered in this recent harmattan weather. My leg makes me sad because it looks like that of an old lady, and I want to rejuvenate it! Oils are also better because unlike Vaseline, which I currently use, dust would not stick to the oil. This Abuja dust is real and we need to stay woke outchea. So yeah, hope my entry isn’t too late, fingers crossed, but still good luck to everyone else!


  • I really have fallen out of having a skin care routine and am desperately in need of some new products. My skin is getting so dry this winter just slathering on moisterizer. I signed up for your emails and my instagram is @joankubes twitter is @Joan_1969