Your Ultimate Blog Planner + Guide – 2018 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Now Available! (Discount Included)

2018 cassie daves blog plPutting together the 2018 Cassie Daves blog planner this year has been a really interesting experience. I have literally been working so hard over here trying to get the 2018 Cassie Daves blog planner as close to perfect as possible.

I wanted to be as involved as I possibly can with this new edition and get my hand dirty in the process, so I decided that I would be making all the design changes myself. Because of this, The 2018 blog planner feels even more personal to me and I’m super excited to share it with you all and announce that it’s officially available for preorder!

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What are the cover design options for the 2018 Blog Planner? 2018 cassie daves blog planner cover design optionscassie daves planner 2018 monochrome cover design cassie daves planner 2018 blue cover design cassie daves blog planner 2018 multicoloured cover design cassie daves planner 2018 black cover design

The 2018 blog planner comes in four different colors equipped with new features and everything you need to help you plan better, come up with content ideas easily and ultimately blog better!

Like I said in my sneak peek post, I ran a poll on my Instastory and more than a few people wanted the original monochrome design to stay put. The plain black cover design was also one of my most requested for with the 2017 blog planner, so I decided to make it an option for 2018. And for those who aren’t about that minimalist life, of course, I had to add a splash of color to the remaining two options.

Who is the Cassie Daves blog planner for and why do you need one?

cassie daves planner 2018 pinterest graphic

The Cassie Daves Blog Planner is the one tool for bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators to stay organized, create more strategic content and blog better.

IF :

  • You often find yourself scribbling everywhere, writing on your phone’s notepad––which can get tiring, and leave your blog without a post for months!
  • You know you want to build a successful blog but you find yourself at a loss for content ideas and maintaining consistency.
  • You want to delve into the blogging world and you plan to put your best foot forward from the start.
  • You have trouble with promoting your content on social media and getting your audience to connect with your blog post.
  • You want to be able to evaluate your blog goals, blog and social media growth monthly to see what’s working and what’s not.


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What’s Inside The 2018 Planner?cassie daves blog planner welcome page 2018 cassie daves blog planner insideCassie daves blog planner 2018 content Cassie daves blog planner 2018 content

The Cassie Daves isn’t just your average planner. It is way more than that and also doubles as your blogging sidekick and guide. It is chock full of tons of helpful blog tips and resources to not only help you plan and brainstorm content but also to help you grow your traffic/blog.

For the 2018 blog planner, I introduced a few new features like the SEO checklist (because SEO is super important), a template to really dig deeper with your review at the end of each month, extra note pages (since y’all requested for that), gratitude (bullet point) page and lots of exciting colors.

2018 cassie daves blog planner ( 2018 cassie daves blog planner content 2018 cassie daves blog planner 2018 cassie daves blog planner content inside

  • 2018/2019 Calendar
  • Blog manifesto sheet
  • Monthly Quotes to get you going
  • Monthly Post ideas/ note pages with a few extra pages for that brain dump!
  • 12 Monthly Content planner/ blog post calendar
  • Monthly guest post and collaboration pages.
  • Monthly blog goals and end of month reviews pages
  • Monthly finance/budget overview page*
  • Daily To-Do list pages and checkboxes
  • Daily Blog checklist
  • Social Media posting schedule* (To effectively share and promote your blog content)
  • SEO blog post checklist
  • Monthly looks/videos to shoot pages ( hello fashion bloggers/vloggers! )
  • 99 Blog post ideas*
  • Some useful blog tools and apps page
  • Important blog dates page
  • Brands partnership pages
  • Blog love/roll page.
  • Important links page
  • Gratitude/Highlight page

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Testimonials.2018 cassie daves blog planner pages

The blog planner is soooooo comprehensive, I can’t think of anything Cassie missed out. If you plan to take your blogging to the next level then this is one item you need to invest in. Don’t just buy it and let it lie fallow by your bedside. Fill it in!!!! Go through the daily blog checklist and check out the list of useful blog apps. If you ever get stuck on what to write about there are blog topic ideas for you to choose from. Great Job Cassie, Thanks for creating this revolutionary product.  – Tuke Morgan

This planner is a great buy for blog owners. The pages are already planned out for you with dates and headings to keep your blog thoughts simple and in check. It also helps eliminate procrastination and helps you evaluate your blog/social media growth and progress. I rate it a 10 – Grace Alex

It’s so funny how I’ve never thought about my blog goals before I got this journal! It literally gives you no space to slack off because it has all the details covered. I’m convinced that only a blogger like Cassie would have been able to properly cater to the needs of other bloggers in this way. I love the planner and I wonder now how I’ve gone so long without one  -The Browniegram 

Read more Testimonials here.

Pre-order details.Cassie daves blog planner packaging 2018 cassie daves blog planner leaflet 2018 cassie daves blog planner leaflet

  • Blog planner costs N5000
  • Preorder lasts from 4th – 11th of  December
  • Order ships out on the 27th of December
  • Pre-ordering enables you to get a customizable planner (your name written below on the front cover of the planner) so please leave what you want to be written on yours in the message box while checking out.
  • For International orders -International shipping costs will be released soon, please also use the shopping link below, leave me a message stating where you are based and I’ll get back to you!

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Get 5% Off!

ccassie daves blog planner discount

Because I love and appreciate every single one of you that has supported me/bought the Cassie Daves blog planner, I’m offering a 5 percent discount to old customers!

Simple share a picture of your 2016/2017 blog planner with the hashtag #cassiedavesblogplanneroldie and caption tagging @cassiedavesblogplanner and @cassiedaves for your discount code to shop!


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