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Although, you’ll find me forever making lists of places to eat in Lagos and even lurking in comments of new restaurants tagging my friends with “We should totally check this place out”, somehow I always end up still sticking to my regular places. Meh.

I found out about food shack Lagos on Instagram and did the whole lurking in comments and tagging my friends’ thing but this time, I actually pulled through. A friend was having his capsule collection launch at Food shack so I thought it was also going to be an opportunity to finally check out the place and bring y’all another Lagos living post (Because I know I’ve been slacking in this department).

I thought wrong! Although it was love at first glimpse, It was chock full of people that I couldn’t even get to order something not to talk about trying to get pictures without someone popping into my frame. Eek

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Sometime in September, I stopped by at food shack after the Lux x Maju event with bloggers Alex and Ilamosi for a quick grub and finally got to have my food shack Lagos review and experience.

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What I Like About Food Shack Lagos.

The decor is pretty much one of my favorite things about Food Shack. It isn’t artsy in the way that Art cafe is or quaint in the way that Jazzhole is. Rather, it gives off this warm, cozy but rustic vibes with the outdoor area made of wooden log-like benches, stools, and tables.

I thought that the outdoor area was going to be my fave place to sit and eat but I prefer the slightly dimly lit indoor space (during the evening/night time) even more, with a similar decor but an even cozier relaxed feeling.

I dare say it’s an ideal place for unwinding, reconnecting with friends, or having after work drinks. It feels like the type of place you can take off your wig and feel unbothered. lol

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fries and plantain at food shack Lagosfries and plantain at food shack Nigeria Chicken wings at food shack Lagos Pineapple juice at food shack lagosFood shack lagos menu

Despite being situated in the heart of Victoria Island, the food shack lagos menu is actually a reasonably priced one.

Because I was not so hungry and I’ve never been a fan of burgers, I went with the safe option of their 12 piece chicken wings with a side of fried plantain and sweet potato fries. The chicken wings cost N2600 0r so and I split it (Plus the bill) with my friend, while the sides cost N500 each. I was actually full and if you know me, you’ll know that I love food a little bit too much.

The first time I had the chicken wings, it was perfect but on my third visit there, It was a bit too spicy for me so maybe inform them beforehand if you’re not a fan of pepper like me. My friend had their Zaddy burger and said it actually tasted nice, so next time I go there, I’ll be sure to try this out myself.

The sweet potato fries were also perfect, which is more than I can say for the french fries which were a bit dry and hard. I also settled for their pineapple juice which cost N1000, and tasted like actual fresh pineapples were used to make them plus I think the mason jar it came in sealed the deal for me.

Nigerian lifestyle blogger at food shack in victoria island, Lagos Nigerian lifestyle blogger at food shack in victoria island

What I Did Not Like About Food Shack Lagos?

The waiting time! I noticed this the first time I went there and they didn’t fail me with the long waiting time the second time either. Although, I’ll give kudos to the staff who was super helpful, tried to be pleasant about it and make us forget that the food was taking too long but Nah, that is one thing that definitely needs to be worked on

Asides from that, I’ll definitely visit food shack again but maybe not if I’m super hungry because I might have died before the food comes.

Food shack is located at 32A Ologun Agbaje road in Victoria Island and I hear they do deliveries and have happy hour on Fridays with discounted drinks.

Have you been to food shack before? What did you think and what are some of your favorite places to eat in Lagos? Let me know your thoughts if you have and let’s connect!




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  • Chei.. Your pictures are soo bomb…
    and the place looks beautifull.
    A lot of Lagos restaurants need to work on this food timing thing before we all run back to bukkas with their ready made food..

  • See babe. Let me just drop this one here so I can sleep well tonight abeg.

    See ehn you do not know me, i do not know you personally but ehn since whe I don step on banana peel fall on top your gram ehn………(will continue this line one day).

    I just like everything (oh let me screem it now) EVERYTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING about you eh.

    Your clothing (especially your “big” trousers), your hair (simple but always lovely), lipstick, your use of makeup (sometimes its hard for me to even tell if you are wearing one sef), your realness (i love your stories btw in other words you are so so natural to me) and above all you know the man Jesus (in fact I followed you on IG when I saw a picture of “Jesus did it” in my explorer, I like the frame).

    So ehn my blood (as we are one in Christ), maybe one day I weee have liver to reveal myself to you eh but ehn I just want you to know that there is someone somewhere that wears a “sheepish” smile anytime your picture comes up.

    NB i did not reread this after typing so ehn eepp me to fix any English error. Na as e take dey pepper me na him I drop am put for here (and epp me mind my pidgin like that-I’m a yoruba boy/man).