A Vintage Twist To Styling The Midi Pencil Skirt.

Cassie Daves in vintage print shirt.

This will probably be one of the shortest style posts ever on this blog. Truth is, I sat with this one for a while and couldn’t quite figure out the angle to tackle this outfit post from. I struggled to come up with a post title and then afterward to figure out the accompanying words to go with the pictures.

Putting together a style post really isn’t beans because of course we can’t just post the pictures and call it a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could though?

Somedays, I sit through the brain block patiently going through the net sourcing for inspiration but other days (although rare), like today – I just decide to do this mini version of a word vomit sharing with you guys the struggle behind the scenes.

Nigerian blogger Cassie Daves in Red midi pencil skirt, vintage print shirt Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in Red midi pencil skirt, vintage print shirt and denim jacketCassie Daves in Red midi pencil skirt, vintage print shirt and denim jacket Red midi pencil skirt and white jellies

Stying the midi pencil skirt.

Just thought to pop in real quick to show you how I styled this red midi pencil skirt a while back for the GTBank street style segment pre-fashion weekend. If you follow GTBank on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the hideous version of this look before. Hideous, because that’s the only word I can use to describe the picture they decided to go with *sigh*

The picture put me off blogging this look but going through my memory card earlier today, I realized that I have a few blogworthy pictures that shouldn’t be allowed to waste.

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For this look, I decided to go the “Vintage way” with my styling and throw on a print shirt and white jellies. This retro print shirt has been styled previously on the blog here.

I’m honestly not a fan of the midi pencil skirt because I’m not exactly gifted with hips and tilt more towards the straight than pear body shape but what’s a girl gotta do ey? And it happens that I quite like this skirt as well.

What do you guys think of this look and how would you have styled it differently? I need them ideas as I plan to still re-rock this midi pencil skirt! Also who else has difficulties with penning words down for style posts and how do you hack this?

Please Let me know your thoughts in the comments, share and let’s connect!



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