New In – My Latest Skin Care And Beauty Additions + A Shea Moisture Giveaway.

L'avyanna naturals super skin detox, jaxx cosmetics lipsticsk and ajali naturals productsA Mini Skin Care Haul – L’avyanna Naturals, Ajali Naturals + Jaxx Cosmetics First Impressions.

I started to really take care of my skin and build a skincare routine after my first break out years back. Before then, I was fine with my usual lux soap and bathing sponge and didn’t see the need for special products since I had naturally clear and good skin.

My love for skincare products has since grown and although I like to maintain a bit of stability with my routine, I’m always open to tweaking it and trying out new things every now and then.

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I’ve tried a couple of things since my first routine (Check out my reviews of Dudu Osun, namaste organics and skinsational) and even switched to DIY skincare products here.

My skinsational products finished recently and I also realized that maybe skinsational wasn’t the best because I couldn’t ascertain the authenticity of the products used in making it. So, I went on a mini skincare haul and decided to share some of the skincare and beauty products I bought/have received recently and my first impressions as well.

Let’s dig in!

L’avyanna Naturals.L'avyanna naturals products - super skin detox vitamin C lotion and face scrub

My first experience with the L’avyanna naturals brand was when I received their daily exfoliating face wash in my albimazing beauty box and also the L’avyanna naturals Vitamin C serum which I now regret foolishly giving out to my aunt. Prior to that, I had never heard of the brand so I was a bit skeptical about it.

I used the face wash, although sparingly and misplaced it before I could form any real opinion on it. Plus my skin was in it’s best state then (No pimples, black spots and evenly toned), so I couldn’t really see if anything was changing or not because of this.

During the GTBank fashion weekend, I found out that my friend Tracy uses and swears by the L’avyanna naturals vitamin C brightening lotion so when I spotted it at Med plus, I knew immediately that I was going to get it.

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I’ve been using it for the past two days and I absolutely love how it feels on my skin! My skin feels really soft and smooth after every application, it doesn’t feel greasy, absorbs well and the best part is that it contains SPF50+! I’ve been looking to introduce sunscreen into my skincare routine so this was a win for me. It cost N5900 at Medplus in surulere mall, a bit pricey but it’s slightly cheaper at a few other stores (N5400 at Casabella in surulere mall)

I also decided to get the L’avyanna super skin detox face scrub because I couldn’t find the Eden apricot scrub and figured why not? I actually quite like this scrub, it isn’t too harsh or too soft and it says that it reduces sunburn and helps even skin tone which is the one thing I’m after – an even skin tone. The face scrub costs N2300 or so and I got it from Casabella.

Have you tried any L’avyanna naturals skincare products before?

Shea Moisture.Shea moisture raw shea butter hydrating body lotion

I recently attended the Shea moisture young Sofi tucker event and left with a goodie box containing a few of their products. I was super happy to find something for the skin in the box as I felt it was just going to be natural hair products. Honestly, I pay so little attention to my body when it comes to skincare and only moisturize when I feel up to it. But with this product, I’ve been starting to moisturize a bit more.

Mostly because I love the way I smell after applying this lotion. It’s a subtle but nice scent. Although, it feels a bit greasy when applied but definitely leaves my skin feeling well moisturized. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much it costs because it was gifted.

Ajali Naturals.Ajali naturals konjac face sponge and green tea detox face mask

Ajali naturals is one brand I’ve been meaning to try but so far haven’t gotten to. I got their Konjac sponge from the albimazing beauty box back then but didn’t have the chance to use it because it fell into a dirty place. ugh.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting to get a sponge for my face because honestly, just using my hands to wash my face doesn’t feel deep cleansing enough. Am I alone in this?. I was going to go for the gloves but a couple of people suggested I get a konjac sponge instead.

I love this konjac sponge! It is gentle enough so I don’t feel like I’m causing havoc to my skin but also don’t feel like it isn’t cleansing. The Ajali konjac sponge costs N2000.

I also got the Ajali green tea detoxifying face which cost N1000 and has to be used within one week. I’m not sure how cost effective this is and I’m honestly not sure I’ll buy it again. It comes in a powdery form which you mix with water when you’re ready to use and store in the fridge. I used it last night and I’m not sure if there’s any special way I’m meant to feel after using a face mask because I didn’t feel anything. Am I missing something? Why is a facemask an important part of a skincare routine again, please?

Jaxx Cosmetics.Jaxx cosmetics lipstick range Jaxx cosmetics lipstick range unboxing Jaxx cosmetics lipsticksJaxx cosmetics lipstick swatches

Now to the one brand (After L’avyanna naturals) that got me excited to write this post, Jaxx cosmetics! I actually reached out to the brand because I fell in love with what I saw on their Instagram page. Now, I might not be the best beauty expert out there and might not know how to draw my brows but I sure do love my lipsticks!

I received a box of six of Jaxx cosmetic signature matte lipsticks and it was love at first sight. I’m a sucker for good branding and they nailed it to a T! Loved it! I love all the colors but because I love you guys more, I’ll be giving away a few in another post so subscribe here or follow me on bloglovin here to stay updated! The lipsticks cost N2000 for one.

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Giveaway.Shea Moisture goodie bag

I’m giving away these three Shea moisture product in the picture above and all you have to do is Click to tweet here! follow me on the gram and leave me a comment sharing your current skincare products you use/swear by. Winner will be announced in my next post so subscribe maybe?

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Have you used any of the products I got? Let me know your thoughts if you have and let’s connect!



Author: Cassie Daves

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  • Hey Cassie. These are really lovely products. Right now, I’m loving Glams Cosmetics Facial Scrub. It leaves my face feeling like a baby’s butt. I also use good ol’ Dudu Osun to take my bath. They’ve been working fine but I think I need to pay more attention to my dark spots.

    I hope I win this giveaway.
    Tosin Olaniyi xx

  • Lol…. My skincare routine is almost non-existent but I use the Beauty Formula Activated Charcoal Mask and the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

  • Hiii
    Recently I’ve been having serious breakouts, a friend told me to try out oriflame’s sugar scrub and really it’s been nice on my face, been using it for 2 weeks and my skin is smoother and the annoying pimples have reduced.. also use their milk and gold body cream, it’s really has a good feel and makes my skin soft.

    I used @aisha_cosmetics (you could check on ig) black soap sometime this year and it was really nice.. I had even skin tone all through camp 😬 So I think I’m going back to it and also will try out their brightening lotion.

    Thank you for constantly giving us tips… I hope I win the giveaway, thank you ✌🏻

  • well i agree. masks are so over rated. but i noticed with constant use say twice a week, you would start to see the benefits. This Ajali mask is meant to detox your skin. so while you do not have skin issues, you won’t feel they are drying out your zits. But next time, make the paste thick, apply with a foundation brush, carry it for about 15-20mins and use a warm towel to wipe off. and pls moisturize after. I’m currently mushing over Arami Essentials black soap and glow oil. I also like Shea tribe sugar scrub

  • I currently do not ve any skin care routine, except using baking soda for dead skin cell n a facial cleanser. I enjoyed reading this post, good luck to me!

  • Cassie these products are nice and a face mask is essential they help minimize pores and cleanse them too, just get a good one or make one!
    My skincare routine is majorly natural products, I use Dudu Osun and Arami essentials body onyx polish to wash. Then Nivea cream and Shea butter as my moisturizers. My face masks are natural products and made by me ( ACV and bentonite clay). I’m really looking forward to having a Shea moisture products I’ve heard that they are good.
    Ps: I can swear by Arami essentials

  • Nice post. I have acne prone skin so i use the local plain black soap both morning and night, i use palmer’s toner with teatree and rosehip oil in the morning. Replace with my almond and teatree oil mix at night. Twice a week i steam and use my home mase scrub(brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, olive oil and teatree oil).

  • I have no skin care routine and it’s really bad.

    I’ve gone through my life with great skin but recently my face has started breaking out, black spots, uneven tone and what not.

    It’s been so horrible and scary at the same time.

    I started using black soap (yewodze. got it in ebeano.)

    I’ve always wanted to try shea moisture but I”ve always felt they’re pricey.

  • Hey Cassie,

    So after your DIY post on a facial mask and scrub consisting lemon zest,honey, brown sugar, essentials oils and also tumeric and honey, I decided to give it a try, I was supposed to update you in Twitter but I totally forgot 🙈 Lol
    I can swear by that DIY natural products mask cause at the time I was having a bad facial irritation and within a weeK of constant use the irritations cleared off! I was amazed really! Lol!
    Usually because I’ve noticed that all this ‘non-natural’ products don’t agree so well with my face, usually when I use gen that’s when my face gets worse (pimple,acne,eczema etc)
    But that DIY product left me glued and I can now boast of having a routine at least! Loool!

  • Hey Cassie!!!!!
    I’m literally always running to your skin care routine posts, the ones I can afford, I try and the ones I can’t, I sit and wish to one day get it.
    Right now I’m using the honey and brown sugar facial scrub and the Tumeric and honey facial mask, it’s been amazing so far, my face feels like a baby’s bum(I haven’t felt a baby’s bum yet but sha that’s what people liken “soft” to)
    I scrub 3 times a week(I try to keep up because honestly I’m tired most of the time, so it’s sleep over anything)
    And then I bath with Dudu Osun.
    Budget friendly, just how I like it, it’s not like I’m a cheap skate or anything 😂

  • I’m still yet to focus on a particular skincare routine but one product I use and can vouch for is Miniso’s foaming cleanse. I feel like my face is truly rude of dirt after using this. However, you quickly need to follow up with a moisturizer else your face will be looking dry! This product costs less than 1k😉

  • Hello Cassie,
    Thank you for sharing your Blog. Please, where can I order L’avyanna-skin naturals, as I leave in Ipaja-Ayobo, Lagos, And I will appreciate if you can help out arrange for the delivery to my residence as soon as possible.


  • OMG!!!! The shea moisture body lotion is the absolute truth. I also won the mini bottle from @sheamoisture.nigeria on Instagram. It’s the only lotion that has worked for my body. I have looked for it everywhere and finally found it in perfecttrustcosmetics but I couldn’t afford it at the time. Honestly, this is the best shea moisture product I’ve used.