LFDW 2017 Faves || Some Looks I’d Wear Fresh Off The Runway.

Pinterest graphic for Lagos fashion and design week LFDW 2017 faves plus recapLagos Fashion And Design Week (LFDW 2017) came to an end about a week ago, and for once in all my years of “Fashion week-ing”, I actually wasn’t an active participant. Shocking right?!

I guess it’s a year of firsts for me. I attended just two out of the four days and even at that, it was like I was barely there.

Here’s why.

This year’s LFDW didn’t really do much for me. I’m not sure how to explain it but the excitement that usually comes with fashion week period seemed to have eluded me. Although I was super excited about the Creative lounge, I didn’t get to even experience this (My one regret)

My plan was to attend days 2 to 4 because who attends the first day of fashion week? haha. Although I wasn’t there physically, I was glued to my phone, constantly refreshing and scrolling through my gram trying to get updates and see the street style but even at that, I just wasn’t getting the usual “LFDW” vibes.

It seemed like the people were few, the street style even less and the collections not as interesting as the previous years, but this might just be an unpopular opinion. My unpopular opinion.

But I digress though, just like the title suggests – this isn’t a post about my opinion on LFDW 2017 and neither is it going to be a post dissecting the collections presented at LFDW this year or a runway recap. I might be a fashion enthusiast but I’m no expert so I’ll leave that to the experts.

Instead, I’m taking some inspiration from my fave Leandra Medine and sharing a few looks from LFDW 2017 that I’d readily wear straight off the runway.

P.S –  **Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna) via the LFDW website.

LFDW 2017 – Day One.

Designer Titi Belo at Lagos fashion week (LFDW 2017)
Titi Belo
Designer Style Temple at Lagos fashion week (LFDW 2017)
Style Temple.
Designer Ugo Monye at Lagos fashion week (LFDW 2017)
Ugo Monye.

Day Two.

Elie Kuame for Lagos fashion and design qeek - LFDW 2017
Elie Kuame
Omilua for Lagos fashion and design week - LFDW 2017
Iconic Invanity for Lagos fashion and design week - LFDW 2017
Iconic Invanity
Grey Projects for Lagos fashion and design week - LFDW 2017
Grey Projetcs.
Grey Projects for Lagos fashion and design week - LFDW 2017
Grey Projects

Day Three.

Andrea Iyamah for LFDW 2017
Andrea Iyamah
RE for LFDW 2017
Sophie Zinga for LFDW 2017
Sophie Zinga
Clan for LFDW 2017
Lisa folawiyo for LFDW 2017
Lisa Folawiyo
Rich Mnisi for LFDW 2017
Rich Mnisi

Day Four.

Mo Augosto for lfdw 2017
Mo Augosto
christie brown for lfdw 2017
Christie Brown
Kenneth Nze For LFDW 2017
Kenneth Nze
Maki Oh For LFDW 2017
Maki Oh
Abiola Olusola for lfdw 2017
Abiola Olusola

I sat through the shows on Day two of LFDW and I can confidently say that Grey Projects and Elie Kuame did it for me. I loved every single outfit they put on the runway and with Grey, how bold and colorful they made the runway look with their designs.

For most of the collections from this year’s fashion week, I could only pick out a few stand out pieces that called out to me, so whilst there were definitely more amazing pieces, these were the ones that were up my alley and like the post title says – that I’d definitely wear fresh off the runway without thinking twice about it

P.S – My absolute faves were Post Imperial, Elie Kuame, Grey Projects and Rich Minsi.

Did you attend LFDW this year? What did you think and how was your experience?

Which collections did you love and who were your favorite designers this year? If you did a recap post or video of fashion week, feel free to leave your links in the comments!

Please share your thoughts and let’s connect!



Author: Cassie Daves

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  • I totally agree with you on the missing vibes, and I was talking to a friend who felt the same, so I guess it’s not particularly unpopular. I did like the looks I saw on the runway, and yess to that Titi Belo playsuit!!
    Btw, hope you enjoyed your trip to Awka, looked fun from your Instastories. Fellow Anambrarian here 🙌

    • Heyy Desire, yesss I enjoyed my stay in Awka. Thank you!
      Someone mentioned that maybe it’s because they used a bigger space with people being spread around, it made it feel scanty. I don’t know but I think his theory works.

      Titi Belo did a great job!

  • I didn’t attend Lfdw but everyone who did, sure turned up the volume to make us see what we were missing out on.
    Yeah, I did wonder why you weren’t blowing your horn o. But I understand the feeling of being overwhelminginly underwhelmed (if that makes sense)
    But my top faves from the runway were; grey projects, Kenneth Nze, Clan (I love black) and of course Elie Kuame (dope!)

    But I’m hoping next year there will be much more creativity on the runway and also see Cassie changing looks 😀

    • Lool @ changing looks. I dunno mahn, hopefully I won’t make an enemy with this post I’ve written about the show lol but like I said that’s my own opinion, a few people have said that they had a blast.

      Seems like we have similar taste, we love the same collections lol

  • I was there Saturday and Sunday and I agree with you I wasn’t blown away . The collections were not interesting at all to me but christie Brown did it for me tho.

  • I do not know girl, perhaps it because the whole experience wasn’t exactly new to you. You’re opinion is not unpopular however, as I heard quite a few people say the same thing. I wasn’t there so its hard to say. Though following up though social media, there were a lot of coll street style looks. Now as for designers, I’m not exactly one to follow or even pay interest in them. Being that said, I loved Titbello and Style Temple, such classic collections

    Princess Audu

  • I also attended this year LFDW and somehow I wasn’t feeling the whole fashion buzz. I only attended day 3 and 4 and I didn’t fully participate in any of the activities because I was busy working. The street style didn’t do it for me this year. However, I enjoyed the runway show. I watched the runway show from day 3 and 4 and I have to commend most of the designers for stepping up their game this year. I even shared a few of my favourite designers from day 1-4.
    My Style Look Book Series

  • Maybe because it was my first fashion week and I was working throughout, I didn’t really notice a difference but the street style looks were less banging and I think there was more ridiculousness to some outfits. I really liked Titi Belo, Christie Brown, Sisiano and some others. Sharing my moments & thoughts on the blog too. Of course you already know I was disappointed with your MIA’ness (if that makes sense LOL)

  • Cassie we had the same thoughts about fashion week this year. However the few brands who brought their A game did it so well one could easily forget the rest. Titi Bello, made me so happy, Elie Kwame, Christy Brown, Grey Project and all your choices except Sophie Zinga, did it for me

  • I agree. this year’s fashion week didn’t have the pow I expected, the collection and street Style was lackluster in my opinion. I was to intern but I sadly couldn’t make it on time so maybe its my bitterness lol. nice choices BTW