What It’s Like Prepping For Fashion Week As A Model x GTBank Fashion Weekend Giveaway Winners

Nigerian Models Cassie Daves, Tracy Braimah and Claudia at Gtbank fashion weekend 2017
You know how they say Change is the only things that’s constant? Well, That. Who would have thought that this year will find me writing a post on my preparation for fashion week and it not having anything to do with putting together looks and what to wear? Definitely not me.

I’m guessing that by now, it isn’t exactly news that I’ll be walking the runway tomorrow and the day after for the GTBank fashion weekend. If it is news to you, then it’s obvious that you don’t follow me on Instagram. At this point, you need to stop whatever you’re doing (including reading this post) and go follow me @cassiedaves.

Done? Okay, welcome back!

I decided to share what preparing for fashion week (the GTBank Fashion Weekend) entails for me, but this time not just as a fashion enthusiast but as a model. Because although my instagram pictures/stories makes it seem like it’s all fun and games, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. And maybe, just maybe it’s also an excuse to share some of these behind the scene pictures I’ve been taking these past few days.

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Fittings.Fitting room no entry sign at gtbank fashion weekend Models in tone during fittings at gtbank fashion weekend 2017Models at gtbank fashion weekend 2017Models at gtbank fashion weekend casting 2017

I did a video on the model casting and you can check that out here.  After I got my congratulatory email notifying me that I made it in for the GTBank fashion weekend, I immediately thought of fittings and rehearsals because, from my previous experience, I know how strenuous that can be when not properly managed.

This year’s GTBank fashion weekend will be featuring 12 designers, 6 more than the previous year which means, even more, clothes to be worn. Thankfully, the team somehow managed to find a way to make the stress a bit less by grouping the models and selecting models to fit for each designer.

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Male models at gtbank fashion weekend casting 2017Although, we spent so much time just sitting around idle waiting for designers to arrive and then even more time because most of them wanted to do a mini casting again before fitting the models. Stressssss but honestly It hasn’t been as stressful as I expected maybe because they’ve managed to keep me well fed through it all. Lol

Fittings started officially two days ago and I ended up with three outfits. I’ll be walking for three designers – two of which I absolutely love and honestly can’t wait to rock the hell out of on the runway.

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As I type this, it’s past 1 am and I just got in from my rehearsals about an hour ago. After sorting out looks and having each designer fixed up with models, we have to rehearse the show for each of the designers.

Let’s just say that’s another thing entirely as each designer has a routine for their final walk which we have to practice over and over. But we had a really awesome guest during rehearsals yesterday, America’s next top model coach Jay Alexander (Miss Jay) paid us a visit and it was such a cool moment! GTbank definitely does the most but we are all loving it!

All in all, it’s been a pretty interesting experience being around models again and living the model life again. In the short time we’ve been together, I’ve gotten to meet and mingle with a couple of models from other African countries.

Tanzanian model Jihan at gtbank fashion wrrkendGiveaway winners.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you probably don’t know about this giveaway but I did a giveaway of five utility cards worth 5000 naira each to be spent at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

I’m so sorry it took this long to announce my winners and thank you so much to everyone that took part in it.

The winners are:

  • @sinmisolany
  • @tosincharis
  • @its_khadija
  • @lynuche
  • @theaccidentaldoctor

Please kindly just leave me your emails in this post and someone will get across to you asap.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the event! I’m currently sitting backstage and everything looks super amazing, even better than last year’s own which I attended and blogged about here.

Do you plan to attend the GTBAnk fashion weekend? Let’s connect!



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