What’s In My Blogging Kit – All My Blog Tools/Gears + First Look At 2018 Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Pinterest graphic for blogging kit - cassie daves blog plannerWhen I first started blogging, I honestly never imagined that I’ll be this girl that won’t bat an eyelid when it comes to dropping money for a camera and other blogging gears. I started out blogging with a gifted canon camera which I didn’t know how to work and treated as a point and shoot. There was no structure or workings to it and definitely nothing like lens, tripods or Cassie Daves blog planner in my dictionary.

It’s been four years plus now in the blogosphere and just like I’ve updated my blogging process, I’ve also acquired a few things to help make blogging for me a bit easier and to create better content.

So today I thought I’d share some of these tools that I use to create my content, share what’s in my blogging kit/bag and also a sneak peek into the 2018 Cassie Daves blog planner!

Let’s dig in.

Camerablogging process. sonyA6000 flatlay with cassie daves blog plannerSony A6000

I recently purchased the Sony A6000 and did a review of it here. Before then, I was using the Canon Rebel XS which was good in its own way but the sony was a much-needed upgrade. This camera is so handy, fits into my bags easily and produces great images. A couple of people have commented on how my pictures look good lately, well, that’s the secret.

I know how tough it can be deciding on a camera to get for your blog/vlog needs so I wrote an easy guide here that might help make your decision easier. Details about the cost of the camera and where I got it from is in this post.

Lenses + Memory Cards.Sigma 19mm lens for sony A6000Transcend memory card

With my Canon, I had the regular kit lens and the good old nifty fifty. The 50mm lens is a really great lens so of course, I had to purchase that again to go with my new Sony camera. But because the 50mm lens is a prime lens(Can’t be zoomed in or out), and I wanted to be able to vlog, I also had to get a second lens and settled for the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens. I got the 50mm lens together with the body of my camera and the 19mm was purchased from Amazon.

I use the Transcend range of memory card, although my friend who is a photographer thinks I should dump them and go for something a bit “faster” in his words. I’m a cautious person so I tend to store my pictures in my memory card even after the post is live. This is probably not the best, so I have my eyes on getting a hard drive soon

Blog Planner2018 cassie daves blog plannerblogging process, cassie daves blog planner image for brainstorming blog posts ideas

Honestly, getting a planner (in this case, the Cassie Daves blog planner. Yes, shameless plug.) was a game changer! I’m more partial to physical journals/planners to digital, so it’s where I store my blog post ideas, to-do lists, editorial calendars, notes, brainstorm– the whole shebang! And of course, evaluate my blog/goals progress monthly. It has been one of my best additions to my blogging kit.

Tripod.flexible tripod for sonya6000 flexipod tripod

The plan has always been to get a tripod for days when I can’t bully anyone into helping me out with pictures but this was way cheaper and seemed to fix my immediate need. Getting a proper tripod is still high up on my list but for now, this has come in handy for videos and self-portraits. I also bought this from Amazon.

Cardboards.cardboard for flatlays

For them flatlays! My flatlay game changed forever when I made the discovery of using cardboards for that clean background. Blogged about it here and also shared a few tips to perfect your flatlay game here. At any given time, you can always find a couple of cardboards in different colors scattered around my room.

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Tech Tools

My sturdy HP EliteBook has come in handy these past few years and asides from the size, it’s a really good laptop. When it comes to laptops, I’m practically a novice and happy with the barest minimum as long as it get’s the work done.

Here are just a few tech tools that I use every day to create my content.

  • Canva – For my Pinterest graphics.
  • Buffer – To schedule my posts to be shared automatically on social media
  • Image Resizer – If you’ve been uploading your pictures without resizing them, stop that asap! and use this.
  • Snapseed – It’s a mobile app that I use to edit my pictures.
  • Grammarly – To spellcheck my posts before I hit publish.

2018 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Is Almost Here!2018 cassie daves blog planner (1)Cassie daves blog planner 2018 2018 cassie daves blog planner inside

Finally, the 2018 Cassie Daves blog planner is here! Well, almost here! I’ve gotten lots of questions about when the 2018 planner will be ready so I’m super excited to show you guys a sneak peek at the different cover options for the 2018 edition.

I ran a poll on my instastory and more than a few people wanted the original monochrome design to stay put. The plain black cover design was one of my most requested for this year as well, so I decided to make it an option for 2018. And for those who aren’t about that minimalist life, I decided to add a splash of color to the remaining two options.

I hope that you guys like the new cover designs and I can’t wait to share the rest of the planner and new features with you all soon!

The 2018 Cassie Daves blog planner will be available for pre-order later in the week, so If you’ll like to stay updated to know as soon as it’s available, preorder and get on the early bird list to get discounts and your own specially customized planner. Sign up here!

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What’s your blogging kit looking like at the moment and what are some tools you use in creating your content?  I’ve also got posts on my blogging processWhat I’ve learned in four years of blogging and the reasons why I started in the first place!

Please comment, don’t forget to pin/share this post if you found it helpful and let’s connect!

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  • I want all the blog planners, LORD, cause it’s you who provides 😭😭Chaaaaaaai. I don’t think I’m dramatic but I would save these photos and keep staring at them from time to time. Thank y’all who voted in favor of spiral binding btw. Gosh! It feels like I could write a story about each one priding in their designs. Like I said on Twitter, you outdid yourself, Cassie. Your photos have a crisp life of their own and you remain ever so kind; leaving blog essentials and links to more goodnessss. You’re the real MVP!

  • The planners are so lovely.
    Now I’m torn between the original(the black and white) and the multicolored one.
    Are all in spiral binding format? Would any come in the other format.
    Well done Cassie.

    • Thank you Tamie! Well, a lot of people said they wanted the spiral bind option so I went for that. I’m also personally not a fan of it, but if I get a couple of other people that want it without a spiral bind, then I’ll introduce another option. If not, unfortunately I might just have to stick with this

  • So attracted to the multi-colored blog planner, Infact just give me all! lol. . I have been thinking of upgrading my blogging kits/tools which comprises of: Hp Notebook, Samsung Galaxy J5prime (pictures and editing comes easy on this) and my dear note pack. This post just makes it easy. Thanks Cassie.

  • All needed blog tools indeed. You’re photographer has definitely improved, it’s no secret. And with your first point I can relate. I guess with maturity in this blogging thing, one really gets to understand the importance of investing in the blog. I wonder why your friend doesn’t recommend transcend, that the major one I know, I mean what other alternatives, Kingston? And I tried the cardboard thing, it was tasking for me to flatten out the paper properly, the object used to help keep the cardboard flat always somehow found a way of showing in the pictures. As for additional apps, I still haven’t figured out canva properly but I really need to use grammarly more often.

    Princess Audu

  • Great post, Cassie! Thanks for sharing your goodies lol
    Are you an Amazon affilliate? You could consider signing up to earn some coins + it would be nice to have direct links to your purchases 🙂
    Question: When you use your tripod, do you place it on a table or bookcase? When is the shorter tripod more appropriate than using a regular longer one (mine stops at my waist)
    The blog planner covers for 2018 look so lovely! Particularly tempted to get the colour splash one, but I still haven’t used my 2016 Cassie Daves planner, imagine that!

    • Hey Ekene, oh no I’m not. I guess I was just a bit lazy because it meant searching online for the products lol. I’ll update that soon.
      It’s a bendy tripod, so I can put it on a table, book or just wrap it around anything – like the head of a chair because of it’s flexible nature.
      Haha! I can understand that, I guess some people just aren’t into the planner life but thank you so much for considering it!

  • The black one just drew me in……I love it. Couldn’t get it for this year but am ready to get for next year.
    Thank you for the image sizer 😘😘 been looking for something to help with that. Your blog is beautiful and your images are so sharp!!!!

  • Hi Cassie. Your blog planners all look so beautiful. I’ve been so unserious and inconsistent with my blog this year but I’m been deriving inspiration from you *winks* and I’m ready to gather momentum for 2018 with the help of your blog planner as well. I use Later for scheduling posts on social media but I don’t think it enables the multiple pictures in one post on Instagram. Does Buffer have that option?

  • Hi Cassey, I literally had to force myself to comment on this blog, I met you sometime this year at Lara Cole’s event, It was lovely to meet you. I will be buying your blog planner for my blog next year, my biggest issue with my blog is procrastination and not having a blog niche, I am taking a break till next year to figure things out and I hope I get back on my feet next year.

    • Hey Sarah, I’m guessing that’s the ehrmm (Can’t remember the name of the brand) but was it a shopping party in Lekki?
      Taking a short break is always a good idea, you get to put things into perspective while at it. Thank you for considering my blog planners for your journey !

  • I am so elated to see this post, ran in here soon as I got your dose of goodness mail. Cassie you are just phenomenal! Few days ago I was trying to convince a blogger friend why she needs to get your Blog Planner for 2018 when it comes out because I really enjoyed using the one I got for 2017, didn’t know it’s here already. I love all of the designs especially the multi colored and the black one, I feel like having mine already. And many thanks for sharing your blog tools and kit, you have greatly inspired me on my blog journey.

  • Hi Cassie,

    Those blog planners look really nice. That one with the poster color-like design, Qt. I would really really be happy if you could include regular journals for those of us that do not blog.

    Getting an actual journal has being an issue for me. I just scribble “things” on pieces of paper. Not proper.
    Or if you have suggestions, they would be welcomed. Thaaank you

  • Awesome post Cassie! I absolutely love your blog, and always looking forward to reading your posts. Well-done!
    I’m also a blogger ,kindly check out ladiesofdelight.blogspot.com