Jazzhole Lagos Through My Lens || How A Visit Is Rekindling My Love For Reading.

Cassie Daves at jazzhole lagos

The other day, I made my way through the busy traffic ridden roads of Lagos to meet up with friends at Jazzhole Lagos in Ikoyi. Jazzhole is fast becoming one of my favorite places to be in Lagos and I’d tell you why.  I would also tell you of the owner with her fierce overprotective but funny and homely manner but that will need a full post.

You see, I’ve been to Jazzhole Lagos once a few years back (and even blogged about it here) and though I loved it there then, meeting Mrs. Tejuosho a.k.a Mama Jazzhole during my last few visits made my stay a bit more enlivening.Coffee shop sign at jazzhole lagos Jazzhole lagos carrot cake Cutlery at jazzhole lagos Kitchen storage at jazzhole lagosJazzhole Lagos is a quaint bookshop, record store and coffee shop located at 168 Awolowo road in Ikoyi. Although I like to think of it as way more than just that, I like to think of it as a breath of fresh air instead. When you live in a city as busy as Lagos, you come to appreciate the little things that make it all a bit better.

Jazzhole comes across as unassuming when you walk past it, but inside is another world lined by rows and rows of books and records of all genres in a manner that you can tell that it was put together by someone with an artistic mind, creative hands or both.

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Capping it all up is the cute little cafe at the back of the shop with a lovely sitting area and decor to go. I can go on and on about Jazzhole Lagos and the awesome time we all had there but I’ll rather you go check it out yourself. And if you happen to meet Mama Jazzhole, please be sure to let her know you’re from Dr. Cassandra.

Bookshop at Jazzhole lagos Records at jazzhole lagos

After a couple of laughs, chats and deep conversations with Mama Jazzhole (I’m sure she wouldn’t take nicely to this name haha), we took a Keke Napep to Bogobiri, just a short distance away from Jazzhole in Maitama Sule. Now, I’ve been to Bogobiri a couple of times but never had I realized that there was also a book segment of the place.

I knew about the small art store, Yes. About the restaurant and hotel, Yes. But not about the book section and art gallery. Bogobiri has a way of surprising you. It looks like a small space but houses quite a number of things.

We met a man who seemed elated when he realized we actually came with the intent to see the book section. Apparently, not a lot of people know about it/ come for that. So if you ever visit Bogobiri, be sure to check out that section too.

Cassie Daves at Bogobiri bookshop Cassie Daves at Bogobiri bookstore Bogobiri book shelfBeing surrounded by all those books, first at Jazzhole Lagos and later at the book section in Bogobiri took me back to days when I couldn’t be found without a book in hand. I’ve always loved to read. Growing up, all I did was read and read and read. Little wonder, It wasn’t a hard decision that I would go on to study medicine

My earliest recollection of reading a book was Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Over time, my mother would tell me of how much I loved that book. How I would sit in a corner thumbing through the pages like I understood a word of it.

Makes me wonder what went wrong. Someone on Instagram gave a pretty good angle to my situation stating that maybe I just don’t need the comfort that books used to give me and maybe I’ll just rather live in my reality now.

I pondered over her suggestion because it made a lot of sense to me. Although my mum would tell you that for as long as I’ve been, I’ve always had my nose in a book but I’ll say that reading during my teenage days was majorly to occupy my mind, as a sort of escape. I immersed myself in my books to escape the sadness. It gave me something to do other than fight the demons in my head.

Cassie Daves at Bogobiri bookstore

I haven’t picked up a book that wasn’t medically related for the past year now, and even when I pick a non-medical book, I always find it so hard to get through it.

I’m currently reading “How to be Married, A book by Jo Piazza recommended by Afoma and I’ve already skipped through more than a couple of pages and finally put it down. Maybe I just haven’t found that book that’ll hold my attention so I’m open to suggestions please and of course, suggestions on how to get my reading mojo back.

So, If you’re a book reader. Why do you read? What’s your earliest recollection of and how do you get back in the reading mood after a dry spell of not reading?

 Share your thoughts please and let’s connect! 

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  • Aww, reading is awesome! If you’re looking for something to get you back into reading, I’d recommend Ayobami Adebayo’s ‘Stay With Me’. It’s eady to read and will definitely have you hooked! Plus you can easily get it in Nigeria! Great pictures!!

  • My earliest recollection of reading involved sitting for hours in a corner, devouring Cinderella, The Gingerbread Man, the Chinese tale of Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty, all in one go, aged six.
    It’s also my favourite memory of reading. I started and never looked back!
    P.S- Shout-out to Ria’s Mommy 💚

    • Hey ebuwa, I see you! You’ve done well now lool, thanks for stopping by. I know you’re a reader and I’m glad to see that unlike me, you didn’t let housejob and medicine take it away from you.

  • I love the way you write Cassie. This was wonderfully described, I felt like I was in Jazzhole with you. I think I finally found who I want to write like! My love for reading started returned around July this year. I wish I can give you a good book recommendation to ease you into reading but I actually need one myself. Haha! Moreso I am more into personal development books…
    PS – The thing about reading book or watching series (I watch alot of Sitcom) to escape the demons in the head is actually true for me.


  • Awwwn, I have always wanted to visit Bogobiri. Now I know I definitely have to go to Jazzhole too.

    I think I read to escape too. I genuinely enjoy Afican themed literature so I would read almost anything around those.

    My mum says I love reading cause she use to read to me when i was still a baby – couldn’t talk or comprehend yet but she still did. Somehow, I think that stayed with me.

    My earliest memory is reading Snow white too. I had a set which included The frog prince, Rapunzel, three little pigs etc. From there I graduated to reading Enid Blyton’s books – Malory towers and co, until my imagination got the better of me and I started to read mills and boons. Lol.

    I still read a lot now but life gets in the way. Getting back after a long spell usually takes just a new great book and that’s it.

    Great job Cassie!

  • boy! I absolutely love reading. I have always been drawn to books right from when I was very little, guess its an inherited trait from my boookie father… I have gained so much knowledge from reading vicariously. I can vividly remember how I would put those little Lantern storybooks between my schoolbooks and read away during class in primary school, until I go caught haha… Books just have a way of making me happy, its crazy. My boyfriend even knows its my mumu button fa. When I was about 10, we lived on the same street as my aunt, and she had a humongous library….I spent all my time in her house, even once when I was so sick and weak, I was busy reading away. I remember I read a volume of about seven books about one amazing girl named Brenda who seemed to have everything going for her.. I was so obsessed that I cancelled my name from all my schoolbooks and wrote Brenda instead….till my dad scolded and gave me the pep talk about loving my unique self, etc, then I made it my middle name hahahaha!! Infact I have too many stories to tell about my love for reading. Well, I am always ready to read so I can’t say I have ever lost my mojo… maybe you should try getting books on your phone, because truth is we spend loads of time on our phones, so you might as well squeeze in a book or two while pressing away…. I also have some books on my system, and because I work in ICT and am always on the laptop, I alternate between work and reading my books. I also happen to be a planner, so whenever I find myself getting lazy about a book, I make conscious plans to finish it. I remember your previous post about Jazzhole, hope to check in and Bogobiri out whenever I am in Lag Cheers

  • I agree that while you’re younger reading is to escape the realities of what is going on.

    I’ve read for as long as I can remember and I picked it up from my dad as he had a whole wardrobe stuffed with books.

    So I was definitely reading books not meant for my age eg Sidney Sheldons and the rest. I also stopped reading for a while (about two years), but I decided to force myself to always have a book in my bag. That way when I’m somewhere and sitting idly, I bring it out and try to get through it.

    It could also be a companion while travelling.

    Another suggestion would be to start with ‘easy’ reads to get right back into it.

    Love the outfit.


  • I recently picked up reading again.. cos I also needed an escape from real life.
    the read club on twitter really helped as they send you a book every week and I love joining or just reading through through their book chats on Sunday.
    start with short stories…
    you’ll get back to it.

    I recently reviewed the shoedog which was sent to my by them and is an amazing book.

  • Oh I love to read! Being in a book store for me is like a child in a candy shop😁. I first heard about jazzhole from a book: Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie( you should try to read it, awesome book !) and I’ve been dreaming of the day I’ll go there. I’ve never been to Lagos but when I do I’ll definitely visit jazzhole! I also think you just haven’t found the right type of books that can hold your attention. You should try any of chimamanda’s books and Efuru by Flora nwapa.

    • Hi jesupemi, love your name! Also yesss Chikamanda is bae and I’ve read Americana, I think everyone has lool but for some reason I must have missed the Jazzhole reference smh

      Thank you so much for taking time out to leave me a comment

  • First time reading your post and I love it! Reading is fun for me, I read more of self development and ChrIstian books. I make sure I learn something new from what I’m reading.

    I love the old fashioned appearance of Jazzhole, makes me want to visit right away! I’m sure adding it to my list of places to visit. You should try reading again, probably start with a less voluminous book and a captivating one too

  • This might sound cliché but I live vicariously through reading. I’m such a homebody, due to regular “stay at home” I got from my parents. I also hve this weakness were I cant drop a book until i finish reading it. Like I sometimes follow my mom to her gym bcus uts besides ICM nd i troop into the bookstore nd see what I can find. I also have this weird thing were i smell a book before i read it. Lol. The more rustic the scent, the more excited I am about reading it. Even just by reading this post I’m already excited about the Jazzhole nd can’t wait to be back in Lagos to visit there.💕


  • One of my earliest would be ‘Treasure Island’. The english is a bit 1700s tho, but it just had its way of luring in eager minded adventurists and strapping you in.
    Lol… Dry spells. I’v had some of those too. I guess my excuse would be med school.
    How do you get back?
    Start with reading flash fictions, and short story collections. Just like the birthday ‘piece’ of cake, they whet ur appetite by leaving you hanging. Works everytime for me!

  • Ooh I’ve always wanted to go to Jazzhole and Bogobiri, I love the aesthetics of both places. If I ever run into Madam Jazzhole, I’ll be sure to let her know that Cassie sent me 🙂

    I’ve always been a reader as well but I know that I don’t read as much as I used to before although I still try. When I do find an amazing book, I can’t put it down and it’s like I transform back to younger me, it’s the best feeling in the world. To get your mojo back, reading a can’t-put-this-down sort of book really helps. I recommend Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen and Yellow Yellow by Kaine Agary, I loved both books! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Book lover here! I actually understand where you’re coming from, as I have been there, but you know, good things take time.
    We sometimes expect reading to always come naturally, but I have come to realize that just like blogging and life in general, sometimes you make yourself do it even when you’re ‘not in the mood’ because you know you’d still feel good about it eventually.
    I recommend Along Came A Spider by James Patterson, I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (if you haven’t read them).
    All the best Dr. Cassandra 😊

  • Wait! What?! Jazzhole has a bookshop?! How come I never knew? I worked along that Awolowo road for about six good months last year, rode past Jazzhole for every one of those days, and I could have sworn it was just a dedicated Jazz music record store. Oh, my God, I’m feeling so embarrassed of myself right now. And, to think that I was always fascinated by the antique artful feel of the building, even from the outside, but I never really got around to visiting the place. Now, thanks to this post, I’m realizing I should have made time to do that, I should have.